KS - Kansas Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form ABC-1000Supplier Permit Instructions and Voucher (Rev. 07/13)12/12/2013
Form ABC-1001Instructions and Application for Brand Registration and Label Approval (Rev. 09/12)09/28/2012
Form ABC-1002Supplier Label Renewal Form and Voucher (Rev. 07/11)06/30/2011
Form ABC-1003Kansas Suppliers' Monthly Report of Shipments to Kansas Distributors (Rev. 07/11)06/30/2011
Form ABC-1004Sample Supplier Franchise Agreement (Rev. 03/07)09/18/2008
Form ABC-1005Kansas Map (Rev. 07/05)06/29/2005
Form ABC-1007Affidavit of Kansas Supplier or Alcoholic Liquor or Cereal Malt Beverage Regarding Termination, Modification or Alteration of Franchise Agreement (Rev. 04/09)04/03/2009
Form ABC-1010Farm Winery Instructions and Application for Brand Registration and Label Approval (Rev. 07/11)07/05/2011
Form ABC-1013Farm Winery Monthly Gallonage Tax Return and Sales Report (Rev. 07/12)07/06/2011
Form ABC-1014Sample Farm Winery Franchise Agreement (Rev. 07/09)08/11/2009
Form ABC-1015Farmers' Market Sales Permit Application and Agreement (Rev. 07/12)06/19/2012
Form ABC-1020Microbrewery Instructions and Application for Brand Registration and Label Approval (Rev. 07/11)07/05/2011
Form ABC-1023Sample Microbrewery Franchise Agreement (Rev. 08/07)09/18/2008
Form ABC-1025Kansas Microbrewery Monthly Gallonage Tax Return and Reports (07/12)06/19/2012
Form ABC-1030Manufacturers' Application and Instructions for Brand Registration and Label Approval (Rev. 07/11)06/30/2011
Form ABC-1032Sample Manufacturers' Franchise Agreement (Rev. 11/08)02/16/2009
Form ABC-1040Kansas Special Order Shipping Annual Gallonage Tax Return and Report (Rev. 07/11)06/30/2011
Form ABC-1041Microdistillery Monthly Gallonage Tax Return and Reports (Rev. 07/12)12/13/2012
Form ABC-1042Microdistillery Application for Brand Registration and Label Approval (Rev. 07/12)06/27/2012
Form ABC-1043Microdistillery Franchise Agreement (Rev. 07/12)06/19/2012
Form ABC-160Irrevocable Consent to Jurisdiction (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-170Keg Registration Form (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-171Keg Tag Order Forms (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-172Request to Transfer Keg Tags (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-173Return of Keg Tags (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-190Notification of Industry Seminar (Rev. 10/12)10/19/2012
Form ABC-205Individual's Gallonage Tax Return and Instructions for Alcoholic Liquor Transported from Outside the United States into Kansas (Rev. 07/11)06/30/2011
Form ABC-206Individual's Gallonage Tax Return and Instructions for Alcoholic Liquor Transported into Kansas from Within the Borders of the United States (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-207Individual's Gallonage Tax Return and Instructions for Wine Purchased in Person at Any Out-Of-State Winery (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-215Distributors' Monthly Gallonage Tax Return and Instructions (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-216Distributors' Gallonage Tax Voucher (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-217Distributors' Monthly Report of Purchases (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-218Distributors' Monthly Report of Purchases - Continuation Page (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-219Distributors' Monthly Report of Sales (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-22ABC Liquor License or Permit Business Name and/or Address Change Form (Rev. 08/13)12/19/2013
Form ABC-220Distributors' Monthly Report of Sales - Continuation Page (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-255Affidavit Regarding 30% of Products Made in Kansas - New License (Rev. 07/12)06/18/2012
