NC - North Carolina Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form B-202AApplication for State Privilege License ( web fill-in)12/20/2012
Form B-203Installment Paper Dealer Tax Return01/20/2012
Form B-205Amusement Gross Receipts Tax Return01/20/2012
Form B-206Bank Privilege Tax Return01/20/2012
Form B-302Publishers of Newsprint Publications Privilege Tax Return08/13/2012
Form B-A-101Monthly Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax Return08/13/2012
Form B-A-101RApplication for Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax Refund for North Carolina Tax-Paid Other Tobacco Products Returned to Manufacturer08/13/2012
Form B-A-105Statement of Inventory for 2009 Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax Increase11/18/2011
Form B-A-111Application to Designate an Integrated Wholesale Dealer by a Manufacturer for Other Tobacco Products02/16/2010
Form B-A-15Cigarette Manufacturer's Gratis Return08/13/2012
Form B-A-18Application for Cigarette Excise Tax Refund for North Carolina Tax-Paid Packs Returned to Manufacturer08/13/2012
Form B-A-19Statement of Basis for Cigarette Excise Tax Refund06/21/2011
Form B-A-2Application for Cigarette Distributor's License and Tobacco Products (Other than Cigarettes) or Update to an Existing Application11/29/2011
Form B-A-20Cigarette Manufacturer's Affidavit02/16/2010
Form B-A-201Other Tobacco Products Manufacturer's Affidavit02/16/2010
Form B-A-28Appointment of Secretary of State for Service of Process05/07/2007
Form B-A-29Tax Bond for Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes05/07/2007
Form B-A-30Tax Bond for Cigarettes05/07/2007
Form B-A-34Tax Liability Bond Increase or Decrease Rider Cigarette Tax05/07/2007
Form B-A-35Tax Liability Bond Increase or Decrease Rider Tobacco Products Other Than Cigarettes05/07/2007
Form B-A-45Statement of Inventory for 2009 Cigarette Excise Tax Increase08/13/2012
B-A-5 Schedule INon-Tax-Paid Cigarettes Shipped, Delivered, or Sold Outside North Carolina11/18/2011
B-A-5 Schedule JCigarettes Returned to Manufacturer11/18/2011
Form B-A-5Monthly Return of Resident Cigarette Distributor08/13/2012
Form B-A-6Monthly Return of Nonresident Cigarette Distributor08/13/2012
Form B-A-7Tobacco Report Tax-Paid Products of Nonparticipating Manufacturers03/23/2011
Form B-A-8Cigarette Use Tax Return08/13/2012
Form B-C-710Beer Wholesalers Excise Tax Return08/13/2012
Form B-C-710MReport of Military Beer Sales05/23/2007
Form B-C-715Beer Shipping Report Nonresident Vendor or Resident Brewery02/28/2011
Form B-C-750Report of Alcoholic Beverages Major Disaster05/23/2007
Form B-C-761Railroad Alcoholic Beverages Tax Return09/10/2009
Form B-C-775Spirituous Liquor Tax Return08/13/2012
Form B-C-784Wine Distributor Excise Tax Return08/14/2012
Form B-C-784MReport of Military Wine Sales05/23/2007
Form B-C-785Registration Form Wine Shipper Permittee05/23/2007
Form B-C-786Wineries and Wine Shipper Permittees Excise Tax Return12/16/2011
Form B-C-790Bond of Resident Beer and/or Wine Wholesaler or Importer05/23/2007
Form B-C-790ATax Liability Increase or Decrease Rider05/23/2007
Form B-C-790CChange of Name Liability Bond Rider05/23/2007
Form CD-310Franchise Tax Return Electric Companies02/13/2013
Form CD-310VElectric and Piped Natural Gas Monthly Tax Remittance02/13/2013
Form CD-312Piped Natural Gas Excise Tax02/13/2013
Form CD-313Quarterly Distribution09/06/2007
Form CD-318Franchise Tax Return Water and Sewer Companies06/27/2007
Form CD-354Primary Forest Products Tax Return06/27/2007
Form E-500EUtility and Liquor Sales and Use Tax Return08/16/2011
Form E-500FMotor Vehicle Lease and Rental Tax Return05/10/2007
