MI - Michigan Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 1012 L-4380Application for Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate03/29/2013
Form 1019Notice of Assessment, Taxable Valuation, and Property Classification11/05/2013
Form 1020 L-4402Statement Showing Taxable Valuations and Mills Apportioned04/15/2013
Form 1027Annual Property Report - State Assessed Car Loaning, Stock Car, Refrigerator and Fast Freight Line Companies and Other Car Companies01/10/2012
Form 1028Annual Property Report - State Assessed Railroads01/06/2012
Form 1029Annual Property Report - State Assessed Telephone Companies02/01/2012
Form 1411Request for Allocation02/21/2012
Form 1428Application for State Treasurer's Approval to Issue Long-Term Securities07/08/2009
Form 1432Application for Exemption11/23/2009
Form 1435Application for State Treasurer's Approval to Issue Short-Term Municipal Securities07/03/2013
Form 151Authorized Representative Declaration/Power of Attorney (151)11/13/2012
Form 160Combined Return for Michigan Taxes04/08/2013
Form 163Notice of Change or Discontinuance10/02/2012
Form 165Annual Return for Sales, Use and Withholding Taxes02/01/2013
Form 173Report of Fuel Sales Tax Prepayment and Environmental Protection Regulatory Fee for Refinders, Terminal Operators and Importers04/19/2013
Form 1989Remittance Advice or Claim of Exemption from Use Tax on Aircraft Transfer12/02/2005
Form 2164 L-4023Analysis for Equalized Valuations01/06/2009
Form 2166 L-4034Millage Reduction Fraction Calculations Worksheet04/10/2013
Form 2167 L-4100Petition for Change of Property Classification10/01/2013
Form 2168 L-4100RAssessor's Response to Petition for Change of Property Classification07/30/2013
Form 2189Fuel Retailer Supplemental Report04/09/2013
Form 2196Request for Bottle Deposit Fund Reimbursement (for Retailers and Dealers)03/11/2013
Form 2248Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Debit Application06/20/2012
Form 2271Concessionaire's Sales Tax Return and Payment05/26/2010
Form 2316Questions and Answers About Paying Your Sales and Use Tax on an Accelerated Basis04/22/2009
Form 2328Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Credit Application03/22/2012
Form 2350Michigan Bus Schedule07/16/2009
Form 2368Affidavit for Homestead Exemption04/29/2013
Form 2437Questions and Answers about Paying Your Sales, Use, Withholding and Michigan Business Taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)04/23/2009
Form 2448Taxpayer's Request to Move an EFT Credit10/26/2006
Form 248Use Tax Exemption on Vehicle Title Transfers04/14/2011
Form 2599Claim for Farmland Exemption from Some School Operating Taxes05/13/2011
Form 2602Request to Rescind/Withdraw a Homestead Exemption07/25/2013
Form 2666Michigan Unredeemed Beverage Container Deposit Report01/11/2013
Form 2691 L-4037Assessment Roll Certification05/05/2011
Form 2696Request for Approval of Computerized Tax Roll by a Local Unit10/29/2013
2696-InstInstructions for 269604/03/2013
Form 2698 L-4142Idle Equipment, Obsolete Equipment & Surplus Equipment Report10/07/2013
Form 2699 L-4143Statement of 'Qualified Personal Property' by a 'Qualified Business'11/20/2013
Form 2700Application for Property Tax Relief During Active Military Service05/25/2006
Form 2704BApplication for Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Homestead Exemption05/17/2007
Form 2705Real Estate Transfer Tax Valuation Affidavit01/03/2012
Form 2719Return for Real Estate Transfer Tax01/11/2007
Form 272Proof of Publication Affidavit01/04/2007
Form 2720Return for Michigan State Education Tax, Mobile Home Tax and Agriculture Property Recapture Tax03/08/2007
