NM - New Mexico Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form ACD-31015Application for Business Tax Identification Number01/02/2008
Form ACD-31050Application for Nontaxable Transaction Certificates (NTTCs)06/17/2013
Form ACD-31075Business Tax Registration Update05/02/2013
Form ACD-31077Special Contractor's Report for Compensating Tax Credit04/13/2010
Form ACD-31093Title Clearance Request for Manufactured Home08/12/2010
Form ACD-31095Extension of Time to File Protest12/16/1999
Form ACD-31096Tax Clearance Request01/17/2003
Form ACD-31098Nontaxable Transaction Certificate Report05/18/2005
Form ACD-31102Tax Information Authorization06/09/2010
Form ASD-22238Application for Resident Business Form06/29/2012
Form ASD-22240Application for Resident Contractor Form06/29/2012
Form ASD-22242Application for Resident Veteran Business Form07/03/2012
Form CAB-01Application for Registration12/08/2009
Form CAB-02Property Summary12/17/1999
Form CAB-03County Property Summary12/17/1999
Form CAB-04Real Estate, Buildings and Improvement report12/17/1999
Form CAB-05Personal Property Report12/17/1999
Form CAB-06Construction Work In Progress12/17/1999
Form CAB-07Application for Agricultural Usage12/17/1999
Form CAB-08Leased or Rented Real and Personal Property12/17/1999
Form CAB-A1 pg 01Aircraft Values allocated to NM Airports12/17/1999
Form CAB-A1 pg 02Determination of Property Value of Commercial Aircraft12/17/1999
Form CAB-AWS1 pg 01Commercial Aircraft Worksheet01/10/1910
Form CAB-AWS1 pg 02Commercial Aircraft Worksheet12/17/1999
Form CAB-C1Construction Equipment Allocation/Distribution12/17/1999
Form CAB-D1Well Drilling Rig Property Valuation Schedule01/10/1910
Form CAB-D2Drilling Equipment and Allocation12/17/1999
Form CAB-E1Miles of Transmission and Distribution Lines02/04/2000
Form CAB-E2Utility Plant Summary02/04/2000
Form CAB-M1Mineral Property Valuation Schedule02/04/2000
Form CAB-M2Mineral Production Summary02/08/2000
Form CAB-M3Potash Assessment Schedule02/08/2000
Form CAB-M4Affidavit for Non-Mineral Classification02/08/2000
Form CAB-M5Special reporting Method05/11/2010
Form CAB-P1Gas Meter Valuation Schedule02/08/2000
Form CAB-P2N02/08/2000
Form CAB-P2RPipeline Valuation Schedule02/04/2000
Form CAB-P2UPipeline Valuation Schedule12/16/2009
Form CAB-P3RPipeline and Gas Utility Plant Valuation Schedule02/08/2000
Form CAB-R1Correlation of Railroad Values02/04/2000
Form CAB-R10Misc Physical Railroad Property02/04/2000
Form CAB-R2Railroad Capitalization Rate02/08/2000
Form CAB-R3Railroad Stock and Debt Valuation02/08/2000
Form CAB-R4Railroad Cost Approach02/08/2000
Form CAB-R5Allocation of Railroad Operating Property02/04/2000
Form CAB-R6Legal Description of Rail Road Real estate and Improvements included in Operating Property02/08/2000
Form CAB-R7Schedule of Railroad Operating Debt02/04/2000
Form CAB-R9New Mexico Non-Operating Railroad Property02/04/2000
Form CAB-T1Telephone Plant Distribution Schedule02/08/2000
Form CAB-T10Economic Obsolesance - Telephone Cooperative only02/04/2000
Form CAB-T2Correlation of Telephone Values02/08/2000
Form CAB-T3Telephone Data from F.C.C. Report02/08/2000
Form CAB-T4Telephone Stock and Debt Valuation02/08/2000
Form CAB-T5Telephone Cost Approach02/04/2000
Form CAB-T6Distribution of Value - Net Telephone Plant02/04/2000
Form CAB-T7Schedule of Long Term Debt02/04/2000
Form CAB-T8Leased and Rented Property02/04/2000
Form CAB-T9Misc Physical Property02/04/2000
CRS-1 (Long Form)CRS-1 Combined Report (Long Form) For More Than 3 Business Locations, Codes or Lines of Detail04/06/2011
CRS-1 (Short Form)CRS-1 Combined Report (Short Form) For 3 or Fewer Business Locations, Codes or Lines of Detail04/06/2011
Form CRS-1CRS-1 Combined Report (Short Form) For 3 or Fewer Business03/30/2011
Form CRS-1(Filers Kit)CRS-1 Filers Kit January - June 201412/10/2013
Form January 2013 Tax Rate TableJanuary - June 2013 Gross Receipts Tax Rate Table11/09/2012
Form ListGasoline Distributors and Special Fuels Suppliers List01/24/2013
Form NOTICE2013 Local Liquor Excise Tax Rate Change06/26/2013
Form PTD-0001Disclosure Affidavit07/27/2005
Form PTD-00662011 65 and Older or Disabled11/16/2010
Form PTD-51019Affordable Housing Form02/04/2009
Form PTD-51021Statement of Adjusted Value02/04/2009
Form Rates2014 Gross Receipts Tax Rate Schedule January to June11/13/2013
