MT - Montana Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 10Personal Criminal History Statement08/03/2011
Form 13Noninstitutional Loan or Other Noninstitutional Source of Financing and Noninstitutional Lender Authorization for Examination and Release of Information06/28/2012
Form 37Application to report Death of a Licensee, Divorce Among Licensees, Foreclosure, Gifting Among Licensees and Sale Among Licensees.01/18/2013
Form 39Application for Entity Type Change, Increase of Ownership from less than 10% to over 10% and Transfer of Location. Also need Business Statement.01/17/2013
Form 488 (RTC)Realty Transfer Certificate Important Information about the RTC02/11/2013
Form 911Current Year - For periods beginning on or after July 1, 200708/23/2010
Form AABLCATApplication to Add Catering Endorsement to All-Alcoholic Beverages License02/17/2011
Form AB-10Request for Townhome Classification02/11/2013
Form AB-13Nonproductive, Patented Mining Claim Status Application08/28/2012
Form AB-14Tax Incentive Assessment of Energy Generating Property Application11/02/2005
Form AB-23Residential Appraisal of Property for Taxation Purposes Application04/02/2007
Form AB-25Natural Disaster Application04/23/2012
Form AB-26Request for Informal Assessment Review07/08/2013
Form AB-3Agricultural Classification of Lands Application06/13/2013
Form AB-30PPersonal Property Tax Exemption Application04/24/2012
Form AB-30RReal Property Tax Exemption Application04/24/2012
Form AB-38Pre-1977 Mobile Home Ownership Change Request10/17/2013
Form AB-3AAgricultural Production Record06/19/2012
Form AB-3TForestland Classification Application04/18/2012
Form AB-56AApplication for Tax Exemption and Reduction for the Remodeling, Reconstruction or Expansion of Existing Commercial Buildings or Structures10/19/2012
Form AB-63Notice of Appeal Withdrawal04/16/2013
Form AB-74Gray Water System Application for Tax Abatement04/19/2012
Form AB-8Separate Assessment of Undivided Interest in Mining Claim Property Application08/20/2007
Form AIRPORTPublic Airport All-Beverages License Application08/01/2013
Form All inclusiveTax Year 2014 All Inclusive Personal Property Reporting Form10/04/2013
Form ALTRETAlteration Request Form (Retail Licensees)02/23/2011
Form APLS101FRequest for Informal Review05/18/2011
Form APLS102FNotice of Referral to the Office of Dispute Resolution05/18/2011
Form ARApartment Rental Income and Expense Reporting Form09/19/2013
Form ATLAssumption of Tax Liability04/24/2013
Form AVP-2Application for Vendors Permit07/09/2013
Form BBWL CATApplication to Add Catering Endorsement to On-Premises Beer or Beer/Wine License07/09/2013
Form BENBentonite Production Tax Form for production 201305/23/2013
Form BL-APPApplication to Add Beer to Off-Premises Wine License07/01/2013
Form BusinessTax Year 2014 Business Personal Property Reporting Form10/04/2013
Form CAB-1New or Expanding Industry Classification Application03/04/2008
Form CAB-10Industrial Personal Property Reporting12/06/2012
Form CAB-2Air or Water Pollution Control Equipment Application03/04/2008
Form CAB-4Value-added Manufacturing Machinery Certification Application03/20/2008
Form CAB-8Request for Informal Review for Centrally Assessed Companies10/24/2013
Form Catering LogMonthly Catering Report01/19/2012
Form CGPAssessment of Gross Proceeds of Coal Mines01/02/2007
Form CGR GuideBusiness Tax Guide for Public Contractors Gross Receipts Tax02/11/2010
Form CGR1Contract Award Registration02/11/2010
Form CGR2Gross Receipts Withholding Return02/10/2010
Form CGR3Application for Refund of Property Taxes Paid02/10/2010
Form CGTCement and Gypsum Producers License Tax12/12/2007
Form C-MFG-1Manufacturer Cigarette Tax11/29/2004
Form CONAPPConnoisseurs License Application08/16/2011
Form CR-TTax Certificate Request05/03/2012
Form CSTCoal Severance Tax02/06/2007
Form CT-201Cigarette Tax Decals Order Form11/19/2013
Form CT-203Insignia Refund Application11/29/2004
Form CT-205Cigarette Tax Reconciliation Form (File online using TAP)11/06/2007
Form CT-206Cigarette Tax Exemption Certificate01/10/2005
Form CT-207Exempted Sales Refund Application (File online using TAP)01/10/2005
CTAB Appeal FormOfficial Appeal to County Tax Appeal Board04/20/2009
Form DSEDirect Shipment Endorsement Application09/20/2013
Form EELElectricity and Electrical Energy License Tax Report02/01/2007
Form ERECRenewable Energy Credit Report12/13/2011
Form Farm, Ranch and LivestockTax Year 2014 Farm, Ranch and Livestock Personal Property Reporting Form10/04/2013
Form FBLAForeign Brewer or Beer Importer License Application10/10/2013
