MN - Minnesota Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form A (EW1)Pounds of Video Display Devices Sold to Households 201307/30/2013
Form ACR150Revenue Recapture Act Certification and Decertification and Modification Request08/01/2008
Form ASRAlcohol Sales on Reservations12/05/2012
Form AWCAlternative Withholding Certificate (for individual nonresident partners and shareholders; not for wage withholding) (Revised 2/13)02/07/2013
Form B (EW1)CED Pounds from 11-County Metropolitan Area 201307/30/2013
Form B1 and B2 (EW1)CED Pounds from 11-County Metro Area and from Greater Minnesota08/08/2012
Form B2Lawful Gambling Report of Barcoded Games05/29/2013
Form BANKBank Authorization for Direct Debit (Revised 9/10)12/13/2010
Form C (EW1)Carryover Schedule 201308/12/2013
Form C101Minnesota Business Activity Questionnaire (Revised 7/03)03/26/2013
Form CCAnnual Certified Cash Count by Site01/23/2013
Form CCF1County Conservation Fee Return12/05/2011
Form CIAnnual Certified Physical Inventory and Cash Count Summary12/27/2012
Form CN1Contamination Tax Return12/20/2011
Form CRP2013 Certificate of Rent Paid (for landlord use only)11/07/2013
Form CR-SCDProperty Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens11/01/2013
Form CR-TH1Sustainable Forest Incentive Act Enrollment Application11/04/2013
Form CT100License Application for Cigarette Distributors and Subjobbers10/28/2013
Form CT101License Application for Tobacco Products Distributors and Subjobbers10/28/2013
Form CT102License Application to Make Retail Sales of Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products (for use by Licensing Authorities Only)08/21/2012
Form CT109ADistributor Affidavit09/19/2011
Form CT201Cigarette Tax Monthly Return (for Minnesota Distributors)06/28/2013
Form CT201-AUnstamped/Other-State Stamped Cigarettes Received During the Month (for Minnesota Distributors)01/20/2012
Form CT201-BCredit for Returned Cigarettes (for Minnesota Distributors)01/20/2012
Form CT201-COut-of-State Cigarette Sales (for Minnesota Distributors)01/20/2012
Form CT201-FMonthly Cigarette Fee (for Minnesota Distributors)07/02/2013
Form CT201-ICigarette Inventory (for Minnesota distributors)07/02/2013
Form CT201-LCLittle Cigars Stamped07/24/2013
Form CT201-NCigarette Sales on Native Reservations (for Minnesota Distributors)07/02/2013
Form CT201-RCigarette Reconciliation (for Minnesota distributors)08/14/2013
Form CT201-SMinnesota Stamped Cigarettes Received During the Month (for Minnesota Distributors)01/20/2012
Form CT203Cigarette Use Tax Return08/23/2013
Form CT203_12Cigarette Use Tax Return08/26/2013
Form CT205Quarterly Interstate Commerce Report09/19/2011
Form CT207Cigarette and Tobacco Products Customs Declaration04/02/2013
Form CT211Cigarette Stamp Order Form05/01/2012
Form CT215Cigarette Floor Stocks Tax06/05/2013
Form CT301Tobacco Tax Monthly Return08/14/2013
Form CT301-APurchases of Tobacco Products01/20/2012
Form CT301-BCredit for Tobacco Products01/30/2013
Form CT301-CTobacco Sales in Other States01/20/2012
Form CT301-MSMoist Snuff Tax07/19/2013
Form CT301-NTobacco Sales on Native Reservations08/08/2013
Form CT301-PCPremium Cigar Tax07/19/2013
Form CT301-TTobacco Products Tax07/19/2013
Form CT303Tobacco Use Tax Return08/13/2013
Form CT303_0312Tobacco Use Tax Return08/22/2013
Form CT401Cigarette Tax Monthly Return (for Nonresident Distributors)08/16/2013
Form CT401-BCredit for Returned Cigarettes (for Nonresident Distributors)08/14/2013
Form CT401-CMinnesota Cigarette Sales (for Nonresident Distributors)01/20/2012
Form CT401-FMonthly Cigarette Fee (for Nonresident distributors)07/02/2013
