SC - South Carolina Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form ABL-10Notice of Application10/08/2012
Form ABL-107AApplication for Registration of Brands/Wholesalers of Alcoholic Liquors10/06/2010
Form ABL-107-A-BPackage for Producer of Alcoholic Liquor10/08/2014
Form ABL-20Beer, Wine and Liquor Protest Form06/27/2013
Form ABL-29Application for Business Local Option Permit02/21/2014
Form ABL-30Application for Food Service Establishment Beer and Wine Permit12/19/2012
Form ABL-32Approved Newspapers for Legal Advertisements01/27/2014
Form ABL-500-569Package for Beer and Wine Producer03/06/2014
Form ABL-501Application for Deceased Licensee and/or Permitee07/31/2008
Form ABL-565Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Renewal Form03/06/2014
Form ABL-566Computer Request Form10/22/2008
Form ABL-569Beer and Wine Producers Authorization of Wholesalers and Brands)10/22/2014
Form ABL-571Out of State Wine Shippers License12/17/2014
Form ABL-576Application to be Approved as the Newspaper Most Likely to Give Notice to Interested Citizens in a Specific City or County07/31/2008
Form ABL-62Affidavit for Nonprofit Private Club Renewal and Application05/05/2011
Form ABL-900Applications for Special Event Beer, Wine, and/or Liquor12/17/2014
Form ABL-901Application Package for Retail Beer, Wine and Liquor and Instructions10/30/2014
Form ABL-902Application for In-State Brewery, Winery, Liquor Manufacturer, Beer/Wine and/or Liquor Wholesaler03/06/2014
Form ABL-903Application for Food Manufacturer12/17/2014
Form ABL-904Application for Special Bakery License12/17/2014
Form ABL-907Alcohol Beverage Licensing Keg Registration Form10/26/2007
Form ABL-908Alcohol Beverage Licensing Request for Receipt of Keg Identification Tags10/10/2008
Form ABL-919Limited Liability Corporation Supplemental Information Form02/29/2012
Form ABL-920Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States - Applicant and Principals06/13/2013
Form ABL-921Application for Liquor Producer Warehouse License01/27/2014
Form ABL-934Failure to File Affirmation and Acknowledgement Form11/19/2008
Form ABL-946Consent and Waiver Form01/28/2014
Form ABL-946RConsent and Waiver Revocation12/05/2013
Form ABL-956Affidavit Waiving Distance Requirement07/25/2014
Form ABL-957Purchase of Alcoholic Liquor Affidavit09/12/2014
Form C-245Application For Appeal02/20/2014
Form C-268Certificate Of Tax Compliance Request Form11/07/2012
Form C-278Account Closing Form10/09/2009
Form C-2872014 Telecommunications Annual Report11/13/2013
Form C-530Request for Penalty Waiver03/31/2014
Form D-128Registration Application for Electronic Funds Transfer09/27/2013
Form D-137Registration Application EFT/EDIme/it/rena
Form D-155Motor Fuel EDI Registration Application01/27/2012
Form 112Solid Waste Excise Tax Question and Answer Information Guide09/23/2010
Form FS-102Installment Payment Application and Electronic Funds Withdrawal Form01/02/2014
Form FS-92Bingo Card Refund Request10/22/2010
Form FS-92 CBingo Card Refund Request-Class C10/22/2010
Form L-2057Application for Bingo Promoter's License10/15/2009
Form L-2058Application for Bingo License Nonprofit organization06/04/2009
Form L-2060Application for a Class D Bingo License10/02/2008
Form L-2066Bingo Revenue Bond10/15/2008
Form L-2080State Motor Fuel Bond08/11/2010
Form L-2087Application for Refund or User Fee Paid on Motor Fuel Diesel, Gasoline, LP) Used in Trucking Equipment as Authorized by Section 12-28-71010/15/2014
Form L-2098Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Monthly Return01/09/2015
Form L-2099Schedule 15-A Terminal Operator Schedule of Receipts09/16/2011
