PA - Pennsylvania Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form ACT_2-ACT_184_SGOC_AMENDMENTSAct 2 and Act 184 Small Games of Chance Amendments01/04/2013
Form ACT_52_2013Pari-Mutuel Wagering Tax Imposed on Corporations (Entities) Not Licensed Under The Race Horse Industry Reform Act - Act 52 of 201310/07/2013
Form ACT45_SUMMARYBuilding Machinery and Equipment - Summary Act 45 of 1998 Website.doc01/29/2010
Form CLR_FACTOR_CURRENTCurrent Realty Transfer Tax Common Level Ratio Real Estate Valuation Factors06/26/2013
Form CLR_FACTOR_HISTORICALHistorical Common Level Ratio Real Estate Valuation Factors by County09/27/2013
Form COMPREHENSIVE_ANALYSISHB 2330, PN 4272 Summary01/29/2010
Form CONSTRUCTION_CONTRACTORSAct 45 - Contractors' Purchases for Exempt Entities (For Guidance Only)01/29/2010
Form CT_AUDIT_MANUALPart I- General Auditing Provisions02/01/2010
Form DAD-47Account Information Input/Mailing Standards - User's Guide (DAD 47)01/29/2010
Form DAS-100Cigarette Tax Bulletin 03-16 (DAS-100)01/29/2010
Form DAS-101Cigarette Tax Bulletin 02-09 - All Inactive Cigarette Dealer Licenses (DAS-101)01/29/2010
Form DAS-103Cigarette Tax Bulletin 03-15 (DAS-103)01/29/2010
Form DAS-115Application For Fire-Save Certification of Cigarette Manufacturer (DAS-115)01/29/2010
Form DAS-116Application For Fire-Safe Certification of Cigarette Manufacturer - Brands Addendum (DAS-116)01/29/2010
Form DAS-117Instructions For Fire-Safe Certification of Cigarette Manufacturer Application (DAS-117)01/29/2010
Form DAS-28RVehicle Rental Tax Annual Reconciliation (DAS-28R)06/17/2013
Form DAS-29Resident Stamp Affixing Agency Monthly Report of Cigarettes and Cigarette Tax Stamps REV-1030 Instructions (DAS-29)01/08/2013
Form DAS-31Pari-mutuel Admissions Tax Return (DAS-31)10/04/2013
Form DAS-32Pari-mutuel Wagering Tax Return (DAS-32)10/04/2013
Form DAS-34Schedule 'C' -- Cigarettes Sold to Tax Exempt Organizations During Month (DAS-34)01/11/2011
Form DAS-95Licensed Cigarette Stamping Agent (CSA) Reporting Schedule for Cigarette Sales in Pennsylvania of Non-Participating Cigarette Manufacturer (NPM) Brands (DAS-95)01/29/2010
Form DAS-98Cigarette Tax Bulletin 01-03 -- December 2001 (DAS-98)01/29/2010
Form DAU-23Brochure - Computer-Assisted Auditing (DAU-23)01/29/2010
Form DAU-4Career Opportunities with the Bureau of Audits (DAU-4)11/15/2012
Form DBA-06Assignment of Rights - Sales/Use Tax Refund (DBA-06)01/29/2010
Form DBA-10Board of Appeals - Request for Compromise11/16/2011
Form DBA-8Joint Election For Refund of Sales Tax Attributable To Bad Debt (DBA-8)01/29/2010
Form DCI-2Cigarette Tax Law Enforcement - Criminal Tax01/29/2010
Form DDMMS_FACT_SHEETDigital Document Management Services - Fact Sheet05/05/2011
Form DMF-1Credit Card Sales (Dealer Sales) To Exempt Entities--Bulletin #77-1and 87-2 (DMF-1)01/29/2010
Form DMF-1012013 Alternative Fuels Tax Report (DMF-101)01/29/2013
Form DMF-105BROCHURE - International Fuel Tax Agreement - Recordkeeping Requirements and Disposition of Decals (DMF-105)08/08/2012
Form DMF-26Monthly Carrier's Report of Liquid Fuel and Fuels Delivered (DMF-26)08/20/2013
Form DMF-26AMonthly Carriers Report of Liquid Fuels and Fuels Delivered Schedule (DMF-26A)08/19/2013
Form DMF-33Letter -- 2008-2009 Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Renewal Application and Bond (DMF-33)01/29/2010
