LA - Louisiana Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form R-1007Commercial Producers of Livestock, Livestock Products and Commercial Growers Purchases09/23/2009
Form R-1009Certificate of Exemption for Shipbuilders of Vessels Over 50 Tons Under Louisiana Revised Statute05/30/2003
Form R-1010Materials, Supplies, Laundry Services or Repair Services Purchased by Ships, Barges, or Vessels10/19/2009
Form R-1012Direct Payment Authorization for a Call Center09/26/2011
Form R-1018Purchase of manufactured homes,parts and accessories for manufactured homes, and for the resale of manufactured homes by manufactured homes retailers12/29/2008
Form R-1020Designation of Constructions Contractor as Agent of a Governmental Entity and Exemption Certificate04/11/2012
Form R-1021Sales Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher05/16/2007
Form R-1022Offshore Registration01/21/2003
Form R-1024Designation of Construction Contractor as Agent of a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe and Exemption Certificate07/31/2008
Form R-1029Sales Tax Return07/31/2013
Form R-1030Ernest N. Morial Center Service Contractor Tax Return05/29/2009
Form R-1031Direct Marketer Sales Tax Return07/23/2012
Form R-1035Consumer Use Tax Return and Payment Coupon10/27/2011
Form R-1037First Purchase of Digital Television Conversion Equipment11/21/2007
Form R-1038First Purchase of Digital Radio Conversion Equipment Schedule10/28/2005
Form R-1039Enterprise Zone Refundable Investment Income Tax Credit Claim for Refund12/29/2008
Form R-1041Institutional or Retail Dealer Purchases of Medical-Related Property Sales/Use Exemption Certificate10/16/2007
Form R-1044Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Purchase of Motor Vehicles by the Chitimacha Indian Tribe or Its Tribal Government Agencies09/14/2007
Form R-1045Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Purchases of Mobile Homes by Enrolled Tribal Members09/14/2007
Form R-1046Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and Enrolled Tribal Members09/14/2007
Form R-1047Nonprofit Retirement Center Certificate Application09/28/2012
Form R-1048Fund-Raising Activities08/01/2013
Form R-1049Notarized Statement of Exclusion12/12/2005
Form R-1050Pollution Control Devices Refund Guidelines03/08/2013
Form R-1056Certificate of Sales/Use Tax Exemption/Exclusion of Purchases by Political Subdivisions of the State of Louisiana12/06/2007
Form R-1057Application for Certification as a Political Subdivision for Sales/Use Tax Exclusion01/08/2008
Form R-1059Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Boys State and Girls State of Louisiana03/13/2007
Form R-10608New Markets Jobs Premium Tax Credit08/01/2013
Form R-1061Application for Direct Payment of Lease/Rental Tax to the LDR12/03/2008
Form R-1065Non-road utility vehicles04/11/2012
Form R-1069Application for Certification as a Paper or Woods Products Manufacturer09/14/2007
Form R-1070Application for Certification as a Manufacturer for the Purpose of the Sales/Use Tax Exclusion for Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment02/11/2011
Form R-1072Manufacturer's Designation of Mandate (Agency)09/17/2012
Form R-1079Resale Certificate (Foreign Purchaser) (LGST 9-A)01/21/2003
Form R-1083Sales Tax Rate Schedule11/07/2011
Form R-1096Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Offshore Purchaser01/22/2008
Form R-1111Tax Interest Rate Schedule11/09/2012
Form R-1114Orthopedic Disability Sales Tax Rebate Claim09/26/2011
Form R-1130General Contractor/Subcontractor List12/03/2008
Form R-1303Application for Exemption for Nonprofit Organizations that Provide Funding and Training To Blind Persons09/18/2007
Form R-1304Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Purchases and Leases for the Federal Government or the U.S. Department of Navy09/18/2007
Form R-1312Purchases or Sales of Specialty Items by Carnival Organizations--Application/Exemption Certificate10/22/2009