Form 2742Notice of Denial of Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption (Local (City/Township))05/08/2013
Form 2743Request to Rescind Qualified Agricultural Property Exemption02/09/2010
Form 2748Senior Citizen or Totally and Permanently Disabled Person's Affidavit Requesting Special Assessment Deferment02/08/2013
Form 2753Batch Cover Sheet for Principal Residence Exemption Forms03/21/2013
Form 2766 L-4260Property Transfer Affidavit04/22/2013
Form 2795 L-4046Taxable Valuations01/06/2009
Form 2796Application for SRETT Refund08/21/2012
Form 2807 L-4143aStatement of 'Qualified Personal Property' by a 'Qualified Business'11/05/2012
Form 2824Application for Replacement claiming Lost, Destroyed, Undelivered or Stolen State of Michigan IFTA Fuel Decal07/10/2009
Form 2838Michigan's International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Information Manual10/23/2009
Form 2856Guidelines for the Michigan Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption Program03/04/2013
Form 2870 L-4111Real Property Statement03/20/2006
Form 2873Michigan Temporary Permit03/31/2011
Form 295Fee Transmittal from District or Municipal Courts11/15/2011
Form 296 L-2262Proof of Notice of Administrative Show Cause Hearing and Judicial Foreclosure Hearing Affidavit01/05/2007
Form 3128 L-4035aTaxable Value Calculations Worksheet11/05/2013
Form 3149Sales, Use and Withholding Tax Due Dates for Holidays and Weekends04/25/2008
Form 3161Motor Carrier Diesel Fuel Tax Report05/29/2003
Form 3214 L-4054Uncapping Taxable Value08/26/2009
Form 3215 L-4113Certification of Equalization Study by Equalization Director11/12/2013
Form 3222Supplement to Treasury Form 1817(T-1044)09/13/2005
Form 323Application for Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products Stamp08/27/2013
Form 3240Supplemental Motor Carrier Tax Report11/16/2004
Form 3278 L-4260aNotice to Assessor of Transfer of the Right to Make a Division of Land11/01/2004
Form 3281New Hire Reporting Form09/23/2011
Form 3353Schedule J Physical Inventory of Affixed & Unaffixed Cigarette Stamps01/07/2004
Form 336Application for a Tobacco Products Tax License04/18/2013
Form 3371Stamping Agent Agreement06/23/2006
Form 3372Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption10/02/2012
Form 3383Request for Adjustment to Cigarette Stamp Inventory06/23/2006
Form 3421Sales Tax Return for Special Events04/18/2011
Form 3427Application for Exemption of New Personal Property04/15/2013
Form 3434Assessor Affidavit Regarding Exemption of Partially Completed New Construction07/13/2006
Form 3452Assessor Affidavit Regarding the Recalculation of Taxable Value Following an MTT Order for a Prior Year10/13/2010
Form 3520Michigan Sales and Use Tax Contractor Eligibility Statement for Qualified Nonprofit Hospitals, Nonprofit Housing, Church Sanctuaries, and Pollution Control Facilities Exemptions04/21/2009
Form 35892013 Cable Television & Public Utility Property Report11/05/2012
Form 3592Claim for Tobacco Tax Refund11/29/2012
Form 3593Summary of Sales Worksheet/Tribal Government or Tribal Members11/29/2012
Form 3594Property Statement for Communication Towers02/11/2005
Form 3595Itemized Listing of Daily Rental Property11/06/2013
Form 3598'Indian Country' * Information Inquiry01/30/2012
Form 3612Itemized Listing of Daily Rental Property (for Additional Reporting)11/05/2012
Form 3626Certificate of Forfeiture of Real Property05/03/2011
Form 3627County Treasurer Redemption Certificate11/16/2012
Form 3669Sch K, Sale of Roll Your Own Tobacco & Cigarette Products from Non-Part Mfg07/12/2004