Form DMF-33ALetter -- Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Renewal Application for a Kerosene Dealer (DMF-33A)01/29/2010
Form DMF-45Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Statement of Policy (DMF-45)01/29/2010
Form DMF-65Policy Statement--Sales to Exempt Entities by Registered Distributors and Non-licensed Motor Fuel Dealers (DMF-65)01/29/2010
Form DMF-73Important Notice -- Changes to Pennsylvania's Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Truck Refrigeration Reimbursement Program for Tax Paid on Undyed Diesel and Undyed Kerosene (DMF-73)01/29/2010
Form DMF-74Important Notice - Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Reimbursement Claims on Fuel Consumed in Certain Power Take-Off Operations Relating to Agriculture Use-of Feed, Feed-Products, Lime and Limestone (DMF-74)01/29/2010
Form DMF-75PA Motor Fuels Tax Reimbursement Claim for Power Take-Off Equipment; Agricultural Use of Feed, Feed Products, Lime and Limestone Products (DMF-75)01/04/2013
Form DMF-76Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Record-Keeping Requirements (DMF-76)01/29/2010
Form DMF-77Alternative Fuels Tax Report - Use For Years: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2003 (DMF-77)01/29/2010
Form DMF-80Reimbursement Request for Motor Fuel Taxes Paid on Sales to Government/Exempt Entities (DMF-80)01/04/2013
Form DMF-86Motor Carrier Road Tax Commonly Asked Questions (DMF-86)03/08/2013
Form DMF-892006 Alternative Fuels Tax Report (DMF-89)01/29/2010
Form DMF-90IFTA and PA MCRT Renewal Notice (PA Only) (DMF-90)08/27/2013
Form DMF-912007 Alternative Fuels Tax Report (DMF-91)01/29/2010
Form DMF-942008 Alternative Fuels Tax Report (DMF-94)01/29/2010
Form DMF-95Internaltional Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Amendments01/28/2010
Form DMF-98Changes in Disposition of IFTA Decals01/28/2010
Form DPO-60Don't Be Misled - You May Owe PA Cigarette Tax (DPO-60)01/29/2010
Form DPO-61You May Owe PA Cigarette Tax (DPO-61)01/29/2010
Form DPO-75FLYER: Do You Owe Use Tax? (DPO-75)03/02/2012
Form DYED_FUEL_WAIVERNotice - Pennsylvania Waives Diesel Fuel Penalty Due To Hurricane Sandy11/09/2012
Form E911_NOTICEE-911 Surcharge - Notice of Tax Change for 201102/24/2011
Form EMERGENCY_EXPORT_LICENSE_NOTICEUPDATED - Notice of Special Emergency Exporter's License for Delivery of Fuel to Disaster Areas11/07/2012
Form FACT_SHEET_DYED_FUEL_REPORTINGThe Proper Reporting of Dyed Fuel Sales & The Use of Dyed Fuel During a Proclaimed Emergency11/27/2012
Form HOTEL_TAX_MATRIXHotel Tax Matrix01/29/2010
Form IFTA_NOTICE_02-15-08IFTA - Notice to Commissioners (02-15-2008)01/29/2010
Form IFTA_TEMPORARY_WAIVEROrder in Accordance with the Governor's Proclamation of Disaster Emergency - IFTA Temporary Waiver11/05/2012
Form IFTA-100IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Report (IFTA-100)09/03/2013
Form IFTA-101IFTA - Quarterly Fuel Tax Schedule (IFTA-101)07/31/2012
Form IFTA101-IInstructions for Completing IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Schedule (IFTA-101-I)08/19/2013
Form IFTA-200AMotor Carriers Road Tax/IFTA New Account Registration Application (IFTA-200A)01/29/2013
Form IFTA-200SIMotor Carrier Road Tax MCRT & IFTA Supplemental Decal Request08/28/2013
Form IFTA-300Individual Vehilce Mileage Records (IFTA-300)01/29/2010
