RI - Rhode Island Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 71$1.00 Wireless Surcharge Form08/14/2007
Form 72$1.00 Wireline Surcharge Form08/14/2007
Form 73$0.26 Wireless Surcharge Form08/14/2007
Form 74Education Access Fund Charges Form08/14/2007
Form ABF 1Alcoholic Beverage Import Service Fee Return05/14/2009
Form ABT 2Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Tax Return09/30/1999
Form Affidavit - Gift of MVAffidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle06/11/2002
Form Affidavit - Regular RegAffidavit - Regular Registration of Demonstrators by Motor Vehicle Dealer06/12/2000
Form BARSales and Withholding Tax Registration Form09/22/2010
Form BCT-1Beverage Container Tax08/07/2012
Form BD-1Biodiesel Manufacturer Tax Report04/15/2010
Form Biodiesel PermitApplication for Biodiesel Permit03/18/2010
Form CDR-1-2012Cigarette Dealer's License Renewal Application - 2011-201201/28/2011
Form CDR-1-2013Cigarette Dealer's License Renewal Application - 2012-201301/31/2012
Form Contractor's ExemptionContractor's Exempt Purchase Certificate03/07/2011
Form C-REF-SUClaim for Refund - S/U Tax on Casual Purchase of Motor Vehicle09/27/1999
Form CRPMonthly Report of Resident Cigarette Rolling Paper Distributors04/09/2010
Form CRP-2012Monthly Report of Resident Cigarette Rolling Paper Distributors - Effective July 1, 201206/20/2012
Form CRP-NRMonthly Report of Non Resident Cigarette Rolling Paper Distributors04/09/2010
Form CRP-NR-2012Monthly Report of Non Resident Cigarette Rolling Paper Distributors - Effective July 1, 201206/20/2012
Form Dealer Floor2012 Dealer Floor Stock Return - Due July 10, 201206/19/2012
Form Distributor Floor2012 Distributor Floor Stock Return - Due July 10, 201206/19/2012
Form EPRF-1Environmental Protection Regulatory Fee Quarterly Return09/28/1999
Form Exemp - Hazardous WasteExemption Certificate - Hazardous Waste06/12/2000
Form Exemp - Pollution TreatmentExemption Certificate - Pollution Treatment Equipment and Supplies06/12/2000
Form Exemption - Artistic WksApplication for Sales Tax Exemption for Artistic Works06/13/2012
Form Exemption - exempt OrgApplication for Exemption for Exempt Organization from S/U Tax10/17/2007
Form Exemption - FishermenCommercial Fishermen Exemption Certificate04/14/2003
Form Exemption - GSAExemption certification for US and RI Government purchases07/23/2010
Form Exemption - STRMLNEStreamlined Sales and Use Tax - Exemption Certificate01/15/2010
Form Exemption -FarmApplication for Certificate of Exemption for Farm Equipment03/13/2002
Form Exemption- ManufManufacturer's Exemption Certificate01/16/2008
Form Exemption -R - DResearch and Development Exemption Certificate05/30/2000
Form Exemption-InterstateAffidavit of Truck, Trailer or Bus in Interstate Commerce09/14/2012
Form AMPApplication for Materialman to Remit Sales Tax Under Pay when paid Method03/06/2012
Form HOMMonthly Hotel Tax Return09/23/2011
Form HTDT ExemptionHard-to-Dispose Material Tax Exemption Certificate06/13/2012
Form HTDT-2Application for Permit to Collect Hard-to-Dispose Material Tax06/13/2012
Form HTDT-3Hard-to-Dispose Tax Return (Wholesale)03/29/2012
Form HTDT-4Hard-to-Dispose Tax Return (Retail)09/27/1999
Form HTDT-5Claim for Refund of Hard-to-Dispose Material Tax02/29/1996
Form HTDT-6Hard-to-Dispose Material Consumer's Tax Return02/29/1996
Form IFTA Decal InventoryInternational Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Decal Inventory Form01/03/2012
Form IFTA Decal ReqInternational Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Additional Decal Requisition02/27/2008
Form IFTA ManualInternational Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Manual04/10/2009
Form IFTA-1International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) License Application01/06/2012
Form Litter Application 2012Application for Litter Control Participation Permit - 201207/08/2011
