2011 MA - Massachusetts Tax Forms

Form Allotment HRCHistoric Rehabilitation Credit Summary01/11/2011
Form Allotment LIHCLow-Income Housing Credit Summary01/11/2011
Form Certificate LIHCLow-Income Housing Credit Allotment01/11/2011
Form Early Election LIHCLow-Income Housing Credit Notification01/11/2011
Form 1Resident Income Tax Return11/03/2011
Form 121AUrban Redevelopment Excise Return11/01/2011
Form 1-ESEstimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers01/17/2012
Form 1-ES-InstInstructions and Worksheets01/17/2012
Form 1-NR/PYNonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return11/03/2011
Form 2Fiduciary Income Tax Return11/03/2011
Form 2-ESEstimated Income Tax payment Vouchers for Filers of Forms 2, 3M and M-990T-6201/17/2012
Form 2-ES-InstInstructions and Worksheets01/17/2012
Form 2GGrantor's/Owner's Share of a Grantor Type Trust11/03/2011
Form 2-PVPayment Voucher11/02/2011
Form 3Partnership Return12/19/2011
Form 355Massachusetts Business or Manufacturing Corporation Excise Return12/09/2011
Form 355 SVTaxation of Ships and Vessels12/09/2001
Form 355-7004Application for Corporate Extension10/26/2011
Form 355-7004 MiscApplication for Extension of Time to File Financial Institution, Insurance or Miscellaneous11/01/2011
Form 355-ES2011 Corporate Estimated TaxPayment Vouchers01/25/2011
Form 355-PVPayment Voucher10/26/2011
Form 355QStatement Relating to Manufacturing Activities03/10/2005
Form 355-RDStatement Relating to Research and Development12/09/2011
Form 355SMassachusetts Corporation Excise Return12/09/2011
Form 355SBCSmall Business Corporation Excise Return12/09/2011
Form 355SCMassachusetts Security Corporation Return10/26/2011
Form 355S-PVPayment Voucher10/26/2011
Form 355UExcise for Taxpayers Subject to Combined Filing10/31/2011
Form 3MIncome Return for Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations12/01/2011
Form 63 FIFinancial Institution Excise Return11/01/2011
Form 63-20PPremium Excise Return for Life Insurance Companies11/01/2011
Form 63-23PPremium Excise Return for Insurance Companies11/01/2011
Form 63-29AOcean Marine Profits Tax Return11/01/2011
Form AA-1Application for Section 42 Method of Apportionment03/10/2005
Form BCABrownfields Credit Application01/11/2011
Form BCTABrownfields Credit Transfer Application01/11/2011
Form EDIPRefundable Economic Development Incentive Program credit10/19/2011
Form F-2Apportionment Report10/19/2011
Form M-2210Underpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income Tax01/09/2012
Form M-2210AAnnualized Income Installment Worksheet11/03/2011
Form M-2210FUnderpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income Tax for Fiduciaries01/10/2012
Form M-2220Underpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Tax by Corporations02/01/2012
Form M-4868Application for Automatic Six-Month Extension of Time to File Massachusetts IncomeTax Return04/12/2012
Form M-8379Nondebtor Spouse Claim and Allocation of Refund Due12/07/2009
Form M-8453Individual IncomeTax Declaration for Electronic Filing11/03/2011
Form M-8453CCorporate Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing12/20/2011
Form M-8453FFiduciary Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing11/03/2011
Form M-8453PPartnership Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing11/03/2011
Form M-8736Application for Extension of Time to File Fiduciary or Partnership Return11/03/2011
Form M-900T-7004Unrelated Business Income Tax Extension10/31/2011
Form M-990TUnrelated Business Income Tax Return12/13/2011
Form M-990T-62Exempt Trust and Unincorporated Association Income Tax Return (including Schedules B and D)11/03/2011
Form MDCAMedical Device Credit Application01/11/2011
Form MDCTAMedical Device Transfer Credit Application01/11/2011
Form PS-1Public Service Corporation Franchise Tax Return11/01/2011
Form PVPayment Voucher11/02/2011
Form UBIT-ESNonprofit Corporation Estimated Tax Vouchers12/09/2011
Form Individual Certificate HRCHistoric Rehabilitation Credit01/11/2011
