DE - Delaware Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 1049C-9602Claim for Revision - Cigarette Excise Tax01/28/2013
Form 1049L-9605Claim for Revision - License Tax01/28/2013
Form 1069Cigarette Stamp Affixing Agent or Wholesale Dealer Application11/10/2011
Form 1074Cigarette and Cigarette Tax Stamps - Resident Dealer's Monthly Report01/28/2013
Form 1075Cigarette and Cigarette Tax Stamps - Non-Resident Dealer's Monthly Report01/28/2013
Form 1268-LA2Affiliated Finance Company - Business License Application/Renewal01/28/2013
Form 1280Contractors - Statement of Payments Made to Subcontractors06/19/2009
Form 1280-DEVContractors - Deductions for Amounts Paid to Subcontractors09/23/2008
Form 1800MAlcoholic Beverage Manufacturers Tax Return04/27/2009
Form 1801AC-0009Tax Credits - Land and Historic Resource Conservation - Application and Computation Schedule01/28/2013
Form 1811AC-0905Tax Credits - Historic Preservation - Application and Computation Schedule01/28/2013
Form 1811CC-0701Tax Credits - Certification of Unused Delaware Historic Preservation Tax Credits01/28/2013
Form 1902(ap)Application for Exemption from Corporate Income Tax - Holding Company01/06/2012
Form 1902(b)Holding Company/Investment Company Return01/29/2013
Form 2001AC-0104Tax Credits - Neighborhood Assistance - Application and Computation Schedule01/28/2013
Form 2070AC-0007Tax Credits - Delaware Research and Development - Application and Computation Schedule01/28/2013
Form 2080DETax Credits - New Economy Jobs Program - Application04/01/2010
Form 373Wholesalers - Exemption Certificate01/28/2013
Form 402AP-9901Tax Credits - Application For New Business Facility Credits01/28/2013
Form 402LTR-9901Gross Receipts - License Tax Reduction for New Businesses - Computation Schedule01/28/2013
Form 5060Contractors - Statement of Contracts Awarded12/19/2012
Form 5401(8)BPRealty Transfer Tax - Declaration For Building Permit01/28/2013
Form 5401(8)CORealty Transfer Tax - Declaration for Certificate Of Compliance Or Occupancy01/28/2013
Form 5402Realty Transfer Tax - Return And Affidavit Of Gain And Value01/28/2013
Form 5403Real Estate Tax Return - Declaration of Estimated Income Tax01/29/2013
Form 5502TR 9811Public Utility Tax Return01/28/2013
Form 5506CPE (2013)Public Utility Tax - Exemption from Cell Phone Tax - 201312/07/2012
Form 5506CPE (2014)Public Utility Tax - Exemption from Cell Phone Tax - 201412/19/2013
Form 5507Public Utility Tax - Claim for Refund01/28/2013
Form 6100Occupancy Tax - Exemption Certificate01/14/2008
Form 6401Headquarters Management Corporation - Application and Election for License01/28/2013
9114W InstructionsPetroleum Wholesalers - Statement of Payments made for HSCA-Taxed Purchases - Instructions08/07/2007
Form 9114W SupplementalPetroleum Wholesalers - Statement of Payments made for HSCA-Taxed Purchases - Form 9114W Line 508/07/2007
Form 9114WPetroleum Wholesalers - Statement of Payments made for HSCA-Taxed Purchases08/07/2007
Form ABC Importers ReportAlcohol - Importers Inventory Activity Report04/27/2009
Form ABC Shipping ReportAlcohol - Out of State Supplier Report of Alcohol Shipped to Delaware11/27/2007
Form ABC StatementAlcohol - Statement of Wines, Cider, Spirits and Beer Purchases04/27/2009
Form ABC Tax Credit ReportAlcohol - Alcoholic Beverage Tax Credit Report04/27/2009
Form Contractor Bond ReceiptContractor - Non-Resident - Bond Receipt Form11/08/2007
Form Contractor BondContractor - Non-Resident - Bond11/08/2007
Form Contractor Letter - CreditContractor - Non-Resident - Irrevocable Letter of Credit11/08/2007
Form Contractor LetterContractor - Non-Resident - Letter for Contract Under $ 20,00010/11/2012
Form CRANew Business License - Combined Registration Application05/17/2013
Form Door-to-Door ID CardDoor-to-Door Salesperson ID Card License Application/Renewal02/13/2013
Form IABContractors - Workers Compensation Proof of Insurance01/14/2008
LQ9 BookletManufactured Homes Relocation Trust Fund - Information and Returns04/25/2013
Form LQ9 REQManufactured Homes Relocation Trust Fund - Request for Change02/25/2013
LQ9 Schedule K-1Manufactured Homes Relocation Trust Fund - Delinquent Tenants Report02/25/2013
TP-1 InstructionsCigarette and Cigarette Tax Stamps - Wholesale Dealer's Monthly Report of Other Tobacco - Instructions11/09/2011
Form TP-1Cigarette and Cigarette Tax Stamps - Wholesale Dealer's Monthly Report of Other Tobacco02/11/2013
Form UC-1Contractors - Report to Determine Liability12/11/2012