AZ - Arizona Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 01-5414Office of Administrative Hearings Supplemental Power of Attorney04/02/2003
Form 10153Individual Income Tax Installment Agreement Request04/26/2010
Form 10193Business Account Update07/13/2011
Form 10193-AcctUpdateBusiness Account Update07/13/2011
Form 10366Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Disclosure Agreement for ACH Credit filers12/08/2010
Form 10523Tax Clearance Application10/03/2013
Form 10566Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Credit Addenda Format01/17/2012
Form 10621Public School Report01/07/2013
Form 10649Sale of Motor Vehicle to Nonresident - Auto-Calculate05/28/2013
Form 10649-RatesSale of Motor Vehicle to Nonresident - Tax Rate Schedules05/29/2013
Form 10759Transaction Privilege Tax Application (Short Form)09/22/2011
Form 10834Statement of Exemption & 2013 IRS Levy Exemption Chart01/31/2013
Form 10847Collection Information Statement for Business09/23/2010
Form 10896Collection Information Statement - Personal12/29/2010
Form 11134PACT Act Statement06/29/2010
Form 11206Letter of Assumption Checklist10/21/2013
Form 11207Parent Corporation Letterhead10/28/2013
Form 20-0001Offer-in-Compromise Booklet11/12/2009
Form 285General Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form (replaces 72-0105)07/03/2013
Form 285AAudit Disclosure Authorization Form05/24/2011
Form 285BDisclosure Authorization Form10/11/2012
Form 285CDisclosure Certification Form08/02/2012
Form 285-IIndividual Income Tax Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form01/11/2010
Form 285PCentrally Valued Property Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form04/15/2013
Form 450Request for Copies of Tax Documents10/11/2012
Form 5000TPT Exemption Certificate - General (Sales to a Business, Native Americans, Government Entity or Nonresidents)01/06/2006
Form 5000AArizona Resale Certificate08/30/2004
Form 5003TPT Exemption Certificate for Commercial Enhancement Reuse District Projects06/04/2002
Form 5004TPT Used Oil Burner Exemption Certificate11/26/2003
Form 5005Prime Contractor's Certificate11/26/2003
Form 5006TPT Overhead Exemption Certificate11/26/2003
Form 5008Jet Fuel Tax Rate Adjustment Certificate06/28/2007
Form 5010 QMotor Vehicle Dealer Submission of Copies of Form 5010.10/18/2007
Form 5010Certificate For Sale And Delivery Of Motor Vehicle To Nonresident For Use Outside Of Arizona09/26/2008
Form 5011Affidavit of Nonresidency by a Resident of Another U.S. State Purchase of Motor Vehicle in Arizona09/26/2008
Form 5012Affidavit of Nonresidency by a Resident of a Foreign Country Purchase of Motor Vehicle that is Delivered Outside of Arizona11/16/2009
Form 5013Certificate to Establish Native American Status and Residence on Arizona Reservation.09/24/2008
Form 51TTransaction Privilege Tax Election for Accounting and Reporting Expenses Credit12/17/2010
Form 60-0081Border States Uniform Sale for Resale Certificate - English Only / Fillable01/11/2005
Form 60-0081-SpanishBorder States Uniform Sale for Resale Certificate - English & Spanish (non-fillable)10/27/2009
Form 6015Solar Energy Devices Application for Registration01/07/2008
Form 71-1001Financial Report - Class B & C04/28/2006
Form 71-1002Endorsement by Local Governing Body04/18/2006
Form 71-1003Affidavit04/18/2006
Form 71-1007Bingo License Application Pack04/20/2006
Form 71-1009Verification Form01/17/2008
