ME - Maine Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 1310MEStatement of Person Claiming a Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer - Form 1310ME01/10/2006
Form Abatement-AppAbatement Application03/20/2008
Form AVG-1Aviation Gasoline Refund Application08/22/2012
Form BLU-1Blueberry Tax Return07/25/2011
Form Cig-1Distributors Cigarette Stamp Order Blank08/18/2011
Form Cig-2Cigarette Tax Refund Application08/18/2011
Form CigTax-DeclarationCigarette Tax Declaration09/06/2006
Form Coop-CorpsHomestead Exemption for Cooperative Housing Corporations01/17/2008
Form Coop-ShareHomestead Exemption for Cooperative Housing Shareholders01/17/2008
Form ET-1Special Fuel Users Exemption Affidavit01/02/2007
Form Exempt-AppExemption Application09/06/2005
Form Forestry-ExciceCommercial Forestry Excise Tax02/15/2011
FORM INS-1Estimated quarterly return, Insurance Premiums tax09/15/2011
FORM INS-6Estimated payment return for nonadmitted premiums tax (self procured and surplus lines)09/15/2011
Form GShr-1Gas Distributor Annual Shrinkage Allowance Computation07/19/2011
Form GT5Gasoline Distributor Tax Return05/07/2012
Form HCP-1Health Care Provider Tax09/29/2011
Form HCP-RHealth Care Provider Tax Reconciliation Return08/01/2011
Form Homestead-AppHomestead Exemption01/07/2010
Form HOS-1Hospital Tax Return07/25/2011
Form INS-2Estimated monthly return, Fire Investigation and Prevention tax09/15/2011
Form IODInitiator of Deposit Tax Return09/21/2011
Form MH-1Milk Handling Fee Return07/09/2012
Form Milk-RefundMilk Refund Request Form11/14/2011
Form MQ-3Mahogany Quahog Tax Return09/07/2011
Form OFF-1Special Fuel and Gasoline Tax Refund Application08/01/2012
Form OpenSpace-AppOpen Space Application10/31/2008
OTP Form 0910Other Tobacco Products Tax Declaration11/30/2010
Form Propane-ShrinkPropane Shrinkage Tax Return01/24/2006
Form PT-3Potato Tax Shippers Report10/05/2011
Form PTA 200Assessors Certificate and Warrant10/12/2010
Form PTA 200.1Certificate of Recommitment09/06/2005
Form PTA 201Treasurers Certificate05/27/2009
Form PTA 206Warrant for Completion of Collection10/21/2008
Form PTA 258Certificate of Settlement09/06/2005
Form PTA-4520Tree Growth Application01/27/2012
Form PTF 315Blind Exemption09/22/2009
Form PTF 500Municipal Valuation Return 201205/11/2012
Form PTF 653-2aVeteran Exemption for Cooperative Housing Shareholders01/25/2008
Form PTF 653-2bVeteran Widow/widower Exemption for Cooperative Housing Shareholders01/25/2008
Form PTF 653-2cVeteran Exemption for Cooperative Housing Corporations01/25/2008
Form PTF 693Business Equipment Tax Exemption Application (BETE)01/31/2008
Form PTF-307 - WidowVeteran Widow/Widower01/16/2008
Form PTF-307Veteran Exemption01/16/2008
Form PTF-475Farmland Application03/18/2010
Form RDGSRetail Dealers Gasoline Shrinkage Refund Application07/20/2011
Form Rent Tax - AppMaine Residents Property Tax and Rent Refund Application07/10/2012
Form S.T.M.V. 6UUse Tax Certificate fillable form05/13/2010
Form SalesTax-AppApplication09/21/2012
Form SalesTax-LongLong Sales Tax Return and Instructions06/08/2011
Form SalesTax-ShortShort Sales Tax Return and Instructions11/01/2010
Form SFS-1Special Fuel Supplier/Retailer Tax Return05/08/2012
Form SFU-1Special Fuel User Tax Return07/21/2011
Form SPT-ReturnService Provider Tax Return and Instructions03/03/2011
Form SShr-1Special Fuel Supplier Annual Shrinkage Allowance Computation07/19/2011
Form STA 101Affidavit Regarding Lease of Automobile for Service Customer09/21/2011
Form ST-A-100Affidavit Regarding Purchases of Aircraft Parts08/02/2011
Form STL 154Farm/Fish Affidavit10/05/2011
Form STL 154AAffidavit for Purchases of Certain Products for Use in Silviculture, Agriculture, Fishing, Aquaculture, and Animal Agriculture08/09/2011
Form STL 16028Affidavit of Exemption for 28 Day Continuous Rental01/17/2012
Form STL-137-CFCommercial Fishing or Commercial Aquaculture03/16/2010
Form STL-137FACommercial Farmer Exemption Application03/16/2010
Form ST-L-137RFarmer/Fisherman Sales Tax Refund Application07/05/2005
Form ST-L-154ABoat Building Affidavit11/20/2000
Form STMV 63Certificate of Exemption to Purchase an Automobile for Lease or short-Term Rental03/16/2010
Form STMV 8Dealers and Lessors Supplemental Report07/12/2012
Form ST-MV-33Immediate Removal Affidavit07/24/2008
Form ST-MV-36Out of State Delivery Affidavit11/03/1999
Form STMV57Interstate Commerce Affidavit - Casual Sale08/06/2008
Form STMV57AInterstate Commerce Affidavit - Retail Sale08/06/2008
Form STP 72Contractors Exempt Purchase Certificate09/07/2000
Form STP 73Resale Certificate for Packaging Materials09/21/2011
Form ST-P-19AEImmediate Removal - Watercraft08/09/2010
Form ST-P-39Nonresident Snowmobile and ATV Affidavit06/17/2005
Form ST-P-39-05Affidavit of Exemption for Snowmoble and Trailgrooming Equipment09/13/2007
Form ST-P-70Industrial Users Exemption Certificate11/21/2011
Form ST-P-71Affidavit for Out of State Use of Promotional Materials11/13/2001
Form STP74Affidavit of Sales Tax Paid on Manufactured Housing10/11/2005
Form STR 23Exemption Application for Medical Research03/19/2010
Form STR-46-ASales Tax Refund Application02/24/2011
Form STR-CMERequest for ConnectMe Sales and Use Tax Reimbursement10/19/2010
Form STR-CWPGQualified Community Wind Power Generator Application for Refund01/04/2008
Form STR-PTDZPine Tree Development Zone Contractor's Refund Application07/01/2005
Form TP-3Tobacco Products Tax Return07/25/2011
Form TransferTaxControlling Interest Transfer Tax09/06/2005
Form UseTax-BusBusiness Use Tax Return and Instructions11/01/2010
Form UseTax-IndivIndividual Use Tax Form09/13/2011
Form Vendor-FuelVendor Form05/21/2004
Form Woterfront-AppWorking Waterfront04/10/2007