FL - Florida Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form DR-1Florida Business Tax Application R.01/1512/09/2014
Form DR-116100Application for Rescindment of Tax Credit Allocation for Contributions to Nonprofit Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFOs) R.07/1112/06/2011
Form DR-1214Application for Temporary Tax Exemption Permit R.07/0601/21/2011
Form DR-123Affidavit for Partial Exemption of Motor Vehicle Sold for Licensing in Another State R.02/0907/17/2013
Form DR-133Gross Receipts Tax Return R.07/0701/24/2011
Form DR-142/142ESSolid Mineral Severance Tax Return & Declaration/Installment Payment of Estimated Solid Mineral Severance Tax R.01/1306/13/2014
Form DR-144/144ESGas and Sulfur Production Quarterly Tax Return/Declaration of Estimated Gas and Sulfur Production Tax R.07/1206/11/2014
Form DR-145Oil Production Monthly Tax Return R.07/1204/10/2013
Form DR-145XOil Production Monthly Amended Tax Return R.07/1201/23/2015
Form DR-146Miami-Dade County Lake Belt Mitigation Fee Tax Return R.11/0708/15/2007
Form DR-15Sales and Use Tax Return R.01/1510/28/2014
Form DR-151Blind Person's Application for Certificate of Exemption R.03/1304/29/2013
Form DR-156TFlorida Temporary Fuel Tax Application R.10/0902/04/2011
Form DR-15AIRSales and Use Tax Return for Aircraft N.08/1308/12/2013
Form DR-15DSSDiscretionary Sales Surtax Information For Calendar Year 2015 (R.11/14)11/19/2014
Form DR-15EZSales and Use Tax Return (EZ Form) R.01/1510/24/2014
Form DR-15EZNInstructions for DR-15EZ Sales and Use Tax Returns R.01/1508/26/2014
Form DR-15JEZApplication for the Exemption of Electrical Energy Used in an Enterprise Zone R.08/0906/08/2010
Form DR-15MOOut-of-State Purchase Return R.08/1308/14/2013
Form DR-15NInstructions for DR-15 Sales and Use Tax Returns R.01/1508/27/2014
Form DR-15SWSolid Waste and Surcharge Return R.01/1512/30/2014
Form DR-15SWNInstructions for DR-15SW Solid Waste and Surcharge Returns R.01/1512/18/2014
Form DR-15SWSSchedule of Rental Car Surcharge by County R.01/1510/01/2014
Form DR-15TDTCounty Local Option Transient Rental Tax Rates Grouped by Administration (Tourist Development Tax Rates) R. 01/1502/02/2015
Form DR-15ZCApplication for Florida Enterprise Zone Jobs Credit for Sales Tax R.10/0906/08/2010
Form DR-15ZCNInstructions for Completing the Sales and Use Tax Return, Form DR-15, when taking the Enterprise Zone Jobs Tax Credit R.06/0808/31/2009
Form DR-16AApplication for Self-Accrual Authority / Direct Pay Permit Sales and Use Tax R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-176Application for Air Carrier Fuel Tax License R. 10/0901/27/2011
Form DR-17AFlorida Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Cash Deposit/Cash Bond R.03/1006/03/2010
Form DR-17BSuggested Format for Florida Sales and Use Tax Surety Bond N.06/0705/21/2008
Form DR-17CSuggested Format for Florida Sales and Use Tax Irrevocable Letter of Credit N.06/0705/21/2008
Form DR-18Application for Amusement Machine Certificate R.03/0602/03/2011
Form DR-182Florida Air Carrier Fuel Tax Return R.01/1512/31/2014
Form DR-185Application for Fuel Tax Refund Permit R.05/1002/04/2011
Form DR-18CINInstructions for Display of Amusement Machine Certificate (Form DR-18C) R.02/1502/12/2015
Form DR-191Application for Aviation Fuel Tax Refund - Air Carriers R.01/1302/27/2013
Form DR-1CApplication for Collective Registration for Short-term Rental of Living or Sleeping Accommodations R.09/14me/it/rena
Form DR-1CONApplication for Consolidated Sales and Use Tax Registration R.01/15me/it/rena