Form R-1313Application for Sales Tax Exclusion for Purchases of Toys by Nonprofit Organizations for Donation to Minors06/30/2006
Form R-1314Application for Sales Tax Exemption for Sickle Cell Disease Organizations06/30/2006
Form R-1315Application for Sales Tax Exclusion for Purchases by Nonprofit Organizations That Train or Employ Persons with Disabilities06/30/2006
Form R-1317Sales Tax Exemption for Equipment Purchased by Certain Radio Stations09/18/2007
Form R-1319Crawfish Production or Harvesting Sales Tax Exemption Certificate10/16/2009
Form R-1320Publishing businesses that distribute news publications at no cost to readers10/12/2007
Form R-1321Nonprofit Literacy Organizations Sales Tax Exemption Certificate02/22/2011
Form R-1323Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Purchases of Food Items by Certain Nonpublic Schools and Nonprofit Organizations09/18/2007
Form R-1324Sales of Construction Materials for Use in Charitable Residential Construction by Certain Organizations06/25/2012
Form R-1327Sales Tax Exemption for Sheltered Workshops for the Mentally Retarded03/19/2013
Form R-1331Boat Registration Tax Payment Certification10/03/2013
Form R-1332Blanket Exemption Certificate of Telecommunication Services05/11/2005
Form R-1333Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Triple A Professional Baseball Sports Facilities01/25/2007
Form R-1334Commercial Fisherman Louisiana Sales Tax Exemption Application10/26/2009
Form R-1341AContract Completion Form01/08/2010
Form R-1343Contractor/Subcontractor Surety Bond06/26/2009
Form R-1344Tangible Property for Rent or Lease02/11/2003
Form R-1345Seafood Processing Facility Exemption Application03/18/2013
Form R-1349Pollution Control Equipment05/10/2013
Form R-1353Rent for Re-Rent08/07/2001
Form R-1355Exemption Certificate For Purchases For Resale By A Blind Person07/17/2007
Form R-1356-LSales Tax Exemption for Purchases by the Federal Government07/06/2007
Form R-1357Sales Tax Exemption for State and Federal Credit Unions12/20/2006
Form R-1359Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Purchases of Equipment by Bona Fide Organized Volunteer and Public Fire Departments12/20/2007
Form R-1362Natural Disaster Claim for Refund of State Sales Taxes Paid09/28/2008
Form R-1362DNatural Disaster Claim for Refund Schedule of Tangible Personal Property Destroyed by a Natural Disaster12/17/2008
Form R-1362SNatural Disaster Claim for Refund Calculation of State Sales Tax Refund Due09/28/2008
Form R-1366-LDirect Reduced Iron Process08/07/2001
Form R-1367Exemption Certificate for Purchase or Lease of Certain Trucks, Trailers, and Buses Used in Interstate Commerce02/25/2009
Form R-1368Non-Resident Motor Boat Purchase for Registration in Another State05/04/2011
Form R-1370Purchase of Lease or Rental Vehicles07/12/2012
Form R-1372Purchases, Leases, or Rentals by Parochial and Private Elementary09/29/2009
Form R-1376Governmental Employees Hotel Lodging Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate05/20/2009
Form R-1377Direct Payment Sales Tax Application09/22/2008
Form R-1381Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Lease or Rental of Pallets Used in Packaging Products09/27/2007
Form R-1382Out-of-State Purchasers of Off-Road Vehicles Sales Tax Affidavit and Exemption Certificate10/20/2009
Form R-1383Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Purchases of Machinery and Equipment Used by a Motor Vehicle Manufacturer11/21/2007
Form R-1384Original Works of Art Sold in an Established Cultural Product District11/13/2008
Form R-1385Application for Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Charitable Institutions11/08/2007
Form R-1387Catfish Production or Harvesting Sales Tax Exemption Certificate09/22/2009
Form R-1388Rail Rolling Stock and Railroad Ties Sales Tax Exemption Certificate10/26/2010
Form R-1389Homeless Shelter Certification Application/Sales Tax Exemption Certificate09/22/2009
