KY - Kentucky Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 51A105Resale Certificate (Sales & Use Tax)07/18/2013
Form 51A109Application for Energy Direct Pay Authorization02/11/2011
Form 51A111Certificate of Exemption, Machinery for New & Expanded Industry08/10/2011
Form 51A112Application for Direct Pay Authorization01/12/2010
Form 51A113(O)Consumer's Use Tax Return06/11/2013
Form 51A115Order for Selected Sales & Use Tax Publications04/21/2011
Form 51A125Application for Purchase Exemption01/13/2010
Form 51A126Purchase Exemption Certificate12/30/2009
Form 51A127Out-of-State Purchase Exemption Certificate12/29/2009
Form 51A128Solid Waste Recycling Machinery Exemption Certificate03/14/2005
Form 51A129Energy Exemption Annual Return06/13/2013
Form 51A130Monthly Aviation Fuel Tax Credit Schedule of Qualified Certificated Air Carriers06/10/2013
Form 51A131Monthly Aviation Fuel Dealer Supplementary Schedule08/21/2013
Form 51A132Kentucky Sales & Use Tax Equine Breeders Supplementary Schedule08/21/2013
Form 51A135Kentucky Sales Tax Motor Vehicle Sales Supplementary Schedule08/21/2013
Form 51A143Purchase Exemption Certificate Watercraft Industry03/09/2005
Form 51A149Certificate of Exemption for Pollution Control Facilities01/23/2007
Form 51A150Aircraft Exemption Certificate12/09/2004
Form 51A154Certificate of Exemption Out-of-State Delivery for Aircraft, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Mobile/Manufactured Homes, Campers, Boats, Motors or Trailers07/11/2007
Form 51A157Certificate of Exemption-Water Used In Raising Equine07/18/2013
Form 51A158Farm Exemption Certificate08/04/2008
Form 51A159On-Farm Facilities Certificate of Exemption for Materials, Machinery & Equipment08/04/2008
Form 51A160Application for Truck Part Direct Pay Authorization03/14/2005
Form 51A200Application for Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act(KEIA) Tax Credit Program02/29/2008
Form 51A205KY Sales & Use Tax Instructions12/17/2008
Form 51A209Sales & Use Tax Refund Application05/03/2007
Form 51A216Application for Pollution Control Tax Exemption Certificate07/29/2013
Form 51A222Certificate of Exemption for Alcohol Production Facilities08/10/2011
Form 51A227Kentucky Sales & Use Tax Certificate of Resale (Schools)05/03/2007
Form 51A228Application for Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology Tax Exemption Certificate05/03/2007
Form 51A229Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology Tax Exemption Certificate08/10/2011
Form 51A240Motion Picture Production Company Expenditure Report10/15/2013
Form 51A241Registration for the Kentucky Sales & Use Tax Refund for Motion Picture & Television Production Companies05/03/2007
Form 51A242Application for Sales & Use Tax Refund for Motion Picture Production Company05/03/2007
Form 51A260Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement - Certificate of Exemption01/27/2012
Form 51A270Certificate of Sales Tax Paid on the Purchase of a Motor Vehicle07/31/2006
Form 51A280Out-Of-State Purchase - Use Tax Affidavit07/18/2013
Form 51A290Information Sharing and Assignment Agreement for Designated Refund Claims10/30/2007
Form 51A291Application for Kentucky Signature Project Sales and Use Tax Refund04/21/2011
Form 51A292Expenditure Report for Signature Project Refunds10/24/2007
Form 51A300Application for Preapproval for Energy Efficiency Machinery or Equipment06/18/2008
Form 51A301Application for Kentucky Alternative Fuel, Gasification, and Renewable Energy Facility Sales and Use Tax Refund04/21/2011
Form 51A302Expenditure Report for Alternative Fuel, Gasification, and Renewable Energy Facility Refunds12/23/2008
Form 51A350Information Sharing and Assignment Agreement for Energy Efficiency Project Incentive06/17/2008
Form 51A351Application for Energy Efficiency Machinery or Equipment Sales and Use Tax Incentive04/22/2011
Form 51A400Governmental Public Facility Sales Tax Rebate Registration06/24/2010
Form 51A401Governmental Public Facility Application for Sales Tax Rebate06/24/2010
Form 51A402Vendor Assignment Agreement for Sales at a Qualifying Public Facility06/29/2010
Form 51A600Application for Kentucky Disaster Relief Sales and Use Tax Refund08/10/2012
Form 51A601Information Sharing and Assignment Agreement for Disaster Relief Refund Claims08/10/2012
Form 51A602Expenditure Report for Building Materials04/10/2012
Form 55A004Coal Severance Tax Seller/Purchaser Certificate10/28/2010
Form 55A100Coal Tax Return12/02/2010
Form 55A101Coal Tax Return Instructions11/05/2010
Form 71A010Vehicle Condition Refund Application07/19/2011
Form 71A100Affidavit of Total Consideration Given for a Motor Vehicle05/02/2011
Form 71A101Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Multi-Purpose Form07/31/2006
Form 72A004Motor Fuels Tax Watercraft Refund Bond08/03/2006