Form RPD-41038Application for Registration of Coal Contracts09/27/2010
Form RPD-41054Workers' Compensation Fee08/12/2010
Form RPD-41071Application for Refund08/02/2012
Form RPD-41072Annual Summary of Withholding Tax for CRS-1 Filers09/25/2012
Form RPD-41086Report of Severance Tax - Coal06/24/2013
Form RPD-41096Extension of Time to File11/29/2011
Form RPD-41107Special Fuel Supplier/Gasoline Distributor Tax Bond04/27/2000
Form RPD-41108Workers' Compensation Fee (Instructions)08/12/2010
Form RPD-41109Water Conservation Fee Returns04/14/2011
Form RPD-41114Enhanced 911 Services Surcharge Return04/14/2011
Form RPD-41116Telecommunications Relay Service Surcharge Return04/14/2011
Form RPD-41120Coal/Uranium Conservation Tax Report07/23/2010
Form RPD-41129Liquor Excise Tax Return09/10/2013
Form RPD-41131Oil & Gas Taxes Summary Report01/13/2005
Form RPD-41132Oil & Gas Taxes Detail Report01/13/2005
Form RPD-41134Oil and Gas Taxes Summary Report12/12/2007
Form RPD-41135Oil and Gas Taxes Detail Report01/10/2008
Form RPD-41136Application for TaxRefund12/08/2008
Form RPD-41137Registration Update12/28/2006
Form RPD-41138Extension of Time to File01/13/2005
Form RPD-41146Motor Vehicle Excise (MVET) and Leased Vehicle Gross Receipts Tax (LVGRT) Annual Reconciliation Report01/28/2009
Form RPD-41158Purchase Order Form New Mexico Cigarette Stamps06/04/2010
Form RPD-41160Indian Intergovernmental Tax Credit Informational Return01/13/2005
Form RPD-41161PUN Informational Request01/13/2005
Form RPD-41162Account Notices Outline12/28/2006
Form RPD-41163Enhanced Oil Recovery01/13/2005
Form RPD-41164Alternative Fuels Excise Tax Return03/30/2011
Form RPD-41167Application for Investment Credit11/14/2011
Form RPD-41168Application for Investment Credit, Schedule A12/10/2012
Form RPD-41170Production Restoration Project Application01/13/2005
Form RPD-41171Well Workover Project Application01/13/2005
Form RPD-41173Application for Aviation Gas TaxRefund03/15/2002
Form RPD-41183Report of Cigarette Sales in New Mexico Counties & Municipalities05/11/2010
Form RPD-41188Non-participating Manufacturer Brand Cigarettes Distributed or Sold05/11/2010
Form RPD-41191Railroad Car Company Tax Report03/03/2011
Form RPD-41192Tobacco Products Tax Return04/14/2011
Form RPD-41193Resources Excise Tax Report09/20/2000
Form RPD-41200Unclaimed Property Report, Holder's Filing Kit09/07/2012
Form RPD-41201New Mexico Report of Unclaimed Property09/20/2011
Form RPD-41202List of Owners of Unclaimed Property03/25/2011
Form RPD-41203List of Owners of Unclaimed Stocks and Other Securities03/24/2011
Form RPD-41204List of Unclaimed Contents of Safe Deposit Boxes or Other Safekeeping Repositories03/24/2011
Form RPD-41205Holder's Negative Report03/24/2011
Form RPD-41206Holder's Request for Reimbursement03/24/2011
Form RPD-41209Gaming Operator Tax Return03/30/2011
Form RPD-41210Gaming MFG and Distributor Tax Return03/30/2011
Form RPD-41211Application for Refund of Cigarette Tax06/25/2009
Form RPD-41212Investment Credit Claim Form11/14/2011
Form RPD-41213Report of Severance Tax10/25/2000
Form RPD-41214Report of Severance Tax Potash09/20/2000
Form RPD-41215Report of Severance Tax Uranium09/20/2000
Form RPD-41216Report of Severance Tax Molybdenum09/20/2000
Form RPD-41217Report of Severance Tax Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold & Silver09/20/2000
Form RPD-41218Registration for Special Tax Programs02/06/2008
Form RPD-41226Registration for Special Fuel TaxRefund03/15/2002
Form RPD-41227Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit Claim Form10/11/2012
Form RPD-41238Application for Rural Job Tax Credit07/26/2013
Form RPD-41239Application for Technology Jobs Tax Credit06/08/2012
Form RPD-41243Rural Job Tax Credit Claim Form07/12/2013
Form RPD-41244Technology Jobs Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41246Income Tax Credit for Electronic Card Reader12/18/2001
Form RPD-41247Certificate of Eligibility for the Rural Job Tax Credit07/26/2013
Form RPD-41271Declaration of Residency - Film Production Tax Credit02/09/2010
Form RPD-41278Cigarette Stamp Inventory Tax Return06/04/2010
Form RPD-41279Job Mentorship Tax Credit Certificate Request Form07/21/2010
Form RPD-41281Job Mentorship Tax Credit Claim Form12/15/2011
Form RPD-41282Land Conservation Incentives Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41283Annual Summary of Oil and Gas Proceeds Withholding Tax12/20/2011
