TN - Tennessee Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form ALC101Distiller's Alcoholic Beverage Tax Return07/03/2013
Form ALC102Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage Return - For tax periods beginning October 1, 2010.07/08/2013
Form ALC104Common Carriers Alcoholic Beverage and Beer Tax Return07/05/2013
Form ALC105Wine Tax Return07/03/2013
Form ALC109Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement Tax Return07/03/2013
Form ALC117Application for Certificate of Registration for Manufacturers of Alcoholic Beverages and High Alcohol Content Beer06/12/2013
Form ALC119Brand Registration Return for New Brands11/13/2013
Form ALC120Brand Registration Renewal Return07/02/2013
Form ALCHBEVBONDAlcoholic Beverage Tax Bond - Corporate Principal03/20/2013
APPLINSTInstructions for Application for Registration06/10/2013
Form BER107JULY2013Wholesale Beer Tax Return (For tax periods beginning 7/1/13)06/27/2013
Form BER108JUNE2011Beer Tax Return - Beer Barrellage (For tax periods beginning 7/1/11)06/27/2013
BER108SCHEDULEBeer Tax Return Schedule A02/08/2008
Form BER114Application for Beer Certificate of Registration for Wholesalers07/09/2013
Form BER115Application for Beer Certificate of Registration for Manufacturers/Importers07/09/2013
Form CONTRSCHContractors Supplemental Schedule for Refunds01/29/2008
DISTRIBUTORINSTRInstructions Licensed Distributor Report07/09/2013
Form EXEMPTIONCERTIFICATEStreamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption04/05/2013
EXEMPTIONINSTRUCTIONSStreamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Instructions01/10/2008
Form F1300401Application for Sales Tax Exemption for Interstate Commerce Motor Vehicles and Trailers08/28/2012
Form F13005_1Application for Registration - required for all new alcoholic beverage importers07/11/2013
Form F1300601Affidavit to Commissioner of Revenue-Application for Certificate of Title Without Payment of Sales & Use Tax02/14/2011
Form F1300701Blanket Certificate of Resale12/16/2011
Form F1300901Affidavit of Sale to Non-Resident Purchaser12/29/2010
Form F1301101Price Schedule for Sales of Alcoholic Beverages for Consumption on Premises02/14/2011
Form F1301201Affidavit of Non-Dealer Transfer of Motor Vehicles and Boats - Fill-in02/21/2013
Form F1301301Government Certificate of Exemption02/26/2008
Form F1302001Bond - Petroleum Products and Alternative Fuels02/13/2004
Form F1302101Schedule 2 - Addendum to Motor Fuel Registration Application02/13/2004
Form F1302501Application for Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Qualified Materials Handling Equipment03/19/2003
Form F1303101Application for Industrial Machinery Exemption - Fill-in10/31/2013
Form F1303201Application for Qualified Pollution Control or Certified Green Energy Production09/17/2012
Form F1303801Licensed Distributor Report on Tobacco Product Sales - Fill-in07/09/2013
Form F1303901Certificate of Exemption for Electric Cooperatives02/26/2008
Form F1304401Certificate of Interstate Delivery by Seller02/26/2008
Form F1305001Dealer's Appraisal - Fill-in04/13/2010
Form F1305401Application for Exemption from Sales Tax for Interstate Telecommunications in the Operation of a Call Center09/17/2002
Form F1305901Bond Tobacco Tax Stamp Affixing Agent - Fill-in03/20/2013
Form F1306001Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Credit Bond - Fill-in03/20/2013
Form F1306601Certificate of Exemption Purchasing Contractors02/14/2011
Form F1306701Certificate of Exemption for Electric Generating and Distribution Systems02/20/2009
Form F1306901Application for Sales and Use Tax Exempt Entities or State and Federally Chartered Credit Unions - Fill-in03/20/2013
Form F1307101Beer Tax Bond - Corporate Principal01/14/2008
Form F1307201Beer Tax Bond - Principal01/15/2008
Form F1307301Beer Wholesaler Territorial Designation03/19/2012
Form F1307501Pledge of Collateral02/14/2011
Form F1307601Tax Bond - Corporate Principal - Fill-in04/12/2010
Form F1307701Tax Bond - Principal - Fill-in04/12/2010
Form F1308401Application for Registration Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption - Fill-in12/17/2013
Form F1309001Delivery Service Information Report12/06/2012
Form F1319001Schedule - Brand Registration Renewal Return10/24/2012
Form F1319101Schedule - Brand Registration for New Brands10/24/2012
Form F1319901Affidavit of Exemption from Motor Oil Fee01/04/2011
Form F1320101Certificate of Exemption for Telephone Cooperatives02/14/2011
Form F1320801Alcoholic Beverage Tax Bond - Principal03/20/2013