Schedule 2K-1Beneficiary's Massachusetts Information11/02/2011
Schedule 3K-1Partner's Distributive Share01/12/2012
Schedule A-1Investments in Subsidiaries10/18/2011
Schedule A-2Intercompany Receivables10/18/2011
Schedule A-3Intercompany Payables10/18/2011
Schedule ABIExceptions to the Add Back of Interest Expenses10/26/2011
Schedule ABIEExceptions to the Add Back of Intangible Expenses10/26/2011
Schedule BInterest, Dividends and Certain Capital Gains and Losses11/03/2011
Schedule B/RBeneficiary/Remaindermen11/03/2011
Schedule BCBrownfields Credit10/19/2011
Schedule B-Estate-TrustInterest, Dividends and Certain Capital Gains and Losses11/02/2011
Schedule CMassachusetts Profit or Loss from Business11/03/2011
Schedule C-2Excess Deductions Against Trade or Business Income11/03/2011
Schedule CBCircuit Breaker Credit11/03/2011
Schedule CGCombined Reporting Allocation Schedule12/20/2011
Schedule CIRConsolidated Return Income Reconciliation10/27/2011
Schedule DLong-Term Capital Gains and Losses Excluding Collectibles11/03/2011
Schedule D-Estate-TrustCapital Gains and Losses11/02/2011
Schedule DIDependent Information11/03/2011
Schedule D-ISInstallment Sales03/28/2012
Schedule DREDisclosure of Disregarded Entity10/31/2011
Schedule E and FRental Income or Loss and Credit for Taxes Paid11/02/2011
Schedule E ReconciliationTotal Supplemental Income and (Loss)11/02/2011
Schedule E-1Rental Real Estate and Royalty Income and (Loss)04/24/2012
Schedule E-2Partnership and S Corporation Income and (Loss)11/02/2011
Schedule E-2-CorpLoss Carryover Deduction12/12/2011
Schedule E-3Estate, Trust, REMIC and Farm Income and (Loss)11/02/2011
Schedule ECSolar and Wind Energy Credit11/03/2011
Schedule EOACEconomic Opportunity Area Credit11/03/2011
Schedule FIncome Apportionment10/18/2011
Schedule FEReport with Respect to Foreign Entities01/23/2012
Schedule HInvestment Tax Credit and Carryovers10/18/2011
Schedule H-2Recapture Offset10/19/2011
Schedule H-2-WkstSchedule H-2 Worksheet11/01/2011
Schedule HCHealth Care Information11/03/2011
Schedule HC-CSHealth Care Information Continuation Sheet11/03/2011
Schedule H-Estate-TrustExpenses and Fiduciary Compensation11/02/2011
Schedule HMHarbor Maintenance Credit10/26/2011
Schedule IDDIncome Distribution Deduction11/02/2011
Schedule LPCredit for Removing or Covering Lead Paint on Residential Premises11/03/2011
Schedule M-1Federal Reconciliation10/26/2011
Schedule NIRNet Income Reconciliation11/01/2011
Schedule RCResearch Credit10/19/2011
Schedule RFCRefundable Film Credit10/19/2011
Schedule RLCRefundable Life Science Credit10/19/2011
Schedule RNWREIT Net Worth Calculation10/19/2011
Schedule SS Corporation Distributive Income01/13/2012
Schedule SCSeptic Credit11/03/2011
Schedule SK-1Shareholder's Massachusetts Information10/19/2011
Schedule TDSTaxpayer Disclosure Statement11/01/2011
Schedule TTPTaxpayer Treaty Position10/31/2011
Schedule U-CICombined Income10/31/2011
Schedule U-CSCredit Shared From Other Members10/31/2011
Schedule U-DRDMember's Dividend Deduction10/31/2011
Schedule U-EMassachusetts Unitary or Affiliated Group Income10/31/2011
Schedule U-ICMember's Individual Credits10/31/2011
Schedule U-INSPayment to Insurance Companies under Common Ownership01/06/2012
Schedule U-MMember's Income and Expenses10/31/2011
Schedule U-MSIMember's Apportioned Share of Group Income11/01/2011
Schedule U-MTIMember's Non-Unitary Taxable Income11/01/2011
Schedule U-NISummary of All Group Net Income11/01/2011
Schedule U-NOLMember's Net Operating Loss Carryover11/17/2011
Schedule U-NOLSMember's Shared Loss Carryover12/19/2011
Schedule U-RFRefundable Credits11/01/2011
Schedule U-STMember's Separate Income Tax11/01/2011
Schedule U-TMTax by Member10/31/2011
Schedule VPVanpool Credit10/26/2011
Schedule Z/RFOther Credits11/03/2011
Schedules X, YOther Income and Deductions11/03/2011
Form Transfer LIHCLow-Income Housing Credit Statement01/11/2011
Form Transfer/Sale HRCHistoric Rehabilitation Credit Certificate01/11/2011