Form 71-1010Application For Bingo License04/19/2006
Form 71-1013Financial Report - Class A04/19/2006
Form 71-5411Application for Special Bonus Game06/14/2007
Form 74-4008Bond Release Request09/04/2008
Form 74-4013Bond Exemption Application02/20/2009
Form 74-4023Taxpayer Bond for Contractors03/15/2005
Form 74-4058Security in Lieu of Cash Deposit06/20/2007
Form 800-20Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Report (pkgs of 20) - Checklist & Instructions09/16/2013
Form 800-20-A1A8Schedules A1A809/10/2013
Form 800-20-CertCertificate09/13/2013
Form 800-20-InventoryPage 1, Inventory09/04/2013
800-20-SchedBSchedule B09/12/2013
800-20-SchedCSchedules C1-C209/12/2013
800-20-SchedESchedules E1-E209/12/2013
800-20-SchedFSchedule F09/12/2013
Form 800-25Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Report (pkgs of 25) - Checklist & Instructions09/16/2013
Form 800-25-A1A8Schedules A1A809/10/2013
Form 800-25-CertCertificate09/13/2013
Form 800-25-InventoryPage1, Inventory09/04/2013
800-25-SchedBSchedule B09/12/2013
800-25-SchedCSchedules C1-C209/12/2013
800-25-SchedESchedules E1-E209/12/2013
800-25-SchedFSchedule F09/12/2013
Form 800NRCigarette Distributor's Monthly Report for Nonresident Licensed Distributors - Checklist & Instructions09/16/2013
Form 800NR-A3-A4Schedules A3-A409/13/2013
Form 800NR-CertCertificate09/16/2013
Form 800NR-InventoryPage 109/13/2013
800NR-SchedBSchedule B09/13/2013
800NR-SchedESchedules E1-E209/16/2013
Form 805Reservation Retailer's Monthly Report08/28/2013
Form 811Revenue Stamp Transaction (Luxury Tax)09/26/2013
Form 815Wholesaler's Return of Spirits and Vinous Sold and Malt/Cider Liquor Purchased10/01/2013
Form 819-B1B3Schedules B1B309/19/2013
Form 819-B4B5Schedules B4B509/19/2013
Form 819-C-C2Schedules C-C209/19/2013
Form 819-CertCertificate09/20/2013
Form 819-D-E1-E2Schedules D, E1, E209/19/2013
819-InstDistributor's Monthly Return of Cigars and Tobacco Products Received (for resident licensed distributors) - Checklist & Instructions09/16/2013
Form 819NRNonresident Distributors Monthly Return of Cigars and Tobacco Products Received - Checklist & Instructions09/16/2013
Form 819NR-A-A3-A4Schedules A, A3, A409/17/2013
Form 819NR-CertCertificate09/20/2013
Form 819NR-InventoryPage 109/20/2013
819NR-SchedBSchedules B1-B309/19/2013
819NR-SchedB4-B5Schedules B4, B509/19/2013
819NR-SchedC-DSchedules C3, D09/19/2013
Form 819-P1Page 109/20/2013
819-Sched-ASchedules A-A409/17/2013
Form 82050Electric Generation Companies Reporting Form02/04/2013
Form 82051Railroad Companies Reporting Form02/05/2013
Form 82053Pipeline Companies Reporting Form02/04/2013
Form 82054Electric Transmission & Distribution Companies and Gas Distribution Companies Reporting Form02/04/2013
Form 82054RRenewable Energy Equipment Reporting Form02/05/2013
Form 82055Water, Sewer and Wastewater Utility Companies Reporting Form02/04/2013
Form 82056Telecommunications Companies Reporting Form02/04/2013
Form 82058Airline Companies Reporting Form02/04/2013
Form 82059Private Car Companies Reporting Form02/04/2013
Form 82061-ACopper Mines Reporting Form02/05/2013
Form 82061-BMines (Other than Copper) Reporting Form02/05/2013
Form 82061-CSmall Scale Mines Reporting Form02/05/2013
Form 82063Oil, Gas & Geothermal Interests Reporting Form02/05/2013
Form 821Withholding Tax Information Authorization10/15/2012
Form 82104Application Senior Property Valuation Protection Option02/05/2010
Form 82130Petition for Review of Real Property Valuation03/04/2011