Form 72A005Application for Approval to Sell Watercraft Refund Motor Fuels03/12/2009
Form 72A006Motor Fuel Tax Refund Application - Public Boat Dock - Motor Fuel Sold Exclusively for Use in Motorboats12/01/2009
Form 72A007Affidavit of Non-Highway Use08/10/2011
Form 72A010Motor Fuel Tax Refund Permit Holder's Bond10/05/2006
Form 72A011Petroleum Storage Tank Environmental Assurance Fee Monthly Report10/05/2006
Form 72A053-AApplication for Refund of KY Motor Fuel Tax Paid on Nonhighway Motor Fuels-KRS 138.44 through 138.35507/06/2007
Form 72A065Aviation Gasoline Tax Refund Bond10/05/2006
Form 72A066Application for Refund of KY Tax Paid on Gasoline Used in Operation of Aircraft03/13/2009
Form 72A067Application for Approval to Receive a Refund of Aviation Motor Fuels03/13/2009
Form 72A071Motor Fuels Tax Refund Bond - City & Suburban Bus, Nonprofit Bus, Senior Citizens Transportation or Taxicabs10/05/2006
Form 72A072Application for Motor Fuel Refund - City & Suburban Bus Companies, Nonprofit Bus Companies, Senior Citizen Transportation & Taxicab Companies11/01/2006
Form 72A073Application for Approval to Receive a Refund of Tax Paid on Motor Fuels Consumed by City & Suburban Buses, Nonprofit Buses, Senior Citizen Transportation & Taxicabs03/13/2009
Form 72A078Statement of Claim for Accountable Loss of Motor Fuel04/27/2011
Form 72A089Licensed Gasoline Dealer's Monthly Report07/05/2007
Form 72A098Transporter's Report of Motor Fuel Delivered07/05/2007
Form 72A099Schedule 14 - Delivery Schedule- Transporter's Report07/05/2007
Form 72A110Certification of Motor Fuels Nonhighway Use04/15/2011
Form 72A135Application for KY Motor Fuels Tax Refund Permit -KRS 138.344 through 138.35503/13/2009
Form 72A138Licensed Special Fuels Dealer's Monthly Report06/26/2007
Form 72A161Monthly Report-Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealer06/28/2007
Form 72A170Monthly Terminal Report07/05/2007
Form 72A178Distributor's Schedule of Disbursements06/28/2007
Form 72A179Distributor's Schedule of Receipts06/28/2007
Form 72A180Schedule 15A - Terminal Operator Schedule of Receipts07/05/2007
Form 72A181Schedule 15B - Terminal Operator Schedule of Disbursement07/05/2007
Form 72A300Tax Registration Application for Motor Fuels License05/02/2011
Form 72A301Motor Fuels License Bond & Instructions10/05/2006
Form 72A303Election Application/Cancellation Form09/12/2006
Form 72A304Motor Fuel Tax Electronic Filing Application12/14/2007
Form 73A054KY Application for Dealer Loaner/Rental Vehicle Tax08/02/2006
Form 73A055Monthly Report for Dealer Loaner/Rental Vehicle Tax01/06/2010
Form 73A070Request for Extension of Deposit/ACH Call-in06/29/2012
Form 73A100Race Track Pari-Mutuel and Admissions Report01/03/2011
Form 73A181Application for Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licenses07/17/2013
Form 73A404Cigarette Tax Stamps Order Form04/22/2011
Form 73A420Monthly Report of Cigarette Wholesaler02/13/2012
Form 73A420(i)Instructions for Monthly Report of Cigarette Wholesaler02/13/2012
Form 73A421Cigarette Inventory Floor Tax03/13/2009
Form 73A422Monthly Report of Tobacco Products, Snuff, and Chewing Tobacco09/16/2013
Form 73A422IInstructions for Monthly Report of Tobacco Products, Snuff, and Chewing Tobacco09/16/2013
Form 73A504Acknowledgement of Tax Liability on Imported Alcoholic Beverages05/31/2011
Form 73A525Monthly Report of Distillers, Rectifiers or Bottlers11/14/2007
Form 73A526Wholesaler's Monthly Distilled Spirits Tax Report01/02/2007
Form 73A527Wholesaler's List of Individual Spirits Shipments Acquired05/31/2011
Form 73A529Consignor's Report of Alcoholic Beverages Shipped (short version)01/02/2007
Form 73A530Consignor's Report of Alcoholic Beverages Shipped (long version)05/31/2011
Form 73A531Transporter's Report of Alcoholic Beverage Delivered01/02/2007
Form 73A535Report of Destruction of Alcoholic Beverages05/31/2011
Form 73A575Wholesaler's Monthly Wine Tax Report01/18/2007
Form 73A576Vintner's Wine Report05/31/2011
Form 73A577Wholesaler's List of Individual Wine Shipments Acquired05/31/2011
Form 73A626Brewer's Monthly Report Schedule05/31/2011
Form 73A627Beer Distributor's Monthly Report05/31/2011
Form 73A628Distributor's Monthly Malt Beverage Excise Tax and Wholesale Sales Tax Report07/30/2013
Form 73A628-73A630Instructions07/30/2013
Form 73A629Beer Distributor's Sales to Federal Agencies11/28/2006
Form 73A630Microbrewer's Retail Gross Receipts Report to Distributor06/07/2013
Form 73A902UGRLT Energy Exemption Annual Return12/23/2008
Form 75A002Telecommunications Provider Tax Return03/02/2006
Form 75A002(I)Instructions for Telecommunications Provider Tax Return07/20/2006
Form 75A005Telecommunications Tax Complaint Form04/22/2011
Form 75A900Telecommunications Tax Application12/15/2005
Form EDepositAuthorization of Electronic Deposits Fill-in Form08/26/2005