SD - South Dakota Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form Crow Creek Sales ReportCigarette Sales-Monthly Report for Crow Creek06/28/2011
Form Direct Sellers AffidavitDirect Selling company affiDavit anD agreement of voluntary aSSumption for collection anD remittance of SaleS or uSe tax to the Department of revenue02/27/2012
Form DOR-MV215Affidavit of Vehicle Repossession05/17/2012
Form E0824 V4Motor Fuel Tax License Application07/08/2011
Form E0825 V3Fuel Supplier Tax Return (In-State and Out-of-State)07/08/2011
Form E0827 V3Bulk Plant Operator's Report(8.5 X 14)08/26/2009
Form E0833 V3Transporter Report10/26/2011
Form E0835 V3Terminal Operator Report10/26/2011
Form E0836 V2Uniform Schedule of Receipts07/08/2011
Form E0837 V2Uniform Schedule of Disbursements07/08/2011
Form E0838 V2Affidavit of Accidental Mixingof Undyed Fuel With Dyed Fuel07/08/2011
Form E0839 V1Affidavit of Sale of Undyed Diesel Fuel as Heating Oil07/08/2011
Form E0840 V1Affidavit of Inspection of LPG Bulk Tank07/08/2011
Form E0841 V1Affidavit of Loss of Taxable Fuel07/08/2011
Form E0842 V1Affidavit of Bad Debt LossMarketer07/08/2011
Form E0843 V1Affidavit of Bad Debt LossSupplier07/08/2011
Form E0845 V2Agreement to Maintain Records for IRP and IFTA07/08/2011
Form E0848 V3Power of Attorney07/19/2006
Form E0848 V4Power of Attorney10/24/2011
Form E0856 V1Motor Fuel Exemption/Indian Tribe School License07/08/2011
Form E0869 V4Alcoholic Beverage Brand - Label Registration Application11/29/2011
Form E0870 V2Amusement Machines Registration Application07/08/2011
Form E0873 V6Uniform Alcoholic Beverage License Application07/08/2011
Form E0876 V1Country Alcohol Beverage Violation07/08/2011
Form E0877 V1Inheritance Tax Lien Waiver and Consent to Transfer Property07/08/2011
Form E0878 V1Inheritance Tax Report and Information for Judicial Determination of Inheritance Tax07/08/2011
Form E0879 V1Application for Trading Stamp Redemption License07/08/2011
Form E0881 V1Bingo/Lottery Distributors Gross Receipts Tax Return07/08/2011
Form E0884 V2Bank Franchise Tax - Quarterly Estimate07/08/2011
Form E0891 V6Cigarette Stamp Order Form07/02/2012
Form E0894 V5Cigarette Sales-Monthly Report for Sales to Reservation07/08/2011
Form E0905 V4Corporate Officer Update07/08/2011
Form E1324 V1Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax Monthly Payment Form07/08/2011
Form E1325 V1Malt Beverage Tax Report-Manufacturers07/08/2011
Form E1330V3-OSVLWLease Tax Worksheet for Out-of-State Vehicle Lease07/08/2011
Form E1333 V1Affidavit in Support of Interstate Title (Nonnegotiable)07/08/2011
Form E1334 V2Affidavit of Vehicle Repossession07/08/2011
Form E1338 V1Gaming License - Distributor07/08/2011
Form E1339 V1Gaming License - Manufacturer07/08/2011
Form E1340 V1Alcoholic Beverage License-Affidavit for Transfer07/08/2011
Form E1341 v2Farm Winery Excise Tax Report07/08/2011
Form E1350 V9Use Tax Form06/28/2012
Form E1352 V4Estimated Mileage Justification (Schedule G)07/08/2011
Form E1643 V2Estimated Mileage Statement07/08/2011
Form E1659 V10Certification of Owner Occupied Dwelling09/27/2012
Form E1752 V1Solicitors License Apllication07/08/2011
Form E1780 V2Surety Bond Form07/08/2011
Form E1781 V1Telecommunications Gross Receipts Tax Application07/08/2011
Form E1782 V2Interstate Telecommunications Exemption Application for Call Centers07/08/2011
Form E1783 V13Manufacturers Certification Form04/17/2012
Form E1784 V2Summary For Amending Motor Fuel Tax Returns10/28/2011
Form E1788 V7Wholesalers Quarterly Tobacco Shipment Report07/08/2011
Form E1789 V7Distributors Quarterly Tobacco Shipment Report09/06/2012
Form E1809 V1Nexus Questionaire07/08/2011
Form E1810 V1Individual Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Report07/08/2011
Form E1822 V1Motor Fuel Tax Tribal Refund Application - Pourier v. DOR07/08/2011
Form E1840 V2Telecommunication Relay Services - Remittance Coupon07/08/2011
Form E1895 V7Bid Factor Instructions and Calculator09/05/2012
Form E1901 V1Transporter Alcoholic Beverage License Application07/08/2011
Form E1902 V2Carrier Alcoholic Beverage License Application07/08/2011
Form E1917 V1Fabricators Sales and Use Tax Refund for Contractors and Subcontractors07/08/2011
Form E1932 V10Exemption Certificate11/29/2011
Form E1935 V5Contractors' Excise Tax Return Worksheet/Instructions (blank form)09/12/2012
