2011 GA - Georgia Tax Forms

Form 500Individual Income Tax Return03/02/2012
Form 501Georgia Fiduciary Income Tax Return05/08/2012
Form 600Corporation Tax Return01/24/2011
Form 700Partnership Income Tax Return09/19/2011
Form 900Financial Institutions' Business Occupation Tax Return09/18/2011
Form 2106Employee Business Expenses09/22/2011
Form 3605Application for Recognition of Exemption with Instructions11/02/2009
Form 4562Depreciation and Amortization12/29/2011
Form 500-ESEstimated Tax for Individuals and Fiduciaries01/05/2011
Form 500-EZShort Individual Income Tax Return03/02/2012
Form 500-NOLApplication for Net Operating Loss Adjustment07/25/2012
Form 500-UETUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals/ Fiduciary07/27/2012
Form 500XAmended Individual Income Tax Ret01/26/2012
Form 501XAmended Georgia Fiduciary Income Tax Return01/26/2012
Form 525-TVPayment Voucher01/05/2012
Form 600 S-CAS Corporation Consent Agreement of Non-resident Stockholders10/08/2010
Form 600-SS Corporation Tax Return09/15/2012
Form 600-TExempt Organization Unrelated Business Income Tax Return09/27/2011
Form 600-UETUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations09/22/2011
Form AFF1Affidavit of Seller's Residence12/12/2011
Form AFF2Affidavit of Seller's Gain12/07/2011
Form AFF3Seller's Certificate of Exemption12/15/2011
Form CR-AFFAffidavit By Non-Resident03/10/2010
Form G-1003Income Statement Transmittal Form05/15/2012
Form G2-AWithholding on Distributions to Non-Resident Members/Shareholders01/06/2009
Form G-2LPWithholding on Sales or Assignment of Lottery Payments08/20/2012
Form G-2RPWithholding on Sales or Transfers of Real Property and Associated Tangible Personal Property by Nonresidents12/06/2011
Form G-4Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate01/07/2010
Form G-4PWithholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments09/16/2008
Form G-5BWithholding Account Change Form02/14/2006
Form G-7Withholding Quarterly Return06/07/2012
G-7Schedule BWithholding Quarterly Return11/03/2009
Form GA-5347Statement of Person Claiming Refund on Behalf of a Deceased Taxpayer03/02/2005
Form GA-8453Georgia Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing Summary of Agreement Between Taxpayer and ERO or Paid Preparer08/16/2011
Form GA-8453CCorporation Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing08/19/2011
Form GA-8453PPartnership Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing08/19/2011
Form GA-8453SS Corporation Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing08/23/2011
Form GA-9465Installment Agreement Request Form06/07/2012
Form GA-VFill in Withholding Tax Payment Voucher07/30/2012
Form IA-81Request for Replacement Check06/07/2012
Form IND-CRIndividual Income Tax Credit01/17/2012
Form IT-303Application for Extension of Time for Filing State Income Tax Returns02/15/2012
Form IT-511Individual Income Tax Instruction Booklet05/04/2012
Form IT-550Claim for Refund of Georgia Income Tax Erroneously or Illegally Collected01/03/2008
Form IT-552Corporation Application for Tentative Carry-Back Adjustment06/26/2012
Form IT-560Individual / Fiduciary Extension Payment01/05/2012
Form IT-560 CPayment of Income Tax and/or Net Worth Tax09/12/2011
Form IT-611Corporation Income Tax Booklet05/04/2012
Form IT-611-SS Corporation Income Tax Booklet05/04/2012
Form IT-711Partnership Income Tax Return and Instructions05/04/2012
Form IT-AddbackRelated Member Intangible Expenses and Costs and Interest Expenses and Costs01/02/2009
Form IT-APPInvestment Tax Credit Application10/21/2010
Form IT-BEBasic Skills Education Tax Credit03/25/1999
Form IT-CAGeorgia Job Tax Credit01/12/2010
Form IT-CCC100Tax Credit for Cost of Qualified Child Care Property01/19/2010
Form IT-CCC75Tax Credit for Cost of Operations03/03/2006
Form IT-CEPClean Energy Credit Calculation Form10/06/2012
Form IT-CEP-APClean Energy Property Tax Credit Preapproval Form10/07/2011
Form IT-CONSOLApplication for permission to file Consolidated Georgia Income Tax Return10/05/2011
IT-CONSOL InstrInstructions to File Consolidated Returns02/15/2012
Form IT-ConsvConservation Tax Credit10/19/2011
Form IT-CRGeorgia Non-Resident Composite Tax Return10/17/2011
Form IT-CR UETUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Composite Filers02/03/2012
Form IT-FCFilm Tax Credit09/26/2008
Form IT-HCDepartment of Revenue, Insurance and Community Affairs - Certification of Georgia Housing Tax Credit10/12/2010
Form IT-HQApplication for Georgia Headquarters Job Tax Credit08/04/2009
Form IT-ICInvestment Tax Credit Form05/01/2001
Form IT-OICOptional Investment Tax Credit Calculation08/22/2005
Form IT-QBEQualified Business Expansion Application10/27/2008
Form IT-QBRQualified Business Registration Form10/06/2012
Form IT-QEE-SSO1Qualified Education Expense Credit Letter of Confirmation12/06/2011
Form IT-QEE-SSO2Qualified Education Expense Credit Reporting Form07/20/2012
Form IT-QEE-TP1Qualified Education Expense Credit Preapproval Form06/08/2012
Form IT-QEE-TP2Qualified Education Expense Credit Computation02/14/2012
Form IT-QHIEQualified Health Insurance Expense Credit04/12/2010
Form IT-QJApplication for Georgia Quality Jobs Tax Credit02/15/2010
Form IT-RCRetraining Tax Credit Form12/07/2001
Form IT-RDResearch Tax Credit10/27/2008
Form IT-REITCaptive Real Estate Investment Trust12/10/2010
Form IT-RHCHistoric Rehabilitation Credit04/30/2010
Form IT-SCFSeed-Capital Fund Tax Credits10/06/2012
Form IT-TRANSNotice of Tax Credit Transfer10/06/2011
Form IT-WHNotice of Intention to Claim Withholding Tax Benefit10/06/2012
Form IT-WH-CEPNotice of Intent to Claim the Withholding Benefit from Clean Energy Property Tax Credit08/15/2011
Form NRW-ExemptionExemptionAffidavit by Nonresident of Exemption08/22/2012
Form OIT-APPOptional Investment Tax Credit Form03/24/1999
Form PV-CORPCorporate Payment Voucher02/17/2012
Form RD-1061Power of Attorney10/14/2009
Form RD-1062Disclosure Authorization Form08/02/2011
Form RET-001Taxpayer Return Request Form04/29/2011
Form T-19Authority to Sign for a Company, Corporation or Partnership08/21/2006
Form T-19AAuthority to Receive Title/Title Documents for a Company, Corporation or Partnership07/21/2006
Form T-19CAuthority to Sign for a Company, Corporation or Partnership (For use in county)07/05/2006
Form Tax GuideEmployers Tax Guide06/11/2012
Form TSD-1Protest of Proposed Assessment or Refund Denial12/19/2011
Form TSD-10Application for Tax Clearance Certificate05/17/2011
Form TSD-2Request for Administrative Appeal12/19/2011
Form TSD-3Request for Penalty Waiver12/19/2011
Form UP-1C and UP-2CCorporate Entities Report Forms and Instruction09/04/2012