IN - Indiana Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 610Cider Wholesalers Excise Tax Report04/09/2009
Form 710Indiana Wholesalers Excise Tax Report04/09/2009
Form 725Indiana Farm Winery Excise Tax Report04/09/2009
Form 726Direct Wine Sellers Excise Tax Report04/09/2009
Form 810Beer Wholesalers Excise Tax Report04/09/2009
Form 910Indiana Brewers Excise Tax Report04/09/2009
Form ABP1-BPrimary Source Suppliers Monthly Report (Beer)05/04/2009
Form ABP1-WLPrimary Source Suppliers Monthly Report (Wine & Liquor)05/04/2009
Form AE-1Certificate of Exemption for Aircraft Based Out of State04/29/2013
Form AE-2Annual Report of Exempt Aircraft Usage04/29/2013
Form AE-3Annual Report of Exempt Aircraft Used in Public Transportation04/29/2013
Form AE-4Aircraft Purchaser's Affidavit for Retail Sales Tax Exemption04/29/2013
Form AE-5Aircraft Purchaser's Affidavit for Proof of Purchase Price04/18/2013
Form AFF-1Merchant's Affidavit for Delivery Sales of Cigarette and Tobacco Products05/29/2007
Form AFF-2Cigarette Distributors Affidavit05/13/2004
Form AGQ-100Agricultural Equipment Exemption Usage Questionnaire09/06/2007
Form Aircraft NameCertificate of Aircraft Registration Name Change11/29/2010
Form AVF-1Aviation FuelExcise TaxApplication07/10/2013
Form AVF-105Aviation FuelExcise TaxExemption Certificate07/10/2013
Form B-1Monthly Schedule of Beer Received from a Source other Than an Indiana Brewery or Beer Wholesaler12/04/2009
Form B-2Beer Returned To Brewery or Importer12/04/2009
Form B-3Sale of Beer to U.S. Government Military Facilities and Exported for Consumption Outside of Indiana12/04/2009
Form B-4Monthly Indiana Beer Wholesalers Purchase Report of Beer Received from an Indiana Brewery12/04/2009
Form BAS-1Indiana Business Authorization and Safety Application for Intrastate and/or Interstate Carriers11/14/2012
Form BAS-2Unified Carrier Registration09/25/2013
Form BC-100 Spanish VersionPeticin para cerrar un negocio de Indiana07/23/2012
Form BC-100Indiana Business Closure Request07/23/2012
Form BD-100Biodiesel Tax Credits Application12/17/2012
Form BD-200Special Fuel Exemption Application for Biodiesel Personal Production06/29/2007
Form BT-1 (Spanish Version)Solicitud de Impuesto a la Actividad Comercial12/22/2005
Form CAT-103County Admissions Tax Return03/06/2013
Form CAV-1Vendor, Contractor, or Subcontractor Confidentiality Agreement09/10/2007
Form CCP-100Coal Combustion Credit Application12/17/2012
Form CDL-IVRApplication for Authorization CDLIVR System06/15/2012
Form CIG-1Cigarette Tax Registration Certificate Bond02/02/2004
Form CIG-1AApplication For Cigarette Distributor's Registration Certificate11/05/2007
Form CIG-1FSCigarette Tax Financial Statement05/06/2005
Form CIG-2Cigarette Tax Stamps Payment Bond03/23/2004
Form CIG-BDCCigarette Tax Bad Debt Credit Form01/11/2008
Form CIG-DITFloor Tax Form to Certify Physical Inventory at Close of Business, June 30, 200705/31/2007
Form CT-11Cigarette Stamp Purchases Inventory of Cigarettes and Cigarette Stamps06/20/2005
Form CT-115Indiana Cigarette Tax Return05/04/2009
Form CT-12Multiple Receipt/Deduction Schedule02/15/2007
Form CT-13Cigarettes Returned to Manufacturer With Tax Stamps Affixed to Original Packages02/14/2007
Form CT-13PCigarette Paper and Tube Tax Return for In-State Distributors02/16/2007
Form CT-16PCigarette Paper and Tube Tax Return02/19/2007
Form CT-18PCigarette Paper and Tube Tax Schedule02/19/2007
Form CT-19Monthly Report of Cigarettes Stamped and Roll-Your-Own Tobacco Purchased01/30/2012
Form CT-24Out-of-State Licensed Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Cigarette Tax Return04/09/2009
Form CT-4ACigarette Tax Stamp Order11/09/2012
Form CT-4EFTCigarette Tax EFT FAX Confirmation02/22/2012
Form CT-5Licensed Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Cigarette Tax Return05/04/2009
Form Dealer RegistrationAircraft Dealer Registration Application02/21/2012
Form DP-1Application for Direct Pay Authorization05/24/2013
Form EP-100Ethanol Production Credit Application07/30/2004
Form 42850Affidavit for Lost or Not Received Warrant03/11/2010
Form 700Application for Permanent Authority (for Carriers of Household Goods or Passengers)11/13/2012