Form E1936 V6Sales and Use Tax Return Worksheet/Instructions (blank form)09/12/2012
Form E1946 V1OTP Sales - Cheyenne River Reservation07/08/2011
Form E1972 V1Cigarette Distributor's Monthly Report09/06/2012
Form E1973 V4Other Tobacco Products Monthly Tax Return09/17/2012
Form E1975 V3Franchise Tax on Financial Institutions for Money Lenders, Mortgage Lenders, and Mortgage Brokers07/08/2011
Form E1981 V1Tobacco Retailer Registration07/08/2011
Form E2008 V1OTP Sales - Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate07/08/2011
Form E2009 V1OTP Sales - Oglala Sioux Tribe07/08/2011
Form E2085 V3Request for Consideration of Indian Use Only Projects (blank form)07/08/2011
Form E2121 V1Annual Tobacco Sales Reporting Form07/08/2011
Form E2145 V1OTP Sales - Yankton Sioux Tribe07/08/2011
Form E2146 V1Cigarette Sales-Monthly Report for Yankton Sioux Tribe07/08/2011
Form E2147 V1Franchise Tax on Financial Institutions for Trust Companies07/08/2011
Form E2148 V1Cigarette Sales-Monthly Report for Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate09/06/2012
Form E2222 V1ELT - Nonparticipating Lender Request for Paper Title05/10/2012
Form E2223 V2Order to Cancel Lien for Nonparticipating ELT Lender06/27/2012
Form E2224 V1Notification to Submit Title05/18/2012
Form E2227 V1ELT - Lender Application05/30/2012
Form 571Highway Contractor's Tax Return02/14/2012
FORM 572Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) User Tax Return07/08/2011
FORM 573Marketer Refund10/26/2011
FORM 573AMarketer Schedule Of Fuel Sales on Indian Reservations and Indian Country04/20/2010
FORM 590Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vendor Tax Return07/08/2011
FORM 591Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vendor Tax Return07/08/2011
FORM 592-BiodieselBiodiesel Producer Return07/08/2011
FORM 592-BrokerEthanol Broker Return06/28/2010
FORM 592-ProducerEthanol Producer Report07/20/2012
Form IFTA-D0111International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 1st Quarter2011-Diesel(FuelType D)04/19/2011
Form IFTA-D0211International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 2nd Quarter 2011-Diesel (FuelType D)08/03/2011
Form IFTA-D0311International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 3rd Quarter 2011-Diesel (FuelType D)09/19/2011
Form IFTA-D0411International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 4th Quarter 2011-Diesel (FuelType D)01/30/2012
Form IFTA-G0111International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 1st Quarter2011-Gas (FuelType G)04/19/2011
Form IFTA-G0211International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 2nd Quarter 2011-Gas (FuelType G)08/03/2011
Form IFTA-G0311International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 3rd Quarter 2011-Gas (FuelType G)09/19/2011
Form IFTA-G0411International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 4th Quarter 2011-Gas (FuelType G)01/30/2012
Form IFTA-GH0111International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly1stQuarter2011-Gasohol(Fuel Type GH)04/19/2011
Form IFTA-GH0211International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 2nd Quarter 2011-Gasohol(Fuel Type GH)08/03/2011
Form IFTA-GH0311International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 3rd Quarter 2011-Gasohol(Fuel Type GH)09/19/2011
Form IFTA-GH0411International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 4th Quarter 2011-Gasohol(Fuel Type GH)01/30/2012
Form IFTA-LPG0111International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 1st Quarter2011-LPG (FuelType P)04/19/2011
Form IFTA-LPG0211InternationalFuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 2nd Quarter 2011-LPG (FuelType P)08/03/2011
Form IFTA-LPG0311InternationalFuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 3rd Quarter 2011-LPG (FuelType P)09/19/2011
Form IFTA-LPG0411InternationalFuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Tax Return-Quarterly 4th Quarter 2011-LPG (FuelType P01/30/2012
Form IRP/IFTA AppInternational Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement06/29/2012
Form MCS-150Motor Carrier Identification Report09/13/2012
Form MF-002Transporter License Plate Application12/20/2005
Form MV-003AffidavitforDeclaration for a Manufactured Home Removed from Real Estate07/08/2011
