GA - Georgia Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 603AAbandoned MV Affidavit - Submitted to Court by Person Removing or Storing an Abandoned Vehicle02/27/2007
Form 603lAbandoned MV Affidavit - From Insurance Company or Company Storing Vehicle02/27/2007
Form ATT-104Application for Brand and Label Registration and Designation of Sales Territory (rev. 1/13)01/15/2013
Form ATT-11Monthly Report of Distilled Spirits Shipments to Wholesalers Located in the State of Georgia (rev. 1/13)01/18/2013
Form ATT-112Report of Wine Shipments (rev. 1/13)01/16/2013
Form ATT-113Permit to Receive Tax Exempt Wine (rev. 1/13)01/22/2013
Form ATT-122Malt Beverage Excise Tax Monthly Report to Counties and Municipalities (rev. 1/13)01/22/2013
Form ATT-125Wholesale Distributors Monthly Report of Malt Beverages Containing Less Than One-half of One Percent Alcohol By Volume (rev. 1/13)01/22/2013
Form ATT-14Certificate of Residence for Retail Liquor License Only (rev. 1/13)01/14/2013
Form ATT-153Wholesaler Malt Beverage Semi Annual Inventory Report01/31/2013
Form ATT-160Wholesaler Wine Semi Annual Inventory Report01/31/2013
Form ATT-165Wholesaler Distilled Spirits Semi Annual Inventory Report01/31/2013
Form ATT-17Georgia Alcohol & Tobacco Personnel Statement (rev 1/13)01/25/2013
Form ATT-29Brewers Schedule of Malt Beverage Shipments (rev. 1/13)01/14/2013
Form ATT-301Coin Operated Amusement Machines Forms07/16/2013
Form ATT-38Wholesale Dealer Beer Price Posting (rev. 1/13)01/18/2013
Form ATT-42Grapes, Berries, and/or Fruits Seller (rev. 1/13)01/16/2013
Form ATT-67Report of Non-Tax Paid Tobacco Products Received by Retailer (rev. 1/13)01/07/2013
Form ATT-70ALiquor Wholesalers Summary of Total Distilled Spirits Sales to Retail Dealers Within Each County (rev. 12/12)12/20/2012
Form ATT-73Wholesaler's Monthly Report of 'NONPARTICIPATING MANUFACTURER' Cigarettes Received or Shipped Into Georgia (rev. 1/13)01/07/2013
Form ATT-75Donated Wine for Auction Excise Tax Report (rev. 09/08)02/04/2013
Form ATT-88Wholesaler's Initial List of Suppliers and Designated Territories (rev. 1/13)01/16/2013
Form ATT-CA-1Alcoholic Beverage Catering Quantity and Destination Report (rev. 1/13)01/28/2013
Form BondStandard Bond Form for All Alcohol and Tobacco Applications (rev. 05/13)06/27/2013
Form CRF-003Form CRF-003 State Tax Registration Application Additional Address Form (rev. 1/10)01/12/2010
Form CRF-004Form CRF-004 State Tax Registration Application Additional Ownership/Relationship Form (rev. 1/10)01/29/2010
Form CRF-005Form CRF-005 Responsible Party Information (rev. 7/12)07/06/2012
Form CRF-007Form CRF-007 Motor Fuel Distributor Application (rev. 09/13)09/18/2013
Form CRF-BULKForm CRF-BULK Tax Preparer Registration Form (Rev. 1/13)01/17/2013
Form CRF-IFTAForm CRF-IFTA Motor Carrier Registration Application (rev. 11/12)07/11/2013
Form FS-32Miscellaneous Events Sales Tax Form (rev. 5/11)05/27/2011
Form FS-MFD-26Form FS-MFD-26 Motor Fuel Distributor Bond (rev. 3/03)03/12/2003
Form FST-2Floor Stock Reporting Form (rev. 12/07)01/07/2008
Form GA-9465Form GA-9465 Installment Agreement Request Form (rev. 6/12)02/12/2013
Form GATE AddendumGATE Addendum Metered Energy (Rev. 1/13)01/23/2013
Form GIMCGeorgia Intrastate Motor Carrier Registration (GMIC)04/23/2013
Form GTT-1Georgia Tax Tribunal Petition (rev. 01/13)02/13/2013
Form HVUT-1Certification of Compliance05/27/2009
Form IA-81Request for Replacement Check (rev. 05/12)06/07/2012
Form IFTA 100IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Return (rev. 1/13)01/10/2013
Form ManualInternational Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Procedures Manual03/11/2013
Form MCS-150 GAApplication for Georgia Motor Carrier Identification Number04/18/2013