Form R-1393Resale Certificate Application for Used Vehicle Dealer Purchases of Parts and Services02/10/2011
Form R-16019Application for Louisiana Tax Number (CR-1)08/25/2008
Form R-19023Request for Louisiana Tax Assessment and Lien Payoff11/09/2010
Form R-20127Claim for Refund of Overpayment03/16/2011
Form R-20128Request for Waiver of Penalty for Delinquency04/14/2010
Form R-20130Request for Compromise of Interest04/10/2008
Form R-20131Request for Abatement of Interest04/11/2008
Form R-20164Motor Vehicle Sales Tax09/03/2002
Form R-20193-LAuthorization Agreement for ACH Debit and Credit Tax Payments09/22/2009
Form R-20194Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Options Brochure09/14/2009
Form R-20201Louisiana Electronic Funds Transfer Guidelines06/28/2012
Form R-20212Offer in Compromise Program06/01/2011
Form R-20213Electronic Funds Transfer: The Smart Way to Pay Your Louisiana Business Taxes07/14/2005
Form R-20222Statement of Financial Condition for Businesses08/20/2013
Form R-20223Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals08/20/2013
Form R-3406Request to Close Business Tax Accounts02/11/2011
Form R-5211HW Schedule A (Hazardous Waste Generated and Disposed/Stored at Same Site)07/11/2007
Form R-5212HW Schedule B (Hazardous Waste Generated and Disposed/Stored at Another Site)07/11/2007
Form R-5213HW Schedule C (Hazardous Waste Received from Another Site)07/16/2007
Form R-5215HW Schedule E (Waste Imported into Louisiana for Disposal)07/11/2007
Form R-5216HW Schedule D (Extremely Hazardous Waste Generated and Disposed/Stored)07/16/2007
Form R-5290Schedule B - Motor Fuel Tax Multiple Schedule of Disbursements07/07/2006
Form R-5291Schedule A - Motor Fuel Tax Multiple Schedule of Receipts06/13/2006
Form R-5292Schedule E - Schedule of Exportations to Support Deduction Claimed07/07/2006
Form R-5304Motor Fuels Tax Surety Bond05/25/2006
Form R-5305Registration Application forGasoline Blend Stocks07/14/2006
Form R-5328Registration for Gasoline Tax Refund for Farmers06/26/2007
Form R-5329Registration for Gasoline Tax Refund for Operators of Aircrafts06/26/2007
Form R-5330Registration for Fuel Tax Refund for Commercial Fishermen06/26/2007
Form R-5346Motor Fuel Transporter Monthly Return06/29/2006
Form R-5347Aviation Fuel Dealer Quarterly Return06/29/2006
Form R-5348Schedule G - Motor Fuel Transporter Deliveries07/10/2006
Form R-5375Interstate Motor Fuel Users Quarterly Return06/29/2006
Form R-5376Schedule A Detail of Mi. Traveled and Diesel Fuels Consumed & Schedule B Interstate Motor Fuel User07/10/2006
Form R-5377Registration Application for Diesel Fuels Refund11/20/2007
Form R-5385Terminal Operator Annual Return11/06/2008
Form R-5386Schedule K - Terminal Operator - Annual Return Reconciliation Schedule of Receipts09/06/2007
Form R-5387Schedule L - Terminal Operator - Annual Return Reconciliation Schedule of Stock Gain/Loss09/06/2007
Form R-5388Schedule M - Terminal Operator - Annual Return Reconciliation Schedule of Disbursement09/06/2007
Form R-5389Schedule N - Terminal Operator - Annual Return Reconciliation Schedule of Accounted for Losses09/06/2007
Form R-5390Special Fuels Decal - New for Users of LPG, CNG and/or LNG12/18/2013
Form R-5393Terminal Operator Monthly Return06/29/2006
Form R-5394Schedule H - Terminal Operator Schedule of Inventories06/26/2006
Form R-5395Schedule I - Terminal Operator Schedule of Receipts06/26/2006
Form R-5396Schedule J - Terminal Operator Schedule of Disbursements07/05/2006
Form R-5397Supplier/Permissive Supplier Monthly Return06/29/2006
Form R-5398Distributor/Exporter/Blender Monthly Return03/05/2008
Form R-5399Importer Monthly Return05/12/2009
Form R-5401Schedule C - Motor Fuel Tax Multiple Schedule of Terminal Rack Removals07/05/2006
Form R-5402Schedule D - Motor Fuel Tax Multiple Schedule of State Diversion Corrections07/05/2006
Form R-5403Supplier/Permissive Supplier - Notification of Unpaid Tax by Licensed Distributor or Licensed Importer08/24/2006