Form ABC-257Affidavit Regarding 30% of Products Made in Kansas - Renewal of License (Rev. 07/12)06/18/2012
Form ABC-273Alcohol & Spirits Manufacturer Monthly Gallonage Tax Return and Report (Rev. 07/11)07/05/2011
Form ABC-274Monthly Report of Alcoholic Liquor Received from a Kansas Manufacturer (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-303State CMB Stamp Order Form (Rev. 07/11)06/28/2011
Form ABC-304CMB Application Check List (Rev. 03/13)03/15/2013
Form ABC-307Cereal Malt Beverage Monthly Report (Rev. 07/12)11/27/2013
Form ABC-41ABC Open Records Request (Rev. 07/11)11/09/2012
Form ABC-73Monthly Report of On-Premise Sales (Rev. 07/12)06/14/2012
Form ABC-800Kansas Liquor License Application (Rev. 07/12)07/25/2012
Form ABC-801Financial Disclosure (Rev. 07/11)06/29/2011
Form ABC-803Escrow Bond for Liquor Licenses Issued Under the Liquor Control Act (Rev. 08/12)08/10/2012
Form ABC-804Surety Bond for Liquor Licenses Issued Under the Liquor Control Act (Rev. 08/12)08/10/2012
Form ABC-805Employee Registration (Rev. 09/11)10/05/2011
Form ABC-806Request for Permanent Premise Approval (Rev. 10/12)10/12/2012
Form ABC-807Management Services Information (Rev. 07/11)07/19/2011
Form ABC-808Designation of Agent and/or Process Agent with Power of Attorney (Rev. 08/12)08/14/2012
Form ABC-809Notice of Ownership Change (Rev. 07/11)06/29/2011
Form ABC-810Notice of Officer Change (Rev. 07/11)06/29/2011
Form ABC-811Notice of Intent to Sell (Rev. 07/12)06/19/2012
Form ABC-812Request to Sell Inventory (Rev. 11/11)11/21/2011
Form ABC-816Request for Temporary Extension of Premise Approval (Rev. 10/12)10/12/2012
Form ABC-817Request for Temporary Extension of Premise into a Special Event Approval (Rev. 10/12)10/12/2012
Form ABC-825Request for Public Function (Rev. 10/12)10/19/2012
Form ABC-826Notification of Catered Event (Rev. 10/12)10/19/2012
Form ABC-827Request to Extend License Term (Rev. 07/11)06/29/2011
Form ABC-828Packaging and Warehousing Facility Permit Application and Agreement (Rev. 07/11)07/01/2011
Form ABC-830Temporary Permit Application and Agreement (Rev. 07/12)06/19/2012
Form ABC-834State Fair Temporary Permit Application and Agreement (Rev. 07/11)06/29/2011
Form ABC-835Non-Beverage Permit Application and Agreement (Rev. 07/12)06/15/2012
Form ABC-837Kansas Non-Beverage User Monthly Report of Purchases (Rev. 07/11)06/30/2011
Form ABC-842Request to Participate in a Special Event (Rev. 04/13)04/04/2013
Form ABC-843Request to Temporarily Surrender License (Rev. 04/13)04/03/2013
Form ABC-858Off Premise Public Checklist (Rev. 07/13)07/26/2013
Form ABC-859On Premise Public Checklist (Rev. 07/13)07/26/2013
Form ABC-865Notification of Non-Profit Organization Event Promoting the Arts (Rev. 07/13)07/25/2013
Form ABC-866Request for Approval of Mixed Alcoholic Liquor Served in Pitchers (ABC-866) (Rev. 07/13)07/29/2013
Form ABC-899Liquor Licensee Information Brochure (Rev. 08/13)08/28/2013
Form AUD-43Agreement to Maintain Records in Accordance with the International Registration Plan12/08/2005
Form BI-1Organization's Monthly Report08/01/2011
Form BI-148Initial Application for Registration of Bingo Premises06/27/2006
Form BI-158Initial Application for Registration of Bingo Distributor01/25/2006
Form BI-160Renewal Application for Bingo Organizations01/25/2006
Form BI-168Renewal Application for Bingo Premises01/25/2006
Form BI-178Renewal Application for Bingo Distributors01/25/2006
Form BI-4Distributor's Monthly Tax Return01/25/2006
Form BI-56Report of Organization Trust Account01/25/2006
Form BI-60Initial Application for Bingo License01/25/2006
Form BI-66Organization change of officers, directors, officials or persons employed on bingo premises02/20/2012