Form MV-004AffidavitforDeclaration for a Manufactured Home Placed on Real Estate07/08/2011
Form MV-008Power of Attorne07/08/2011
Form MV010Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title03/05/2012
Form MV-011Order to Cancel Lien11/10/2011
Form MV-016Bill of Sale Motor Vehicle or Boat07/08/2011
Form MV-039Foreign Title Trade In Form07/08/2011
Form MV-044Application forPhysically DisabledParking Permit and License Plate07/08/2011
Form MV-093Manufactured HomeRemoved from Real Estate Checklist05/03/2011
Form MV-096Application for Tax Refund or Delay Programs07/08/2011
Form MV-097Motor Vehicle Title Complaint Form05/03/2011
Form MV-098South Dakota Exempt Entity License Plate Application07/08/2011
Form MV-099South Dakota Dealer License Plates07/08/2011
Form MV-101South DakotaSpecial License Plate Application06/25/2012
Form MV-102AffidavitforDuplicate License Plate / Validation Sticker07/08/2011
Form MV-10203% Excise Tax Refund Affidavit(MV - 1020)11/09/2009
Form MV-1100South Dakota Organization/First Responder Decal Application07/08/2011
Form MV-200South Dakota Noncommercial License Refund Application07/08/2011
Form MV-2003South DakotaVerification of Tax Assessment By Out-of-State Dealer07/08/2011
Form MV-2004Application for Temporary Manufacturer, Customizer or Dealer Permit07/08/2011
Form MV-2007Applicant's Tax Payment Verification07/08/2011
Form MV-201General Supply Request07/08/2011
Form MV-2011Dealer Request Formfor30 Day Title Delivery Extension07/08/2011
Form MV-2012Affidavitfora Low Speed Vehicle07/08/2011
Form MV-202County Treasurer Supply Request Form07/08/2011
Form MV-215Affidavit for Vehicle/Boat Registration(General Affidavit07/08/2011
Form MV2200South Dakota Seller's Report of Sale07/08/2011
Form MV-239South DakotaPersonalized License Plate Application06/22/2012
Form MV-300Notice of Abandoned Motor Vehicle06/27/2012
Form MV-301UnclaimedVehicle Due to Unpaid Repair Bill05/03/2011
Form MV-3012South DakotaVeteranand Active Duty Military MemberLicense Plate Application Form06/25/2012
Form MV-3013Notice to Country Treasurer of Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home05/03/2011
Form MV-3014AffidavitforPurpose of Movement of an Abandoned Mobile/Manufactured Home07/08/2011
Form MV-3015Noticeof Intent to Sell Mobile/Manufactured Home05/03/2011
Form MV-3020Affidavit Claiming Lack of Residence Post Office Address07/27/2010
Form MV-303Application for Replacement of License Plates/Validation Stickers or Title07/08/2011
Form MV-304Four Wheel, All Terrain Vehicle Affidavit07/08/2011
Form MV-307Request For Display of Original Issue Plates on Historic Vehicle07/08/2011
Form MV-315AffidavitforTruck Tractor Converted to a Motorhome08/31/2012
Form MV-316Payment of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes09/06/2012
Form MV-4000South DakotaMilitary License Application06/29/2012
Form MV-594-BlenderBlender's Tax Return(8.5 X 14)07/08/2011
Form MV-594-Imp/ExpImporter and Exporter Tax Return07/08/2011
Form MV-607Boat Title and Registration Application08/31/2012
Form MV-608State of South Dakota Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration07/17/2012
Form MV-609South Dakota Exemptions07/08/2011
Form MV-610South Dakota Salvage, Recovered Theft, and Uniform Damage Disclosure Statemen07/08/2011
Form MV-611South DakotaUniformMileage Disclosure Statement07/08/2011
Form MV-900Dealer Exit Audit07/08/2011
Form MV-902South Dakota Dealer License Application06/22/2012
Form MV-904Dealer Requirements Brochure06/25/2012
Form MV-950AffidavitforRebuilt Motor Vehicle07/08/2011
Form MV-CLTWLease Tax Worksheet In-State Vehicle07/08/2011
Form MV-DPPADriver's Privacy and Protection Act10/13/2011
Form MV-LTW-1South Dakota Extended or Additional Consideration Lease Tax Worksheet07/08/2011
Form OTP Sales - Rosebud Sioux Tribe ReportOTP Sales - Rosebud Sioux Tribe07/14/2010
Form OTP Sales - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe ReportOTP Sales - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe12/08/2011
Form OTP Sales ReportOTP Sales Report - Crow Creek08/16/2011
Form PT-16Notice of Intention to Appeal Decision of Board of Equalization07/08/2011
Form PT-17Objection to Real Property Assessment07/08/2011
Form PT-17AObjection to Real Property Assessment of Bare Agricultural Land Only07/08/2011