Form 703Application for Emergency or Temporary Authority (for Carriers of Household Goods or Passengers)11/13/2012
Form 707Joint Application for Sale and Transfer of Permanent Authority (for Carriers of Household Goods or Passengers)11/13/2012
Form 711Joint Application for Emergency or Temporary Authority (for Carriers of Household Goods or Passengers)11/13/2012
Form FT-1Fuel Tax License Application02/05/2009
Form FT-501Terminal Operators Monthly Return02/05/2009
Form FT-501XAmended Terminal Operators Monthly Return02/05/2009
Form GA-110LClaim for Refund06/14/2013
Form GA-110LMPClaim for Refund - Sales Tax on Gasoline, Gasohol, & Special Fuel Dispensed through Stationary Metered Pumps in Indiana04/10/2008
Form HC-500Hazardous Chemical Inventory Fee Return01/31/2012
Form HW-020Hazardous Waste Disposal Tax Return02/21/2012
Form IDA-10-20Individual Development Account Tax Credit Application10/03/2005
Form IFTA-1AInternational Fuel Tax Agreement Application04/09/2013
Form IN-40SPInnocent Spouse Allocation Worksheet10/23/2009
Form INIRP-AApplication for the International Registration Plan Schedule A06/22/2011
Form INIRP-BSchedule B02/19/2007
Form INIRP-BNNew Account Schedule BN (Effective 01/01/2011)01/03/2011
Form INIRP-CTransaction Schedule C06/22/2011
Form INIRP-GEstimated Miles and First Year Applicants Schedule G03/16/2011
Form INIRP-LAffidavit for Replacement Apportion IRP License Plate Schedule L07/14/2004
Form INIRP-NIRP Notice of Understanding (New Applicants Only)03/05/2013
Form INIRP-SDeclaration of Signature Schedule S11/13/2012
Form INIRP-VLAStatement of Existing Vehicle Lease Agreement10/21/2013
Form IT-20NPCurrent Year Nonprofit Organization Unrelated Business Income Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules11/30/2012
Form IT-40 QECEnterprise Zone Qualified Employee Deduction Certificate12/11/2012
Form M-201Oversized/Overweight Permit Service Agreement08/17/2011
Form M-203OSW Transporting Company Agreement08/17/2011
Form M-204General Provisions of an Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit08/17/2011
Form M-204SSpecial Provisions for Vehicle Permitting09/20/2011
Form M-211Annual Special Weight Vehicle Registration and/or Quarterly Billing Authorization Guidelines08/17/2011
Form M-219Permit Fee Bond08/17/2011
Form M-233Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Application06/17/2013
Form M-233DRAnnual Mobile Home Rig Dealer's Permit Application08/17/2011
Form M-233ICOversize/Overweight Inquiry/Change Form03/06/2013
Form M-233STSpecial Weight Single Trip/Trip Authorization Permit08/17/2011
Form M-233TAnnual Toll Road Gate Permit12/20/2007
Form MC-CCPCredit Card Payment Authorization Form11/13/2012
Form MCFT-1AIntrastate Motor Carrier Fuel Tax Annual Permit Application03/28/2013
Form MCS-1789Claim for Proportional Use Credit03/27/2013
Form MCS-3Motor Carrier Annual Report Form and Instructions (for Carriers of Household Goods or Passengers)11/13/2012
Form MCS-NCLegal Name Change Affidavit09/30/2013
Form MCT-627Cancellation of License Form02/14/2002
Form MF-102Gasoline Distributor's License Bond06/23/2010
Form MF-134Cash Bond Form02/05/2009
Form MF-135Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit06/23/2010
Form MF-202Oil Inspection Bond06/23/2010
MF-360 Schedule 11Schedule of State Diversion Corrections07/19/2013
Form MF-360Gasoline Distributor's Consolidated Monthly Tax Return08/12/2009
Form MF-360XAmended Consolidated Gasoline Monthly Tax Return08/19/2009
Form MF-600Petroleum Severance Tax Return10/01/2012
Form MF-627Cancellation of License Form06/14/2013
Form MF-629Change of Address Form06/14/2013
Form MF-660CApplication for Repair and Maintenance Permit11/13/2012
Form MVR-103TEMPMotor Vehicle Rental Excise Tax Instructions03/07/2013
Form NP-20Nonprofit Organization's Annual Report11/30/2012
Form NP-20ANonprofit Application for Sales Tax Exemption10/25/2011
Form OTP-901Application For Other Tobacco Products Distributor's License11/07/2007
Form OTP-902Other Tobacco Products Distributors License Bond12/06/2002
Form OTP-MOther Tobacco Products Monthly Return06/28/2012
OTP-Schedule 1Schedule 1: Multiple Receipt/Deduction Schedule02/15/2012
