Form ID-MS1 Employee's Idaho Military Spouse Withholding Exemption Certificate

05 02 11 Boise ID 83722 0036 Daytime phone EFO00226 Employee do not write in Employer Section below Employee signature EMPLOYEE'S IDAHO MILITARY SPOUSE WITHHOLDING Employer please keep a copy of this document for your records and send a copy within 30 days from the date the employee signs the form to: Employer Section Employer signature EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE I am domiciled (a permanent resident) in (state of domicile) and I am the spouse of a service member on active duty stationed in Idaho on official orders and I claim an exemption from Idaho withholding based on the following facts: I have the same domicile as my servicemember spouse ID MS1 Idaho State Tax Commission Note: All three conditions must be met to qualify for the exemption from Idaho withholding Note: Federal law prohibits photocopying any military identification card except to obtain health care PO Box 36 Print full name Social Security Number State Street address Tax Discovery Bureau This exemption is valid through December 31 2012 A new Form ID MS1 is required each year Under penalties of perjury I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief this form is true correct and complete Zip Code