Form 82130AAAgency Authorization Form10/25/2012
Form 82130AAAAgency Authorization Continuation Form03/12/2010
Form 82130NCPetition for Review of Notice of Change03/01/2010
Form 82130RResidential Petition for Review of Valuation03/03/2011
Form 82131Multiple Parcel Appeal Form04/02/2009
Form 82162Affidavit of Property Value (Explanation of Codes)08/07/2012
Form 82163Beneficiarys Declaration of Additional Funds Received09/11/2013
Form 82179BTaxpayer Notice of Claim Real Property03/04/2010
Form 82179BBTaxpayer Notice of Claim Multiple Parcel Form03/04/2010
Form 82179C-1Petition for Review of Taxpayer Notice of Claim03/01/2010
Form 82179PTTaxpayer Notice of Claim Personal Property04/23/2010
Form 821-PSCWithholding Tax Payroll Service Company Authorization10/15/2012
Form 822Change of Address (Individual Income / Business Address)05/07/2012
Form 82285PCentrally Valued Property Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form04/15/2013
Form 82300Income and Expense Statement04/15/2010
Form 82300-1Income and Expense - Apartment Supplement04/15/2010
Form 82300-2Income and Expense - Office Building/Retail Store Supplement04/15/2010
Form 82300-3Income and Expense - Hotel/Motel/Resort Supplement08/20/2013
Form 82300-4Income and Expense - Shopping Center Supplement04/15/2010
Form 82300-5Income and Expense - Mobile Home/RV Park Supplement04/15/2010
Form 82300-6Income and Expense - Mini-Storage Warehouse Supplement04/15/2010
Form 82300-7Income and Expense - Industrial/Manufacturing/Distribution Warehouse Supplement04/15/2010
Form 82354Request to Combine Common Area Parcel Numbers04/04/2006
Form 82503Dealer Moble Home Inventory Exemption Declaration01/10/2008
Form 82505Mobile Home Park and Trailer Court Operators Report to County Assessor09/11/2009
Form 82505AMobile Home and Travel Trailer Register (4 per page)10/22/2009
Form 82514BCertification of Disability for Property Tax Exemption12/22/2011
Form 82525Manufactured Housing, Mobile Home and Mobile Office Acquisition and Sales Report04/27/2011
Form 82527Property Leased or Rented from Inventory03/27/2007
Form 82528Affidavit of Affixture02/16/2010
Form 82530Personal Property Petition for Review of Valuation01/22/2010
Form 82901Notification of Arizona Residential Rental Property03/12/2010
Form 82916Agricultural Land Use Application05/10/2013
Form 82916-CAgricultural Land Use Application Continuation Page04/25/2013
Form 82916-SAgricultural Land Use Application Supplement Page04/25/2013
Form 82917Agricultural Lease Abstract05/13/2013
Form 82917-CAgricultural Lease Abstract Continuation Page05/13/2013
Form 835Domestic Farm Winery/Domestic Microbrewery/Domestic Cider Return of Liquor Sold10/01/2013
Form 840Cigarette Distributor's Claim for Refund of Cigarette Taxes Paid10/02/2013
Form 840-ACigarette Distributor's Claim for Rebate of Cigarette Taxes Paid10/02/2013
Form 841Cigarette Distributor's Report of Cigarettes Received in Packages Other Than 20s or 25s09/24/2013
Form ADOR14-4028Tobacco License Application10/17/2006
Form JT-1Joint Tax Application for a Business License06/08/2011
Form MOUMemorandum of Understanding03/31/2011
Form TLQTobacco License Questionnaire10/01/2009
Form TPT-1TPT-1 Transaction Privilege, Use and Severance Tax Return09/25/2013
Form TPT-Deduction CodesTPT-1 Deduction Codes09/25/2013
Form TPT-ESAnnual Estimated Payment Form for Transaction Privilege Tax05/08/2013
Form TR-1Waste Tire Fee01/18/2005