ID - Idaho Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 1250Instructions for Form 1250 Greater Boise Auditorium Sales Tax (11-20-2013)12/13/2013
Form 1350Instructions - Tobacco Tax Return (11-27-2013)12/11/2013
Form 1350-UIdaho Self-Assessed Tobacco Tax Worksheet and Return (01-02-2009) F01/23/2009
Form 1450Instructions for Form 1450 Distributor's Fuel Tax Report (11-25-2013)11/26/2013
Form 1550Instructions - Idaho Cigarette Tax Return (11-22-2013)11/25/2013
Form 1650Instructions - Idaho Beer Wholesalers and Breweries Tax Return (11-22-2013)11/26/2013
Form 1752Instructions - Idaho Wine Distributors Wineries and Wine Direct Shippers Tax Return (11-25-2013)11/26/2013
Form 29Quarterly Idaho Oil and Gas Production Tax Statement (06-11-2012) F06/18/2012
Form 3150Instructions for Form 3150 Idaho IFTA Tax Return (12-04-2013)12/13/2013
Form 3950Form 3950 Instructions - E911 Prepaid Wireless Fee Return (11-18-2013)11/19/2013
Form 4050Form 4050 Instructions - City Of Ketchum Local Option Sales Tax (11-18-2013)11/19/2013
Form 75Fuels Use Report (fuel used 7-01-2008 or after) (10-10-2008) F12/22/2008
Form 75-BSTIdaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet for Idaho Consumers with Bulk Storage Tanks (10-31-2008)12/08/2009
Form 75-ICIdaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet (IFTA Licensees) (03-11-2009)03/16/2009
Form 75-IMVIdaho Fuels Tax Refund Worksheet (Intrastate Motor Vehicles) (03-16-2009)03/16/2009
Form 75-LFAFuels Tax Refund Worksheet (Line Flush Allowance) (12-07-2006)12/16/2008
Form 850Instructions for Form 850 - Idaho Sales and Use Tax (11-21-2013)11/22/2013
Form 850-UIdaho Self-Assessed Use Tax Worksheet and Return (01-02-2009) F01/23/2009
Form 852Instructions for Form 852 - Idaho Sales Tax Return - County Assessor (11-06-2013)12/12/2013
Form BR 1601Idaho Beer Wholesalers Report of Beer Purchases (11-30-1995)12/19/2006
Form BR 1602Idaho Beer Wholesalers and Breweries Report of Sales/Transfer to Idaho Wholesalers (03-20-2009)03/23/2009
Form BR 1603Idaho Beer Wholesalers and Breweries Report of Sales/Transfer to Out-of-State Wholesalers (11-30-1995)12/19/2006
Form BR 1604Idaho Beer Wholesalers and Breweries Report of Beer Sold to Military and Liquor Dispensaries (11-30-1995)12/19/2006
Form BR 1605Idaho Beer Wholesalers and Breweries Report of Odd-Size Containers (12-14-1995)12/20/2006
Form BWAIdaho Beer and Wine Tax Permit Application (02-07-2013) F02/28/2013
Form CG 1501-AUnstamped Cigarette Purchases (12-11-2006)06/23/2010
Form CG 1501-BUnstamped Cigarette Purchases (06-09-2005)06/24/2010
Form CG 1501-CUnstamped Cigarette Purchases (06-02-2011)06/02/2011
Form CG 1501-DUnstamped Cigarette Purchases (06-14-2005)06/23/2010
Form CG 1501-EUnstamped Cigarette Purchases (06-09-2005)06/23/2010
Form CG 1501-FUnstamped Cigarette Purchases (11-08-2011)11/16/2011
Form CG 1501-NPActivity for Nonparticipating Cigarette Brands (12-16-2008)12/22/2008
Form CG 1502Out-of-State Cigarette Sales (09-18-1995)12/18/2006
Form CG 1503-ATax Exempt Cigarette Sales to Indians & the Military (10-20-1995)03/02/2010
Form CG 1503-BTax Exempt Cigarette Sales to Other Wholesalers (10-20-1995)03/02/2010
Form CG-403Request for Cigarette Stamp Destruction (06-06-2008)06/06/2008
Form CIGIdaho Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Permit Application (06-02-2011)06/02/2011
Form IBR-1(IBR1) Idaho Business Registration (IBR) (07-27-2010)07/31/2010
Form IBR-3Idaho Fuel Distributor License Application and Instructions (06-17-2010)06/17/2010
Form IFTA IVMRIndividual Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Report (Record sheet completed by driver for each trip) (06-30-1999)06/21/2011
Form IMC-2Idaho Motor Carrier Application (IFTA) only (01-30-2012) F02/02/2012
Form N-3850Instructions for Form N-3850 Nez Perce Local Option Sales and Use Tax Return (12-04-2013)12/12/2013
Form ST-101Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate (05-15-2013) F05/16/2013
Form ST-102Use Tax Exemption Certificate New Resident or Military (02-06-2013) F03/26/2013
Form ST-104GSales Tax Exemption Claim - for Cash Purchases by Government Agencies (07-03-1995)02/24/2010
Form ST-104-HMSales Tax Exemption on Lodging Accommodations (11-02-2012) F11/02/2012
Form ST-104-MVIdaho Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Vehicle/Vessel (06-18-2013) F06/18/2013
Form ST-108Truck Camper. Transport Traile.r Office Trailer. Untitled Boat Certificate (08-26-2010) F08/31/2010
Form ST-109Boat Registration Sales Tax Affidavit (08-29-2012) F08/29/2012
Form ST-110Petition for Sales Tax Records Reduction by a Retail Food Store (07-18-2007) F12/18/2009
Form ST-111Sales Tax Exemption Claim Form - Grocer (10-30-1996)02/25/2010
Form ST-133Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Transfer Affidavit (05-27-2009) F06/05/2009
Form ST-133CATSSales Tax Exemption Certificate - Capital Asset Transfer Affidavit (05-26-2009) F06/05/2009
Form TB 1301-NPActivity for Nonparticipating Brands of Roll-Your-Own Tobacco (12-16-2008)12/17/2008
Form TB-1350AIdaho Tobacco Products Other than Cigarettes Purchases/ Shipments into Idaho (07-06-2007)07/18/2007
Form TB-1350BIdaho Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes Out-of-State Sales (07-06-2007)07/06/2007
Form TB-1350CIdaho Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes - Part I Sales To Other Idaho Distributors. Part II Sales To Exempt Organizations (07-06-2007)07/18/2007
Form TB-403Request for Tobacco Product Destruction (12-08-2011)12/19/2011
Form TCRSales Tax Refund Claim (05-27-2009)06/19/2009
Form WB-403Request Beer/Wine Destruction (06-06-2008)07/02/2008
Form WI 1721Idaho Wine Distributors Report of Wine Purchases (06-19-2007)12/16/2008
Form WI 1722Idaho Wine Distributors & Wineries Report of Sales/Transfers to Idaho Distributors (03-17-2009)04/07/2009
Form WI 1723Idaho Wine Distributors & Wineries Report of Sales/Transfers to Out-of-State Distributors (06-19-2007)12/16/2008
Form WI 1724Idaho Wine Distributors & Wineries Report of Wine Sold to Military and Liquor Dispensaries (06-19-2007)12/16/2008
Form WI 1725Idaho Wine Distributors and Wineries Report of Odd-Size Containers (06-19-2007)12/16/2008