Form 41 Idaho Corporation Income Tax Return

1 If a federal audit was finalized this year enter the latest year audited 10 Is one or more corporations in this report paying the Idaho premium tax? Yes No 11 Federal taxable income 11 12 Interest and dividends not taxable under Internal Revenue Code 12 13 State municipal and local taxes measured by net income 13 14 Net operating loss deducted on federal return 14 15 Dividends received deduction on federal return 15 16 Bonus depreciation Include computations 16 17 Other additions including additions from Form 42 Part II 17 18 Add lines 11 through 17 18 19 Foreign dividend gross up (Sec 78 Internal Revenue Code) 19 2 Is this an inactive corporation or nameholder corporation? Yes No 20 Interest from Idaho municipal securities 20 21 Interest on U S Government obligations Include a schedule 21 22 Interest and other expenses related to lines 20 and 21 22 23 Add lines 20 and 21 and subtract line 22 23 24 Technological equipment donation 24 25 Allocated income Include a schedule 25 26 Interest and other expenses related to line 25 Include a schedule 26 27 Subtract line 26 from line 25 27 28 Bonus depreciation Include computations 28 29 Other subtractions including subtractions from Form 42 Part II 29 3 a Were federal estimated tax payments required? Yes No 30 Total subtractions Add lines 19 23 24 27 28 and 29 30 31 Net business income subject to apportionment Subtract line 30 from line 18 31 32 Net business income subject to apportionment Enter the amount from line 31 32 33 Corporations with all activity in Idaho enter 100% Multistate/multinational corporations 34 Net business income apportioned to Idaho Multiply line 32 by the percent on line 33 34 35 Income allocated to Idaho See instructions 35 36 Idaho net operating loss carryover carryback Enter total 36 37 Idaho taxable income Add lines 34 and 35 and subtract line 36 If the corporation has an 38 Idaho income tax Multiply line 37 by 7 6% Minimum $20 for each corporation (see instructions) 38 39 Credit for contributions to Idaho educational entities 39 4 Is this a final return? Yes No 40 Credit for contributions to Idaho youth and rehabilitation facilities 40 41 Total business income tax credits from Form 44 Part I line 11 42 Total credits Add lines 39 through 41 42 43 Subtract line 42 from line 38 If line 42 is greater than line 38 enter zero 43 44 Permanent building fund tax Enter $10 Combined reports include $10 for 45 Total tax from recapture of income tax credits from Form 44 Part II line 7 Include Form 44 45 46 Fuels tax due Include Form 75 46 47 Sales/Use tax due on Internet mail order and other nontaxed purchases 47 48 Tax from recapture of qualified investment exemption (QIE) Include Form 49ER 48 49 Total tax Add lines 43 through 48 49 5 Enter the extended federal due date if this is a short period return 50 Underpayment interest Include Form 41ESR 50 51 Donation to Opportunity Scholarship Program 51 52 Add lines 49 through 51 52 53 Estimated tax payments 53 54 Special fuels tax refund Gasoline tax refund Include Form 75 54 55 Hire One Act credit Include Form 72 55 56 Total payments and other credits Add lines 53 through 55 56 57 Tax due Subtract line 56 from line 52 57 58 Penalty Interest from due date Enter total 58 59 TOTAL DUE Add line 57 and line 58 6 Is this an electrical or telephone utility? Yes No 60 Overpayment Subtract line 52 from line 56 60 61 REFUND Amount of line 60 you want refunded to you 62 ESTIMATED TAX Amount you want credited to your 2012 estimated tax 63 Total due (line 59) or overpayment (line 60) on this return 63 64 Refund from original return plus additional refunds 64 65 Tax paid with original return plus additional tax paid 65 66 Amended tax due or refund Add lines 63 and 64 and subtract line 65 66 7 Did you use the combined reporting method? Yes No 8 If you are a multinational unitary group answer questions a b and c Complete Form 42 9 Did you claim the property tax exemption for investment tax credit property acquired this tax year? Yes No a Check the box for your filing method: worldwide return water's edge return See Form 14 a Does this corporation own more than 50% of another corporation? Yes No b Does another corporation own more than 50% of this corporation? Yes No b If a water's edge return is filed do you elect not to file water's edge spreadsheets? Yes No b Were estimated tax payments based on annualized amounts? Yes No c Are more than 50% of this corporation and another corporation owned by the same interest? Yes No c If a worldwide return is filed is foreign income computed by making book to tax adjustments? Yes No complete and attach Form 42 Enter the apportionment factor from Form 42 Part I line 21 33 d Are two or more corporations in this report operating in Idaho or authorized to do business in Idaho? Yes No each corporation operating or authorized to do business in Idaho 44 EFO00025p2 08 25 11 Form 41 Page 2 If yes check the proper box below and enter the date the event occurred Include Form 44 41 NOL and is electing to forego the carryback period check here 37 Signature of officer Date Subtract line 61 from line 60 62 Title Phone number Under penalties of perjury I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief this return is true correct and complete Withdrawn from Idaho Dissolved Merged or reorganized Enter new EIN Within 180 days of receiving this return the Idaho State Tax Commission may discuss this return with the paid preparer identified below { # } 08 25 11 additions Address and phone number AMENDED RETURN check the box amended return only Complete this section to determine your tax due or refund Business mailing address Business name State use only Federal employer identification number City State and Zip Code credits EFO00025 ending for amending and enter the number For calendar year 2011 or fiscal IDAHO CORPORATION INCOME TAX RETURN If line 52 is more than line 56 GO TO LINE 57 If line 52 is less than line 56 GO TO LINE 60 INCLUDE A COMPLETE COPY OF YOUR FEDERAL FORM 1120 OR 1120A MAIL TO: Idaho State Tax Commission PO Box 56 Boise ID 83756 0056 Mo Day Year other taxes Paid preparer's signature Preparer's EIN SSN or PTIN payments and other credits refund or payment due See instructions page 6 for the reasons State use only subtractions year beginning