Form E-500HWhite Goods Disposal Tax Return05/10/2007
Form E-500KSolid Waste Disposal Tax Return08/13/2008
Form E-500SDry-Cleaning Solvent Tax Return08/22/2007
Form E-502H6.75% Combined State and Local Sales and Use Tax Chart10/04/2006
Form E-502J7% Combined State and Local Sales and Use Tax Chart09/07/2006
Form E-502K7.5% Combined State and Local Sales and Use Tax Chart03/14/2013
Form E-502N7.25% Combined State and Local Sales and Use Tax Chart10/04/2006
Form E-502R2% Food Sales and Use Tax Chart11/28/2012
Form E-505ACNewly Registered Taxpayers03/28/2013
Form E-536Schedule of County Sales and Use Taxes03/28/2013
Form E-536RSchedule of County Sales and Use Taxes for Claims for Refund03/28/2013
Form E-554Consumer Use Tax Return01/09/2013
Form E-555Boat and Aircraft Use Tax Return09/22/2011
Form E-581Interstate Carrier Claim for Refund04/20/2011
Form E-584Business Classification Codes09/16/2008
Form E-585Nonprofit and Governmental Entity Claim for Refund [Example]07/15/2013
Form E-585EState Agency Claim for Refund05/17/2011
Form E-585HWhite Goods Disposal Tax Claim for Refund12/04/2008
Form E-585SIncentive Claim for Refund [instructions]12/11/2013
Form E-588Business Claim for Refund State and County Sales and Use Taxes06/06/2013
Form E-588AIncentive Claim for Refund for Aviation Fuel for Motorsports11/07/2013
Form E-588BIncentive Claim for Refund for Passenger Air Carriers07/15/2013
Form E-588CUtility Company Claim for Refund11/07/2013
Form E-588DIncentive Claim for Refund for Analytical Services Supplies05/17/2011
Form E-588JMachinery, Equipment, and Fuel Tax Claim for Refund12/04/2008
Form E-589BAffidavit to Exempt Contractors From the Third 0.5% Local Government Tax10/10/2002
Form E-589CAffidavit to Exempt Contractors From the Additional 1% Dare County Tax10/18/2005
Form E-589DAffidavit To Exempt Contractors From the 0.25% County Tax02/20/2008
Form E-589EAffidavit to Exempt Contractors From the Additional 1% State Tax08/19/2009
Form E-589FAffidavit to Exempt Contractors From the Additional 0.50% Transit Sales and Use Tax Imposed by Durham or Orange Counties02/25/2013
Form E-592AApplication for State Agency Exemption Number for Sales and Use Taxes12/10/2003
Form E-595AApplication for Direct Pay Permit for Tangible Personal Property03/19/2002
Form E-595BApplication for Direct Pay Permit for Taxes on Telecommunications Service03/15/2002
Form E-595CApplication for Direct Pay Permit for Direct Mail08/07/2003
Form E-595EStreamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption12/07/2009
Form E-595EAApplication for Exemption Number for Qualified Purchases - For use by Farmers, Commercial Fisherman, Commercial Loggers, and Veterinarians to obtain an Exemption Number [frequently asked questions]01/27/2011
Form E-599CPurchaser's Affidavit of Export Certificate01/05/2009
Form Gas 1276International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Return06/11/2012
Form Gas 1276-IInstructions for Completion of International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Return08/29/2013
Form IA-336Freight Car Line Companies02/11/2013
Form IB-13Gross Premium Tax Return01/22/2013
Form IB-14Installment Payment01/18/2012
Form IB-33Gross Premium Tax Return01/22/2013
Form IB-34Installment Payment01/18/2012
Form IB-43Gross Premium Tax Return (rates table) (instructions)01/22/2013
Form IB-44Installment Payment01/18/2012
Form IB-53Gross Premium Tax Return01/22/2013
Form IB-54Installment Payment01/18/2012
Form IB-83Gross Premium Tax Return01/22/2013
Form MB-100Mutual Burial Association Tax Return06/05/2013
Form NC-ACBusiness Address Correction06/03/2008
Form NC-BNOut-of-Business Notification02/15/2002
Form R-1Conveyance Tax Return08/13/2012