Form DR-1NInstructions for Completing the Florida Business Tax Application R.01/1512/09/2014
Form DR-1SRegistration Application for Secondhand Dealers and/or Secondary Metals Recycler R.11/1212/11/2012
Form DR-26Application for Refund (all other taxes) R.07/06 (This is a fillable form. Enter your information and print the completed form.)06/12/2013
Form DR-26RPFlorida Neighborhood Revitalization Program R.10/0906/03/2010
Form DR-26SApplication for Refund - Sales and Use Tax R.01/08 (This is a fillable form. Enter your information and print the completed form. If you cannot print in color, order this form to be mailed to you.)06/06/2013
Form DR-29Florida Sales and Use Tax Application for Release or Refund of Security R.03/1006/03/2010
Form DR-300400Boat, Motor Vehicle, or Aircraft Dealer Application for Special Estimation of Taxes R.02/0805/21/2012
Form DR-3096312015 Terminal Supplier Fuel Tax Return R.01/1412/30/2014
Form DR-309631NInstructions for Filing Terminal Supplier Fuel Tax Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-3096322015 Wholesaler/Importer Fuel Tax Return R.01/1412/30/2014
Form DR-309632NInstructions for Filing Wholesaler/Importer Fuel Tax Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-3096332015 Mass Transit System Provider Fuel Tax Return R.01/1312/30/2014
Form DR-309633NInstructions for Filing Mass Transit System Provider Fuel Tax Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-3096342015 Local Government User of Diesel Fuel Tax Return R.01/1412/30/2014
Form DR-309634NInstructions for Filing Local Government User of Diesel Fuel Tax Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-3096352015 Blender Fuel Tax Return R.01/1412/30/2014
Form DR-309635NInstructions for Filing Blender Fuel Tax Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-3096362015 Terminal Operator Information Return R.01/1412/30/2014
Form DR-309636NInstructions for Filing Terminal Operator Information Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-3096372015 Petroleum Carrier Information Return R.01/1312/30/2014
Form DR-309637NInstructions for Filing Petroleum Carrier Information Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-3096382015 Exporter Fuel Tax Return R.01/1412/30/2014
Form DR-309638NInstructions for Filing Exporter Fuel Tax Return R.01/1512/01/2014
Form DR-309639Application for Refund of Tax Paid on Undyed Diesel Used for Off-road or Other Exempt Purposes (2015) R.01/1512/30/2014
Form DR-309640Application for Refund of Tax Paid on Undyed Diesel Consumed by Motor Coaches During Idle Time in Florida (2014) R.01/1312/30/2014
Form DR-309660Application for Pollutants Tax Refund R.01/13 - Current form; not year specific.02/22/2013
Form DR-342000Request to Participate in the Certified Audit Program R.10/1110/05/2011
Form DR-35Motor Vehicle Warranty Fee Remittance Report R.08/0912/24/2009
Form DR-350900Insurance Premium Tax Information for Schedules XII and XIII, Form DR-908 R.01/1512/08/2014
Form DR-370060Refund Sampling Methodology Application for Sales and Use Tax N.10/0211/26/2002
Form DR-370061Refund Sampling Results R.05/0905/12/2009
Form DR-3AChemicals Used by Photograph Finishers - Exempt R.04/0904/28/2009
Form DR-401Private Car and Freight Line Equipment Companies Annual Report to State of Florida R. 12/1107/17/2013
Form DR-402Declaration of Mobile Home as Real Property R.08/95me/it/rena
Form DR-405Tangible Personal Property Tax Return R. 12/1109/25/2012
Form DR-416Physician's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability R. 11/1201/18/2013