Form CG-106Wholesale Cigarette Dealer's Bond06/20/2013
Form CG-109Application for Cigarette Licenses06/20/2013
CG-15 Schd AUnstamped - Stamped Cigarette Packs Received - Sold and Instructions10/24/2013
Form CG-16Unstamped Packs of Cigarettes - Schedule C03/25/2010
Form CG-19Damaged Packs of Cigarettes or Shortage of Shipment by Carrier - Schedule A-107/01/2013
Form CG-23Kansas Stamped Packs of Cigarettes - Schedule B06/27/2013
Form CG-25Order Form for Cigarette Tax Indicia07/01/2013
Form CG-27Request for Refund and Information on Destruction of KS Stamped Cigarettes12/18/2013
Form CG-30Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer07/01/2013
Form CG-32Manufacturer's Sample Report06/28/2013
Form CG-47Request for Refund for Stamped Unsaleable Cigarettes Returned to Manufacturer - Schedule D06/28/2013
Form CG-8Wholesale Cigarette Dealer's Monthly Report12/17/2013
Form CG-83Cigarette Vending Machine Listing03/25/2010
Form CG-96Request for Duplicate Retail Cigarette License-Affidavit06/20/2013
Form CR-108Notice of Business Closure08/21/2012
Form CR-120Kansas Nonresident Contractors' Registration and Bonding Law02/15/2006
Form CR-142Escrow Agreement for Guarantee of Kansas Nonresident Contractors' Tax Liability02/15/2006
Form CR-16Business Tax Application11/22/2013
Form CR-17Registration Schedule for Additional Business Locations11/22/2013
Form CR-18Ownership Change Form12/04/2013
Form CR-40Nonresident Contractors' Request for Bond Release02/15/2006
Form CT-10UConsumers' Compensating Use Tax Return and Voucher11/20/2013
Form CT-114Vehicle Leases Retailers' Compensating Use Tax Return and Voucher11/20/2013
Form CT-9URetailers' Compensating Use Tax Return and Voucher11/20/2013
Form D-1New & Used Dealer Monthly Sales Report02/08/2007
Form D-100Franchise Certification01/07/2008
Form D-12AApplication for Location Change or Supplemental Location10/29/2009
Form D-12BDisplay Show Application/Extension05/22/2013
Form D-12CTrade Show Application Dealer Participant03/19/2007
Form D-12DTrade Show Application Sponsor03/19/2007
Form D-13Vehicle Dealer Complaint03/19/2007
Form D-14Application for Drive Away Transporter Plate(s05/29/2013
Form D-16Application for Title Service09/05/2007
Form D-17AApplication for Vehicle Dealer License08/22/2013
Form D-17BApplication for a Manufactured Home Dealer License10/26/2007
Form D-19Guarantee of Compliance with the Vehicle Dealer and Manufacturers Licensing Act Certificate of Deposit02/08/2007
Form D-2Salvage Sales Report09/02/2009
Form D-20Vehicle Title Service Agent Bond04/27/2009
Form D-20Vehicle Dealer Bond10/29/2009
Form D-23Application for Owner Transfer03/19/2007
Form D-2MCPSalvage Dealer's Major Component Part Quarterly Report02/08/2007
Form D-3Auction Monthly Sales Reports02/08/2007
Form D-35KDOT Certificate of Compliance07/07/2010
Form D-39Personal Property Tax Certification09/12/2013
Form D-40Basic Requirements to Become a Dealer11/09/2012
Form D-43aLicense Transfer Application for Vehicle Salesperson, Factory Representative or Distributor Representative02/08/2007
Form D-43bLicense Transfer Application for Manufactured Home, Salesperson, Factory Representative or Distributor Representative03/19/2007
Form D-4AFull Use Plate Inventory03/19/2007
Form D-5Replacement Plate and Additional Plate Request Form08/11/2009
Form D-72Change of Record Form12/03/2013
Form DC-1Environmental Surcharge and Solvent Fee09/05/2013
Form DC-1Change of Address03/13/2006
Form DC-1014Application to Modify Suspension and Receive Credit for Suspension Time07/03/2012
Form DC-1015Application to Modify a Current Driver's License Suspension07/24/2012
Form DC-1020Application to Modify Failure to Comply Suspension to Restricted Driving Privileges07/02/2013
