2011 IL - Illinois Tax Forms

Form IL-1000Pass-through Entity Payment Income Tax Return05/17/2012
Form IL-1000-ECertificate of Exemption for Pass-through Entity Payments12/23/2011
Form IL-1000-PPrepayment Voucher for Pass-through Entity Payments03/07/2012
Form IL-1000-XAmended Pass-through Entity Payment Income Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1023-CComposite Income and Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1023-CES2012 Composite Estimated Tax Payments for Partners and Shareholders03/07/2012
Form IL-1023-C-XAmended Composite Income and Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1040Individual Income Tax Return03/20/2012
Form IL-1040-ESEstimated Income Tax Payments for Individuals03/06/2012
Form IL-1040-VPayment Voucher for Individual Income Tax12/22/2011
Form IL-1040-XAmended Individual Income Tax Return03/06/2012
Form IL-1041Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1041-XAmended Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1065Partnership Replacement Tax Return (includes Schedule B)03/07/2012
Form IL-1065-XAmended Partnership Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1120Corporation Income and Replacement Tax Return03/06/2012
Form IL-1120-ES2012 Estimated Income and Replacement Tax Payments for Corporations03/07/2012
Form IL-1120-STSmall Business Corporation Replacement Tax Return (includes Schedule B)03/07/2012
Form IL-1120-ST-XAmended Small Business Corporation Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1120-XAmended Corporation Income and Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-1310Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer03/06/2012
Form IL-2210Computation of Penalties for Individuals03/06/2012
Form IL-2220Computation of Penalties for Businesses03/07/2012
Form IL-4562Special Depreciation03/07/2012
Form IL-4644Gains from Sales of Employer's Securities Received from a Qualified Employee Benefit Plan and Instructions03/06/2012
Form IL-477Replacement Tax Investment Credits03/07/2012
Form IL-4852Substitute for Unobtainable Form W-203/06/2012
Form IL-501Payment Coupon and Instructions01/07/2011
Form IL-505-BAutomatic Extension Payment03/07/2012
Form IL-505-IAutomatic Extension Payment for Individuals03/06/2012
Form IL-56Notice of Fiduciary Relationship12/23/2011
Form IL-5754Statement by Person Receiving Gambling Winnings10/17/2011
Form IL-8453Individual Income Tax Electronic Filing Declaration12/05/2011
Form IL-8633-IApplication to File Individual Income Tax Returns Electronicall12/17/2010
Form IL-941Illinois Withholding Income Tax Return and Instructions12/16/2010
Form IL-941-XAmended Illinois Withholding Tax Return12/23/2010
Form IL-990-TExempt Organization Income and Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-990-T-XAmended Exempt Organization Income and Replacement Tax Return03/07/2012
Form IL-W-4Employee's Illinois Withholding Allowance Certificate05/30/2012
Form IL-W-5Certificate of Residence in Illinois10/17/2011
Form IL-W-5-NREmployee's Statement of Nonresidence in Illinois10/17/2011
Form Sch. 1299-BEnterprise Zone or Foreign Trade Zone (sub-zone) Subtractions (for corporations and fiduciaries)03/07/2012
Form Sch. 1299-CIncome Tax Subtractions and Credits03/06/2012
Form Sch. 1299-DIncome Tax Credits (for corporations and fiduciaries)03/07/2012
Form Sch. 1299-SEnterprise Zones, Foreign Trade Zones, and Sub-Zones01/11/2012
Form Sch. 4255Recapture of Investment Tax Credits08/15/2012
Form Sch. 80/20Related Party Expenses12/23/2011
Form Sch. CRCredit for Tax Paid to Other States12/22/2011
Form Sch. FGains from Sales or Exchanges of Property Acquired12/22/2011
Form Sch. GVoluntary Charitable Donations12/22/2011
Form Sch. IIncome Received03/07/2012
Form Sch. ICRIllinois Credits12/22/2011
Form Sch. INLIllinois Net Loss Adjustment for Cooperatives12/23/2011
Form Sch. INSTax for Foreign Insurers12/23/2011
Form Sch. JForeign Dividends12/23/2011
Form Sch. K-1-TBeneficiary's Share of Income and Deductions12/23/2011
Form Sch. K-1-T (1)Instructions for Trusts and Estates Completing Schedule K-1-T03/07/2012
Form Sch. K-1-T (2)Beneficiary's Instructions09/15/2011
Form Sch. M (1040)Other Additions and Subtractions for Individuals12/22/2011
Form Sch. M (1120)Other Additions and Subtractions (for businesses)03/07/2012
Form Sch. NBNonbusiness Income12/23/2011
Form Sch. NLDIllinois Net Loss Deduction12/23/2011
Form Sch. NRNonresident and Part-year resident Computation of Illinois Tax12/22/2011
Form Sch. UBCombined Apportionment for Unitary Business Group12/23/2011
Form Sch. UB/INSTax for a Unitary Business Group with Foreign Insurer Members12/23/2011
Form Sch. UB/NLDUnitary Illinois Net Loss Deduction12/23/2011
Form UI-WIT-XAmended Illinois Income Tax Withholding Return for Household Employers12/16/2010