VT - Vermont Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 4111.PN.05Notice to Taxpayers01/26/2009
Form 5071.05Notice of Personal Property Tax Lien01/26/2009
Form 5406(c)2012 Report Reappraisal activity10/14/2011
Form B-2aNotice of Change05/24/2006
Form BFT-1-1QFirst Quarter01/14/2009
Form BFT-1-2QSecond Quarter01/14/2009
Form BFT-1-3QThird Quarter01/14/2009
Form BFT-1-4QFourth Quarter01/14/2009
Form CT-1Wholesale Cigarette Dealer Report07/29/2011
Form CT-10RCigarette and Tobacco Products Retailers VT Floor Stock Tax Return (for RETAILERS)06/16/2011
Form CT-10WWholesale Cigarette Dealers VT Floor Stock Tax Return (for DISTRIBUTORS)06/16/2011
Form CT-3Cigarette Tax Stamp Order Form04/04/2012
Form CT-5Application for Cigarette Wholesale Dealer and/or Tobacco Distributor License06/16/2010
Form 250Act 250 Disclosure Statement12/20/2011
Form 343Vermont Preliminary Lister's Oath01/26/2009
Form 427Form 427 (with cover memo)07/09/2012
Form 4404PN-06Notice of Board of Civil Authority Hearings01/26/2009
Form HI-144Household Income01/03/2012
Form HS-131Homestead Declaration12/21/2011
Form HS-132Withdrawal of VT Homestead12/23/2011
Form HS-145Property Tax Adjustment Claim01/03/2012
Form IP-1Insurance Premium Tax Return11/15/2011
Form IP-2Captive Insurance Premium Tax Return11/15/2011
Form IPE-2Estimate of Insurance Premium Tax11/15/2011
Form LG-1Land Gains Withholding Return12/20/2011
Form LG-2Land Gains Tax Return12/20/2011
Form LUNotice of Change of Ownership02/11/2009
Form LU-1Notice of Development or Discontinuance02/11/2009
Form LU-AFCFBApplication and Instructions08/10/2009
Form LU-FMARForest Management Activity Report02/11/2009
Form MB-1Malt Beverage Tax Return10/18/2007
Form MB-2Purchase Inventory of Malt Beverages10/18/2007
Form MB-3Statement of Malt Beverages Sold to a Vermont Dealer10/18/2007
Form MH-302Request for Tax Reimbursement for Mobile Homes Replaced as Result of one of the 2011 Federally Declared Disasters06/11/2012
Form PA-1Power Of Attorney01/10/2007
Form PVR 4085.08Notice of Assessment-No Inventory Filed/Unsatisfactory Inventory Filed01/26/2009
Form PVR 4155.08Certificate-No Appeal or Suit Pending01/26/2009
Form PVR 4224.08Notice to Taxpayer-Result of Grievance Day Appeal01/26/2009
Form PVR 4261Errors and Omissions Certificate Classification Change Only01/26/2009
Form PVR 4404AOfficial Notice Decision of Board of Civil Authority11/16/2011
PVR Form 5861gRequest for Lister's Certificate of Housesite Value01/27/2012
Form PVR-CourseRegCourse Registration04/09/2010
Form PVR-PropTax-ExemptionVermont Property Tax Public, Pious, or Charitable Exemption03/04/2010
Form RW-171Real Estate Withholding Return05/17/2012
Form S-1App. and Instructions for Business Tax Account03/20/2008
Form S-3Resale and Exempt Organizations05/23/2003
Form S-3AAgricultural Fertilizers, Pesticides, Machinery and Equip.06/02/2004
Form S-3CContractors08/08/2003
Form S-3FFuel or Electricity05/23/2003
Form S-3MManufacturing, Publishing, Research and Dev., or Packaging05/23/2003
Form S-3TDental- Purchases of Toothbrushes, Floss and Similar Items of Nominal Value to be Given to Patients for Treatment07/03/2012
Form S-3VRegisterable Motor Vehicle other than Cars and Trucks05/23/2003
Form SMVA-1Refund of S and U, M and R and Withholding Tax07/18/2003
Form SU-452Use Tax Return11/13/2009
Form TB 1Land Gains Basic Calculation Foreclosure Property05/14/2012
Form TB1Wholesale Tobacco Dealer Report04/04/2012
Form TE-1Vermont Telephone Gross Receipts Tax Return03/13/2009
Form TP-1Vermont Telephone Personal Property Tax Return03/13/2009
Form VB-1Vinous Beverage Tax Return10/18/2007
Form VB-2Purchase Inventory of Vinous Beverages01/07/2008
Form VB-3Statement of Vinous Beverages Sold to a Vermont Dealer10/18/2007
Form W-4VTEmployee Withholding Certificate11/22/2002
Form WF-1Franchise Tax on Waste Facilities and Commercial Haulers of Solid Waste09/10/2007