Form DR-416BOptometrist's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability R.11/1201/18/2013
Form DR-418Economic Development Ad Valorem Property Tax Exemption R.12/9907/17/2013
Form DR-418CReal Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation - Exemption Application N.11/1201/18/2013
Form DR-418CRReal Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation - Renewal Application N.11/1011/06/2012
Form DR-418EEnterprise Zone Ad Valorem Property Tax Exemption, Child Care Facility, Application for Exemption Certification N. 12/9901/18/2013
Form DR-41CDealer's Sales Tax Statement - Boats R.04/0111/24/2003
Form DR-42Application/Order Form for Boat Decal Sets R.10/1009/22/2010
Form DR-42EApplication for Extension of 90-Day Decal to 180 Days R.10/10 TIP on 180 Day Extension09/22/2010
Form DR-430Change of Ownership or Control Non-Homestead Property N.11/1201/18/2013
Form DR-430MChange of Ownership or Control, Multiple Parcels N. 11/1207/17/2013
Form DR-431Voluntary Disclosure of Property R. 11/1211/07/2012
Form DR-452Return of Real Property in Attempt to Establish Adverse Possession without Color of Title R.07/1310/07/2014
Form DR-456Notice of New, Rebuilt or Expanded Property R.07/9701/18/2013
Form DR-462Application for Refund of Ad Valorem Taxes R. 12/1105/29/2013
Form DR-46NTNontaxable Medical Items and General Grocery List R.07/1006/18/2010
Form DR-470ARailroad Company Annual Report to the State of Florida R. 12/1107/17/2013
Form DR-482Application for Agricultural Classification of Land R.12/0007/17/2013
Form DR-482CLand Used for Conservation, Assessment Application R. 11/1201/18/2013
Form DR-482HPApplication & Return for Classification of Property as Historic Property Used for Commercial or Certain Nonprofit Purposes R. 12/0401/18/2013
Form DR-482HWApplication & Return for High - Water Recharge Classification of Lands R. 12/9901/18/2013
Form DR-485WIValue Adjustment Board Withdrawal of Petition N.12/0907/11/2012
Form DR-486Petition to Value Adjustment Board - Request for Hearing R.12/0906/01/2011
Form DR-486DPPetition to the Value Adjustment Board - Tax Deferral or Penalties - Request for Hearing R. 11/1202/07/2013
Form DR-486MUValue Adjustment Board - Attachment to Single Joint Petition for Multiple Units Filing N. 12/0904/05/2010
Form DR-486PORTPetition to the Value Adjustment Board - Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference, Request for Hearing R. 12/0907/17/2013
Form DR-490PORTNotice of Denial of Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference R. 12/0910/21/2014
Form DR-5Application for Consumer's Certificate of Exemption & Instructions R.11/0302/03/2011
Form DR-501Original Application for Homestead and Related Tax Exemptions R. 12/1412/16/2014
Form DR-501AStatement of Gross Income R. 11/1201/18/2013
Form DR-501CCAd Valorem Tax Exemption Application - Proprietary Continuing Care Facility R. 11/1201/18/2013
Form DR-501DVApplication for Homestead Tax Discount - Veterans Age 65 and Older with a Combat-Related Disability R. 12/1201/18/2013
Form DR-501MDeployed Military Exemption Application R. 05/1201/18/2013
Form DR-501SCAdjusted Gross Household Income - Sworn Statement and Return - Senior Citizen Exemption for Persons Age 65 and Over R.12/1201/18/2013
Form DR-501TTransfer of Homestead Assessment Difference - Attachment to Original Application for Homestead Tax Exemption R.12/0801/16/2013
Form DR-501TSDesignation of Ownership Shares of Abandoned Homestead N. 11/1212/04/2012
Form DR-504Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application and Return R.11/0103/26/2014