Form 3674Application for Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Exemption Certificate05/10/2013
Form 3675Assessor Affidavit Regarding the Recapping of the Taxable Value of Qualified Agricultural Property03/15/2001
Form 3676Affidavit Attesting That Qualified Agricultural Property Shall Remain Qualified Agricultural Property03/19/2010
Form 3677Notice of Intent to Rescind the Qualified Agricultural Property Exemption04/07/2010
Form 3683Payroll Service Provider Combined Power of Attorney & Corporate Officer Liability Certificate08/12/2009
Form 3689 L-4027Interim Report of Study Activity by Unit and Class07/25/2012
Form 3711Report of Heavy Earth Moving Equipment Claimed as Exempt Inventory09/08/2003
Form 3712Motor Fuel Tax License Application09/09/2013
Form 3715Carrier's Monthly Report: Pipeline, Barge, Marine Vessel09/10/2012
Form 3716Terminal Operator Monthly Report (100-TOR)09/10/2012
Form 3724Transporter Quarterly Report09/10/2012
Form 3725County Treasurer's Fees Transmittal04/04/2008
Form 373Schedule I Tobacco Products Sold to Indian Tribes, Tribal Mbs or Retailers06/23/2006
Form 3731Notice of Judgment of Foreclosure05/26/2006
Form 3739Eligible Purchaser Application to Defer Payment to Licensed Supplier07/16/2009
Form 3740Request for Extension of Eligible Purchaser Agreement to Defer Payment07/16/2009
Form 3748Importer Schedule of Receipts09/13/2006
Form 3749Importer Schedule of Disbursements09/19/2008
Form 3750Schedule of Diversions03/07/2008
Form 3762Notification of Compliance by Non-Participating Manufacturer Regarding Escrow Payments03/14/2013
Form 3767Schedule 1: Retail Marine Diesel Dealer Schedule of Receipts09/05/2006
Form 3769Retail Marine Diesel Dealer Return09/10/2012
Form 3778Three Day Payment Voucher09/10/2012
Form 3779Transporter Schedule of Deliveries09/12/2006
Form 3780Schedule 15A - Terminal Operator Schedule of Receipts - Michigan Terminals Only09/11/2006
Form 3781Schedule 15B - Terminal Operator Schedule of Disbursements09/11/2006
Form 3783Supplier Schedule of Receipts (301-SR)09/06/2006
Form 3784Supplier Schedule of Disbursements (302-SD)09/19/2008
Form 3788Carrier Schedule of Deliveries09/12/2006
Form 3791Blender Monthly Tax Return01/30/2009
Form 3812013 OIL SEVERANCE TAX RETURN12/20/2012
Form 3817Schedule 2B: Blender Schedule of Receipts of Untaxed Blendable Stock09/11/2006
Form 3822013 GAS SEVERANCE TAX RETURN12/20/2012
Form 3823Aviation Fuel Registrant Application07/16/2009
Form 3828Application for Air Pollution Control Tax Exemption Certificate05/10/2013
Form 3839Cancellation of Certificate of Forfeiture of Real Property01/07/2013
Form 3840Limited Power of Attorney07/24/2006
Form 3859Eligible Purchaser Surety Bond06/08/2007
Form 3861Annual Return Worksheet10/02/2012
Form 3862Monthly or Quarterly Sales and Use Tax Worksheet11/09/2012
Form 3865Industrial Facility Tax (IFT) Voucher11/08/2005
Form 3875Request for Revenue Sharing Change of Address09/01/2011
Form 3877Terminal Operator Annual Return01/21/2009
Form 388Individual Seller Use Tax Return01/24/2013
Form 3883Municipal Finance Qualifying Statement Worksheet06/02/2006
Form 3891Refund Request for Prepaid Sales Tax on Fuel08/15/2013
Form 3892Security Report07/26/2006
Form 3912Certificate of Error11/16/2012
Form 3943Legal Requirements for Selling Non MSA Participating Manufacturers Tobacco Products11/26/2003
Form 3944Request for Approval of Computerized Tax Roll by County Treasurer03/09/2006
3944-InstInstructions for 394403/07/2006
Form 3945Computerized Tax Roll Re-Certification06/13/2012
Form 3966Taxpayer Report of Personal Property 'Move-Ins'10/10/2013
Form 3967Cancellation of Notice of Judgment of Foreclosure04/03/2008
