NH - New Hampshire Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form A-10Application for Current Use02/26/2014
Form A-5Land Use Change Tax02/26/2014
Form A-5WCurrent Use Land Use Change Tax Collector's Warrant02/26/2014
AU-101 BkltLegacy, Succession and Estates Lists and Reports Booklet11/01/2000
Form AU-101-AList of Heirs-at-Law and Instructions10/31/2000
Form AU-101-BReport of Gifts, Transfers, Joint Tenancies and Trusts10/31/2000
Form AU-101-CTrust Report10/31/2000
Form CD-100Meals and Rentals Request to Update or Change License02/26/2014
Form CD-18Tobacco Tax Credit Bond12/29/2010
Form CD-3Meals and Rentals License02/26/2014
Form CD-39Meals and Rentals Tax Chart03/22/2011
Form DP-143Communications Services Tax Application for Resale02/26/2014
Form DP-144Communications Services Tax Change Request02/26/2014
Form DP-145Legacy and Succession10/31/2000
Form DP-145-ESEstimated Legacy and Succession Tax10/31/2000
Form DP-145-SchASummary of Estate10/31/2000
Form DP-146Non-Resident Personal Property Transfer Transfer Tax10/31/2000
Form DP-146-ESEstimated Non-Resident Personal Property Transfer Transfer Tax12/02/2008
Form DP-147Application for 6-month Extension of Time to file Non-Resident Personal Property Transfer Tax10/31/2000
Form DP-148Application for 6-month Extension to File Legacy and Succession Tax Return10/31/2000
Form DP-2848Power of Attorney01/20/2011
Form DP-4Monthly Report of Taxes and Surcharge Fees Collected on Transfer of Real Property02/26/2014
Form DP-65Credit Claim for Real Estate Transfer Tax Stamps02/26/2014
Form DP-65SCredit Claim for Recording Surcharge Stamps or Indicia02/26/2014
Form ED-02Education Tax Credit Application11/03/2014
Form ED-03Education Tax Credit Donation Receipt10/27/2014
Form ED-04Education Tax Credit Scholarship Receipt11/03/2014
Form ED-05Scholarship Organization Report11/03/2014
Form ED-06Complaint Form10/27/2014
NH-706 BkltNew Hampshire Estate Tax Booklet07/23/2003
Form NH-706New Hampshire Estate Tax Return07/23/2003
Form NH-706-ESEstimated New Hampshire Estate Tax10/31/2000
Form PA-20-EUtility Property Tax List of Pollution Control Exemption07/26/2005
Form PA-28Inventory of Taxable Property01/08/2014
Form PA-29Permanent Application for Property Tax Credit/Exemptions02/26/2014
Form PA-30Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferral Application02/26/2014
Form PA-33Statement of Qualification -01/26/2011
Form PA-35Assessing Official's Response to Exemptions/Tax Credits/Deferral Application02/26/2014
Form PA-36Discretionary Easement Application02/26/2014
Form PA-36ADiscretionary Preservation Easement Application02/26/2014
Form PA-37Discretionary Easement Release02/26/2014
Form PA-37ADiscretionary Easement Preservation Easement Release02/26/2014
Form PA-42Application for Exemption Residence in an Industrial or Commercial Zone07/12/2012
Form PA-47Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive Penalty02/26/2014
Form PA-47WCommunity Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive Penalty Tax Collector's Warrant02/26/2014
Form PA-48Farm Structures & Land Under Farm Structures Assessment Application02/26/2014
Form PA-49Farm Structures & Land Under Farm Structures Assessment Use Change Release02/26/2014
Form PA-49WFarm Structures & Land Under Farm Structures Assessment Use Change Tax Collector's Warrant02/26/2014
Form PA-60Conservation Restriction Assessment Application02/26/2014
Form PA-61Inconsistent Use Penalty on Conservation Restriction Land02/26/2014
Form PA-65Alternate Assessment Election Form Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties04/16/2013
Form PA-9Certification of Yield Taxes Assessed08/21/2012