Form MCS-150Application for Federal Motor Carrier Identification Number01/15/2013
Form MF-12Form MF-12 Waiver of Seller's Rights For Refund(rev.3/05)02/14/2013
Form MFD-04Form MFD-04 MOTOR FUEL TAX REPORT (rev 6/13 )06/26/2013
Form MFD-3Form MFD-3 Motor Fuel Excise Tax & Prepaid State Tax Exemption Certificate (rev. 2/05)02/23/2005
Form MFD-33Form MFD-33 Licensed Distributor Application for Refund (rev. 2/05)02/21/2005
Form MFR-21Form MRF-21 Application for Refund Licensed Retail Dealer Fuel (rev. 7/12)02/26/2013
Form MFR-44Form MFR-44Application for Refund Non-Highway Clear Diesel/Gasoline (rev. 8/12)02/28/2013
Form MV-1Title/Tag Application - Original or Replacement11/26/2013
Form MV-100Assembled Vehicle Inspection Affidavit07/11/2008
Form MV-14TAVT Opt-in Affidavit03/13/2013
Form MV-141IRP Replacement License Plate Application05/06/2013
Form MV-142IRP Replacement Cab Card Application09/25/2013
Form MV-15Rental Certification Affidavit01/08/2013
Form MV-16Affidavit to Certify Immediate Family Relationship12/04/2012
Form MV-175Salvage and Assembled Vehicle Inspector Registration08/20/2009
Form MV-176Application for Salvage and Assembled Vehicle Inspection Location08/20/2009
Form MV-18Request to Correct Face of Georgia Title and Registration Record06/29/2005
Form MV18-AAffidavit to Support a Request to Correct a Certificate of Title02/12/2013
Form MV-18EAffidavit to correct a VIN number.11/04/2009
Form MV-18GService Members Affidavit for Mandatory Insurance Relief04/05/2004
Form MV-18JApplication for Voluntary Registration Cancellation02/12/2013
Form MV-1SSalvage Title Application01/29/2013
Form MV-1SPApplication to Cancel Certificate of Title for Scrap/Derelict Vehicles07/19/2012
Form MV-20Request for Motor Vehicle Documents09/12/2013
Form MV-20ASubpoena OR Information Request02/12/2013
Form MV-30Veteran's Affidavit for TAVT Exemption01/11/2013
Form MV-300Request for Cancellation of a Temporary Operating Permit02/25/2011
Form MV-31Affidavit for Non-Profit Organizations02/27/2013
Form MV-33TAVT Refund Request10/17/2012
Form MV-34Change of Address Affidavit02/12/2013
Form MV-46 SISalvage and Assembled Vehicle Inspector Bond06/29/2009
Form MV-46Certificate of Title Bond06/28/2005
Form MV-46ACertificate of Title Bond Affidavit (Must be submitted with Certificate of Title Bond MV-46)06/28/2005
Form MV-47Dealer Internet Inquiry Registration Form05/22/2013
Form MV-5Replacement Registration Certificate12/16/2004
Form MV-603Abandoned MV Notice06/22/2005
Form MV-603DDerelict Motor Vehicle Disposition Notice02/04/2009
Form MV-603RAbandoned MV Release06/27/2005
Form MV-603RFAbandoned MV Affidavit - From Repair Facility Storing Vehicle02/27/2007
Form MV-66Affidavit TVAT for Dealer Resale11/04/2013
Form MV-6-6a-6bTag Application, Add/Delete Agents, Additional Dealer Tags (first time applicants)07/10/2013
Form MV-6CDealer, Distributor, Manufacturer & Transporter Tag Renewal Applications07/27/2011
Form MV-7Replacement License Plate Tag or Decal08/27/2013
Form MV-9DDisabled Persons Parking Affidavit02/27/2013
Form MV-9DBDisabled Persons Parking Affidavit for Business07/01/2008
Form MV-AFVAlternative Fuel License Plate Application07/17/2008
Form MV-IUCRUnified Carrier Registration Form - Year 201406/17/2013
Form MV-RLRetired Legislative License Plate Request Form09/06/2013
Order FormIFTA Motor Carrier Decal REORDER FORM ONLY (rev. 04/10)08/25/2010
Form Penalty WaiverRequest for Penalty Waiver (rev. 12/11)12/19/2011
Form PT-471Service Member's Affidavit for Exemption of Ad Valorem Taxes for Motor Vehicles12/17/2010
Form PT-472NSNon-Resident SAervice Member's Affidavit For Title Ad Valorem Taxes for Motor Vehicles08/06/2013