Form 3976Electronic Signature Declaration for Real and Personal Property Statements08/14/2013
Form 3978Fuel Supplier Return01/30/2009
Form 3979Request for Verification of Personal Identification Number09/23/2011
Form 3980Facsimile Signature Declaration for Real and Personal Property Statements08/14/2013
Form 3991Gas Turbine and Diesel Electric Generator Property Report12/14/2012
Form 3992Fuel Importer Return04/06/2009
Form 3996Resident Tribal Member/Tribal Entity Sales Tax & Use Tax Refund Request09/15/2011
Form 3999Trading Partner Agreement03/26/2012
Form 4001Supplier Electronic Filing Application07/16/2009
Form 4002Terminal Operator Electronic Filing Application07/16/2009
Form 4004Exporter Quarterly Report (540-EXP)09/10/2012
Form 4012Schedule of Exports09/06/2006
Form 4017State/Tribal Agreement Use Tax Quarterly Return (and Worsheet, Form 4052)01/06/2012
Form 4018State/Tribal Use Tax Annual Return09/15/2011
Form 4028Schedule M - Bad Debt Deduction01/07/2004
Form 4031July/December Board of Review Affidavit04/29/2010
Form 4032Schedule L - Tax-Free Tobacco Products Sold to Michigan Tribes03/09/2006
Form 4040Motor Fuel Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Credit Application07/16/2009
Form 4041Motor Fuel Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Debit Application06/20/2012
Form 4054General Information for Native American Sales Subject to Tax Sharing02/09/2011
Form 4070Hydroelectric Property Report12/14/2012
Form 4075Notice of Denial of Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption (County)05/08/2013
Form 4093Notice of Assessment, Taxable Valuation and Property Classification02/14/2013
Form 4094Steam Electric Property Report12/14/2012
Form 4099Motor Fuel Electronic Filing Application07/16/2009
Form 4124Blender Schedule of Untaxed Products Blended with Taxable Motor Fuel09/19/2008
Form 4126Equity Assessment Prepayment Report for Nonparticipating Manufacturers of Cigarettes and/or 'Roll-Your-Own' Tobacco11/18/2010
Form 4147Local Transmittal for State of Michigan for Local Corrections Officer Training Fund05/17/2012
Form 4154Tobacco Products Tax Electronic Filing Application03/26/2012
Form 4175County Purchase Application04/03/2006
Form 4175aCounty Purchase Application 2nd Offering04/03/2006
Form 4179WC-100: Michigan Wholesalers Cigarette Tax Return04/23/2010
Form 4182Tobacco Products Inventory Tax Return07/02/2009
Form 4226Affidavit Filed by a Qualified Start-Up Business for Claiming Property Tax Exemption07/19/2006
Form 4230Affidavit Filed by an Innovations Center for Claiming Property Tax Exemption07/19/2006
Form 4239Tobacco Products Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Credit Application08/11/2009
Form 4240Tobacco Products Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Debit Application03/12/2013
Form 4241Tobacco Products Tax Payment/Proposed Adjustment Coupon07/10/2009
Form 4242Assessor Affidavit Regarding The Determination That A Qualified Start-Up Business Exemption Has Been Erroneously Granted11/15/2004
Form 4244Michigan Wholesalers Other Tobacco Product (OTP) Tax Return01/10/2013
Form 4245Michigan Unclassified Acquirers Other Tobacco Product (OTP) Tax Return01/10/2013
Form 4246Michigan Unclassified Acquirers Cigarette Tax Return04/22/2010
Form 4247C-101: Schedule of Cigarette Purchases (Receipts)04/22/2010
Form 4251C-102: Schedule of Cigarette Credits (Adjustments)04/22/2010
Form 4252C-108: Schedule of Cigarette Sales (Disbursements)04/22/2010
Form 4253C-115: Schedule of Cigarettes Sold to Michigan Tribes04/22/2010
Form 4254C-103: Schedule of Out-of-State Cigarette Shipments (Michigan Based Licensees Exports Only)04/22/2010