Form Litter Application 2013Application for Litter Control Participation Permit - 201307/25/2012
Form Marine DieselMarine Diesel Purchase Certificate06/12/2000
Form MFT-1Motor Fuel Distributor Tax Report08/04/2009
Form Motor Fuel Distributor ApplicationApplication for Distributor Registration Certificate10/19/2011
Form Motor Fuel Distributor BondMotor Fuel Distributor Bond Form and Instructions09/21/2010
Form Motor Fuel Exporter ApplicationApplication for Export Permit Certificate09/29/2011
Motor Fuel Exporter Bond InstMotor Fuel Exporter Bond Instructions09/16/2011
Form Motor Fuel Exporter BondMotor Fuel Exporter Bond Form and Application09/16/2011
Form MTMMonthly Meals and Beverage Tax Return09/23/2011
Form MTQQuarterly Meals and Beverage Tax Return09/23/2011
Form Permit Change of AddressChange of Name or Address Form03/25/2008
Form Permit Final ReturnFinal Return Form02/09/2010
Form Permit RenewalRetail Sales Permit Renewal Application - July 1, 2012 - June 30, 201301/09/2012
Form PWT Opt-outPrepaid Wireless Telecommunications Charge - Opt-out Form07/02/2010
Form PWTMPrepaid Wireless Telecommunications Charge - Monthly09/23/2011
Form PWTQPrepaid Wireless Telecommunications Charge - Quarterly09/23/2011
Form Quarterly ApplicationApplication for Permission to File Sales/Use Tax Return Quarterly02/29/1996
Form RECTReal Estate Conveyance Tax Table - June 200206/18/2002
Form Refund ApplicationClaim for Refund - Sales/Use Tax11/18/2011
Form Resale Cert.(Wholesale)Resale Certificate - Wholesale01/17/2012
Form Resale CertificateResale Certificate09/09/2008
Form Sales Tax Rate Table7% Tax Rate09/28/2012
Form Sales Tax Rate Table-ClothingItems of Clothing Costing Over $25009/27/2012
Form Sales Tax Rate Table-TaxiTaxicab Services09/28/2012
Form SP-1Promoter's Application for Permit04/05/2010
Form SP-3Monthly Report of Show Promoter03/04/2010
Form Streamlined ReturnTax Return for Streamlined Sales Tax Sellers04/23/2009
Form T-11Requisition for Cigarette Tax Stamps06/13/2012
Form T-11-2012Requisition for Cigarette Tax Stamps - Effective July 1, 201206/13/2012
Form T-11-ARequisition for Cigarette Rolling Paper Stamps06/12/2012
Form T-11-A-2012Requisition for Cigarette Rolling Paper Stamps - Effective July 1, 201206/12/2012
Form T-12Motor Fuel Special Distribution Tax Report08/04/2009
Form T-152Application for Cigarette Dealer's License09/27/1999
Form T-154Application for Cigarette Dealer's License (Vending Machines)02/29/1996
Form T-17Monthly Report for Resident Cigarette Distributor04/09/2010
Form T-17-2012Monthly Report for Resident Cigarette Distributor - Effective July 1, 201206/20/2012
Form T-18Monthly Report for Non-Resident Cigarette Distributor04/09/2010
Form T-18-2012Monthly Report for Non-Resident Cigarette Distributor - Effective July 1, 201206/20/2012
Form T-204 Annual RecSales/Use Tax Return - Annual Reconciliation Form for ALL Filers09/21/2011
Form T-204MMonthly Sales/Use Tax Return for Sales/Use, Cigarette Retailers and Motor Vehicle Dealer Sales09/23/2011
Form T-204QQuarterly Sales/Use Tax Return for Sales/Use, Cigarette Retailers and Motor Vehicle Dealer Sales09/23/2011
Form T-205Consumer's Use Tax Return06/01/2000
Form T205CCombined Cigarette Excise and Sales/Use Tax05/12/2009
Form T205C-2012Combined Cigarette Excise and Sales/Use Tax - Effective July 1, 201206/20/2012
Form T-205SPrepayment of Sales Tax on Cigarettes07/26/2005
Form T-29Application for Refund of Cigarette Tax08/09/2012
Form T-59Claim for Refund of Motor Fuel Tax09/27/1999
Form T-NPMLicensed Distributor Reporting Form on Sales by Non-participating Manufacturers03/30/2012
Form Tobacco-DistTobacco Products Distributors License Application01/20/2010
Form Tobacco-TaxReturnTobacco Products Tax Return04/03/2009
Form UORF-1Uniform Oil Response and Prevention Fee Monthly Return09/11/2002