MD - Maryland Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 027-1TCigarette Storage Warehouse Report - Acquisitions06/24/2009
Form 027-2TCigarette Storage Warehouse Report - Dispositions06/24/2009
Form 027TCigarette Storage Warehouse Report03/07/2011
Form 302Manufacturer - Certify Fire Safe Cigarettes05/02/2011
Form 302-1Manufacturer - Addendum - Fire Safe Cigarettes04/27/2011
Form 317Railroad, Steamboats, and Airplanes Monthly Return08/26/2013
Form 323Resident/Nonresident Dealer's Monthly Report of Beer Deliveries into Maryland10/07/2013
Form 324Resident/Nonresident Dealer Beer Tax Return10/07/2013
Form 325Resident Dealer and Nonresident Dealer Beer Bond05/07/2009
Form 326Checklist for Resident Dealer or Nonresident Dealer: Wine and Distilled Spirits05/11/2009
Form 327Checklist for Resident Dealer or Nonresident Dealer: Beer05/11/2009
Form 328General Permit Application10/01/2013
Form 329Bulk Transfer Permit05/26/2009
Form 330Beer Franchise Form06/16/2009
Form 348Checklist for Beer Nonresident Brewery Permit06/18/2013
Form 355Wine Festival Permit Application06/04/2013
Form 367Manufacturer and Wholesaler06/20/2013
Form 370-5Solicitor's Permit11/19/2012
Form 374Nonresident Brewery Monthly Report of Beer Deliveries into Maryland10/07/2013
Form 375Nonresident Brewery Tax Return10/07/2013
Form 379Direct Wine Shipper Bond06/17/2011
Form 381Direct Wine Shipper Permit06/13/2011
Form 383Common Carrier Permit06/13/2011
Form 384Winery Off-Site Permit05/31/2013
Form 385Brewery Special Event Permit Application06/04/2013
Form 386Off-site Event Form - Intent to Participate06/04/2013
Form 389Claim for Refund of Tax on Beer Delivered and Consumed on Federal Reservations08/29/2013
Form 601Wholesaler's Affidavit for Refund of Stamps07/19/2007
Form 602Maryland Cigarette Tax - Physical Inventory Schedule03/01/2013
Form 603Wholesaler's Claim for Credit - Cigarette Tax Stamps11/20/2007
Form 605-ASchedule A - Cigarette Packs Received From Manufacturers03/04/2013
Form 605-BSchedule B - Cigarettes Received From Other Sources03/04/2013
Form 605-CSchedule C - Cigarette Packs Sold (outside MD retail; to military; or to others authorized to buy for out-of-state retail)03/04/2013
Form 605-DSchedule D - Cigarettes Returned For Credit To Manufacturers03/04/2013
Form 605-ESchedule E - Miscellaneous Dispositions03/04/2013
Form 605-FSchedule F - Out-of-State Stamp Purchases03/04/2013
Form 608Maryland Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Report of Cigarette Packs and Cigarette Tax Stamps03/01/2013
Form 608-1Distributor's Monthly Report of Cigarette Packs and Cigarette Tax Stamps03/04/2013
Form 608-2Maryland Cigarette Stamp Purchases and Payments03/01/2013
Form 608-3Wholesaler's Tobacco Product Manufacturer Report03/04/2013
Form 608-4Recapitulation of Wholesaler's Sales of Maryland Stamped Cigarettes03/01/2013
Form 609Wholesaler Tax Return10/18/2013
Form 609ASchedule A - Roll-Your-Own (RYO) Tobacco02/14/2013
Form 609ROTP Claim of Refund Form for Wholesalers, Retailers, and Tobacconists10/09/2013
Form 610Maryland OTP Tax Return10/18/2013
Form 610ASchedule A - Roll-Your-Own (RYO) Tobacco02/14/2013
Form 610CSchedule C - OTP Tax Credit for Out of State Sales02/13/2013
Form 610FOTP Floor Tax Return for Retailers and Tobacconists06/27/2012
Form 610ROTP Floor Tax Claim for Refund06/13/2012
Form 611OTP Manufacturer Report04/22/2013
Form 612OTP Storage Warehouse Report04/22/2013
Form 612-1OTP Storage Warehouse Report - Acquisitions04/22/2013
Form 612-2OTP Storage Warehouse Report - Dispositions04/22/2013
Form 620Maryland Consumer Premium Cigar Tax Return04/16/2013
Form 622Cigarette Bond03/11/2011
Form 623Maryland Cigarette Tax Stamp Request08/05/2013
Form 634Manufacturer's Monthly Sample Cigarette Tax Return02/27/2013
Form 637Application for Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Licenses06/20/2013
Form 643Cigarette Wholesale Cost of Doing Business08/07/2008
Form 722Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Bond03/11/2011
Form 775Petroleum Transporter Report - Movement of Petroleum Products07/03/2013
Form 776Annual Special Fuel User Worksheet05/17/2013
Form 776-1Special Fuel User Worksheet08/29/2013
Form 776-2Dealer/Seller Worksheet05/17/2013
Form 779Inventory - Tax Adjustment05/28/2013
Form ATT-001-1Claim for Refund06/23/2008