Form 4255T-115: Schedule of Other Tobacco Products Sold to Michigan Tribes01/09/2013
Form 4257T-103: Schedule of Out-of-State Other Tobacco Product Shipments (Michigan Based Licensees Exports Only)01/10/2013
Form 4258T-102: Schedule of Other Tobacco Products Credits (Adjustments)01/10/2013
Form 4259T-101: Schedule of Other Tobacco Product Purchases (Receipts)01/10/2013
Form 4260C-104A: Declaration of Ending Inventory of Unaffixed Michigan Cigarette Stamps04/22/2010
Form 4261C-104B: Declaration of Cigarettes in Inventory Stamped for Another State04/22/2010
Form 4262Annual Revenue Report for Michigan Tax Information (Local Government Units)03/08/2012
Form 4285Questions and Answers about Paying Your Withholding Tax on an Accelerated Schedule04/22/2009
Form 429Fuel Supplier and Wholesaler Prepaid Sales Tax Report04/09/2013
Form 4300Limited Power of Attorney - Borrower's Authorization for Disclosure of Information11/23/2005
Form 4334Motor Fuel Untaxed Products Return04/11/2008
Form 4344T-108M: Manufacturer Schedule of Other Tobacco Products Sales (Disbursements)01/10/2013
Form 4345C-108M: Manufacturer Schedule of Cigarettes Sales (Disbursements)04/22/2010
Form 4360IFTA Bus Schedule09/25/2009
Form 4403Refund Request for Motor Fuel Resellers07/16/2009
Form 4404Refund Request for Motor Fuel End Users07/16/2009
Form 4410IFTA Informational Brochure03/25/2011
Form 4429Retail Marine Diesel Dealer Schedule of Disbursement09/25/2008
Form 4435Electronic Signature Declaration for Annual Property Reports. For State Assessed Telephone, Railroad and Car Line Entities08/14/2013
Form 4452Cellular (Wireless) Site Equipment Personal Property Report11/22/2011
Form 4463Request for Carryforward Allocation02/21/2012
Form 446-I2013 Michigan Income Tax Withholding Guide11/08/2012
Form 446-TMichigan Income Tax Withholding Tables09/04/2012
Form 447Transmittal for Magnetic Media Reporting of W-2, W-2G & 1099s02/29/2012
Form 4504Appraisal Study Listing (L-4015a)06/08/2007
Form 4515Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Account Update09/24/2012
Form 4546Real Property Statement - Financial Institution - Previously Foreclosed Property08/11/2010
Form 4565Wind Energy System Report11/13/2012
Form 4613Alternative Fuels Inventory Reports to Resellers12/28/2007
Form 4615Alternative Fuels Inventory Report for End Users12/28/2007
Form 4618Sales Study Listing02/27/2008
Form 4640Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)02/07/2013
Form 471Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes04/25/2012
Form 4796Foreclosure Database Access for Opt-Out Counties04/20/2011
Form 4798Automotive Manufacturing Equipment Personal Property Report10/03/2013
Form 48Individual Purchase Use Tax Return06/03/2013
Form 4808Quarterly Report of Income Tax Withholding Received by Community College from Employer Under Agreement for New Jobs Training Program06/15/2010
Form 4813Assessor's Affidavit to Waive Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Denial Interest03/18/2013
Form 485Instructions for Collecting Vehicle Sales Tax from Buyers Who Will Register and Title Their Vehicle in Another State09/20/2013
Form 4886Economic Vitality Incentive Program Certification of Accountability and Transparency09/09/2013
Form 4887Economic Vitality Incentive Program Certification of Consolidation of Services09/13/2013
Form 4888Economic Vitality Incentive Program Certification of Employee Compensation04/10/2013
Form 4912Certification of Exemption for Flow-Through Withholding Payments05/30/2013
Form 4917Flow-Through Withholding Quarterly Return02/01/2013
Form 4917-IInstructions for Form 4917 Flow-Through Withholding (FTW) Quarterly Return05/17/2012
