Form R-6922ES Declaration of Estimated Tax for Composite Partnership

Federal Employer Identification Number State (mm/yyyy) Address calendar year filers leave this space blank dollar and do not add cents Enter the amount of your estimated tax in the designated space Round the amount of estimated tax to the nearest For calendar year 2011 or fiscal year ending For fiscal year filers print the date that the composite partnership s fiscal year ended in the space provided For How to use the Declaration Voucher: If year end differs from prior year mark box Louisiana Department of Revenue LOUISIANA ESTIMATED TAX DECLARATION VOUCHER FOR COMPOSITE PARTNERSHIP 2011 Louisiana Revenue Account Number Mail this form with your payment to: Mail voucher and payment to Louisiana Department of Revenue P O Box 91011 Baton Rouge LA 70821 9011 Other than those that are corporations or tax exempt trusts composite partnership returns can be filed on the behalf of all nonresident partners who were partners at any time during the taxable year and who have not filed an affidavit with the Department of Revenue agreeing to timely file and pay a Louisiana individual income tax return Resident partners other than corporations and tax exempt trusts may also be included in a composite return For more information see Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) 61:I 1401 on LDR s website at www revenue louisiana gov/policies P O BOX 91011 Baton Rouge LA 70821 9011 Print Name Address City State and Zip code in the areas designated Print your Louisiana Revenue Account Number and Federal Employer Identification Number in the designated R 6922ES (2011) Revenue Otherwise leave blank spaces The term estimated tax means the amount the taxpayer estimates to be the Louisiana income tax imposed for the current period For composite partnerships estimated tax payments can be made at anytime prior to filing the composite partnership return This space at the bottom of the voucher is to be used only when specifically instructed by the Department of