OR - Oregon Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 150-102-043Long-term Enterprise Zone Facilities Credit01/05/2011
Form 150-102-046Reservation Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Worksheet10/26/2010
Form 150-105-001Application for Distributor's License01/25/2010
Form 150-105-002Application for Deferred Payment of Cigarette Tax01/25/2010
Form 150-105-003Cigarette TaxBOND01/25/2010
Form 150-206-005Employee's Substitute Wage and Tax Statement (Substitute W-206/08/2004
Form 150-206-029Electronic Funds Transfer: Combined Employer ACH Debit Authorization Agreement and Application, EFT TelePay Worksheet, and Instructions02/23/2010
Form 150-206-030Electronic Funds Transfer: Combined Employer ACH Credit Authorization Agreement and Application and Instructions,02/23/2010
Form 150-206-552New and NoteworthyImportant Information about Combined Payroll Taxes05/08/2012
Form 150-211-054Registration ReportWithholding on IRAs, Annuities, and Compensation Plans03/08/2012
Form 150-211-055Combined Employer's Registration09/04/2012
Form 150-211-155-22012 Oregon Combined Payroll Tax Report02/25/2011
Form 150-211-156Combined Payroll Tax Business Change in Status Form02/16/2012
Form 150-211-159Business Contact Change FormTo update contact and address information; and/or to stop or start working in a transit area05/11/2012
Form 150-301-014Multiple County Property Return Extension Request Form12/16/2011
Form 150-301-015Property Return Extension Request09/25/2008
Form 150-302-114Private Railcar Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-115Class One Railroad Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-116Shortline Railroad Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-117Large Water Transportation Companies10/20/2011
Form 150-302-118Small Water Transportation Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-119Energy Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-120City of Los Angeles11/28/2011
Form 150-302-121Regulated Electric Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-122Public Utility Districts11/28/2011
Form 150-302-123Small Electric Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-124Natural Gas Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-125Gas Pipeline Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-126Oil Pipeline Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-127Air Transportation Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-128Exempt Telephone Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-129Electric Cooperatives11/28/2011
Form 150-302-131Large Communications Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-132Mobile Radio Companies11/28/2011
Form 150-302-133Small Communications Companies10/20/2011
Form 150-303-005County Disclosure Form/Certificate of Confidentiality09/22/2010
Form 150-303-008Request for Computation of Payment in Lieu of Taxes01/12/2012
Form 150-303-029Oregon Enterprise Zone Authorization Application11/04/2010
Form 150-303-043Application to Include Additional Non-Exclusive Farm Use Zoned Land to an Existing Farm Use Parcel01/23/2007
Form 150-303-065Oregon Department of Revenue Stipulation03/31/2011
Form 150-303-066Petition for Waiver of Late Filing Penalty05/20/2008
Form 150-303-075Request for Supervisory Review Use to request a review of the assessment of your property05/02/2012
Form 150-303-076Request for Hardship Review04/30/2012
Form 150-303-079Application for Property Tax Relief by a Nonprofit Home for the Elderly12/13/2011
Form 150-303-082Oregon Enterprise Zone Authorization Approval10/05/2010
Form 150-303-083Application for Wildlife Habitat Conservation and Management Special Assessment03/09/2004
Form 150-303-084Oregon Active Military Service Members Exemption Claim12/13/2011
Form 150-303-085Food Processor's Exemption Claim09/30/2012
Form 150-303-086Disabled Veteran or Surviving Spouse Exemption Claim12/08/2011
Form 150-303-087Application for Conservation Easement Special Assessment12/20/2007
Form 150-303-089Certification for Continued Qualification of Conservation Easement Special Assessment01/20/2011
Form 150-309-024Application for Designation of Land as Forestland02/04/2011
Form 150-310-013Application for Water Association Exemption06/10/2011