Form L-2100Schedule 15-B Terminal Operator Schedule of Disbursement10/10/2011
Form L-2101Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Annual Return and Instructions10/16/2014
Form L-2102Supplier Schedule of State Diversion Corrections and Instructions10/27/2011
Form L-2103Supplier Schedule of Terminal Rack Removals and Instructions10/27/2011
Form L-2104Bonded Importer Schedule of Disbursement09/08/2011
Form L-2105Motor Fuel Bonded Importers Monthly Return and Instructions03/19/2012
Form L-2106Bonded Importer Schedule of Receipts09/08/2011
Form L-2107Motor Fuel Occasional Importers Monthly Return and Instructions11/17/2011
Form L-2108Occasional Importer Schedule of Receipts08/10/2011
Form L-2109Diversion / Payment Voucher and Instructions07/21/2011
Form L-2110Motor Fuel Tankwagon Importers Monthly Return and Instructions01/23/2012
Form L-2111Tankwagon Importer Schedule of Receipts01/23/2012
Form L-2113Exporter Schedule of Exports to the State of /Schedule Type 7-A01/06/2014
Form L-2114Fuel Vendors Annual Return and Instructions10/01/2014
Form L-2115Fuel Blender Return and Instructions07/07/2011
Form L-2116Occasional Importer Schedule of Disbursements10/05/2011
Form L-2117Tare Allowance Refund Application02/04/2009
Form L-2118Eligible Purchaser Schedule of Motor Fuel Purchases and Instructions01/25/2008
Form L-2119Motor Fuel Suppliers Monthly User Fee and Fee Calculation and Instructions12/31/2014
Form L-2120Tankwagon Importer Schedule of Disbursements01/23/2012
Form L-2122Supplier Schedule of User Fee-Paid Receipts11/17/2011
Form L-2123Miscellaneous Motor Fuel Monthly Return and Instructions12/13/2013
Form L-2128Application for License to Manufacture or Distribute Bingo Game Cards05/22/2009
Form L-2129Amended Motor Fuel Calculation Page and Instructions09/16/2004
Form L-2130Motor Fuel Schedule of Amendments and Instructions01/08/2009
Form L-2131Motor Fuel Refund Gasoline Used for Aviation Purposes and Instructions12/19/2007
Form L-2133Motor Fuel Refund Application and Instructions10/13/2014
Form L-2140Motor Fuel Refund Registration12/21/2007
Form L-2147Fair Bingo Return07/09/2007
Form L-2168Application for License to Manufacture Electronic Bingo Tickets12/30/2008
Form L-2170Supplier 10 Day Notification09/18/2008
Form L-2176Motor Fuel Transporter Monthly Return01/07/2015
Form L-2191Motor Fuel Manufacturer License Application Biodiesel/Substitute Fuels12/19/2007
Form L-2195Motor Fuel Manufacturers Monthly Return03/13/2012
Form L-3003Bingo Lawful Presence09/29/2008
Form L-3016Bingo Complaint Form05/19/2009
Form L-3022Import Payment Voucher07/08/2011
Form L-303Information Return for Refund Gasoline Used in Farm Operations07/22/2010
Form L-304Application for Farm Gasoline Fee Refund10/01/2014
Form L-325Application for Motor Fuel User Fee Refund on Diesel Fuel Used in Non-Highway Equipment and Instructions12/18/2007
Form PT-100Business Personal Property Return06/14/2012
Form PT-139Water and Sewer Companies Property Tax Return08/30/2012
Form PT-300 ASchedule A - Manufacturing or Mining01/31/2013
Form PT-300 BSchedule B - Non-Contiguous Manufacturing01/07/2013
Form PT-300 CSchedule C - Research and Development01/07/2013
Form PT-300 DSchedule D - Corporate Headquarters Corporate Office Facility Distribution Facility01/07/2013
Form PT-300 ESchedule E - Leased Utility01/07/2013
Form PT-300 FSchedule F - Leased Transportation for Hire01/07/2013
Form PT-300 SSchedule S - Fee in Lieu of Tax01/07/2013
Form PT-300 TSchedule T - Non-Manufacturing Fee in Lieu of Tax01/07/2013
Form PT-300 XSchedule X - Improvement Schedule01/07/2013
Form PT-300 ZSchedule Z - Lease Schedule01/07/2013
Form PT-300Property Tax Return -201412/19/2012
Form PT-310Property Assessment Notice11/01/2013