Form CT401-ICigarette Inventory (for nonresident distributors)07/02/2013
Form CT401-LCLittle Cigars Stamped07/24/2013
Form CT401-NCigarette Sales on Native Reservations (for Nonresident Distributors)07/02/2013
Form CT401-RCigarette Reconciliation (for Nonresident Distributors)08/16/2013
Form CT501-ACigarettes Imported During the Month (for Minnesota Importers)10/09/2009
Form CT501-CUnstamped Cigarette Sales to Minnesota Distributors (for Minnesota Importers)10/09/2009
Form CT501-DOut-of-State Cigarette Sales (for Minnesota Importers)10/09/2009
Form CT501-ICigarette Inventory (for Minnesota Importers)01/20/2012
Form CT501-RCigarette Reconciliation (for Minnesota Importers)09/19/2011
Form DA101Lawful Gambling Distributor Permit Application08/15/2012
Form DC1Annual Registration Fee for Dry Cleaning Facilities08/27/2013
Form DC2Dry Cleaning Solvents Fee Monthly Return08/10/2011
Form DC2UDry Cleaning Solvents Use Fee08/10/2011
Form DT1Deed Tax06/26/2013
Form DT2Deed Tax-Designated Transfer Tax Payment01/02/2013
Form ERLawful Gambling Tax Credits for Exempt Raffles12/27/2012
Form ETANonresident Entertainer Tax: Promoter's Annual Reconciliation for 201201/16/2013
Form ETDNonresident Entertainer Tax: Promoter's Deposit Form for 201209/18/2012
Form ETPEmployer Transit Pass Credit12/31/2012
Form ETRNonresident Entertainer Tax Return for 201209/12/2012
Form EW1E-Waste Annual Registration Fee 201308/12/2013
Form G1Lawful Gambling Monthly Tax Return01/23/2013
Form IG2552012 Nonadmitted Insurance Premium Tax Return and Instructions for Direct Procured Insurance12/13/2012
Form IG2572012-2013 Firefighter Relief Surcharge Return and Instructions10/24/2012
Form IG2582012 Police Premium Report10/24/2012
Form IG2592012 Firetown Premium Report10/24/2012
Form IG260Nonadmitted Insurance Premium Tax Return and Instructions for Surplus Lines Brokers07/15/2013
Form IG2612013 Fire Safety Surcharge Return04/15/2013
Form IG262Fire Safety Surcharge Return for Mutual Companies10/24/2012
Form IG2632012 Joint Self-Insurance Tax Return12/13/2012
Form INVAnnual Certified Physical Inventory by Site (Revised 8/13)08/27/2013
Form LB1Certified Inventory - Wine and Cider02/08/2012
Form LB123Common Carrier Excise Tax Return03/04/2013
Form LB37Distilled Spirits and Wine Shipped Into Minnesota (Revised 6/12)06/27/2012
Form LB40Malt Beverages Excise Tax Return02/09/2012
Form LB41Excise Tax Return for Brewers and Importers08/05/2013
Form LB41-MWManufacturers Minnesota Warehouse Report03/09/2012
Form LB42Annual Beer Production Report02/09/2012
Form LB56-DSDistilled Spirits Excise Tax Return02/09/2012
Form LB56FFarm Winery Tax Return02/09/2012
Form LB56-WWine Excise Tax Return02/10/2012
Form LB58Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Return02/10/2012
Form LB59Alcoholic Beverage Customs Declaration04/03/2013
Form LB91Certificate of Destruction - Wine and Cider07/05/2012
Form LB92Certificate of Destruction - Distilled Spirits07/05/2012
Form LB93Certificate of Destruction - Malt Beverages07/05/2012
Form M112012 Insurance Premium Tax Return and Instructions for Property and Casualty Companies02/04/2013
Form M11AR2012 Fire Insurance Tax (Retaliatory Schedule)12/13/2012
Form M11B2012 Insurance Fees Schedule10/12/2012
Form M11HInsurance Premium Tax Return and Instructions for HMOs10/24/2012
Form M11LInsurance Premium Tax Return and Instructions for Life and Health Companies10/24/2012
Form M11TInsurance Premium Tax Return and Firetown Report for Township Mutual Companies10/24/2012
Form M19Insurance Premium Estimated Tax Payment voucher01/22/2013