Form PWRPrepaid Wireless 911 Fee (rev 8/12)01/24/2013
Form RD-1061Power of Attorney (rev. 10/09)10/28/2013
Form RD-1062Disclosure Authorization Form (rev. 8/11) (fill in and print)08/02/2011
Schedule AList of Label Renewal for Distilled Spirits (rev. 1/13)01/16/2013
Form ST-12 TourismGeorgia Tourism Development Act Claim for Refund (rev. 12/11)11/07/2011
Form ST-12ST-12 Claim for Sales and Use Tax Refund (Rev. 11/12)11/19/2012
Form ST-12AWaiver of Vendors Rights - Claim For Refund (rev. 04/07)04/27/2007
Form ST-12BPurchaser's Claim for Sales Tax Refund Affidavit (rev 1/12)01/25/2012
Form ST-3 Addendum SalesSales and Use Tax Return Addendum for Sales Tax (rev. 12/12)01/31/2013
Form ST-3 Addendum UseSales and Use Tax Return Addendum for Use Tax (rev 12/12)01/31/2013
Form ST-3 Dealer InsertSales and Use Tax Return Dealer Insert (rev 3/11)03/16/2011
Form ST-3 MF AddendumSales and Use Tax Return Addendum for Motor Fuel Sales (rev 12/12)01/31/2013
Form ST-3 MF Off RoadSales and Use Tax Return Off Road Worksheet (rev 2/12)02/20/2012
Form ST-3 MFSales and Use Tax Return Motor Fuel (rev 12/12)01/11/2013
Form ST-3 USEConsumer Use Tax Return (rev 3/11)03/02/2011
Form ST-3Sales and Use Tax Report Form ST-3 (rev. 10/12)03/06/2013
Form ST-4Out of State Dealer Exemption Certificate (rev. 12/01)03/27/2006
Form ST-5 SSTStreamlined Exemption Certificate (rev. 12/03/10)12/08/2010
Form ST-5ST-5 Certificate of Exemption (Rev. 11/12)11/16/2012
Form ST-5M AddendumST-5M Addendum - Metered Energy (Rev. 11/12)11/16/2012
Form ST-5MGeorgia Manufacturer's Exemption Certificate (rev.12/12)01/04/2013
Form ST-6Out of State Delivery Exemption Certificate (rev.12/01)03/27/2006
Form ST-7High Seas Exemption Certificate - Consumable Supplies & Motor Fuel (rev. 11/99)11/15/1999
Form ST-8Motor Vehicle - Non-Resident Purchaser Exemption Certificate (rev 12/01)03/27/2006
Form ST-AER1Aircraft Engine Remanufacturers Application(rev. 04/07)04/27/2007
Form ST-C 214-1NONRESIDENT CONTRACTORS APPLICATION FOR AUTHORIZATION TO PERFORM (rev. 8/12) (Fill in online and print)08/29/2012
Form ST-C 214-10NONRESIDENT CONTRACTORS CONSENT TO SERVICE OF PROCESS (PARTNERSHIP) (rev. 3/13) (Fill in online and print)04/04/2013
Form ST-C 214-13REQUEST FOR RELEASE OF RETAINAGE (rev. 7/12) (Fill in online and print)08/29/2012
Form ST-C 214-14NONRESIDENT BOND CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM (rev. 8/12) (Fill in online and print)08/29/2012
Form ST-C 214-2APPLICATION FOR SUBCONTRACTORS SALES AND USE BOND (rev. 3/13) (Fill in online and print)04/04/2013
Form ST-C 214-5NOTICE OF GENERAL OR PRIME CONTRACTOR OF CONTRACT LET TO A SUBCONTRACTOR (rev. 6/12) (Fill in online and print)06/28/2012
Form ST-C 214-8NONRESIDENT CONTRACTORS CONSENT TO SERVICE OF PROCESS (CORPORATION) (rev. 3/13) (Fill in online and print)04/04/2013
Form ST-C 214-9NONRESIDENT CONTRACTORS CONSENT TO SERVICE OF PROCESS (SOLE PROPRIETOR) (rev. 5/12) (Fill in online and print)06/07/2012
Form ST-CE1Computer Equipment Exemption Application (rev. 10/02)09/23/2002
Form ST-CH-1Application for Certificate of Exemption for NonProfit Child-Caring Institution, Child-Placing Agency and Maternity Home (rev. 07/04)07/15/2005
Form ST-M7Pollution Machinery Exemption Application (rev. 07/06)07/11/2006
Form ST-NH1Non-Profit Nursing Homes, In Patient Hospices, General and Mental Hospitals Exemption Application (Issued by State) (rev 6/08)07/07/2008
Form ST-WD1Material Handling Machinery Exemption Application - Distribution Facility (rev. 02/02)04/12/2002
Form T-107Odometer Discrepancy Affidavit. (seller & purchaser's statement of fact)08/01/2005
Form T-107AOdometer Discrepancy Affidavit. (purchaser's statement of fact)08/01/2005