Form PT-401Application for Exemption02/19/2013
Form PT-417Carline Company Annual Report01/10/2014
Form PT-418Airline Company Annual Report03/25/2009
Form PT-420Utility and Railroad Companies08/30/2012
Form PT-427Distribution Information for Utility Companies06/01/2010
Form PT-429Distribution Information for Rural Telephone Companies11/30/2012
Form PT-433Cable Television Company Property Tax Return08/30/2012
Form PT-441Motor Carriers Property Tax Return06/12/2014
Form PT-442Application for Motor Carrier Property Tax11/29/2007
Form PT-443Fee In Lieu of Property Tax Initial Report Form03/12/2008
Form PT-444Manufacturers Exemptions Extended To Unrelated Purchaser02/26/2009
Form PT-455Appeal for Real Property Assessment/County Assessor12/27/2007
Form PT-465Warehousing & Wholesale Distruibution Facilities of Manufacturers11/02/2011
Form RD-9Bingo Financial Quarterly Report06/22/2011
Form SC2848Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative08/16/2012
Form SC4506Request for Copy of Tax Form11/22/2013
Form SC8822Change of Address/Business Location12/12/2013
Form SC8857Request for Innocent Spouse Relief10/10/2013
Form ST-10Application for Certificate08/31/2009
Form ST-10CApplication for Exemption Instructions09/29/2011
Form ST-10GApplication for Exemption for Federal Government Contract08/18/2008
Form ST-14Claim for Refund12/16/2013
Form ST-178Nonresident Military Tax Exemption Certificate09/04/2008
Form ST-236Casual or Use Excise Tax Return07/24/2014
Form ST-299Affidavit for Delivery of Tangible Personal Property to the Purchaser in a State Other Than South Carolina10/11/2010
Form ST-3State Sales and Use Tax Return 6%07/24/2014
Form ST-382Affidavit to Limit to Three Hundred Dollars $300.00, the Maximum Sales/Use of Musical Instruments and Office Equipment to Religious Organizations06/02/2014
Form ST-385Affidavit for Intent To License Motor Vehicle, Trailer, Semitrailer or Pole Trailer Purchased in SC in Purchaser's State of Residence07/22/2008
Form ST-387Application for Sales Tax Exemption under Code Section 12-36-2120(41), 'Exempt Organizations'08/12/2011
Form ST-388State Sales, Use and Accommodations Tax Return07/09/2014
Form ST-389 ALocal Option Addendum05/13/2013
Form ST-389Schedule for Local Taxes Use May 1, 2014 and after04/02/2014
Form ST-390Solid Waste Excise Tax Return08/02/2012
Form ST-393Application for Festival Exemption07/12/2011
Form ST-394Rental Surcharge Return08/20/2012
Form ST-396Application for Sales Tax Exemption for Foodstuffs Sold to Certain Nonprofit Organizations07/22/2008
Form ST-397Solvent Surcharge Return11/03/2009
Form ST3-ST-389State Sales Use Tax ST-3/ST-389 Fillableme/it/rena
Form ST-3TAccommodations Report by County or Municipality for Sales and Use Tax01/20/2015
Form ST-400Sales Tax Book ST-40012/02/2014
Form ST-401Sales Accommodations Book12/27/2013
Form ST-403State Sales, Use, and Aviation Gasoline Tax Return07/09/2014
Form ST-405Certificate to Limit To Three Hundred Dollars $300.00) the Maximum Sales/Use Tax On Sales of Self-Propelled Light Construction Equipment09/16/2008
Form ST-406Wireless 911 Charge Return Use June 1, 2014 and after)04/02/2014
Form ST-417Sales Tax Filing Instructions01/28/2015
Form ST-429Drycleaning Facility Surcharge Return07/24/2014
Form ST-455State Sales, Use, Maximum Tax and Special Filers07/09/2014
Form ST-501Essential Information for Form ST-50107/31/2012
Form ST-537Response to Prepaid Wireless 911 Charge Notice05/02/2011
Form ST-8Exemption Certificate05/12/2014
Form ST-8AResale Certificate07/24/2014
Form ST-8FAgricultural Exemption Certificate08/24/2010
Form UT-3-3WS.C. Use Tax Worksheet and Payment Return05/05/2014