Form 150-310-020Application for Cancellation of Assessment on Commercial Facilities Under Construction02/02/2010
Form 150-310-021Application for Construction-in-Process Enterprise Zone Exemption,10/05/2010
Form 150-310-026Environmentally Sensitive Logging Equipment Qualifications11/04/2010
Form 150-310-059Pollution Control Facilities Exemption12/18/2007
Form 150-310-073Certification Application: Long-Term Rural Oregon Tax Incentive10/05/2010
Form 150-310-075Oregon Enterprise Zone Exemption Claim02/03/2012
Form 150-310-076Oregon Enterprise Zone Property Schedule10/05/2010
Form 150-310-078Application for Nonprofit Student Housing Exemption01/21/2011
Form 150-310-079Application for Protection by Rural Fire Protection District04/17/2006
Form 150-310-083Application for Proration of Property Taxes Due to Damage by Fire or Act of God, Application for Reassessment of Values Due to Fire or Act of God01/09/2008
Form 150-310-084Application for Reassessment of Destroyed or Damaged Property12/17/2007
Form 150-310-085Application for Real and Personal Property Tax Exemption For Property Leased by an Exempt Body to Another Exempt Body02/10/2012
Form 150-310-086Application for Reduction of Maximum Assessed Value of Demolished or Removed Buildings12/13/2010
Form 150-310-087Application for Real and Personal Property Tax Exemption For Lease or Lease-Purchase Property Owned by a Taxable Owner and Leased to an Exempt Public Body, Institution, or Organization01/13/2012
Form 150-310-088Application for Real and Personal Property Tax Exemption Property Owned by Specified Institutions and Organizations01/13/2012
Form 150-310-089Application for Property Tax Exemption For Rural Health Care Facility09/21/2001
Form 150-310-090Multi-unit Rental Housing Special Assessment Application and Election Form06/18/2008
Form 150-310-091Nonprofit Housing and Care to Elderly (Application for Funded Property Tax Exemption)10/26/2010
Form 150-310-092Application for Correction of Maximum Assessed Value Due to Error in Square Footage12/07/2011
Form 150-310-103Statement of Rental Income by Farm Labor Camp and/or Day Care Center12/18/2007
Form 150-310-106Application for Special Assessment of Open Space Land12/18/2007
Form 150-310-108Application for Exemption of Farm Labor Camp and/or Day Care Center12/18/2007
Form 150-310-114Application for Property Tax ExemptionRiparian Lands12/18/2007
Form 150-338-002Request for Training Credit07/28/2011
Form 150-338-008Request for Waiver of Training Credit06/29/2007
Form 150-390-001Application for Small Tract Forestland02/04/2011
Form 150-504-056School District Boundary Change01/19/2007
Form 150-504-073Forms and Instructions for Municipal Corporations12/07/2011
Form 150-504-073-1Notice of Budget Committee Meeting12/05/2011
Form 150-504-073-6Resolution12/08/2011
Form 150-504-073-8Notice of Supplemental Budget Hearing12/08/2011
Form 150-504-075Forms and Instructions for Education Districts06/06/2012
Form 150-504-075-1Notice of Budget Committee Meeting12/08/2011
Form 150-504-075-5Resolution12/08/2011
Form 150-504-075-7Notice of Supplemental Budget Hearing12/08/2011
Form 150-504-076Forms and Instructions for Urban Renewal Agencies12/07/2011
Form 150-504-076-1Notice of Budget Committee Meeting12/08/2011
Form 150-504-076-4Resolution12/08/2011
Form 150-504-076-6Notice of Supplemental Budget Hearing12/08/2011
Form 150-553-004Confidential Personal Property Return09/29/2011
Form 150-602-022Collection account assignment form09/21/2000
Form 150-603-001-1Emergency Communications Tax Returns for1st Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-603-001-2Emergency Communications Tax Returns for2nd Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-603-001-3Emergency Communications Tax Returns for3rd Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-603-001-4Emergency Communications Tax Returns for4th Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-603-002Emergency Communications Tax Registration Form03/30/2011
Form 150-604-001State of Oregon Lodging Tax Registration Form02/10/2012
Form 150-604-002-1State of Oregon Lodging Tax Registration Form 1st Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-604-002-2State of Oregon Lodging Tax Registration Form 2nd Quarter04/03/2012
