2011 IN - Indiana Tax Forms

Form AD-19Affidavit for Reinstatement of Domestic Corporation10/25/2011
Form AD-19(2)Affidavit for Reinstatement of Foreign Corporation10/25/2011
Form BC-100 Spanish VersionPeticin para cerrar un negocio de Indiana07/23/2012
Form BC-100Indiana Business Closure Request07/23/2012
Form BT-1 (Spanish Version)Solicitud de Impuesto a la Actividad Comercial12/22/2005
Form CC-40Indiana College Credit11/17/2011
Form CT-40County Tax Schedule for Indiana Residents12/01/2011
Form CT-40 EZCounty Tax Schedule for IT-40EZ Filers12/01/2011
Form CT-40PNRCounty Tax Schedule for Part-Year and Full-Year Nonresidents12/01/2011
Form DB020W-NRPayment of Indiana Withholding Tax for Nonresident Shareholders, Partners, or Beneficiaries of Trusts and Estates12/07/2011
Form Departmental Notice #1How to Compute Withholding for State and County Income Tax12/01/2011
Form E-6Request for Indiana Corporate Estimated Quarterly Income Tax Return/Extension Payment12/05/2011
Form E-7Apportionment for Interstate Transportation01/05/2012
Form ES-402012 Estimated Tax Payment Voucher11/17/2011
FIT-20 BookletCurrent Year Financial Institution Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules01/25/2012
FIT-20 FormCurrent Year Financial Institution Tax Forms and Schedules12/05/2011
Form GA-110LClaim for Refund10/16/2009
Form IDA-10-20Individual Development Account Tax Credit Application10/03/2005
Form IH-12Indiana Inheritance Tax Return for Non-Resident Decedent08/13/2012
IH-12INSTInstructions forInheritance Tax Return for Non-Resident Decedent08/10/2012
Form IH-14Application For Consent To Transfer Securities Or Personal Property Of Any Description Owned By A Resident Decedent Note: Local courts may require this form to be on green paper.05/25/2011
Form IH-19Notice of Intended Transfer of Personal Property07/09/2008
Form IH-28Power of Attorney06/26/2008
Form IH-5Claim for Refund - Inheritance and Estate Taxes06/26/2008
Form IH-6Indiana Inheritance Tax Return Note: Local courts may require this form to be on green paper.06/24/2008
IH-6INSTInstructions for Inheritance Tax General08/10/2012
Form IH-7SFReport of Appraiser06/25/2009
Form IH-9Order Determining Inheritance Tax Due for Indiana Resident Note: Local courts may require this form to be on green paper.07/23/2008
Form IH-EXEMAffidavit of No Inheritance Tax Due Note: Local courts may require this form to be on green paper.05/04/2009
Form IH-TAAffidavit of Transferee of Trust Property that No Indiana Inheritance or Estate Tax is Due on the Transfer06/26/2008
Form IN-2058SPNonresident Military Spouse Earned Income Deduction11/29/2011
Form IN-40SPInnocent Spouse Allocation Worksheet10/23/2009
Form IN-529Indiana's CollegeChoice 529 Education Savings Plan Credit11/17/2011
Form IN-529RRecapture of Indiana's CollegeChoice 529 Education Savings Plan Credit11/17/2011
Form IN-DEPAdditional Dependent Child Information11/17/2011
Form IN-EICIndiana's Earned Income Credit02/10/2012
Form IN-HIndiana Household Employment Taxes11/22/2011
Form IN-MSAIndiana Individual Medical Savings Accounts01/31/1910
Form IN-OPTIndiana Electronic Filing Opt-Out Declaration11/17/2011
Form IN-PATQualified Patents Exemption Schedule12/05/2011
Form IN-SSCSchool ScholarshipCredit02/08/2012
IT-20 BookletCurrent Year Corporate Adjusted Gross Income Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules.12/21/2011
IT-20 FormCurrent Year Corporate Adjusted Gross Income Tax Forms and Schedules12/21/2011
IT-20 NP FormCurrent Year Nonprofit Organization Unrelated Business Income Tax Forms and Schedules02/10/2012
IT-20 Schedule Unitary 1Combined Profit and Loss Statement of Indiana Unitary Group12/05/2011
Form IT-20NOLCorporate Income Tax - Indiana Net Operating Loss Deduction12/05/2011
Form IT-20NPCurrent Year Nonprofit Organization Unrelated Business Income Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules04/16/2012
Form IT-20RECIndiana Research Expense Tax Credit (Effective 07/01/2005)12/05/2011
IT-20S BookletCurrent Year S Corporation Income Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules02/09/2012
IT-20S FormCurrent Year S Corporation Income Tax Forms and Schedules02/10/2012
Form IT-20XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return12/21/2011