Form IFTA-400_QUARTER11st Quarter 2013 Fuel Tax Rates (MCRT/IFTA) (IFTA-400)03/12/2013
Form IFTA-400_QUARTER22nd Quarter 2013 Fuel Tax Rates (MCRT/IFTA) (IFTA-400)06/12/2013
Form IFTA-400_QUARTER3OverView09/16/2013
IS_PACKETInnocent Spouse Election Packet01/29/2010
Form LIFE_ESTATE_REMAINDER_CHARTLife Estate Remainder Chart06/11/2013
Form MFT_CLASS1-5Listing of Distributors of Liquid Fuels and Fuels (MFT class 1-5)12/19/2013
Form MFT_CLASS6-7Listing of Distributors of Liquid Fuels and Fuels (MFT class 6+)12/19/2013
Form MOTOR_FUEL_TRANSPORTERS_PERMITSPermitted List of PA Fuel Transporters11/18/2013
Form NIZ_LOCAL_CERT2012 NIZ Local Tax Certification03/01/2013
Form NIZ_PROGRAM_RECONCILIATION_RECORDNIZ Program Reconciliation Record11/09/2012
Form NIZ_STATE_CERT2012 NIZ State Tax Certification03/01/2013
Form PA_IFTAIFTA Audit Manual02/01/2010
Form PA_LFFTLiquid Fuels Tax Audit Manual02/01/2010
Form PA-1Use Tax Return and Instructions (PA-1)02/04/2010
Form PA-100PA Enterprise Registration Form and Instructions03/31/2010
Form PA-12508Non-Requesting Spouse Information Request for Innocent Spouse Review (PA-12508)04/11/2013
Form PA-4RPublic Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes and Fees Return (PA-4R)03/26/2012
Form PA-5RVehicle Rental Tax Return (PA-5R)01/29/2010
Form PA-8379Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation (PA-8379)01/29/2010
Form PA-971Innocent Spouse Relief from Joint Liability01/29/2010
Form PACT_ACT_INFOPrevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act Information02/02/2011
Form PA-KOZPSSchedule P-S KOZ (PA P-SKOZ)12/18/2012
Form PA-KOZPSISchedule KOZ Supplemental Instructions (PA KOZ PSI)03/17/2005
Form PARI-MUTUEL_FAQPari-mutuel FAQ's11/01/2013
Form PHILA_ALLEGHENY_CO._TOWN_MASTERAllegheny County Town Master01/29/2010
Form RCT-101KOZKeystone Opportunity Zone/Strategic Development Area -- Calculation of Tax Credit (CT-1, RCT-101) (RCT-101 KOZ)01/17/2013
Form RCT-132-RCT-143KOZKeystone Opportunity Zone/Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone -- Exemption Schedule Preparation For Tax Reporting (RCT-132/RCT-143) (RCT-132/RCT-143 KOZ)01/17/2013
Form REG_PRONOUNCEMENT_STATUS_RPTRegulation-Pronouncement Status Report -- Third Quarter 201007/01/2010
Form REV-1014Distributor's Monthly Report - Malt Beverage Purchased Sold and Withdrawn Inventories (REV-1014)05/10/2012
Form REV-1018Malt and Brewed Beverage Bond (REV-1018)01/29/2010
Form REV-1019Registered Distributor's Receipt Schedule (REV-1019)06/18/2013
Form REV-1020Registered Distributor's Disbursement Schedule (REV-1020)06/18/2013
Form REV-1026Information Concerning Motor Carriers Road Tax and IFTA (REV-1026)08/19/2013
Form REV-1026AInformation Concerning Motor Carriers Road Tax (For carriers operating only in PA) (REV-1026A)06/18/2013
Form REV-1031Schedule B - Cigarettes Received (REV-1031)01/29/2010
Form REV-1032Schedule D - Cigarettes Sold Into PA (REV-1032)09/30/2010
Form REV-1032-ASchedule 'D' -- Little Cigars Sold Into PA (REV-1032-A)01/29/2010
Form REV-1033Resident Cigarette Stamping Agency Reporting of Out-Of-State Cigarette Sales (REV-1033)01/16/2013
Form REV-1033-ASchedule D -- Little Cigars Sold Outside PA (REV-1032 A)01/16/2013
REV-1036-INSTRUCTIONSNonresident Stamp Affixing Agency Monthly Report of Cigarettes and Cigarette Tax Stamps Instructions for REV-103609/27/2011
