Form 427 Fillable Form 427 (with cover memo)
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Village/District Clerk Village/District Name 133 State St Accordingly I am hereby notifying you that the Village/District named above has established a APRIL 1 2012 GRAND LISTThe legislative body (generally selectboard) is charged with levying the tax rates necessary to raise the funds for education and Date: Attest: Entity Name 'Grand List (1%)Tax RateTaxes Assessed$ $ FAX 828 2824Form 427 2012 From: Clerk general municipal purposes Please provide the following information about your 2012 grand list property taxes The education grand list grand list If applicable please indicate the local agreement tax rate to be assessed against all taxpayers on your municipal I attest that the foregoing is true and accurate I have attached a sample tax bill showing I have attached a sample tax bill showing the rate(s) levied incorporated villages shall make and deliver to the town clerk a statement of taxes assessed by Local Agreement RateSchool property taxes foregone as a result of non approved local agreements must be raised with a tax on the municipal Local Agreement Tax Rate$ maryjane grace@state vt us Montpelier VT 05633 Municipal Tax Rate$ Municipal TaxPlease report the municipal tax rate to be assessed against all taxpayers on your municipal grand list and the amount to be of taxes levied in such districts and villages 32 V S A 3461 Only a few towns set this rateSchool Construction Rate (Act 144)$ property tax rate of: property tax rates are established by the Tax Commissioner Therefore we are only asking for data on the muncipal rates PVR will make adjustment using the electronic grand list of record raised from taxes (before property tax adjustment credits) for municipal services (general fund highway etc ) REPORT OF VILLAGE/FIRE DISTRICT CLERK such districts and villages giving the amount of the grand list the rate per dollar and the amount TAX YEAR 2012 these rates This rate will be levied against the tax year 2012 Village grand list of: This will raise taxes in the amount of: To: Town/City Clerk Town/City of Total Municipal Taxes Levied$Municipal grand list x tax rateIndicate total as of the date of filing this form It is understood that this figure will change if there are changes in the grand list total If necessary Town/City ClerkReturn to: Mary Jane GracePVR Tax Dept TOWN/CITY OF: Vermont law provides that annually on or before July 15 fire district clerks and clerks of VILLAGES FIRE DISTRICTS OTHER TAXING DISTRICTSPlease report the following information for any other taxing jurisdictions within your town 32 vsa 3461 et seq