CO - Colorado Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 206Underpayment -- Estimated Form09/06/2012
Form CR 0100Business Application for Sales Tax/Wage Withholding Tax Account06/07/2013
Form CR 0101Business Tax Account Application Instructions06/14/2013
Form DR 0002Direct Pay Permit03/21/2000
Form DR 0020AMetallic Minerals -- Return12/09/2011
Form DR 0020AXMetallic Minerals -- Amended Form12/09/2011
Form DR 0020CCoal -- Return11/21/2011
Form DR 0020CXCoal -- Amended Form10/31/2011
Form DR 0020EOil Shale -- Return12/09/2011
Form DR 0020EXOil Shale -- Amended Form12/14/2011
Form DR 0021Oil and Gas Booklet -- 2012me/it/rena
Form DR 0021ASAffiliations -- Schedule12/14/2011
Form DR 0021DOil and Gas -- Schedule10/23/2012
Form DR 0021POil and Gas -- Estimated Form12/14/2011
Form DR 0021PAMetallic Minerals -- Estimated Form12/21/2011
Form DR 0021PEOil Shale -- Estimated Form10/19/2011
Form DR 0021SOil and Gas -- Extension of Time to File10/29/2012
Form DR 0021SAMetallic Minerals -- Extension of Time to File12/20/2011
Form DR 0021SCCoal -- Extension of Time to File12/20/2011
Form DR 0021SEOil Shale -- Extension of Time to File12/21/2011
Form DR 0021WWithholding Statement -- Oil/Gas12/21/2011
Form DR 0021XOil and Gas -- Amended Form12/21/2011
Form DR 0022Molybdenum Ore -- Return12/21/2011
Form DR 0022XMolybdenum Ore -- Amended Form12/21/2011
Form DR 0024Receipt - Standard Sales Tax03/19/2005
Form DR 0025Motor Vehicle Loaner -- Sales Tax Paid02/29/2008
Form DR 0026Motor Vehicle Lease -- Sales Tax Paid08/16/2001
Form DR 0070Motor Vehicle -- Purchase Price11/01/2012
Form DR 0096Tax Status Letter Request07/02/2010
Form DR 0099Sales and Use Tax Reference Guide05/15/2013
Form DR 0100ASales Tax Form/Coupon -- Occasional Retail Sales09/07/2011
Form DR 0122Reporting Form -- International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)06/28/2013
Form DR 0122-IReporting Form -- Instructions06/19/2013
Form DR 0125Renewal Application for International Fuel Tax Agreement License01/03/2013
Form DR 0133Passenger Mile Tax Return05/18/2010
Form DR 0137Claim For Refund08/21/2012
Form DR 0137BRefund, Claim for Tax Paid to Vendors05/24/2012
Form DR 0145Power of Attorney04/07/2011
Form DR 0172Contractor Exemption Certificate10/02/2006
Form DR 0200Special District Sales Tax Supplement (Football/Baseball)02/17/2012
Form DR 0202Interstate Commerce Vehicles -- Sales Tax Refund06/07/2012
Form DR 0214Fuel Distributors License Application Checklist11/27/2012
Form DR 0218Application -- Cigarette Distributor01/20/2012
Form DR 0219Surety Bond -- Cigarette Licensee09/24/2013
Form DR 0221Cigarette Tax Return01/24/2012
Form DR 0222Application -- Tobacco Products Distributor02/07/2012
Form DR 0225Tobacco Products Tax Return for Non-Licensed Distributors05/02/2012
Form DR 0229Tobacco Tax Return06/08/2012
Form DR 0231Manufacturer Certification -- Tobacco Product08/22/2013
Form DR 0235Vending Machine Decals Request03/01/2005
Form DR 0237Manufacturer -- Non-Participating Member, Escrow04/02/2013
Form DR 0241Government Agencies Fuel Tax Exemption07/15/2005
Form DR 0251RTA Consumer Use Tax Return01/13/2011
Form DR 0278Passenger Mile Tax Account Application02/14/2006
Form DR 0300Colorado Mileage and Fuel Tax Bond09/25/2013
Form DR 0440Rental/Lease Permit12/11/2006
Form DR 0442Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcohol Beverages12/03/2012
Form DR 0443Export Sales Report -- Liquor and Beer09/26/2013