Form PT-18Notice of Intention to Add Omitted Property or Valuation to the Assessment Rolls of County07/08/2011
Form PT-18VALNotice of Intention to Raise Valuation07/08/2011
Form PT-31County Board of Equalization Member Oath07/08/2011
Form PT-31AConsolidated Board of Equalization Member Oath07/08/2011
Form PT-31BCertificate of Review Board of Equalization07/08/2011
Form PT-32Notice of Meeting of Local Review Board07/08/2011
Form PT-34Notice of Meeting of County Equalization Board07/08/2011
Form PT-34ANotice of Meeting of Consolidated Equalization Board07/08/2011
Form PT-38Application for Freeze on Assessments of Dwellings of Disabled and Senior Citizens02/28/2012
Form PT-38AApplication for Property Tax Reduction From Municipal Taxes for the Elderly and Disabled02/24/2012
Form PT-38CApplication for Property Tax Homestead Exemption02/24/2012
Form PT-43Application for Property Tax Exempt Status07/08/2011
Form PT-44Application for Continuing Tax Exempt Status of a Private Organization07/08/2011
Form PT-46AApplication for Paraplegic Veteran Property Tax Exemptions02/24/2012
Form PT-46BApplication for Paraplegic Property Tax Reduction02/24/2012
Form PT-46CApplication for Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions02/24/2012
Form PT-5Real Estate Assessment Notice07/08/2011
Form PT-56Certificate of Real Estate Value07/08/2011
Form PT-6South Dakota Mobile Home Listing Form and Assessment Record07/08/2011
Form Refund ApplicationsSales or Property Tax Refunds for Senior Citizens and Citizens With Disabilities05/16/2012
Form REV-SPT-901Precious Metals Tax - Quarterly Return07/08/2011
Form RV 135Estate Tax Return07/08/2011
Form RV 139Information Release Authorization Form07/08/2011
Form RV 140Direct Payment Permit Application07/08/2011
Form RV-011Contractors' Excise Tax Return (blank form)09/19/2012
Form RV-048Change in Partnership Application07/08/2011
Form RV-068Prime Contractors' Exemption Certificate (blank form)07/08/2011
Form RV-071Power of Attorney07/08/2011
Form RV-083Municipal/Special Jurisdiction Tax Schedule06/28/2012
Form RV-088Application for Change in Accounting Method07/08/2011
Form RV-093Sales Tax Exempt Status Application06/01/2012
Form RV11STRTN 1Sales and Use Tax Return (blank form)09/19/2012
Form RV-121Consolidated Filing Permit Application07/08/2011
Form RV-131Change of Address Form07/08/2011
Form RV-134Delay Pay Permit Application07/08/2011
Form Sales Reporting Q1NPM Certificate of Compliance Escrow Payment 2011 Qtr 102/17/2011
Form Sales Reporting Q2NPM Certificate of Compliance Escrow Payment 2011 Qtr 202/17/2011
Form Sales Reporting Q3NPM Certificate of Compliance Escrow Payment 2011 Qtr 302/17/2011
Form Sales Reporting Q4NPM Certificate of Compliance Escrow Payment 2011 Qtr 402/10/2012
Schedule 10Schedule of Tribal Sales - Schedule 1004/15/2003
Schedule A/EInternational Registration Plan (IRP) Application / Schedule AE03/30/2011
Schedule IIILicensing Weight Form, South Dakota (Schedule III)08/19/2003
Form SD SPT 106Ellsworth AFB Report (Alcoholic Beverage Gallonage Report of Monthly Sales to Ellsworth AFB Military Messes07/08/2011
Form SPT 103 - 98Occupational Liquor Tax Report07/08/2011
Form SPT 950Energy Minerals Severance Tax and Conservation Tax05/14/2012
Form SPT 104Malt Beverage Tax Report07/08/2011
Form SPT 110Brewers Monthly Report of Sales of High Point Beer and Low Point Beer (3.2) Sold to South Dakota Wholesale Licensees07/08/2011
Form SPT 115Liquor License Delinquent Repor07/08/2011
Form SPT 116 - 500Price Filling Amendment Form07/08/2011
Form SPT 301Tobacco License Application - Distributor07/08/2011
Form SPT 301ATobacco License Application - Wholesaler07/08/2011
Form SPT 308Cigarette Excise Tax Stamp Credit Application07/08/2011
Form SPT 401Coin Operated Washer and Dryer License Application07/08/2011
Form SPT 600ABank Franchise Tax - Yearly Return07/08/2011
Form SPT 801Special Amusement Machines Registration Application07/08/2011
Form SPT-901Precious Metals Tax - Annual Return07/08/2011
Form ST-109AEquipment List12/31/2008
Form Tobacco Sales - AffidavitTobacco Sales - Affidavit11/22/2010
UCR Carrier RegistrationInstructionUCR Carrier RegistrationInstruction Sheet04/30/2010
Form Unified Carrier Registration ApplicationUnified Carrier Registration Application10/21/2011