Form REV-1042Cigarette Tax Exemption Certificate (REV-1042)01/29/2010
Form REV-1047Schedule 'F' - Monthly Reports of Cigarettes and Cigarette Tax Stamps (REV-1047)01/29/2010
Form REV-1048Schedule A-1 Cigarettes Received From Manufacturer During Month (rev-1048)01/29/2010
Form REV-1048ASchedule 1A - Little Cigars Received From Manufacturer During Month (rev-1048a)01/29/2010
Form REV-1052Manufacturer's & Bonded Importer's Monthly Report of Taxable Malt Beverage Sold to Distributors and/or Customers for Resale in PA (REV-1052)05/20/2011
Form REV-1053Schedule A - Malt Beverage Sales to Distributors or Customers in PA (REV-1053)05/20/2011
Form REV-1054Schedule B - Malt Beverage Sales to Distributors or Customers Outside of PA (REV-1054)05/20/2011
Form REV-1055Schedule C -- Malt Beverage Purchased from Manufacturers Outside Pennsylvania (REV-1055)05/20/2011
Form REV-1075Bond Cigarette Stamping Agency (REV-1075)01/29/2010
Form REV-1076Procedures For Securing A Bulk Sales Clearance Certificate (REV-1076)01/29/2010
Form REV-1096ALiquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Return (REV-1096a)04/03/2013
Form REV-1096BLiquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Report - Receipts and Disbursements Summary (REV-1096B)02/07/2013
Form REV-1096IInstructions for Completing Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Reports (REV-1096I)01/24/2013
Form REV-1111Brochure - A Guide for Pennsylvania Cigarette Licensees (REV-1111)07/19/2013
Form REV-1140Little Cigars Shipping Report - Weight of Little Cigars Shipped Into PA (REV-1140)11/16/2010
Form REV-1141Cigarette Dealer Floor Tax Return (REV-1141)01/29/2010
Form REV-1142Unstampable Little Cigar Return (REV-1142)02/07/2013
Form REV-1144Schedule L - Unstampable Little Cigars cigarette tax little cigars (REV-1144)02/06/2013
Form REV-1163Monthly Pact Act Report (REV-1163)05/18/2012
Form REV-1164Monthly PACT Act Report Tobacco Sales Report (REV-1164)03/15/2012
Form REV-1176eTIDES Administrative Access Change Request Form12/21/2011
Form REV-1185Neighborhood Improvement Zone Program - Supplemental Worksheet for Corporations (REV-1185)11/16/2011
Form REV-11862012 Neighborhood Improvement Zone Program Tax Report (REV-1186)01/14/2013
Form REV-11932012 Neighborhood Improvement Zone Program Construction Contractor Tax Report (REV-1193)01/03/2013
Form REV-1220Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate (REV-1220)06/18/2009
Form REV-1338Application for Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Permit (REV-1338)03/11/2013
Form REV-1338ALiquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Locations Listing (REV-1338A)03/11/2013
Form REV-142Cigarette Stamping Agent Floor Tax Return (REV-142)01/29/2010
Form REV-1611Interest Rate and Calculation Method For All Taxes Due After Jan. 1, 1982 (REV-1611)01/17/2013
Form REV-1612Interest Rate and Calculation Method For Motor Carriers Road Tax/IFTA Due after Jan. 1, 1982 (REV-1612)07/08/2013
Form REV-1651Application For Refund PA Realty Transfer Tax (REV-1651)06/18/2009
Form REV-1705RTax Account Information Change/Correction Form11/16/2011
Form REV-1706Business/Account Cancellation Form06/21/2010
Form REV-1728Realty Transfer Tax Declaration of Acquisition (REV-1728)06/18/2009