Form 150-604-002-3State of Oregon Lodging Tax Registration Form 3rd Quarter04/03/2012
Form 150-604-002-4State of Oregon Lodging Tax Registration Form 4th Quarter04/03/2012
Form 150-605-003Application for Permit for Transportation of Untaxed Tobacco Products09/05/2012
Form 150-608-001Petroleum Load Fee Registration Form03/30/2011
Form 150-608-002-1State of Oregon Petroleum Load Fee Returns 1st Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-608-002-2State of Oregon Petroleum Load Fee Returns 2nd Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-608-002-3State of Oregon Petroleum Load Fee Returns 3rd Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-608-002-4State of Oregon Petroleum Load Fee Returns 4th Quarter03/30/2012
Form 150-608-003Export Exemption Certificate02/02/2007
Form 150-608-004Split Load Statement02/02/2007
Form 150-702-001Data transfer request for OAA program06/12/2007
Form 150-800-005Tax Information Authorization and Power of Attorney for Representation04/05/2012
Form 150-800-065Assessor Eligibility Questionnaire07/30/2007
Form 132AMENDED Report06/15/2012
Form 201 (FP)Forest Products Harvest Tax Instructions for Form 201 (FP)07/27/2010
FORM 2553Tax Authorization Representative02/17/2006
Form 2578Family Corporate Officer Exclusion Reques01/03/2011
Form 390 (WO) and Form 391 (EO)Small Tract Forestland Severance Tax Instructions for Form 390 (WO) and Form 391 (EO)07/27/2010
Form 510Oregon Cigarette Tax Stamp Order Form04/20/2012
Form 511Oregon Out-of-State Cigarette Distributor Quarterly Reconciliation Report11/09/2011
Form 511-In-StateOregon In-State Cigarette Distributor Quarterly Reconciliation Report11/09/2011
Form 512Oregon Monthly Tax Report for Nonexempt Cigarettes11/09/2011
Form 514Oregon Cigarette Consumer's Monthly Tax Report11/15/2011
Form 530Oregon Quarterly Tax Return for Tobacco Distributors11/09/2011
Form 531Oregon Quarterly Tax Return for Consumer's Tobacco Products11/15/2011
Form 532Oregon Quarterly Tax Return for Manufacturers Distributing Nonexempt Tobacco Products11/15/2011
Form CC-1Notice of Budget Hearing06/06/2012
Form ED-1Notice of Budget Hearing06/06/2012
Form ED-50Notice of Property Tax and Certification of Intent to Impose a Tax, Fee, Assessment or Charge on Property for Education Districts12/08/2011
Form LB-1Notice of Budget Hearing12/06/2011
Form LB-10Special Fund Resources and Requirements01/20/2010
Form LB-11Reserve Fund Resources and Requirements01/20/2010
Form LB-20Resources01/15/2010
Form LB-30Expenditure Summary04/03/2012
Form LB-31Detailed Expenditures05/26/2011
Form LB-35Bonded Debt Resources and Requirements04/17/2012
Form LB-36Debt Service Fund Supplement01/26/2010
Form LB-40Personnel Services Summary04/03/2012
Form LB-50Notice of Property Tax and Certification of Intent to Impose a Tax, Fee, Assessment or Charge on Property12/08/2011
Form LTDLane Transit District Self-Employment Tax11/09/2011
Form LTD-VTransit Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher11/16/2011
Form OQ/OA AmendedAMENDED Report06/15/2012
Form OQ-InstAMENDED Report Instuctions04/22/2011
Form PAOregon Professional Athletic Team Annual Reconciliation Tax Report03/08/2012
Form TMTriMet Self-Employment Tax11/16/2011
Form TM-Vransit Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher11/16/2011
Form TSE-APTransit Self-Employment Tax Apportionment Worksheet11/29/2011
Form UR-1Notice of Budget Hearing12/08/2011
Form UR-50Notice to Assessor12/08/2011
Form WAOregon Agricultural Annual Withholding Tax Return04/04/2012
Form WROregon Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation Report12/29/2010
Schedule 1Tobacco Products Tax11/16/2011
Schedule 2Moist Snuff (Definition A) Tax on Units at or Below Floor11/16/2011
Schedule 3Moist Snuff (Definition A) Tax on Units Above Floor11/16/2011
Schedule 4Moist Snuff (Definition B) Tax on Units at or Below Floor11/16/2011
Schedule 5Moist Snuff (Definition B) Tax on Units Above Floor11/16/2011
Schedule 6Cigar Tax on Cigars Subject to Cap11/16/2011
Schedule 7Cigar Tax on Cigars Below Cap11/16/2011
Schedule AReport of Cigarettes Received11/17/2011
Schedule BAMENDED Report06/15/2012
Schedule CTax Exempt Cigarette Distribution Report11/17/2011
SSN Correction FormSSN Correction Form10/07/2010