Form DR-504CSAd Valorem Tax Exemption Application - Charter School Facilities N.12/0001/18/2013
Form DR-504HAAd Valorem Tax Exemption Application and Return - Homes for the Aged N. 11/0101/18/2013
Form DR-508Application for Separate Assessment of Mineral, Oil and Other Subsurface Rights R. 12/9401/18/2013
Form DR-512Notice to Tax Collector of Application for Tax Deed R. 05/8801/18/2013
Form DR-514Notice of Sale of Tangible Personal Property for Delinquent Taxes R. 09/9101/18/2013
Form DR-518Cut Out Request R.12/9210/30/2009
Form DR-534Notice and Application for Alternative Payment of 20xx Property Taxes R. 12/1111/07/2012
Form DR-535Notice to Property Appraiser of Name and/or Address Change R. 05/9203/15/2011
Form DR-55Application for Compensation for Tax Information R.01/1212/06/2011
Form DR-570Application for Homestead Tax Deferral R. 10/1103/26/2014
Form DR-570AHApplication for Affordable Housing Property Tax Deferral N. 10/1101/18/2013
Form DR-570WFApplication for Recreational and Commercial Working Waterfronts Property Tax Deferral R. 10/1101/18/2013
Form DR-600Enrollment and Authorization for e-Services Program R.01/1309/18/2013
Form DR-600013Request for Verification that Customers are Authorized to Purchase for Resale R.06/0805/25/2011
Form DR-600AEnroll to Remit Payments to Agencies Other Than the Department of Revenue R.04/1103/17/2011
Form DR-600TPACH-Credit Payment Method Requirements Florida e-Services R. 01/1512/15/2014
Form DR-601GGovernmental Leasehold Intangible Personal Property Tax Return for 2015 Tax Year R.01/1401/06/2015
Form DR-602GGovernmental Leasehold Intangible Personal Property Tax Application for Extension of Time to File Return R.01/1003/02/2010
Form DR-655Tax Type/Tax Type Code Florida e-Services R. 01/1512/12/2014
Form DR-659Florida e-Services Calendar of Due Dates for 2015 R.08/1409/12/2014
Form DR-660NTelephone Payment Method Instructions R.11/12 (for ACH Debit enrolled accounts only)10/31/2012
Form DR-700001MPST Database Report for municipalities and charter counties to report tax levies or other changes as required by s. 166.233, F.S. R.10/0110/15/2012
Form DR-700012Application for Certification of Communications Services Database R.10/1304/28/2014
Form DR-700016Communications Services Tax Return (2015)me/it/rena
Form DR-700019Communications Services Use Tax Return R.07/1212/06/2012
Form DR-700020Notification of Method Employed to Determine Taxing Jurisdiction R.01/1512/11/2014
Form DR-700021Local Communications Services Tax Notification of Tax Rate Change R.06/1204/10/2013
Form DR-700025Objection to Address/Jurisdiction Database for Local Communications Services Tax and Local Insurance Premium Tax Service Address Assignment R.10/1309/26/2013
Form DR-700030Application for Self-Accrual Authority / Direct Pay Permit R.06/0601/21/2011
Form DR-72-2Declaration of Taxable Status - Trailer, Mobile Home Parks, and Recreational Vehicle Parks R.06/1307/10/2013
Form DR-7NInstructions for Consolidated Sales and Use Tax Return R.01/1508/29/2014
Form DR-835Power of Attorney R.10/11me/it/rena
Form DR-841Request for Copy of Tax Return R.03/1104/10/2013
Form DR-842Seller's Application for Transferee Liability Certificate R.10/1010/20/2010
Form DR-843Purchaser's Application for Transferee Liability Certificate R.10/1010/20/2010
Form DR-9042015 Pollutants Tax Return R.01/1312/30/2014
Form DR-907Insurance Premium Installment Payment and Instructions R.01/1508/15/2014
Form DR-908Insurance Premium Taxes and Fees Return R.01/1512/09/2014