Form M1PRProperty Tax Refund12/19/2012
Form M1PRXAmended Property Tax Refund12/19/2012
Form M22Request for Early Audit of Income Tax Return(s) (Revised 7/07)10/09/2009
Form M23Claim for Tax Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer12/30/2010
Form M25Wind Energy Production Report03/25/2013
Form M27HMO Insurance Estimated Tax Payment voucher and instructions02/26/2013
Form M30, M30I2012 Occupation Tax Return03/12/2013
Form M30-G2012 Gross Income03/12/2013
Form M30-NOL2012 Net Operating Loss Deduction03/12/2013
Form M30-P2012 Production Cost Summary08/09/2013
Form M30-RD2012 Credit for Increasing Research Activities03/12/2013
Form MCDP-APMotor Carrier Direct Pay Application06/02/2005
Form MRT1Mortgage Registry Tax11/19/2013
Form MRT1/DT1Mortgage Registration and Deed Tax Monthly Return (for use by Minnesota Counties)06/12/2013
Form MW5Withholding Tax Deposit/Payment Voucher (Revised 2/13)02/12/2013
Form MWRReciprocity Exemption/Affidavit of Residency for Tax Year 201312/17/2012
Form NRLNet Receipts Loss01/23/2013
Form ORG-1Organic Oil Motor Fuel Tax Return03/28/2013
Form PAF-1Alternative Fuels Tax Return03/29/2013
Form PDA-45EEthanol Production Report06/05/2012
Form PDA-46Minnesota Gasoline Tax Return03/28/2013
Form PDA-46ETax-Exempt Sales to U.S. Government of Gasoline Made Within Minnesota03/29/2010
Form PDA-46FSales of Gasoline to U.S. Government from Terminals and Refineries10/12/2009
Form PDA-46HTax-Exempt Bulk Gasoline Sales to Farmers Within Minnesota03/29/2010
Form PDA-46QPetroleum Tax Credits03/29/2013
Form PDA-49Special Fuel Tax Return03/29/2013
Form PDA-49BSpecial Fuel Credits Schedule08/25/2011
Form PDA-49ESpecial Fuel Products Reconciliation08/25/2011
Form PDA-49GBulk Sales of Taxable Dyed Diesel Fuel/Kerosene09/07/2011
Form PDA-49JJet Fuel Subject to Special Fuel Tax08/25/2011
Form PDA-49QSpecial Fuel Qualifying Service Station Adjustment03/29/2013
Form PDA-56Gasoline and Other Fuels Multiple Schedule06/15/2012
Form PDA-78Petroleum Product Reconciliation03/22/2013
Form PDO-100License Application for Distributors and Special Fuel Dealers04/09/2013
Form PDO-101Consent to Extend the Statutory Period for Assessing and Refunding Minnesota Tax03/07/2013
Form PDO-102Petroleum Surety Bond06/05/2012
Form PDO-103Electronic Filing Registration Form10/04/2011
Form PDR-1Minnesota Motor Fuel Claim for Refund06/04/2013
Form PDR-1AVAviation Fuel Tax Claim for Refund03/29/2013
Form PDR-1P2013 Minnesota Motor Vehicle Fuel Report03/28/2013
Form PDR-1PTOPower Take-Off Worksheet05/26/2011
Form PDR-1TTransit and Ambulance Claim for Refund03/29/2013
Form PF-1Propane Fee Return02/22/2012
Form PT-63Property Tax Exemption Application (for Pollution Control)01/28/2013
Form PT-64Property Tax Statement of Exemption (for pollution control)10/28/2013
Form PV29Auto Theft Prevention Surcharge Payment08/29/2013
Form PV30Amended Auto Theft Prevention Surcharge Return Payment09/20/2013
Form PV48Amended Property Tax Refund Payment Voucher03/02/2011
Form PV49Sales and Use Tax Return Payment voucher04/15/2013
Form PV51Firefighter Relief Surcharge Return Payment voucher01/22/2013
Form PV52HMO Insurance Tax Return Payment and Instructions01/02/2013
Form PV53Nonadmitted Insurance for Surplus Lines Brokers Return Payment voucher01/22/2013
Form PV55Fire Safety Surcharge Return Payment Voucher01/22/2013
Form PV57Cigarette Tax Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV58Nonadmitted Insurance for Direct Procured Return Payment Voucher01/02/2013
Form PV59Join Self-Insurance Tax Return Payment (IG263 filers)01/14/2013