Form T-11Correction Affidavit. (to explain corrections in a title assignment)07/19/2005
Form T-126Refund Request for Registration, Title or Insurance Fees11/05/2009
Form T-128Missing Serial Plate Affidavit12/22/2005
Form T-129Labor and Parts Certification07/02/2007
Form T-138IRP Vehicle Schedule A Application04/25/2013
Form T-138AIRP Continuation Application05/01/2013
Form T-139IRP Mileage Schedule B04/24/2013
Form T-140IRP Supplement Application Schedule C05/02/2013
Form T-141IRP Mileage Detail Source Document05/06/2013
Form T-146IRP Exemption to Title Ad Valorem Tax Fee (Application)11/08/2013
Form T-158Surrendered Georgia License Plate and/or Report10/30/2002
Form T-16Repossession Affidavit02/12/2013
Form T-17Statement of Title held by Leinholderor Leasing Company11/05/2009
Form T-19Authority to Sign for a Company, Corporation or Partnership11/26/2013
Form T-19AAuthority to Receive Title/Title Documents for a Company, Corporation or Partnership11/26/2013
Form T-19CAuthority to Sign for a Company, Corporation or Partnership (For use in county)07/05/2006
Form T-20Inheritance of a Motor Vehicle Affidavit06/29/2005
Form T-200Non-Receipt of Original License Plate or Renewal Decal Affidavit08/17/2005
Form T-207Instructions to Obtain a Georgia Title for a Vehicle Originating from a Foreign Country01/28/2013
Form T-207AForeign Document Affidavit - Owner's Declaration11/18/2004
Form T-207EEnglish Translation of Attached Bill of Sale11/18/2004
Form T-207TEnglish Translation of a Foreign Registration Certificate11/18/2004
Form T-214Purchaser's Statement of Fact (Habitual Violator)08/24/2005
Form T-215Suspended Driver/Habitual Violators Tag Application06/21/2012
Form T-216Title Lost in Mail Affidavit02/23/2011
Form T-218Application for Regular License Plate (Based on Reinstatement of Driving Privilege)04/10/2012
Form T-224Authentic Historical License Plate Affidavit08/01/2005
Form T-226DExtension of Initial Registration Period Application10/26/2012
Form T-226IRegistration Extension Request Affidavit10/26/2012
Form T-227One and the Same Affidavit08/02/2005
Form T-228Motorcycle or Scooter Affidavit of Fact.07/08/2008
Form T-229Mobile/Manufactured Home Removed from Permanent Location03/19/2007
Form T-22BSerial Plate Verification After Inspection by Law Enforcement07/18/2013
Form T-22RRebuilt Motor Vehicle Inspection Request07/25/2005
Form T-23Homemade Trailer Affidavit11/04/2009
Form T-230Mobile / Manufactured Home Certificate of Destruction08/01/2005
Form T-234Mobile / Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location08/01/2005
Form T-234AManufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location (Title Not Required)06/05/2006
Form T-237Relinquishment of a Special Interest License Plate11/18/2004
Form T-238IRP Estimated Mileage Chart04/08/2011
Form T-239IRP New Account Schedule G04/30/2013
Form T-240Dealer Temporary Site Permit Application07/02/2012
Form T-241Application for an Out of State Recreational Vehicle Franchised Dealer Permit05/15/2013
Form T-4Lien or Security Interest has been Satisfied03/20/2008
Form T-53Notice of Additional Security Interest09/11/2013
Form T-53ACertificate of Title Lien Notice10/21/2008
Form T-53DNotice of Security Interest Filing02/12/2013
Form T-56Total Loss Insurance Settlement Notice07/02/2007
Form T-7Bill of Sale10/07/2008
Form T-77Lien or Security Interest Holder Release06/28/2012
Form T-8Limited Power-of-Attorney - Motor Vehicle Transactions07/18/2007
Form T-8BIRP Limited Power of Attorney/Commercial Motor Vehicle Transactions08/07/2007
Form TSD-1Protest of Proposed Assessment or Refund Denial (rev. 12/11)12/19/2011
Form TSD-10Application for Tax Clearance Certificate (eff. 1/1/07)05/17/2011