Form DR-908NInstructions For Preparing Form DR-908 R.01/1508/26/2014
Form DR-95ASchedule of Florida Sales or Use Tax Credits Claimed on Tangible Personal Property Repossessed R.04/9502/04/2008
Form DR-95BSchedule of Florida Sales or Use Tax Credits Claimed on Repossessed Motor Vehicles R.12/0904/14/2011
Form DR-97Suggested Format for Blanket Exemption Certificate Based on Property's Use R.07/0507/25/2005
Form DR-99AAffidavit for Private Casual Sale of a Motor Vehicle R.05/9905/06/2009
Form F-1122Authorization and Consent of Subsidiary Corporation to be Included in a Consolidated Income and Emergency Excise Tax Return R.01/1307/13/2012
Form F-851Corporate Income/Franchise Tax Affiliations Schedule R.01/1308/02/2012
Form GT-200403Electronic Fingerprint Procedures R.03/1212/05/2012
Form GT-200404Secondhand Dealer's Property Form R.07/0808/14/2008
Form GT-300089Getting Started: A Guide to Filing and Paying Florida Taxes Electronically R.10/1309/25/2013
Form GT-500002Suggested Format for Affidavit for Exemption of Aircraft Sold for Removal from the State of Florida by a Nonresident Purchaser N.05/0205/28/2002
Form PT-103How to Apply for a Refund (flyer) R. 09/1411/26/2014
Form RT-28Election of Nonprofit Organization Method of Payment Under the Florida Reemployment Tax Law R.05/1412/15/2014
Form RT-28GElection of Public Employer Method of Payment Under the Florida Reemployment Tax Law R.04/1412/15/2014
Form RT-6Employer's Quarterly Report with Payment Coupon R.01/1512/15/2014
Form RT-6AEmployer's Quarterly Report Continuation Sheet R.01/1512/15/2014
Form RT-6EWEmployer's Quarterly Report for Employees Contracted to Governmental or Nonprofit Educational Institutions R.01/1512/15/2014
Form RT-6NEmployer's Quarterly Report Instructions for the RT-6 and RT-6A R.01/1512/17/2014
Form RT-6NFQuarterly Report for Out-of-State Wages R.01/1512/15/2014
Form RT-7AApplication for Annual Filing for Employers of Domestic Employees R.01/1303/14/2013
Form RT-83To Employees: R.09/1209/12/2012
Form RT-83SPTo Employees (in Spanish): R.09/1209/25/2012
Form RT-89Reemployment Tax Instructions for Excess Wage Computation R.01/1512/15/2014
Form RT-8ACorrection to Employer's Quarterly or Annual Domestic Report R.01/1308/20/2013
Form RT-8IRT-8I Information Sheet R.01/1312/17/2012
Form RTS-10Reemployment Tax Agent/Client Change Form R.01/1303/14/2013
Form RTS-1CInformation for Non-Profit Organizations R.01/1303/14/2013
Form RTS-1SReport to Determine Succession and Application for Transfer of Experience Rating Records R.01/1312/18/2012
Form RTS-1SAList of Employees to be Transferred R.01/1312/21/2012
Form RTS-2Voluntary Election to Become an Employer Under the Florida Reemployment Tax Law R.01/1303/14/2013
Form RTS-3Employer Account Change Form R.01/1512/17/2014
Form RTS-5Application to Terminate Reemployment Tax Account R.01/1303/27/2013
Form RTS-6Employer's Reciprocal Coverage Election R.01/1312/18/2012
Form RTS-6061Independent Contractor Analysis R.01/1303/15/2013
Form RTS-6AEmployer's Reciprocal Coverage Election Supplemental Attachment R.01/1312/18/2012
Form RTS-6BEmployee Notice for Reemployment Tax Coverage (Employer's Reciprocal Coverage Election) R.01/1312/18/2012
Form RTS-6CEmployee's Consent Form Reciprocal Coverage Election R.01/1312/18/2012
Form RTS-70Application For Common Paymaster R.04/1412/15/2014
Form RTS-71Quarterly Concurrent Employment Report R.01/1512/15/2014
Form RTS-72Affidavit of Concurrent Employment R.01/1303/14/2013
Form RTS-9Reemployment Tax Application for Agent Registration R.01/1303/14/2013