AR - Arkansas Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form ACHCredit Instructions01/09/2013
Form Alt-Fuel-VehicleAlternative Fuels Vehicle Conversion Notification07/12/2013
Form AMFTBiodiesel Individual Use AMFT (Bio-Use) and Instructions02/20/2013
Form AMFT-13 (F)Distillate First Receiver AMFT-13 (F) and Instructions12/29/2013
Form AMFT-13(I)Distillate Importer AMFT-13(I) and Instructions12/29/2013
Form AMFT-22 (F)Gasoline First Reciever AMFT-22 (F) and Instructions12/29/2013
Form AMFT-22(I)Gasoline Importer AMFT-22(I) and Instructions12/29/2013
Form AMFT-4Licensed LPG Supplier AMFT-4 and Instructions12/29/2013
Form AMFT-56 (A)Petroleum Environmental Fee Report AMFT-56 (A) and Instructions12/29/2013
Form AMFT-71Arkansas IFTA Application02/13/2006
AMFT-71-InstArkansasI FTA Application09/02/2004
Form AR-1RCombined Business Tax Registration Instructions01/30/2013
Form AR-1RCombined Business Tax Registration01/30/2013
Form AR-1R-AMUAmusement Registration Supplement07/22/2013
Form AR-1R-BPGBeauty Pageant Registration Supplement03/13/2012
Form AR-1R-BRDMBingo Raffle Registration Distributors and Manufacturers Supplement03/27/2012
Form AR-1R-BRLAOBingo and Raffle Registration Licensed Authorized Organizations Supplement03/27/2012
Form AR-1R-VENMerchandise Vending Registration Supplement11/01/2012
Form AR-20Sale or Closure of Business03/29/2012
Form AR-40Combined Registration Change Form09/12/2012
Form AV-1Aviation Sales and Use Tax Remittance Form08/29/2013
Form Contractor-RateContractor Tax Rate Change Rebate Supplemental Form08/16/2013
Form CU-1Consumer Use Tax Report (Purchases Made from Out-of-State)09/25/2013
Form Dyed-DieselDyed Diesel Tax Form & Instructions AMFT12/29/2013
Form E-416Claim for Low Income Sales of Electricity01/16/2008
Form ET- 179ALocal Tax Rebate Claim Form01/17/2008
Form ET- 180AContractor Tax Rate Change Rebate Claim Form10/14/2013
Form ET-185ARCMfg Reduced Rate Application/ Recertification03/28/2013
Form ET-185RMfg Utility Reduced Tax Refund Request06/19/2013
Form ET-186 AManufacturer of Electricity Utility Reduced Rate Application03/29/2013
Form ET-186 RManufacturer of Electricity Utility Reduced Tax Refund Request06/19/2013
Form Eth-UseEthanol Individual Use (Eth-Use)02/20/2013
Form F0003SST Certificate of Exemption09/19/2011
Form Farm-ExemptFarm Utility Exemption10/24/2013
Form DTax Schedule of Disbursements Form D07/23/2001
Form MTax Report of Loss Form M01/01/0001
Form RTax Schedule of Receipts Form R10/21/1999
Form IFTA-QuartArkansas IFTA Quarterly Form and Instructions07/01/2013
Form IFTA-RatesInterest Rates07/01/2013
Form LocalTax-SuppLocal Tax Rebate Supplemental Form12/31/2007
Form LPG-AppLPG Flat Fee Application12/29/2013
Form LPG-RatesLPG Flat Fee Rates04/09/2008
Form MF-EfT1EFT Authorization Agreement MF-EfT1 and Instructions10/21/1999
Form Oil-UseOil-Fuel Blend Individual Use (Oil-Use)02/20/2013
Form POAPower of Attorney12/28/2012
Form Refund-ClaimRefund Claim Form and Instructions02/23/2007
Schedule LSupplemental Local Sales and Use Tax Schedule09/03/2010
SST-InstSST Certificate of Exemption Instructions07/23/2007
Form ST-1-AAdditional Owner Information05/10/2010
Form ST-391Exemption Certificate02/12/2008
Form ST-403Commercial Farm Exemption Certificate02/01/2008
Form WS-1Taxable Sales Worksheet01/23/2009