AL - Alabama Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 2848APower of Attorney and Declaration of Representation09/25/2009
Form 8821ATax Information Authorization11/10/2005
Form A-1Employer's Quarterly Return of Income Tax Withhel01/10/2012
Form A-3Annual Reconciliation of Alabama Income Tax Withheld03/11/2011
Form A-4Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate12/06/2010
Form A-6Employer's Monthly Return of Income Tax Withheld01/10/2012
Form B/L-CCEM-1Coosa County Earthen Materials Severance Tax Report09/20/2012
Form B/L-CST-1Coal Severance Tax Report09/17/2012
Form B/L-CST-2Coal Purchaser's Report09/17/2012
Form B/L-CST-3Coal Transporter's Report09/17/2012
Form B/L-FPST-1Forest Products Severance Tax Return09/20/2012
Form B/L-FPST-3Processor's Forest Products Severance Tax Return09/20/2012
Form B/L-FPST-4Forest Products Severance Tax Supplemental Return for FPST-1 or FPST-3 -09/20/2012
Form B/L-ISTIron Ore Monthly Tonnage Report09/20/2012
Form B/L-JCMT-1Jackson County Coal Severance Tax Report09/20/2012
Form B/L-MFT-BTRMotor Fuel Back Up Tax Return10/01/2012
Form B/L-MFT-FSRMotor Fuel Floor-Stocks Tax Return10/01/2012
Form B/L-MFT-PRCCredit Card Issuer Petition for Refund10/01/2012
Form B/L-MFT-PRDLicensed Distributor Petition for Refund10/01/2012
Form B/L-MFT-PREExempt Entity Petition for Refund10/01/2012
Form B/L-MFT-PRLLoss of Taxable Fuel Petition For Refund10/01/2012
Form B/L-MFT-PROPetition For Refund10/01/2012
Form BA-RS1Agreement for Extending Period of Limitation for Assessment or Refund03/06/2012
Form BA-RS2Agreement to Entry of Final Assessment07/16/2004
Form BLT-STR-1Severance Tax Registration08/15/2012
Form BPT-IN with CalculationsAlabama Business Privilege Tax Initial Privilege Tax Return06/22/2011
Form BPT-INAlabama Business Privilege Tax Initial Privilege Tax Return01/28/2011
Form BPT-VBusiness Privilege Tax Payment Voucher06/22/2011
Change FormChange of Address/Name Form11/01/2011
Form COM-101Combined Registration/Application/Change Form01/04/2012
Form CPTAlabama Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report01/28/2011
Form DOC-1Automotive Vehicle Drive-Out Certificate for Nonresidents09/20/2012
Form IT-489Taxpayer Refund Information12/02/2005
Form IT-FA4Petition for Review of Preliminary Assessment08/08/2006
Form LIC-756-2Bond form to be submitted by new applicants of the Automotive Dismantler and Parts Recycler license or dismantlers with a change in the structure of the business.09/06/2011
Form LIC-PL300Refund petition to be completed by persons who overpaid the privilege or store license.05/25/2005
Form MFT-VMotor Fuels Tax Payment Voucher10/01/2010
Form O/G Offshore-1Oil and Gas Offshore Producer's Tax Return06/10/2009
Form O/G Offshore-2Oil and Gas Offshore Producer's Tax Return Schedule11/20/2009
Form O/G Offshore-3Oil and Gas Offshore Producer's Tax Return Schedule11/20/2009
Form O/G Production-1Oil and Gas Producer's Tax Return11/19/2009
Form O/G Production-2Oil and Gas Producer's Tax Return Schedule03/15/2010
Form O/G Purchaser-1Oil and Gas Purchaser's Tax Return09/16/2009
Form O/G Purchaser-2Oil and Gas Purchaser's Tax Return Schedule11/19/2009
Form Pet ReviewPetition for Review of Preliminary Assessment.04/21/2010
Form PPT with CalculationsAlabama Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report02/10/2011
Schedule AL-CARAlabama Secretary of State Annual Corporation Report12/21/2010
Schedule BPT-EFamily Limited Liability Entity Election Form12/21/2010
Schedule GAlabama Business Privilege Tax Financial Institution Group Computation Schedule12/21/2010
Form ST-5Direct Petition for Refund09/23/2011
Form ST-6Joint Petition for Refund09/23/2011
Form ST-EX-1Certificate of Exemption - Out of State/City/County Delivery09/23/2011
Form ST-EX-A1Application for Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption and Instructions.11/03/2011
Form ST-EX-A2Application for Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption for an Industrial or Research Enterprise Project.09/23/2011
Form ST-EX-A3Application for State Utility/Mobile Communication Services Tax Certificate of Exemption and Instructions.11/18/2011
Form SUB-AUSTUniform Severance Tax Return - Act 2004-62909/13/2012
Form SUB-AUST-ASales of Natural Minerals in Alabama09/13/2012
Form SUB-MT-1Monthly Motor Carrier Mileage Tax Return11/02/2011
Form SUBT-AVLAApplication for Aviation Fuels License08/29/2011
Form SUBT-CRAlabama National Guard Canteen Report11/02/2011
Form SUBT-CULMonthly Cullman County Fuel Tax Return08/10/2010
Form SUBT-DRClaim for Motor Fuel Tax Refund10/01/2012