Form FIRELTRFire code requirements and information pertinent to fire and life safety requirements for Drinking and Dining Establishments (A and B Occupancies)02/14/2008
Form FloatNoticeFloat Notice10/15/2007
Form 5Montana Alcoholic Beverage/Gambling Operator Combined License Application. Also see Application Guide.01/18/2013
Form FWIRForeign Winery or Importer Registration10/18/2013
Form GenRegRegistration and Application For Permit05/01/2012
Form ICFUFIntermediate Care Facility Utilization Fee04/25/2005
Form INA-CTAffidavit of Inactivity03/23/2012
Form LFTLodging Facility Sales and Use Tax Form and Instructions08/23/2010
Form LIQ-AUTHAuthorization to Disclose Tax Information05/16/2013
Liquor Licensing File/Information RequestLiquor Licensing File/Information Request Form07/10/2009
Form Livestock onlyTax Year 2014 Livestock Only Personal Property Reporting Form10/21/2013
Form LOTAPPLottery Application07/28/2009
Form M-1Secured Party Addition08/16/2011
Form M-2Secured Parties Termination08/16/2011
Form MHMobile Home/RV Park Income and Expense Reporting Form09/19/2013
Form MMGStatement of Gross Proceeds of Metal Mines12/12/2007
Form MMLMetalliferous Mines License Tax03/23/2009
Form MMMMicaceous Mineral Mines License Tax12/12/2007
Form MMNStatement of Net Proceeds of Mines12/12/2007
Form MMN-2Talc Producers Only12/12/2007
Form MMN-3Vermiculite Producers Only12/12/2007
Form MMN-4Garnet Producers Only07/21/2009
Form MMN-5Limestone Producers Only12/12/2007
Form MOMotel Income and Expense Reporting Form09/19/2013
Form MRW-RegRegistration for Mineral Royalty Withholding05/20/2013
Form MUMultiuse Income and Expense Reporting Form09/19/2013
Form MWMini-Warehouse Income and Expense Reporting Form09/19/2013
Form NFBTFee effective July 1, 2006 to present02/15/2007
Form NHNursing Home Income and Expense Reporting Form09/19/2013
Form NON-BTWNon-Profit Arts Organization Beer and Table Wine License Application07/01/2013
Form NonUseNonuse Request02/14/2011
Form Oil and GasTax Year 2014 Oil and Gas Personal Property Reporting Form10/04/2013
Form ON-PREM NOTOn-Premise Notice03/22/2002
Form PasCaPassenger Carrier License Application08/01/2013
Form PIRAPurchase Incentive Rental Agreement Reporting Form05/22/2009
Form Power of Attorney (POA)Authorization to Disclose Tax Information09/05/2013
Form PPB-8 (PTAP)Property Tax Assistance Application09/26/2013
Form PPB-8A (MDV)Montana Disabled Veteran Property Tax Relief Application09/26/2013
Form RAC1Request for Administrative Change06/06/2011
Form Railroad Car Reporting CodesFor use with RCC-2 and RCC-311/19/2012
Form RBWAPPRestaurant Beer/Wine Lottery Application07/07/2009
RCC-1 (with instructions)Railroad Car Company Annual Reporting11/19/2012
RCC-2 (with instructions)Fleet Data - All Cars Owned, Used or Leased11/19/2012
RCC-3 (with instructions)Allocation Data11/19/2012
Form RCC-4Speed Study11/19/2012
Form RIT-1Resource Indemnity Trust Tax - Industrial Mineral Producers02/01/2007
Form RIT-2Resource Indemnity Trust Tax - Garnet, Quicklime, Talc and Vermiculite Producers02/01/2007
Form RIT-3Resource Indemnity Trust Tax - Metal and Gem Producers07/17/2012
Form RIT-4Resource Indemnity Trust Tax - Coal Producers02/01/2007
Form RTERetail Telecommunication Excise Tax10/27/2010
Form RVTSales and Use Tax Return and Instructions08/23/2010
Form RW-1Mineral Royalty Withholding Tax Payment Form04/22/2008
Form RW-3 (2013)2013 Montana Annual Mineral Royalty Withholding Tax Reconciliation11/27/2013
Form Sac WineSacramental Wine Application08/07/2013
Form SFSquare Foot Rental (Office, Retail, Warehouse and Restaurant) Income and Expense Reporting Form09/19/2013
Form SpecPermApplication for Special Permit to Sell Beer/Table Wine07/16/2004
Form SPVetFrMontana Application for Special Permit To Sell Beer and Table Wine04/22/2010
Form SurveyCertified Survey Affidavit07/01/2013
Form TDDTelecommunications Service Fee08/23/2010
Form TECTelecommunication's Service Exemption Certificate (for purchases of telecommunication service for resale by another service provider)02/27/2002
Form TOAAlcoholic Beverage Temporary Operating Authority10/02/2013
Form TP-101Tobacco Product Tax - Other Tobacco Products and Moist Snuff Tax Return04/03/2008
Form TP-103Tobacco Product Tax Credit for Returned Products07/13/2005
Form WETWholesale Energy Transaction Tax12/29/2008
Form WINAMDWine Amendment Application for On-Premises Beer License (File online using TAP)07/09/2013
Form WineSpecMontana Application for Special Permit to Sell Table Wine (Licensed Domestic Winery Only)07/09/2013
Form WL-APPApplication to Add Wine to Off-Premises Beer License07/09/2013