Form RPD-41284Quarterly Oil and Gas Proceeds Withholding Tax Return09/04/2012
Form RPD-41285Annual Statement of Withholding of Oil and Gas Proceeds10/05/2010
Form RPD-41288Application for High-Wage Jobs Tax Credit09/10/2013
Form RPD-41290High-Wage Jobs Tax Credit Claim Form12/12/2011
Form RPD-41295Application for New Mexico Retail Food Store Certification03/11/2005
Form RPD-41296Report on Sales or Use of Fuel Specially Prepared and Sold For Use in TurboProp or Jet-Type Engines04/12/2011
Form RPD-41298Research and Development Small Business Tax Credit12/13/2011
Form RPD-41299Gross Receipts Tax Holiday Claim Form07/15/2005
Form RPD-41300Services for Resale Tax Credit Claim Form02/11/2011
Form RPD-41301Affordable Housing Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41305Declaration of Services Purchased for Resale08/29/2005
Form RPD-41306 ASchedule of Gasoline and Ethanol Blended Fuel Sales Delivered into Municipalities or Counties by Final Destination Point02/29/2012
Form RPD-41306 BSchedule of Receipts07/21/2010
Form RPD-41306 CSchedule of Disbursements09/14/2010
Form RPD-41306-p1CombinedFuel Tax Report for Distributors, Suppliers and Wholesalers05/03/2013
Form RPD-41306-p2CombinedFuel Tax Report for Distributors, Suppliers and Wholesalers05/03/2013
Form RPD-41307Rack Operator Report03/08/2012
Form RPD-41307aRack Operator Schedule of Disbursements03/09/2012
Form RPD-41308 (A)Fuel Retailer Schedule of Gasoline Purchases06/09/2010
Form RPD-41308 (B)Fuel Retailer Schedule of Special Fuel Purchases06/09/2010
Form RPD-41308Fuel Retailer report06/09/2011
Form RPD-41310Application for Cigarette Distributor's or Manufacturer's License06/25/2009
Form RPD-41311Cigarette Manufacturer's Monthly Report05/11/2010
Form RPD-41315Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Inventory Report07/30/2010
Form RPD-41318Application for Refund of Tobacco Products Tax08/25/2011
Form RPD-41319Agricultural Water Conservation Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41321Biodiesel Blending Facility Tax Credit Claim Form08/06/2013
Form RPD-41322Application for Blended Biodiesel Fuel Tax Credit02/11/2011
Form RPD-41323Gross Receipts Tax Credit For Certain Unpaid Doctor Services06/07/2011
Form RPD-41324Gross Receipts Tax Credit For Certain Hospitals02/11/2011
Form RPD-41325Laboratory with Small Business Tax Credit12/15/2011
Form RPD-41330Application for Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax Credit02/02/2012
Form RPD-41331Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax Credit Claim Form06/21/2011
Form RPD-41333Application for Advanced Energy Tax Credit02/02/2012
Form RPD-41334Advanced Energy Tax Credit Claim Form07/02/2013
Form RPD-41335Application for Land Conservation Incentives Credit06/28/2013
Form RPD-41336Notice of Transfer of Land Conservation Incentives Tax Credit06/28/2013
Form RPD-41339Biodiesel Blending Facility Tax Credit Approval Request Form02/11/2011
Form RPD-41340Blended Biodiesel Fuel Tax Credit Claim Form06/28/2013
Form RPD-41341Solar Energy Systems Tax Deduction07/31/2007
Form RPD-41343Claim for Abandoned Property Disclosure of Agreement to Locate Property05/06/2009
Form RPD-41344Native American Veterans Income Tax Settlement Fund Claim Form07/21/2010
Form RPD-41345New Mexico Bingo and Raffle Tax Return (For report periods ending after July 1, 2009)06/20/2011
Form RPD-41347Application for Designation as a Qualified Intermediary02/08/2011
Form RPD-41348Military Spouse Withholding Tax Exemption Statement06/10/2010
Form RPD-41349Advanced Energy Deduction Report02/02/2012
Form RPD-41350E-File Exception Request Form09/04/2012
Form RPD-41352County Gaming Tax Credit Claim Form02/09/2011
Form RPD-41359Annual Statement of Pass-through Entity Withholding02/03/2012
Form RPD-41364Notice of Distribution of Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax Credit06/21/2011
Form RPD-41374 (2013)2013 Annual Report of Non-Resident Remittees Holding an Agreement to Pay Tax on Oil and Gas Proceeds09/10/2013
Form RPD-41377Manufacturers Agreement to Pay Gross Receipts Tax on Behalf of a Utility Company for Certain Utility Sales12/31/2012
Form RPD-41378Application for Type 11 or 12 Nontaxable Transaction Certificates05/22/2013
Form TRD-31109Employer's Quarterly Wage, Withholding and Workers' Compensation Fee Report01/17/2012