Form R-5404Schedule F - Supplier/Permissive Supplier - Schedule for Tax Bad Debt Credit/Repayment08/24/2006
Form R-5409Motor Fuel Excise Tax License Application05/25/2006
Form R-5410Fuel Floor Stock Tax Return06/29/2006
Form R-5411Fuel Backup Tax Return06/29/2006
Form R-5432Fuel Floor Stock Tax Schedule of Fuel in Storage - No Tax Paid07/05/2006
Form R-5433Fuel Floor Stock Tax Schedule of Fuel in Storage - No Inspection Fee Paid07/05/2006
Form R-5434Terminal Operator - Notification of Loss of Motor Fuel07/10/2006
Form R-5602Schedule of Cigarettes (NPM)11/25/2013
Form R-5603Schedule of Cigarettes (PM)11/25/2013
Form R-5604-B(C)Tobacco Tax Schedule of Credits11/27/2013
Form R-5604-B(P)Tobacco Tax Schedule of Purchases11/27/2013
Form R-5604-IInstructions for Louisiana Tobacco Tax Return (Form R-5604)11/25/2013
Form R-5606LA Certificate of Tax-Free Sales to the U.S. Armed Forces09/27/2011
Form R-5611-NPMExporter Form (NPM)11/27/2013
Form R-5611-PMExporter Form (PM)11/27/2013
Form R-5612-NPMNon-Louisiana Sales (NPM)11/25/2013
Form R-5612-PMNon-Louisiana Sales (PM)11/25/2013
Form R-5613-NPMProduct In Inventory (NPM)11/27/2013
Form R-5613-PMProduct In Inventory (PM)11/27/2013
Form R-5621iInstructions for Filing State and Parish and Municipal Beer Tax Return02/10/2010
Form R-5626Application for Authority to Ship Alcoholic Beverages into Louisiana07/13/2009
Form R-5629Consumer Excise Tax Return01/22/2007
Form R-5678-LInternational Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Application03/08/2004
Form R-5679IFTA Decal Request Form04/05/2006
Form R-5682International Fuel Tax Agreement Compliance Manual03/18/2011
Form R-5697Schedule 1 (Sparkling Wines Shipped Direct to Louisiana Consumers)07/16/2007
Form R-5698Schedule 2 (Still Wines Shipped Direct to Louisiana Consumers)07/16/2007
Form R-6404Affidavit of Waiver of Restrictions and Delays07/29/2011
Form R-6450Business Taxes Address Change Form04/19/2011
Form R-7004Tax Information Disclosure Authorization06/29/2009
Form R-7006Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative01/31/2011
Form R-8323Request for Sales Tax Refund on Motor Vehicles08/27/2008
Form R-8350BFAffidavit of LDR Refund Check Endorsement Forgery for a Business11/07/2008
Form R-8352BFLDR Affidavit of Fraudulent Refund Deposit for a Business11/07/2008
Form R-8695Application for Authority to Make Direct Shipments of Wines to Louisiana Consumers06/07/2013
Form R-9000Minerals- Parish Summary Return06/02/2005
Form R-9001Application for Certification of Incapable Wells. Form G-211/08/2007
Form R-9002 iGas Severance Instructions (G-3)11/09/2011
Form R-9003 iOil Severance Instructions(O-3)11/09/2011
Form R-9004Oil Spill Contingency Fee Quarterly Return04/17/2013
Form R-9005Timber-Parish Summary Return (T-1s)12/11/2012
Form R-9006-LTimber Form - T-1A03/04/2004
Form R-9008Certification of Payment of Oil Spill Contingency Fee06/28/2010
Form R-9009-LSummary of Open Market Timber Purchases12/15/2005
Form R-9010Certification of Continued Responsibility for Payment of Oil Spill Contingency Fee06/28/2010
Form R-9011-LM- 1A/B Severance Tax- Minerals01/05/2006
Form R-9015iInstructions for Filing Form Sev. O-1d04/04/2012
Form R-9016Registration Application for Oil Spill Contingency Fee06/28/2010
Form R-9020iInstructions for Filing Form Sev. O-209/13/2012
Form R-9030-LTimber Severance Tax, Form SEV. T-1B05/03/2004
Form R-9035Natural Gas Franchise Tax Return, Form NGFT-10006/28/2005
Form R-9036iInstructions for Filing Form Sev. G-1d06/29/2012
Form R-9050Oilfield site Restoration Fee Return - Oil and Condensate Production08/24/2010
Form R-9051Oilfield Site Restoration Fee Return05/13/2010
Form R-9054iOil Severance Instructions (O-5)01/17/2012
Form R-9055-LiGas Severance Instructions (G-5)01/17/2012
Form R-9100Oil Severance Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher03/30/2011
Form R-9200Gas Severance Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher03/29/2011