OTP-Schedule 2Schedule 2: Intrastate Sales01/04/2012
OTP-Schedule 3Schedule 3: Other Tobacco Products01/04/2012
Form POA-1Power of Attorney07/05/2013
Form POA-20Distributee's Affidavit for Disposition of Estates07/27/2009
Form POA-30Widow's Affidavit for Disposition of Estates07/27/2009
Form PROP-1Proportional Use Credit Certification Application01/26/2001
Form REF-1000Consolidated Application for Fuel Tax Refund05/10/2013
Form REF-1000AAffidavit of Certification of Taxes Paid Fuel Invoices05/15/2013
Form RegistrationApplication for Aircraft Registration or Exemption11/29/2010
Form ROC-1Correct/Change of Responsible Officer Information11/20/2007
Schedule 10ETax Uncollectable from Eligible Purchasers01/06/2009
Schedule 11Schedule of Diversions12/05/2008
Schedule 501ATerminal Operators Schedule of Receipts12/04/2008
Schedule 501BTerminal Operators Schedule of Disbursements12/04/2008
Schedule 501ITerminal Operators Inventory Ownership12/04/2008
Schedule 725Indiana Small Winery Excise Tax04/09/2009
Schedule 726Direct Wine Sellers Excise Tax04/09/2009
Schedule E-1Explanation of Adjustments01/20/1910
Schedule EZ (Parts 1, 2, 3)Enterprise Zone Schedule 1, 2, 3 & Instructions12/17/2012
Schedule LICEnterprise Zone Loan Interest Credit12/17/2012
Schedules 1-4Schedule of Receipts01/09/2009
Schedules 1A, 2A, and 3ATransporter Schedule of Deliveries12/04/2008
Schedules 5-10Schedule of Disbursements01/09/2009
Form SF-2Special Fuel License Bond02/05/2009
Form SF-401Transporter Monthly Tax Return07/11/2007
Form SF-401XAmended Transporter Monthly Tax Return07/11/2007
Form SF-801Alternative Fuel Decal Application09/20/2012
Form SF-900Consolidated Special Fuel Monthly Tax Return02/05/2009
Form SF-900XAmended Consolidated Special Fuel Monthly Tax Return02/05/2009
Form SF-IVPImporter Verification Payment Voucher06/24/2005
ST-103 InstructionsInstructions for completing Form ST-103 Sales Tax Vouchers and/or Electronic Funds Transfer Credit Recap Filing Status04/01/2008
Form ST-103DRRecap of Prepaid Sales Tax by Distributors09/07/2012
Form ST-105Indiana General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate09/19/2005
Form ST-105DDealer-to-Dealer Resale Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption05/09/2005
Form ST-107Indiana 7% Sales Chart03/26/2008
Form ST-107FABCounty 1% Food and Beverage Tax Chart (including Indiana 7% Sales Tax)03/27/2008
Form ST-107FAB(2)County 2% Food and Beverage Tax Chart (including Indiana 7% Sales Tax)03/27/2008
Form ST-108Certificate of Gross Retail or Use Tax Paid11/24/2008
Form ST-108ACertificate of Sales Tax Paid or Exemption for Auctions07/01/2013
Form ST-108ECertificate of Gross Retail or Use Tax Exemption06/27/2008
Form ST-108MHCertification of Sales of Manufactured Homes or Industrial Building Systems09/14/2010
Form ST-115Consumer's Use Tax Return04/14/2008
Form ST-135Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Persons Engaged in Public Transportation Operating Under Leases or Contracts to Certified Motor Carriers.12/08/2010
Form ST-137RVAffidavit of Exemption by a NONRESIDENT On the purchase of a Recreational Vehicle/Cargo Trailer08/28/2013
Form ST-160Prepaid Bond01/20/1910
Form ST-200Utility Sales Tax Exemption Application02/07/2013
Form SW-100Solid Waste Management Fee Return02/22/2012
Form Tax ClearanceTax Clearance Form09/08/2009
Form TMC-1Tobacco Manufacturer Certificate03/01/2007
Form TOB-101Delivery Sales for Cigarette/Other Tobacco Products to Persons in Indiana02/22/2012
Form URT-1Current Year Indiana Utility Receipts Tax Return and Schedule URT-222011/30/2012
Form URT-Q(w)Utility Receipts Tax Return Quarterly Estimated Payment12/02/2010
Form USUT Registration ApplicationRegistration and Filing Requirements for Utility Services Use Tax (Effective July 1, 2006)07/19/2006
Form WL-1Indiana Wine and Liquor Wholesalers Purchase Schedule09/10/2012
Form WL-2Wine or Liquor Taken Out of Bond12/04/2009
Form WL-3Wine or Liquor Returned to Distillery or Winery And Other Miscellaneous Tax Credits12/04/2009
Form WL-4Exempt Wine and Liquor Sold05/04/2009
Form WL-5Report of Wine or Liquor placed in Bond12/04/2009
Form YT-1Application for a Yard Tractor Permit07/16/2013