Form DO-10Power of Attorney08/15/2011
Form DO-41Request Form10/24/2013
Form DO-5Name or Address Change Form10/24/2013
Form DST-8Sales Tax Receipt04/11/2012
Form IA-81Claim to Support Withholding Tax Credit05/17/2011
Form K-4Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate10/22/2013
Form K-4UAllowance from Unemployment Benefits05/23/2011
Form KS-1220Sales and Use Tax Refund02/06/2013
Form KS-1510Sales and Compensating Use Tax02/06/2013
Form KS-1520Sales Tax Exemption Information and Certificates02/06/2013
Form KS-1525Sales and Use Tax for Contractors, Subcontractors and Repairmen02/06/2013
Form KS-1526Sales and Use Tax for Motor Vehicle Transactions02/06/2013
Form KS-1527Sales and Use Tax for Kansas Political Subdivisions02/06/2013
Form KS-1528Kansas Application for Sales Tax Exemption Certificates06/15/2011
Form KS-1540Business Taxes for Hotels, Motels & Restaurants10/30/2012
Form KS-1550Sales and Use Tax for the Agricultural Industry02/06/2013
Form KS-1560Tax Guide for Schools and Educational Institutions02/06/2013
Form LD-1Liquor Drink Tax Return06/26/2013
Form LD-2Liquor Drink Prices01/16/2013
Form LD-400Liquor Drink Tax Surety Bond08/16/2013
Form LD-401Escrow Agreement for Guarantee of Kansas Liquor Drink Tax Liability08/16/2013
Form MCS-105Application and Instructions for Refund of Kansas Apportioned Fleet Registration11/05/2010
Form MCS-1BMileage Schedule B11/05/2010
Form MCS-50New Carrier Schedule D08/01/2005
Form MCS-63Application for Title-Apportioned Registration11/05/2010
MCS-66-InstInstructions for MCS-6611/30/2006
MCS-66-Schd CApportioned Supplemental Application05/11/2011
Form MCS-66VFleet Unit Change Request11/05/2010
Form MCS-68Truckin' Through Kansas Publication10/29/2010
Form MCS-71Certification for Adding an IRP Jurisdiction(s11/22/2010
Form MCS-74IRP Instruction Manual04/22/2011
Form MF-10Application for special prepaid LP-Gas user permits and decals05/10/2004
Form MF-112Refund Agreement to Maintain Records08/06/2012
Form MF-169Application for Motor Vehicle Fuel- Special Fuel Producer, Manufacturer, Blender and End Consumer11/24/2008
Form MF-180Application for Kansas Qualified Biodiesel Fuel Producer Incentive03/06/2007
Form MF-181Kansas Qualified Biodiesel Fuel Producer Report03/06/2007
Form MF-182Feedstock Material Purchased/Produced to Manufacture Biodiesel03/08/2007
Form MF-183Biodiesel Sales to Terminals, Licensed Distributors/Importers/Exporters03/08/2007
Form MF-184Biodiesel Sales to Retail Stations, Unlicensed Distributors/Importers/Exporters, End Consumers03/08/2007
Form MF-202Liquefied Petroleum Motor Fuel Tax Return05/10/2004
Form MF-206Liquid Fuel Carrier Petroleum Products Report - Schedule of Deliveries05/27/2010
Form MF-219Motor Fuel Inventory07/01/2003
Form MF-220Credit/Refund E85 Inventory10/30/2006
Form MF-26Application for Liquid Fuels Carrier Master License and License Certificates07/01/2009
Form MF-27Distributor Bond05/10/2004
Form MF-37Motor Fuel Forms Order Blank08/22/2011
Form MF-40Application for LP-Gas user - Dealer license09/04/2012
Form MF-400Application for Agricultural Ethyl Alcohol Producer Incentive07/21/2011
Form MF-401Agricultural Ethyl Alcohol Producer Report06/07/2006
Form MF-402-403-404Agricultural Ethyl Schedule06/07/2006
Form MF-41LP-Gas user - Dealer bond03/01/2006
Form MF-42Distributor Application08/09/2011
Form MF-43Financial Statement03/01/2006
Form MF-44Import-Export Application05/17/2013
Form MF-45Import-Export Bond04/22/2011
Form MF-48Application to report and pay LP-Gas tax on mileage basis and for annual mileage permit and decal03/01/2006
Form MF-51Application for Motor Vehicle/Special Fuels Tax Refund Permit05/17/2011
Form MF-52Distributors Tax Return and instructions12/12/2013