Form REV-1729Tax Information for Farmers (REV-1729)02/11/2013
Form REV-1748Brochure - Use Tax For Individuals (REV-1748)11/23/2011
Form REV-1752Eligible Organization Games of Chance Application (REV-1752)01/18/2013
Form REV-1753Application for Small Games of Chance (REV-1753)01/29/2010
Form REV-1799ATime Limitations on Filing Petitions for Appeal (REV-1799A)10/19/2012
Form REV-181Application for Tax Clearance Certificate (REV-181)12/19/2013
Form REV-181-IInstructions For Securing a Tax Clearance Certificate To File With the PA Department of State (REV-181-I)01/29/2010
Form REV-183Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value (REV-183)05/27/2010
Form REV-203DBusiness Activities Questionaire (REV-203D)12/06/2011
Form REV-221Sales and Use Tax Rates (REV-221)01/29/2010
Form REV-227PA Sales and Use Tax Credit Chart (REV-227)08/08/2012
Form REV-23BROCHURE - Practices and Procedures of the Board of Appeals (REV-23)10/18/2012
Form REV-238Out of Existence/Withdrawal Affidavit09/26/2013
Form REV-251Tax Bulletin 53B/53F (REV-251)09/26/2005
Form REV-252Tax Bulletin 53C/53E (REV-252)09/26/2005
Form REV-253Tax Bulletin 53D (REV-253)09/26/2005
Form REV-260Board of Finance and Revenue Petition Form (REV-260)09/12/2000
Form REV-28Cigarette Vending Machine Location Listing (REV-28)01/29/2010
Form REV-3302Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program03/08/2013
Form REV-331AAuthorization Agreement for Electronic Tax Payments03/05/2013
Form REV-336WEBApplication for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and/or Boat Title with Instructions (REV-336)01/14/2011
Form REV-39Sales & Use Tax Appeal Schedule (REV-39)01/29/2010
Form REV-443PA International Fuel Tax Agreement and Motor Carriers Road Tax Compliance Manual (REV-443)01/29/2010
Form REV-460Time Limitations on the Filing of Petitons For Refund (REV-460)10/19/2012
Form REV-467Authorization for Release of Tax Records (REV-467)09/26/2012
Form REV-484Statement of Financial Condition for Businesses07/05/2013
Form REV-484AInstructions For Completing Collection Information Statement for Businesses (REV-484)07/05/2013
Form REV-488Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals09/10/2013
Form REV-488AInstructions for Completing Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals (REV-488A)09/10/2013
Form REV-527BROCHURE - Office of Taxpayers' Rights Advocate (REV-527)11/29/2011
Form REV-543PA Distributor's Guide to License Classifications (REV-543)08/09/2013
Form REV-551Dyed Diesel Fuel Inpection Notice (REV-551)08/19/2013
Form REV-554Disclosure Statement: Taxpayers' Rights and Obligations of the PA Department of Revenue (REV-554)12/03/2013
Form REV-556Taxpayer Request for Assistance (REV-556)04/11/2013
Form REV-563Responsible Party Information Form (REV-563)07/11/2011
Form REV-564Application for PA Fuel Transporters Permit (REV-564)12/19/2013
Form REV-568Assignment of Rights to Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax Reimbursements (REV-568)05/21/2013
Form REV-585Brochure - Pennsylvania Sales and Use Tax (REV-585)11/23/2011
Form REV-588Starting a Business in Pennsylvania - A Beginner's Guide12/14/2012
Form REV-610Brochure - Voluntary Disclosure Program (REV-610)03/22/2012
Form REV-618Brochure - PA Realty Transfer Tax and New Home Construction (REV-618)09/14/2010
Form REV-65Board of Appeals Petition Form (REV-65)04/03/2013
