2011 ME - Maine Tax Forms

Form 1040-ESvouchers for estimated tax payments02/16/2011
Form 1040-ME1040ME long form04/17/2012
Form 1040-ME INS1040ME long form booklet (forms and instructions)04/17/2012
1040-ME-WkstMinimum Tax Worksheet11/17/2011
Form 1040PMT-MEIncome tax payment voucher04/18/2012
Form 1040S-MEResident short form04/18/2012
Form 1040S-ME INS1040S-ME resident short form booklet (forms and instructions)04/19/2012
1040-Wkst AA and B residency information and income allocation for nonresidents and part-year residents11/29/2011
1040-Wkst CEmployee Apportionment Worksheet11/17/2011
Form 1040X-MEAmended income tax return04/19/2012
Form 1041 EXT-MEExtension Payment Voucher12/06/2011
Form 1041 MEMinimum Tax Worksheet10/03/2011
Form 1041-MEFiduciary Income Tax Return for resident and nonresident estates and trusts09/22/2011
Form 1041-ME-ESVouchers for estimated tax payments02/16/2011
Form 1065ME/1120S-MEMaine Information Return Partnerships and S Corporations03/01/2012
Form 1120B-ES/MEvouchers for estimated tax payments02/16/2011
Form 1120B-EXT/MEExtension Payment Voucher10/12/2011
Form 1120B-MEFranchise tax booklet (including forms and instructions)10/14/2011
Form 1120-CRCombined Report For Unitary Mmbers09/14/2011
Form 1120ES-MEMaine Payment Voucher02/16/2011
Form 1120EXT-MEMaine Extension Tax Payment Voucher09/14/2011
Form 1120MEMaine Corporate Income Tax Return05/07/2012
Form 1120W-MEEstimated Tax Worksheet11/22/2010
Form 1120X-MEMaine Amended Corporate Income Tax Return04/27/2012
Form 2210MEUnderpayment of estimated tax09/21/2011
Form 2210ME-AnnAnnualized Income Installment Worksheet09/22/2011
Form 2220MEUnderpayment Of Estimated Tax09/14/2011
Form 706 MEMaine Estate Tax Return08/19/2011
706 ME-Wkst-DCredit for Estate Tax paid to Other Jurisdictions By Resident Estates08/19/2011
Form 706ME-EZMaine estate tax information return for lien discharge11/02/2010
Form 841MECerti ed Visual Media Production Wage Reimbursement Application10/19/2011
Form 900MEEmployers payment vouchers for income taxes withheld11/17/2010
Form 941/C1-MECombined filing for income tax withholding and unemployment contributions03/26/2012
Form 941A-MEAmended return of income tax withheld02/01/2011
Form 941BN-MEBusiness change notification02/03/2011
Form 941MEFiling for income tax withholding02/03/2011
Form AVCWithholding Allowance Variance Certificate07/29/2011
Biofuel-WkstBiofuel Production And Use Tax Credit02/13/2012
Form C1A-MEAmended return of unemployment contributions01/05/2011
Capital Investment-WkstMaine Capital Investment Credit03/29/2012
Form CMPRACertified Media Production Residency Affidavit06/20/2012
Daycare-WkstEmployer-Assisted Day Care Credit02/13/2012
Death-WkstWorksheet for determining estate tax filing requirement01/10/2012
Form DepHealth-WrkstCredit for Dependent Health Benefits Paid02/13/2012
Form Disch-PRLCertificate of Discharge of Personal Representative Liability08/19/2011
EdIndividuals-WkstCredit for Educational Opportunity -- Individuals11/29/2011
Educational-WkstCredit For Educational Opportunity02/13/2012
Form EFTApplication for Tax Registration09/21/2012
Form ES-Disch-PPCertificate of discharge of estate tax lien on tangible personal property12/29/2011
Form Family Development-WrkstContribution to Family Development Account Reserve Funds Credit02/13/2012
Fishery-WkstMaine Fishery Infrastructure Investment Tax Credit02/13/2012
High-Tech-WkstHigh-Technology Investment Tax Credit02/13/2012
Income Tax-WkstCredit for Tax Paid To Other Jurisdictions02/02/2012
JITC-WkstJobs and Investment Tax Credit02/13/2012
LTC-WkstEmployer-Provided Long-Term Care Benefits Credit02/13/2012
MGMT-WkstForest Management Planning Income Credit10/19/2011
Ptdz-WkstPine Tree Development Zone Tax Credit10/19/2011
PTE-WkstCredit Ratio Worksheet for Individuals claiming the Pine Tree Development Zone Tax Credit10/19/2011
Quality-Child-WkstQuality Child Care Investment Credit02/13/2012
Form QuesstionaireCorporate Unitary Questionnaire09/07/2011
Reduction-WkstDual Residence Reduction of Tax Credit10/19/2011
Rehabilitation-WkstCredit for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties06/20/2012
RETC-WkstResearch Expense Tax Credit02/13/2012
Form REW-1-1040Real Estate Withholding Return For Transfer Of Real Property (For Individuals or Sole Proprietor Sellers)08/31/2011
Form REW-1-1041Real Estate Withholding Return For Transfer Of Real Property (For Sellers That Are Trusts or Estates)08/31/2011
Form REW-1-1120Real Estate Withholding Return For Transfer Of Real Property (For Sellers That Are Corporations)08/31/2011
Form REW-2Residency affidavit, individual transferor, Maine exception 3(A)08/19/2011
Form REW-3Residency affidavit, entity transferor, Maine exception 3(A)08/19/2011
Form REW-4Notification of buyer(s) of withholding tax requirement12/01/2011
Form REW-5Request for exemption or reduction in withholding08/23/2011
Schedule 1040C-MEWorksheet For Composite Filing for NonResident Partners/Shareholders09/14/2011
Schedule 2 941MEIncome Tax Withholding Listing Page02/03/2011
Schedule 2/C1 (941/C1- ME)Quarterly Income Tax and Unemployment Wages Listing02/03/2011
Schedule 2A (941A - ME)Individual Employee/Payee/Member Withholding Correction02/01/2011
Schedule ASchedule A adjustments to tax/child care credit worksheet12/05/2011
Schedule A 1041 MEAdjustments to tax09/22/2011
Schedule B 1120MEModification For Alternative Minimum Tax09/14/2011
Schedule CPvoluntary contributions and park pass purchases11/17/2011
Schedule NR 1040 MEApportionment for nonresidents and part-year residents12/05/2011
Schedule NR 1041 MENonresident apportionment09/22/2011
Schedule NRH 1040MEApportionment for married person electing to file single11/17/2011
Schedule PSISchedule PSI 1065ME/1120S-ME10/25/2011
Schedules 1 - 2Income modifications and itemized deductions/pension income deduction worksheet12/05/2011
SeedCapInvestTax-WkstSeed Capital Investment Tax Credit08/02/2012
Super_r-WkstSuper Credit for Substantially Increased Research and Development02/13/2012
Form Tax LienCertificate of discharge of estate tax lien12/29/2011
VisualMediaProd-WkstCertified Visual Media Production Credit10/19/2011
Form W-3MEAnnual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld02/03/2011
Form W-4MEEmployees Maine withholding allowance certificate01/04/2011