4917-InstFlow-Through Withholding Quarterly Return Instructions09/27/2013
Form 4921Economic Vitality Incentive Program Grant Application (round 2)07/02/2012
Form 4923Economic Vitality Incentive Program Grant Payment Request06/13/2012
Form 4943Statement of Rejected Taxes02/17/2012
Form 496Auditing Procedures Report04/10/2013
Form 4971Economic Vitality Incentive Program Grant Narrative Report11/21/2012
Form 4972Economic Vitality Incentive Program Grant Financial Status Report06/13/2012
Form 4978Economic Vitality Incentive Program Certification of EVIP Employee Compensation - Public Act 152 of 2011 Option05/15/2013
Form 501Request by Corporation for Michigan Tax Clearance09/06/2012
Form 50422013 Diesel Fuel Advanced Prepaid Credit04/09/2013
Form 5043Repayment of 2013 Diesel Fuel Advanced Prepaid Credit04/08/2013
Form 508Certificate by Foreign Corporation of Application for Certificate of Withdrawal07/28/2010
Form 511Tax Letter Request09/05/2012
Form 514Request for Michigan Conditional Tax Clearance07/28/2010
Form 515Tax Clearance Information07/28/2010
Form 57Fee Transmittal for State of Michigan Probate and Circuit Courts06/11/2012
Form 577Dealers Liquid Petroleum Gas Tax Return09/10/2012
Form 602 L-4018PAnalysis for Equalized Valuation03/25/2005
Form 603 L-4018RAnalysis for Equalized Valuation11/13/2009
Form 606 L-4021Assessment Roll Change Worksheet06/29/2012
Form 607 L-4022Report of Assessment Roll Changes and Classification08/13/2013
Form 608 L-4024Personal and Real Property TOTALS01/06/2009
Form 609 L-4025Report of Assessed Valuation of New Construction and Improvements06/13/2012
Form 610 L-4025SEVCalculation of S.E.V. Including Additions, Losses and Totals04/16/2013
Form 612 L-4028Millage Reduction Fraction Calculation04/16/2013
Form 613 L-4028ICComplete Millage Reduction Fraction Calculation04/16/2013
Form 614 L-4029Tax Rate Request04/10/2013
Form 617 L-4033Commercial Real Property Statement03/20/2006
Form 618 L-4035Petition to Board of Review for Revision of Property Assessment11/13/2012
Form 621 L-4104STC Calculator Cost Computation03/23/2007
Form 622 L-4105STC Segregated Cost Computation Sheet03/23/2007
Form 627 L-4154Assessor or Equalization Director's Notice of Property Incorrectly Reported or Omitted from Assessment Roll02/23/2009
Form 628 L-4155Notice by Owner of Property Incorrectly Reported or Omitted from Assessment Roll02/24/2009
Form 629 L-4156Notice of Property Incorrectly Reported or Omitted from the Assessment Roll02/24/2009
Form 632 L-41752013 (12/31/12) Personal Property Statement12/06/2012
Form 635 L-4182RReal Property Statement03/28/2008
Form 636 L-4182ARReal Property Statement11/30/2007
Form 638 L-4184Timber-Cutover Appraisal Record Card01/20/2011
Form 639 L-4188Residential Appraisal Record Card07/26/2006
Form 640 L-4189Commercial/Industrial Appraisal Record Card10/06/2000
Form 641 L-4190Agricultural Appraisal Record Card12/14/2010
Form 702Motor Fuel, Motor Carrier or Tobacco Products License Surety Bond06/14/2004
Form 78SUW Instruction Booklet11/08/2012
Form 865 L-4293Request for Nonconsideration of True Cash Value of Normal Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance Expenditures01/17/2002
Form 868 L-4297Truth in Taxation Notice06/07/2001
Form 891Application for Water Pollution Control Tax Exemption Certificate05/10/2013
Form 92Vehicle Dealer Supplemental Report02/22/2005
Form IFTA-100-MNIFTA Quarterly Fuel Use Tax Return07/20/2009
Form IFTA-101-MNIFTA Quarterly Fuel Use Tax Schedule and Instructions05/04/2009
Form MI-W4Employee's Witholding Exemption Certificate and Instructions03/21/2012