Form PV60Tobacco Tax Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV61Lawful Gambling Return Payment Voucher (Revised 12/11)11/30/2011
Form PV62Cigarette Tax Amended Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV63Tobacco Tax Amended Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV64Corporation Amended Return Payment Voucher (Revised 1/13)01/22/2013
Form PV65S Corporation Amended Return Payment Voucher (Revised 12/11)01/04/2012
Form PV70Cigarette Floor Stock Tax Payment Voucher06/17/2013
Form PV73Lawful Gambling Amended Return Payment Voucher (Revised 12/11)11/30/2011
Form PV74Distributor Tax Return Payment Voucher (Revised 12/11)12/01/2011
Form PV75Distributor Tax Amended Return Payment Voucher (Revised 12/11)12/01/2011
Form PV76Distributor Tax Extension Payment Voucher (Revised 12/11)12/01/2011
Form PV77Fermented Malt Beverage Tax Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV78Common Carrier Tax Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV79Distilled Spirits Tax Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV85Wine Tax Return Payment Voucher02/09/2012
Form PV86Estate Tax Extension Payment Voucher (Revised 5/11)06/02/2011
Form PV87Lawful Gambling Extension Payment Voucher (Revised 12/11)11/30/2011
Form REA-1Cooperative Electric Association02/01/2012
Form REV184Power of Attorney (Revised 10/12)12/17/2012
Form REV184aElection for Power of Attorney (Revised 10/12)12/17/2012
Form REV185Authorization to Release Tax Information (Revised 12/10)01/06/2011
Form REV187Authorization to Communicate through Email Transmission (Revised 12/05)02/15/2011
Form SBTSports Bookmaking Tax Return04/20/2004
Schedule A2012 Cost of Pellets Produced03/12/2013
Form SDBOut-of-State Contractor's Bond (Revised 3/12)05/23/2012
Form SDDSurety Deposits for Non-Minnesota Contractors (Revised 2/13)02/21/2013
Form SDEExemption from Surety Deposits for Non-Minnesota Contractors (Revised 6/12)06/12/2012
Form SDRRefund of Surety Deposits for Non-Minnesota Contractors (Revised 5/12)06/05/2012
Form SFIA CovenantSFIA Covenant11/16/2011
Form SMI1Severed Mineral Interest Return12/05/2011
Form ST101Minnesota Business Activity Questionnaire for Determining Sales Tax Nexus10/21/2013
Form ST11Capital Equipment Refund Claim10/21/2013
Form ST11AUDClaim for Tax Paid on Periods Audited for Sales and Use Taxes10/21/2013
Form ST11PSpecial Purchase Refund Claim10/21/2013
Form ST11-PURPurchaser Sales Tax Refund Claim10/21/2013
Form ST11-ULUtilities Sales Tax Refund Claim10/21/2013
Form ST16Application for Nonprofit Exempt Status-Sales Tax09/25/2013
Form ST19Operator Certificate of Compliance10/12/2009
Form ST3Certificate of Exemption11/13/2013
Form ST30Notice of Business Change07/22/2013
Form ST80Direct Selling Company Affidavit04/22/2010
Form SW-1Metropolitan Solid Waste Landfill Fee Monthly Report07/11/2012
Form SW-1ARExemption from Metropolitan Solid Waste Landfill Fee and Solid Waste Management Tax for Residue (Annual Report)04/26/2012
Form SW-1QRExemption from Metropolitan Solid Waste Landfill Fee and Solid Waste Management Tax for Residue (Quarterly Report)08/30/2012
Form UT1Individual Use Tax Return11/14/2013
Form W-4MNMinnesota Employee Withholding Allowance/Exemption Certificate (Revised 1/12)01/31/2012
Worksheet C-Drug2012 Legend Drug Use Tax Return01/02/2013
Worksheet C-Provider2012 Provider, Hospital and Surgical Center Tax Return01/02/2013
Worksheet C-WDD2012 Wholesale Drug Distributor Tax Return01/02/2013
Worksheet E (G1)Lawful Gambling Combined Receipts Tax (Revised 1/13)01/23/2013
Worksheet P2012 MinnesotaCare Pharmacy Refund01/02/2013
Worksheet RC2012 MinnesotaCare Research Credit01/02/2013