WY - Wyoming Sales, Use and Other Taxes

Form 105aAffidavit Exclusive Use of MV Outside WY09/25/2009
Form 106-CigRequest for cigarette tax credit06/29/2011
Form 106-MotorRequest for refund motor vehicle barcode06/30/2011
Form 107WY Sales Use Tax Statement for Motor Vehicle Sales04/07/2010
Form 108Manufacturing Machinery Exemption06/14/2013
Form 120Non-Resident Subcontractor Information Report06/29/2011
Form 121Construction Project and General Contractor Registration06/29/2011
Form 124aNon-Resident Contractor Sales and Use Tax Bond Single06/29/2011
Form 124bNon-Resident Contractor Sales-Use Tax Bond Covering Multiple Contracts06/29/2011
Form 126Seminar Request03/24/2008
Form 43-1Occasional Vendors06/29/2011
Form 43-2Supplement For Occasional Vendors06/30/2011
Form 44Consumers Non-Licensed Vendors06/30/2011
Form 45-1Return for Contractor06/30/2011
45-1-InstInstructions form07/06/2011
Form 45-2Return for Contractors Supplement06/30/2011
Form 46-1Return for County Treasurers06/30/2011
Form 46-2Supplement For County Treasurers06/30/2011
Form 5Estate Tax Summary - No Tax Due06/30/2011
Form 7Cigarette Wholesalers and Other Tobacco Wholesalers, Cigarette Importer, Cigarette Manufacturer License Application06/29/2011
Form 70-1Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Return06/30/2011
Form 70-2Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Return Supplement06/30/2011
Form 71Other Tobacco Products Wholesaler Quarterly Return07/19/2011
Form 72Consumer's Tobacco Products Wholesaler Monthly Return05/04/2011
Form 73Cigarette Stamp Order Form06/29/2011
Form Agri-AffidavitAffidavit of Agricultural Classification11/23/2010
Form Bus-DiscBusiness Discontinuation06/30/2011
Form CigBondCigarette Wholesalers Bond06/29/2011
Form Fire-SuppExemptFire Suppression Exemption Form - Local Assessment10/07/2010
Form 1Registration/Change01/19/2000
Form 2000Severance Tax Report Oil03/13/2012
Form 2002Severance Tax Schedule for Oil Well Incentive Reporting04/06/2004
Form 3Well Status and Notification Grouping Request Form04/07/2004
Form 3000Severance Tax Report Gas03/13/2012
Form 3002Severance Tax Schedule for Gas Well Incentive Reporting Form04/12/2004
Form 4101Annual Gross Products for Oil04/21/2004
Form 4111Annual Gross Products Take-In-Kind Balance Sheet03/18/2004
Form 4121Annual Gross Products Breakdown by Tax District for Oil03/18/2004
Form 4201Annual Gross Products for Natural Gas03/18/2004
Form 4211Annual Gross Products Take-in-Kind Balance Sheet for Gas03/18/2004
Form 4221Annual Gross Products Breakdown by Tax District for Gas10/06/2011
Form 4231Annual Gross Products Attachment for Gas03/18/2004
Form 5000Severance Tax Report for Surface Coal06/13/2013
Form 5010Severance Tax Report for Underground Coal06/13/2013
Form 5200Severance Tax Report for Uranium06/13/2013
Form 5300Severance Tax Report for Bentonite06/13/2013
Form 5400Severance Tax Report for Sand and Gravel09/26/2011
Form 8101Annual Gross Products Report for Coal02/08/2010
Form 8111Annual Products Report Attachment for Coal Production by Legal Desription02/08/2010
Form 8151Annual Gross Products Attachment for Coal02/05/2010
Form 8160Taxable Value of Incentive Sales Severance Tax Reconcilation for Coal03/18/2004
Form 8161Annual Gross Product Attachment for Coal Qualifying for Incentive03/18/2004
Form 8201Annual Gross Products for Uranium02/08/2010
Form 8251Annual Gross Products Attachment for Uranium03/18/2004
Form 8401Annual Gross Products Report for Bentonite02/08/2010
Form 8451Annual Gross Products Attachment for Bentonite02/05/2010
Form 8452Annual Gross Products Attachment for Bentonite02/05/2010
Form 8601Annual Gross Products Report for Sand & Gravel02/08/2010
Form 8611Annual Gross Products Attachment for Sand and Gravel Units Sold and Used by Legal Description02/08/2010
Form 8701Annual Gross Products Attachment for Mine Mouth Sales02/08/2010
Form Mach-AppApplication and Instructions for Mobile Machinery10/05/2010
Form Mach-FeeMobile Machinery Fee Form09/27/2012
Form Mach-RecapMobile Machinery Fee Recap Form09/27/2012
Form Mach-ReportMobile Machinery Fee Report09/27/2012
Form POA-LimitedLimited Power of Attorney06/30/2011
Form PolluExemptPollution Exemption Form - Local Assessment09/30/2010
Form PP-AircraftAircraft Affidavit requesting Exemption of Property Tax10/02/2013
Form PP-CommAgriIndCommercial-Agricultural-Industrial Personal Property10/02/2013
Form PP-DrillingDrilling Rig Equipment Personal Property10/02/2013
Form PP-ExemptAppIntangible Personal Property Exemption Application - Local Assessment11/23/2010
Form PP-OilGasOil & Gas Field Equipment Personal Property10/02/2013
Form Sales-DirectPaySales and Use Tax License Application Direct Pay Permit06/30/2011
Form Sales-DiscAppSales and Use Tax License Application Voluntary Disclosure06/30/2011
Form Sales-LicAppSales and Use Tax License Application06/30/2011
Form Sales-MultiLevelAppSales and Use Tax License Application Multi Level06/30/2011
Form Sales-TempBusAppSales and Use Tax License Application Temporary Business Operation06/30/2011
Form SSTP-CertSSTP Certificate of Exemption with Matrix07/19/2013
Form Tax-UpdateAcctTax Account Update Form07/16/2013