Form DR 0445Wholesalers Report of Liquor and Beer Purchases09/26/2013
Form DR 0447Manufacturer Production Report for Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises09/27/2013
Form DR 0448Out-of-State Wine Shipper monthly liquor excise report04/02/2012
Form DR 0449Personal Excise Tax Return for Alcohol Beverages02/08/2012
Form DR 0450Colorado-based wineries--Worksheet for form DR 044201/20/2012
Form DR 0456Annual Reconciliation -- Tax Withheld Oil/Gas Payments01/15/2013
Form DR 0461Oil and Gas and Oil Shale Tax Withheld Return05/03/2010
Form DR 0511Exemption -- Farm Equipment05/31/2007
Form DR 0526Prepaid Wireless E911 Surcharge07/29/2011
Form DR 0563Multi-Jurisdiction Sales Tax Exemption01/28/2004
Form DR 0594License - Sales Tax, Renewal03/18/2004
Form DR 0715Non-profit Sales Tax Exemption Application02/02/2011
Form DR 0716Non-profit Organization Exemption Statement10/19/2004
Form DR 0734Fleet Mileage and Fuel Summary01/03/2008
Form DR 0735Individual Vehicle Distance Record and Fuel Report09/23/2013
Form DR 0780Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption10/22/2009
Form DR 0800Location/Jurisdiction Codes for Sales Tax Filing01/02/2013
Form DR 1002Tax Rates07/18/2013
Form DR 1011Authorization Agreement For Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)09/30/2013
Form DR 1102Account Change or Closure Form and Instructions11/15/2011
Form DR 1191Machinery/Machine Tools Exemption on Purchases03/01/2013
Form DR 1192Machinery/Machine Tools Exemption Agreement04/09/2013
Form DR 1240Pine Beetle Wood Exemption Certificate06/22/2012
Form DR 1250Tax Rates -- History of Local Sales/Use Taxes07/10/2013
Form DR 1260Electricity and Gas Exemption Certificate, Residential09/17/2004
Form DR 1284MSA Reporting Form -- Monthly Transfer and Exports of NPM products01/23/2013
Form DR 1285MSA Reporting Form -- Monthly Non-Participating Brands Sold10/01/2013
Form DR 1286MSA Reporting Form -- Exemption from Monthly Reporting10/01/2013
Form DR 1306Individual Consumer Use Tax Return09/07/2011
Form DR 1367Credit Card Payments -- Affidavit for Government Entities06/07/2012
Form DR 1369Low-Emitting Heavy Vehicles -- Sales and Use Tax Exemption01/14/2013
Form DR 1465Food Establishment -- Deduction for Gas/Electricity04/19/2004
Form DR 1485County Lodging Tax Return07/12/2011
Form DR 1490Local Marketing District Tax Return07/12/2011
Form DR 1510Aviation Fuel Sales Tax Report06/29/2011
Form DR 1520Aviation Fuel Retailers Use Tax Return and Reporting Form01/13/2012
Form DR 1530Aviation Fuel Consumers Use Tax Return and Reporting Form10/14/2010
Form DR 1585LPG/NG Decal Application03/23/2011
Form DR 1666Electricity and Gas Exemption Certificate, Industrial05/15/2001
Form DR 1772Waste Tire Recycling Development Fee on New Tires04/28/2011
Form DR 1777Vehicle Daily Rental Fee Return07/12/2011
Form DR 5714Copy of Form Filed -- Request for02/22/2008
Form DR 5782Electronic Funds Transfer Program11/13/2012
Form DR 5785Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization08/27/2012
Form DR 7011Passenger Buses--Passenger Mile Detail03/11/2010
Form DR 7064Fuel Distributors License Application Booklet12/28/2012
Form DR 7065Fuel Distributors Surety Bond04/22/2005
Form DR 7118Exempt Fuel Use Refund Form05/24/2011
Form DR 7119Application -- International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)07/27/2012
Form DR 7189Fuel Tax Refund Permit06/13/2012
Form DR 7511Reporting Form -- IFTA Lease Agreement04/27/2005