Form F1321301Beer Wholesaler Territorial Designation Change02/09/2011
Form F1400501Schedule A - Petroleum Products Transporter Schedule of Deliveries08/07/2008
Form F1400601Receipts Schedule08/07/2008
Form F1400701Disbursements Schedule08/07/2008
Form F1401901Exporter Fuel Tax Schedule08/07/2008
Form F1403001Governmental Agency Application for Petroleum Tax Exemption Permit08/06/2008
Form F1403301Claim for Credit or Refund of Sales or Use Tax - Fill-in03/20/2013
Form F1403901Affidavit of Transfer of Aircraft10/28/2004
Form F1406401Natural Disaster Claim for Refund of Sales Tax - Fill-in10/08/2012
Form GRO200Gross Receipts Tax Return (Bottlers, Manufacturers and Importers of Soft Drinks)07/15/2013
Form GRO200BOTTLERSGRO200 - Bottlers and Manufacturers of Soft Drinks02/09/2011
Form GRO200IMPORTERGRO200 - Importers of Soft Drinks02/09/2011
Form GRO204Mixing Bar Tax Return07/16/2013
Form GRO209Gross Receipts Tax Return (Gas, Water, Electric Power and Light Companies)07/15/2013
Form GRO212Gross Receipts Tax Return (Operators of Merchandise Vending Machines)07/15/2013
Form GRO216Registration for Gross Receipts Tax - Vending02/08/2008
Form GRO217Vending Machine Addendum for Decals Gross Receipts Tax02/08/2008
Form INH300Fill-in State Gift Tax Return01/03/2012
INSTRPETROLEUMPRODUCTSInstructions - Schedule A - Petroleum Products Transporter Schedule of Deliveries08/06/2008
INSTRUCTGRO209Instructions for F&E Credit Calculation: GRO209 - Utility Companies02/08/2008
INSTRUCTGRO212Instructions for F&E Credit Calculation: GRO212 Vending02/08/2008
Form LBD103Report of Gross Sales, Alcoholic Beverages for Consumption on Premises07/15/2013
Form MOTOROILFEEMotor Oil Fee Return07/23/2013
Form NPMREQUESTNon-Participating Manufacturers Additional Information Request02/12/2013
Form PACTREGISTRATIONPrevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act Tennessee Registration Form01/23/2012
Form PET350Distributor Monthly Fuel Tax Return04/16/2003
Form PET351Limited User's Fuel Tax Return09/17/2002
Form PET353Agricultural Purposes Claim for Refund02/14/2011
Form PET354Specialized Equipment Claim for Refund02/14/2011
Form PET355Dealer's Liquified Gas Tax Return11/28/2005
Form PET356Liquified Gas User Annual Tax Return02/14/2011
Form PET357Governmental Sales Claim for Refund10/29/2012
Form PET365Liquified Gas User Addendum02/14/2011
Form PET366Compressed Natural Gas Tax Return07/10/2012
Form PET367Application and Permit for Production of Fuel Alcohol02/14/2011
Form PET368Blender's Return02/14/2011
Form PET371End User Claim for Refund11/28/2005
Form PET372Petroleum Products Terminal Return11/28/2005
Form PET373Pertoleum Products Transporter Return11/28/2005
Form PET374Annual Terminal Return11/28/2005
Form PET375Wholesaler Application for Refund11/28/2005
Form PET377Exporter Tax Return & Claim for Refund11/28/2005
PET377INSTRInstructions for Exporter Tax Return and Claim for Refund04/03/2003
Form PET380Unlicensed Exporter Claim for Refund04/16/2003
Form PET386Dealer's Compressed Natural Gas Tax Return07/10/2012
Form PRO404Professional Privilege Tax Return (Tax years on or after 6/1/03)02/19/2013
Form PRO420Professional Privilege Tax Return for Athletes (Tax periods on or after 6/1/09)10/29/2012
Form PRV413Bail Bond Tax Return07/09/2013
Form R0000501Tennessee Consumer Use Tax Return08/22/2012
Form R0009801Schedule of Diversion Corrections04/15/2005
Form R0010201Schedule of Diversion Corrections04/15/2005
Form RVF1319901Sales and Use Tax Exempt Sales Election Charitable Fundraising in Support of City, County, or Metropolitan Library Systems09/12/2012
Form SEV500Monthly Crude Oil and Natural Gas Tax Report01/31/2008
Form SEV501Severance Tax Return on All Coal Products07/23/2013
Form SEV502Severance Tax Return on Sand, Gravel, Sandstone, Chert and Limestone07/23/2013
Form SLS450_070113Sales & Use Tax Return08/12/2013
SLS450INSTR2013Instructions for Sales and Use Tax Return06/19/2013
Form SLS458Sales & Use Tax Return for Cable TV and Telecommunications07/25/2011
SLS458INSTInstructions for Sales & Use Tax Return for Cable TV and Telecommunications06/19/2013
Form SUR405Automobile Rental Surcharge Tax Return07/09/2013
Form TAXLISTLocal Tax Rate List - You will need this separate document.11/27/2013
Form TIR408Tire Pre-disposal Fee Return07/17/2013
Form TOB551Purchase Requisition Cigarette Stamps Worksheet01/24/2013
Form TOB552Tennessee Tobacco Products Return10/30/2012
Form TOB555Application for Tobacco License12/19/2012
Form WHBEERPRICEWholesale Beer Price List01/15/2008