Form IT-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals11/22/2011
Form IT-2210AAnnualized Schedule for Underpayment of Estimated Tax11/22/2011
Form IT-2220Penalty for Underpayment of Corporate Income Taxes for Tax Year 201112/05/2011
Form IT-2440Indiana Disability Retirement Deduction11/22/2011
IT-40 Booklet2011 IT-40 Income Tax Instruction Booklet (not including form or schedules)06/12/2012
IT-40 Booklet (Spanish Version)2011 Indiana El formulario IT-40 del residente individual con Forma y Anexos01/25/2012
IT-40 Form2011 IT-40 Income Tax Form11/17/2011
Form IT-40 QECEnterprise Zone Qualified Employee Deduction Certificate01/09/2012
IT-40EZ Booklet2011 IT-40EZ Income Tax Instruction Booklet (not including form or schedule)11/29/2011
IT-40EZ Form2011 IT-40EZ Income Tax Form11/18/2011
Form IT-40NOLNet Operating Loss Computation for Individuals02/29/2012
IT-40PNR Booklet2011 IT-40PNR Income Tax Instruction Booklet (not including form or schedules)06/12/2012
IT-40PNR Form2011 IT-40 PNR Form11/29/2011
Form IT-40PNRAIndiana Apportionment Schedule for Nonresident Individuals11/28/2011
IT-40RNR Form2011 Reciprocal State Nonresident Individual Tax Form12/01/2011
Form IT-40XAmended Individual Income Tax Return11/22/2011
Form IT-41Indiana Fiduciary Income Tax Return01/04/2012
Form IT-41ESFiduciary Estimated Tax and Extension Payment Voucher01/04/2012
IT-65 BookletCurrent Year Partnership Return Booklet with Forms and Schedules02/09/2012
IT-65 FormCurrent Year Partnership Return Forms and Schedules02/10/2012
Form IT-92011 Application for Extension of Time to File11/17/2011
Form IT-966Notice of Corporate Dissolution Liquidation or Withdrawal02/14/2008
Form NP-20Nonprofit Organization's Annual Report05/09/2012
Form NP-20ANonprofit Application for Sales Tax Exemption10/25/2011
Form POA-1Power of Attorney01/20/2010
Form POA-20Distributee's Affidavit for Disposition of Estates07/27/2009
Form POA-30Widow's Affidavit for Disposition of Estates07/27/2009
Form Publication EICIndiana Earned Income Credit Publication 201103/05/2012
Form ROC-1Correct/Change of Responsible Officer Information11/20/2007
Form SC-402011 Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly11/28/2011
Schedule 1Add-Backs11/17/2011
Schedule 2Deductions11/17/2011
Schedule 5Credits11/17/2011
Schedule 6Offset Credits11/17/2011
Schedule 7Additional Required Information11/17/2011
Schedule 8-DSchedule of Indiana Affiliated Group Members12/05/2011
Schedule AIncome/Loss, Proration and Adjustments to Income06/22/2012
Schedule BAdd-Backs11/22/2011
Schedule CDeductions11/22/2011
Schedule EZEnterprise Zone Schedule 1, 2, 3 and Instructions01/12/2012
Schedule FCredits11/22/2011
Schedule GOffset Credits11/22/2011
Schedule HAdditional Required Information11/22/2011
Schedule LICEnterprise Zone Loan Interest Credit01/12/2012
Schedules 3 - 4Exemptions and Other Taxes03/08/2012
Schedules D - EExemptions and Other Taxes02/13/2012
Form Tax ClearanceTax Clearance Form09/08/2009
Form TCSP-40Twenty-First Century Scholars Program Credit11/22/2011
Form URT-1Current Year Indiana Utility Receipts Tax Return and Schedule URT-222002/21/2012
Form URT-Q(w)Utility Receipts Tax Payment12/02/2010
Form USUT Registration ApplicationRegistration and filing requirements for Utility Services Use Tax (Effective July 1, 2006)07/19/2006
Form W2 FilingMagnetic Media Filing for W2, W-2G, and 1099R reports.02/27/2012
Form WCE-1Worker's Compensation Clearance Certificate Application03/18/2010
Form WCE-1 Spanish VersionSolicitud Del Certificado De Exencin De Indemnizacin Para Los Trabajadores09/08/2009
Form WH-13Withholding Instructions for State and County Income Taxes09/09/2009
Form WH-18Miscellaneous Withholding Tax Statement for Nonresidents02/28/2012
Form WH-1UUnderpayment of Indiana Withholding Filing Instructions03/16/2010
Form WH-3Annual Withholding Tax Form10/27/2011
Form WH-4Employee's Withholding Exemption and County Status Certificate03/02/2011
Form WH-47Certificate Residence10/22/1910
Form WH-4852Indiana Substitute for Form W-2 or Form 1099-R06/15/2006
Form WH-4MILAnnual Nonresident Military Spouse Earned Income Withholding Tax Exemption Form01/08/2010
Form WH-4PAnnuitant's Request for State Income Tax Withholding11/24/2008