Form SUBT-GLAApplication for a Gasoline License08/29/2011
Form SUBT-GR-5Claim for Gasoline Tax Refund01/20/2012
Form SUBT-INVSchedule of Bulk Storage Tanks08/29/2011
Form SUBT-LOAPApplication for Lubricating Oils Permit08/29/2011
Form SUBT-LOVSchedule of Lubricating Oil Exemptions11/02/2011
Form SUBT-MF-5Claim for Motor Fuel Refund10/01/2012
Form SUBT-MFCCarrier/Warehouser Monthly Report08/29/2011
Form SUBT-MFCOMonthly County Fuel Tax Return11/14/2011
Form SUBT-MFD-AVDistributors Schedule of Aviation Fuels Exemptions11/02/2011
Form SUBT-MFD-GDistributors Schedule of Gasoline Exemptions11/02/2011
Form SUBT-MFD-MFDistributors Schedule of Motor Fuel Exemptions11/02/2011
Form SUBT-MFLAApplication for Motor Fuel License08/29/2011
Form SUBT-RIPetition for Filing Refund Instructions11/02/2011
Form SUBT-RJJoint Petition for Refund11/01/2011
Form SUBT-RPPetition for Refund11/01/2011
Form SUBT-SGSAnnual Wholesale Oil License Fee Return09/04/2012
Form SUBT-SOEDistributors Schedule of Exports11/02/2011
Form SUBT-SORDistributors Schedule of Tax-Free Receipts11/02/2011
Form SUBT-SOSDistributors of Schedule of Tax-Free Sales11/02/2011
Form TOB-APP-NRApplication for Tobacco Stamping Permit (Non-resident Wholesaler)09/25/2008
Form TOB-APP-RApplication for Tobacco Stamping Permit (Resident Wholesaler)10/10/2008
Form TOB-CNSGMonthly Consignment Payment03/19/2010
Form TOB-CoSo-ROrder for State-Administered County Revenue Stamps05/10/2012
Form TOB-CoSo-TOrder for State-Administered County Revenue Stamps05/10/2012
Form TOB-CTAApplication for a Permit to Deliver Motor Fuels Into a Cargo Tank09/21/2012
Form TOB-HWFState of Alabama Horse Wagering Fee09/17/2012
Form TOB-HWSTHazardous Waste Fee Report09/18/2012
Form TOB-HWST-EHazardous Waste Fee Report09/18/2012
Form TOB-JEN-ACTMonthly Jenkins Act Report12/07/2010
Form TOB-JEN-REGJenkins Act Registration Form07/12/2010
Form TOB-LLC-AUTHLimited Liability Company Authorization Form for Tobacco Permit/Registration Application and Bond10/14/2008
Form TOB-LLC-AUTH1Limited Liability Company Authorization Form for Alabama Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Trust Fund Charge Application09/17/2012
Form TOB-MANUFMonthly Manufacturers Report04/13/2010
Form TOB-NEW AGENTRegistered Agent / Change of Registered Agent/Registered Office07/12/2010
Form TOB-NGMonthly Report of Unstamped Tobacco Products Purchased by Alabama National Guard Armories03/19/2010
Form TOB-NPM-ESCCERTCertificate of Compliance by Non-Participating Manufacturer Regarding Escrow Payment and Certificate Form Instructions04/03/2012
Form TOB-OTPMonthly State Tobacco Tax Return by Tobacco Distributors09/04/2012
Form TOB-PPPT-1Pari-Mutuel Pool Privilege Tax Report09/17/2012
Form TOB-REF-1Petition for Refund - Return of Stamped Cigarettes to the Manufacturer07/21/2005
Form TOB-REF-WSWholesaler's Refund Worksheet03/10/2006
Form TOB-REF-WsotpWholesaler's Refund Worksheet03/07/2006
Form TOB-REGTobacco Products Registration Form07/12/2010
Form TOB-REP-AApplication for Permit to Transport and Distribute Taxable Tobaccos08/30/2006
Form TOB-SCCStamp Consignment Contract10/10/2008
Form TOB-SCH CSchedule C - Report of Out-of-State Sales of Cigarette Products03/19/2010
Form TOB-SCH-DManufacturers Not Participating and Participating in the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement10/07/2011
Form TOB-SHIPShipping Request for Alabama Tobacco Stamps05/23/2005
Form TOB-STTFCMonthly Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Trust Fund Charge09/17/2012
Form TOB-SWSTQuarterly Solid Waste Disposal Fee Report08/08/2008
Form TOB-SWST-REGSolid Waste Disposal Fee Registration Form09/21/2012
Form TOB-T-AGREEAgreement Which is A Part of The Application For Tobacco Wholesalers Permit04/27/2005
Form TOB-Tax RatesState Tobacco Tax Rates08/17/2012
Form TOB-TCBTobacco Consignment Bond10/10/2008
Form TOB-TPM CERTTobacco Product Manufacturer Certificate of Compliance and Instructions06/28/2012
Form TOB-TSO1-POrder for Alabama Revenue Stamps05/10/2012
Form TOB-TSO1-UPOrder for Alabama Revenue Stamps05/10/2012
Form TOB-TTBTobacco Tax Bond/Playing Cards Tax Bond09/25/2008
Form TOB-TTCO-AMonthly County Tobacco Tax Return10/29/2010
Form TOB-T-WHSLEMonthly Report by Resident Wholesale Dealers in Cigarette Products01/31/2011
Form TOB-T-WHSLE-CountyState-Administered County Cigarette Products02/08/2011
Form TOB-USETobacco Use Tax Worksheet03/25/2010
Form TOB-VTobacco Tax Section Payment Voucher10/05/2010
Form TOB-WHSLE-NRMonthly Report by Nonresident Wholesale Dealers in Cigarette Products05/11/2010