Form ATT-016Brewery Tax Return06/17/2008
Form ATT-018Nonresident Winery Tax Return04/11/2008
Form ATT-018-1Nonresident Monthly Report of Wine Deliveries to Maryland Retailers04/11/2008
Form ATT-037Maryland Wholesaler's Monthly Beer Report06/19/2008
Form ATT-037-2Recapitulation of Beer Deliveries in Gallons08/09/2007
Form ATT-037-5Maryland Wholesaler's Report of Beer Acquisitions06/19/2008
Form ATT-037-6Maryland Brewer's Report of Beer Dispositions06/18/2008
Form ATT-10-2Additional Vehicle Identification Cards07/20/2007
Form ATT-10-6Fuel-alcohol Permit07/20/2007
Form ATT-10-7National Family Beer and/or Wine Exhibition Permit07/20/2007
Form ATT-10-9Charity Wine Auction Permit08/07/2007
Form ATT-11Statewide Caterer07/20/2007
Form ATT-11-2Catered Event Certificate and Notice07/20/2007
Form ATT-19Monthly Retail License Activity06/11/2008
Form ATT-19-3Monthly Violations/Suspensions/Revocations07/19/2007
Form ATT-20-3APrivate Bulk Sale Permit07/20/2007
Form ATT-22Production of Alcohol for Fuel Use10/30/2007
Form ATT-27Alcoholic Beverages Public Storage Report06/18/2008
Form ATT-27-1Public Storage Report (Received)06/18/2008
Form ATT-27-2Public Storage Report (Shipped and Delivered)04/18/2008
Form ATT-28Report of Activities06/19/2008
Form ATT-34Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Distilled Spirits and Wine07/17/2008
Form ATT-34-10Finished Products Disposition of Samples Used08/01/2008
Form ATT-34-2Finished Products Acquisition07/18/2008
Form ATT-34-3Finished Products Disposition08/04/2008
Form ATT-34-3EFinished Products Disposition-Schedule E08/04/2008
Form ATT-34-5Recapitulation of Deliveries in Gallons to Retailers07/17/2008
Form ATT-4Wine and Liquor Bond07/19/2007
Form ATT-40Foreign Beer Release06/18/2008
Form ATT-5Beer Bond07/19/2007
Form ATT-532Family Beer and Wine Facility Permit Report09/25/2008
Form ATT-532-1Family Beer and Wine Facility Detail Report09/25/2008
Form ATT-6Wine Bond07/19/2007
Form ATT-66Annual Revenue and License Report06/09/2008
Form ATT-7-1Change in Location08/06/2007
Form ATT-7-2Additional License Location07/19/2007
Form ATT-7-3Individual License Applicant Statement07/19/2007
Form ATT-751Beer Keg Registration Booklet Order Form06/17/2008
Form ATT-753Alcohol Awareness Permit08/09/2007
Form ATT-8License Renewal08/07/2007
Form ATT-9Water Vessel, Railroad, Airplane07/19/2007
Form ATT-9-1Class C Special07/19/2007
Form C5Signature Card - Cigarette Tax Stamps08/14/2008
Form COM-MFT 104IFTA License Application03/14/2013
Form CRACombined Registration Application10/31/2013
Form DWS 315Direct Wine Shipper Return03/15/2013
Form DWS 363Common Carrier Report03/15/2013
Form EFTAuthorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer11/01/2013
Form Farmers Market Permit ApplicationApplication for a Farmers Market Permit05/26/2010
Form FED-301Wine and Distilled Spirits Wholesaler Brand Supplier Report03/11/2010
Form FED-304Schedule of Planned Promotional Activities04/25/2011
Form FED-305Application for Registration of Terminal Agreement and Additives04/06/2010
Form FED-306Application for Registration of Exchange Agreement, Specifications and Additives04/06/2010
Form FED-402Below Cost Selling of Motor Fuel Complaint Form05/08/2009
Form GTD-1Dealer State Codes for MFT Form GTD-105/06/2010
Form MFT-015Special Fuel User Schedule of Receipts03/31/2008
Form MFT-016Special Fuel User Schedule of Disbursements03/31/2008
Form MFT-023Application for Motor Fuel Inspection Registration03/31/2008
Form MFT-044Application for Petroleum Transporter Registration03/31/2008
Form MFT-046Application for Motor Fuel License04/08/2008
Form MFT-047Application for Fuel Tax Exemption Certificate03/31/2008
Form MFT-048Dealer/Seller Schedule of Receipts08/08/2013
Form MFT-049Dealer/Seller Schedule of Disbursements08/08/2013
Form MFT-105Application for Wholesale Purchaser/Consumer Motor Fuel Inspection and Testing03/31/2008
Form RAD097Sales and Use License Application for Out-of- State Vendors12/26/2012
Form ST118AConsumer Use Tax Return For Out-Of-State Purchases12/27/2012
Form ST205Sales and Use Tax Refund Application12/26/2012
Form ST206Exemption Certification for Utilities or Fuel Used in Production Activities04/05/2013
Form ST212Purchases for Resale Refund by Fax12/26/2012
SUT202 InstructionsMaryland Sales and Use Tax Return - Instructions Only08/23/2013