Form MF-52A GasolineMultiple Schedule of Receipts Gasoline06/15/2011
Form MF-52A Special FuelMultiple Schedule of Receipts Special Fuel06/15/2011
Form MF-52BMultiple Schedule of Disbursements Special Fuel06/15/2011
Form MF-52B-GasMultiple Schedule of Disbursements Gasoline06/15/2011
Form MF-52CAlternative Fuel Credit Deduction Schedule01/31/2007
Form MF-53Application for Motor Fuel Retailers License05/17/2013
Form MF-54Producer, Manufacturer, Blender, End Consumer, Motor Fuel Tax Report and Instructions11/24/2008
Form MF-54AAlternative Fuel Tax Credit Deduction11/24/2008
Form MF-67Escrow Agreement02/15/2006
Form MF-7Petroleum Products Inspection Reports with assurance09/02/2010
Form MF-71Refund Record Keeping Requirements05/06/2009
Form MF-72Refund Bulk Fuel Disbursements05/06/2009
Form MF-73Refund Bulk Fuel Inventory Reconciliation05/06/2009
Form MF-7aPetroleum Products Inspection Reports without assurance09/02/2010
Form MF-85IFTA Tax Return06/28/2012
Form MF-90Motor Fuel Retailers' Information Return01/31/2007
Form MF-90AMotor Fuel Retailer Schedule of Receipts03/25/2009
Form MF-90BMotor Fuel Retailer Totalizer Gallonage Report01/31/2007
Form MF-90CConsolidate Retailer Inventory Report02/13/2006
Form MT-05aMineral Tax Return - Crude Oil11/13/2013
Form MT-07Initial Oil Exemption Request09/20/2013
Form MT-07aCrude Oil Exemption Renewal and Certification SAMPLE06/24/2011
Form MT-07NPNew Pool Initial Oil or Gas Exemption Request09/20/2013
Form MT-10Purchaser - Operator Registration Form03/15/2010
Form MT-13Mineral Tax Return - Coal03/15/2010
Form MT-5Mineral Tax Return - Gas Severance12/12/2013
Form MT-6Statutes and Regulations for Minerals Severance Tax07/30/2012
Form MT-8Operator and Purchaser Change Request07/15/2011
Form PEC EntitiesSales And Use Tax Refund Application For Use By Project Exemption Certificate08/27/2012
Form SR-2Statutes and Regulations for Sand Royalty Tax02/18/2013
Form SR-6Sand Removal Contract02/18/2013
Form SR-89Sand Royalty Monthly Reporting02/18/2013
Form ST-16Retailers' Sales Tax Return11/20/2013
Form ST-16TELSales Tax TeleFile Booklet and Voucher11/20/2013
Form ST-21Sales and Use Tax Refund Application11/10/2009
Form ST-33Schedule for Refund of Sales Tax on Electricity, Gas or Water02/06/2006
Form ST-36 Part IVUtility Companies Supplement08/16/2013
Form ST-36-36VRetailers' Sales Tax Return11/22/2013
Form ST-44Nonresident Contractors' Information Form08/27/2009
Form ST-45Nonresident Contractors' Bond02/06/2006
Form ST-8BAffidavit of Delivery of a Motor Vehicle, Semitrailer, Pole Trailer or Aircraft to a Nonresident of Kansas08/28/2013
Form TB 50Out-of-State Tobacco Products Distributors Selling into Kansas - Schedule 510/22/2013
Form TB-144Tobacco Products Appointment of Secretary of State, State of Kansas, for Service of Process10/22/2013
Form TB-31Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer11/06/2013
Form TB-32Manufacturer's Sample Product11/06/2013
Form TB-33Tobacco Forms Instructions03/25/2010
Form TB-34Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer11/06/2013
Form TB-42Monthly Report of Tobacco Products Purchases - Schedule 211/05/2013
Form TB-42CMonthly Report of Roll-Your-Own-Tobacco Products - Schedule 310/24/2013
Form TB-43Kansas Distributor's Tobacco Products Monthly Report - Schedule 110/24/2013
Form TB-45Tobacco Products - Schedule 410/24/2013
Form TB-84Tobacco Products Application for Distributor's License10/22/2013
Form TB-85Tobacco Products Distributor's Tax Bond10/21/2013
Form TE-1Tire Excise Tax10/21/2013
Form TG-1Transient Guest Tax10/30/2013
Form TR-05-034aTitles and Registration Star Recognition Nomination Form02/01/2006
Form TR-100Title With Out of State Lienholder10/18/2012
Form TR-102Military Veteran License Plate Application12/06/2012