Form REV-655License to Resell Amusement Tickets (REV-655)03/31/2011
Form REV-656Application License to Resell Amusement Tickets (REV-656)03/22/2011
Form REV-657Bond License to Resell Amusement Tickets (REV-657)03/25/2011
Form REV-658Instructions Resale Amusement Ticket Law (REV-658)01/29/2010
Form REV-672Brochure - Keystone Opportunity Zones (REV-672)03/24/2010
Form REV-677Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (REV-677)08/16/2012
Form REV-692Authorization to Honor Drafts/Automated Clearing House Debits for Deferred Payment Plans (REV-692)07/09/2013
Form REV-717Retailers' Information Guide (REV-717)02/15/2013
Form REV-72Application For Sales Tax Exemption (REV-72)04/06/2012
Form REV-7402013 Wagering Tax Return for Corps (Entities) Not Licensed Under The Race Horse Industry Reform Act (REV-740)me/it/rena
Form REV-748Brochure - Electronic Services for PA Businessesme/it/rena
Form REV-765Keystone Opportunity Zone/Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone Instruction Booklet (REV-765)04/08/2013
Form REV-778Brochure - PA Tax Obligations for Out-of-State Vendors (REV-778)01/09/2012
Form REV-779Cigarette Dealer Floor Tax Return (REV-779)01/29/2010
Form REV-791Consumer Cigarette Use/Excise Tax Return for Cigarettes After Jan. 7, 2004 through Oct. 31, 2009 (REV-791)07/11/2011
Form REV-793Consumer Cigarette Use/Excise Tax Return For Cigarettes and/or Little Cigars Purchased on or After Nov. 1, 2009 (REV-793)07/11/2011
Form REV-8192014 PA Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax Returns and E-911 Tax Returns, Tax Periods and Administrative Due Dates (REV-819)09/13/2013
Form REV-832Aircraft Sales and Use Tax Return (REV-832)01/29/2010
Form REV-881Request for County Officers' Forms (REV-881 Fill In)01/29/2010
Form REV-915PA Small Games of Chance Game Approval Form (REV-915)01/29/2010
Form REV-935Use Tax For Businesses Brochure (REV-935)11/23/2011
Form REV-9543% Rate Table For Calculation of the Motor Vehicle Lease Additional Tax (REV-954)01/29/2010
Form REV-956Institution of Purely Public Charity Renewal Affidavit (REV-956)01/29/2010
Form REV-958Use Tax Voluntary Compliance Programs - Questions and Answers (REV-958)04/21/2011
Form REVENUE_CODE_CHP_91Revenue Code - Chp 91. Realty Transfer Tax05/18/2010
Form RSL-400PA Lottery Economic and Benefit Impact Report By County (RSL-400)01/04/2013
SCHEDULE_KOZ2011 PA Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) Credit (Schedule KOZ)12/18/2012
Form SGOC_DISTRIBUTOR_LISTINGSmall Games of Chance - Distributors List12/05/2013
Form SGOC_EXAMPLESSmall Games of Chance: Basic Guidance on what is Legal versus Illegal02/15/2013
Form SGOC_MANUFACTURERS_LISTINGSmall Games of Chance Manufacturers List12/10/2013
Form SGOC_OVERVIEWSmall Games of Chance Overview02/11/2013
Form SUT_AUDIT_MANUALSales and Use Tax Audit Manual06/12/2012
Form SUT_FILING_FREQ_CHANGE_NOTICENotification of Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax Change, Effective Oct. 1, 201208/31/2012
Form SUT-TAXABILITY_DENTAL_SUPPLIESSales and Use Tax - Taxability of Dental Supplies List.xls11/15/2013
Form SUT-TAXABILITY_MEDICAL-SURGICAL_SUPPLIESSales and Use Tax - Taxablility of Medical & Surgical Supplies.xls11/15/2013
Form SUT-TAXABILITY_MUSHROOM_FARMINGSales and Use Taxability for Mushroom Farming01/29/2010