Form TR-103Disabled Veteran Plate Application10/18/2012
Form TR-105Abandoned Vehicle Affidavit10/18/2012
Form TR-11Affidavit of Purchase Price03/08/2010
Form TR-110Affidavit for Charitable Organization Vehicle Auction10/18/2012
Form TR-12Affidavit to a Fact/Bill of Sale05/02/2007
Form TR-125Landlords Affidavit10/18/2012
Form TR-126Application for 72 Hour Transport07/10/2013
Form TR-128Lienholders Consent to Transfer Vehicle Ownership10/18/2012
Form TR-129National Guard Application and Statement10/18/2012
Form TR-13Salvage Non-Highway,Non-Repairable Certification03/29/2012
Form TR-134Title Authorization Form10/18/2012
Form TR-145Special Interest Vehicle Certification10/18/2012
Form TR-150Lien Release11/07/2012
Form TR-155Request for Lien Release10/18/2012
Form TR-156Lien Holder Complaint Form10/18/2012
Form TR-159Disabled Placard/Plate Application10/18/2012
Form TR-159aSelf Certification of Continued Eligibility for Disabled Parking Privilege10/18/2012
Form TR-163Concrete Pumper Registration Exemption10/18/2012
Form TR-164Oil Well Registration Exemption Affidavit10/18/2012
Form TR-205Temporary Permit Instructions10/18/2012
Form TR-205bTemporary Permit Order Form05/24/2013
Form TR-211Custom Plate and Decal Application10/18/2012
Form TR-212aTitle and Registration Application10/18/2012
Form TR-215Affidavit of Relationship10/18/2012
Form TR-216Seller's Notification of Sale10/29/2013
Form TR-30City/County/Township Distinctive License Plate Yearly Report02/08/2007
Form TR-39Vehicle Ownership Transfer Agreement04/17/2008
Form TR-39aElectronic Title Sales Agreement02/08/2007
Form TR-40Power of Attorney and Odometer Disclosure for Electronic Title02/08/2007
Form TR-41Power of Attorney02/22/2007
Form TR-42Request and Consent for Title to be Issued with Lien10/16/2013
Form TR-49aLocal Truck & 6000 Mile Registration Affidavit02/04/2013
Form TR-52Foreign title Approval for Non-Negotiable Title01/30/2013
Form TR-59Odometer Disclosure Statement01/30/2013
Form TR-6Agreement to Reaffirm Sale03/19/2007
Form TR-62Valueless Mobile Home Affidavit01/30/2013
Form TR-63Affidavit of Permanently Affixed Manufacturer/Mobile Home And Application to Eliminating Title01/30/2013
Form TR-64Manufactured or Mobile Home Ownership Affidavit01/30/2013
Form TR-65VIN Vehicle Procedures for Vehicles Outside the State of Kansas01/30/2013
Form TR-69Application for Title Reassignment Addendum01/30/2013
Form TR-7Royalty Tag Information Consent02/13/2013
Form TR-715PRMail in Personalized Plate Application10/23/2012
Form TR-720BApplication for Secured/Duplicate/Reissue Title10/18/2012
Form TR-720RRefinance Secured Title Application10/17/2012
Form TR-730Notice of Security Interest10/17/2012
Form TR-81Certification of Trust11/14/2012
Form TR-82Transfer on Death Affidavit01/30/2013
Form TR-83aDecedents Affidavit01/30/2013
Form TR-83bClaim of Heir Affidavit01/30/2013
Form TR-84Repossession Affidavit01/30/2013
Form TR-84aRepossession Information Sheet11/13/2012
Form TR-85Possessory Lien Affidavit11/13/2012
Form TR-88School Bus Affidavit11/13/2012
Form TR-9Property Tax Exemption Affidavit08/28/2013
Form TR-90Vehicle/Motor Ownership Affidavit10/29/2012
Form TR-91Specially Constructed Vehicle Affidavit10/29/2012
Form TR-96MMechanic's Lien Sale Affidavit10/29/2012
Form TR-96SStorage Lien Sale Affidavit10/29/2012
Form TRDL-300Vehicle Records Opt-In Form10/17/2012
Form TRDL-302Request for Access to Vehicle Records10/17/2012
Form TR-TE1Title Edit Listing10/16/2012
Form TSA-03Title Service/Dealer Routing Sheet11/04/2013
Form VR-1Vehicle Rental Excise Tax Return12/10/2013
Form WP-1Water Protection Fee Return for Public Water Suppliers12/04/2013
Form WP-4Irrevocable Election to Pay the Clean Drinking Water Fee10/21/2013