2011 MO - Missouri Tax Forms

Form 205Collector's Annual Settlement03/29/2011
Form 326Bond of the Collector/Ex-Officio Collector or Revenue02/10/2011
Form 558Military Information12/06/2011
Form 943Request for Tax Clearance06/08/2011
Form 948Assessor Certification06/25/2010
Form 1141Application for Financial Institution Tax Credit/Refund10/28/2011
Form 1309Land and Personal Tax Aggregate Abstract10/01/2012
Form 1310Railroad and Utility Aggregate Abstract10/25/2010
Form 1312Monthly County Collection Report10/28/2010
Form 1313Back Tax Aggregate Abstract10/29/2010
Form 1937Request for Photocopy of Missouri Income Tax Return or Property Tax Credit Claim08/16/2011
Form 2330Apportionment Schedule C - Financial Institutions11/25/2011
Form 2331Financial Institution Tax Schedule B12/23/2011
Form 2823Credit Institution Tax Return02/03/2012
Form 2827Power of Attorney08/23/2012
Form 3097Taxpayer Bill of Rights06/09/2009
Form 4160Address Change Request Form06/25/2012
Form 4282Employer's Tax Guide07/19/2011
Form 4338Individual Income Tax Payment Request02/01/2010
Form 4340Individual Consumer's Use Tax Return12/15/2011
Form 4347Apportionment Schedule - Bank Franchise Tax Return12/27/2011
Form 4349Letter of Intent for Substitute and Reproduced Income Tax Forms09/16/2011
Form 4354Worksheet for Calculating Business Facility Credit, Enterprise Zone Modifications and Enterprise Zone Credit12/23/2011
Form 4458Business Activity Questionnaire01/20/2011
Form 4572Electronic Filing Trading Partner Agreement12/27/2010
Form 4583City Fees01/07/2010
Form 4585Electronic File Specifications and Record Layouts for EFT of Business Tax Return and Payment Using ACH Credit with TXP Addendum03/01/2011
Form 4599Recorder's Monthly User Fee Report07/06/2009
Form 4600Children's Trust Fund07/06/2009
Form 4711Missouri Income Tax Reference Guide09/05/2012
Form 4854Employer Withholding Tax Refund Request03/15/2010
Form 4890Local Government Tax Guide03/08/2010
Form 4922Statutory County Recorder's Fund10/29/2010
Form 5071Corporate Investments In/Advances To Subsidiaries Schedule10/03/2011
Form 5120Candidate's Affidavit of Tax Payments12/04/2007
Form 5121Complaint Pursuant to Section 115.342, RSMo12/05/2007
Form 5143Safe At Home - Request for Address Confidentiality of Tax Records08/27/2010
Form 5153Bulk/Customized Record Request Form07/24/2012
Form 5183Plate/Tab/Decal Inventory Order Form - License Offices11/21/2011
Form 5237Offer In Compromise Waiver07/07/2009
Form 5263License Office Location Assessment09/05/2012
Form 5310Application for Voluntary Disclosure Agreement04/14/2011
Form 5335Withholding Compensation Worksheet03/30/2011
Form 5359Excess Traffic Violations10/11/2011
Form 5378Agreement to Receive Refund by ACH Transfer09/20/2012
Form 8821Authorization for Release of Confidential Information12/04/2008
Form 1315AMonthly Statement of Collections10/29/2010
Form 2011 Tax Table2011 Tax Table01/11/2012
2823_InstructionsGeneral Instructions - Credit Institution Tax Return11/08/2011
Form 4379ALocal License Renewal Records and Online Access Request10/17/2011
Form 4379BRequest for Information of State Agency License No Tax Due On-Line Access06/24/2011
Form Address_ChangeChange of Name/Address02/23/2009
Form Composite_ReturnInstructions for Composite Individual Return for Nonresident Partners or Shareholders02/15/2012
Form INT-2Bank Franchise Tax Return11/25/2011
INT-2_InstructionsGeneral Instructions - Bank Franchise Tax Return12/13/2011
Form INT-2-1Bank Franchise Tax Schedule BF05/16/2012
Form INT-3Savings and Loan Association - Building and Loan Tax Return12/15/2011
INT-3_InstructionsGeneral Instructions - Savings and Loan Tax Return10/05/2011
Form INT-4Credit Union Tax Return03/05/2012
INT-4_InstructionsGeneral Instructions - Credit Union Tax Return12/15/2011
Form INT-5Farmer's Cooperative Credit Associations Intangible Property Tax Return10/05/2011
Form Military Reference GuideMilitary Reference Guide08/24/2012
Form MO-1040_Fillable_CalculatingIndividual Income Tax Return - Fillable and Calculating Form (NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Reader for PDF viewer.)02/27/2012
MO-1040_InstructionsInformation to Complete MO-1040/MO-A09/12/2012
Form MO-1040_Print_OnlyIndividual Income Tax Return04/27/2012
Form MO-1040A_Fillable_CalculatingSingle/Married with One Income Tax Return - Fillable and Calculating Form (NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Reader for PDF viewer.)03/26/2012
MO-1040A_InstructionsInformation (and forms) to Complete MO-1040A09/12/2012
Form MO-1040A_Print_OnlySingle/Married with One Income Tax Return04/27/2012
Form MO-1040ESEstimated Tax Declaration for Individuals01/04/2011
MO-1040ES_InstructionsInformation to Complete MO-1040ES01/04/2011
Form MO-1040P_Fillable_CalculatingProperty Tax Credit Claim/Pension Exemption - Fillable and Calculating Form (NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Reader for PDF viewer.)04/20/2012
MO-1040P_InstructionsInformation to Complete MO-1040P09/12/2012
Form MO-1040P_Print_OnlyProperty Tax Credit Claim/Pension Exemption04/27/2012
Form MO-1040VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher12/15/2011
Form MO-1041Missouri Fiduciary Income Return12/19/2011
MO-1041_InstructionsMissouri Fiduciary Income Return Instructions09/26/2012
Form MO-1065Partnership Return of Income09/12/2012
Form MO-1120_FillableCorporation Income Tax/Franchise Tax Return and Form MO-FT07/10/2012
MO-1120_InstructionsInformation to Complete MO-112009/12/2012
Form MO-1120_Print_OnlyCorporation Income Tax/Franchise Tax Return and Form MO-FT07/11/2012
Form MO-1120ESEstimated Tax Declaration for Corporations01/07/2011
Form MO-1120SS Corporation Income Tax Return07/10/2012
MO-1120S_InstructionsS Corporation Income Tax Return and Franchise Tax Return Instructions08/31/2012
Form MO-1120S_Print_OnlyS Corporation Income Tax Return07/11/2012
Form MO-1120VCorporation Income/Franchise Tax Payment Voucher12/15/2011
Form MO-1120X_FillableCorporation Income Tax Amended Return for Years 1992 and Prior12/08/2011
MO-1120X_InstructionsInformation to Complete MO-1120X11/03/2011
Form MO-1120X_Print_OnlyCorporation Income Tax Amended Return for Years 1992 and Prior08/22/2011
Form MO-1ENTIncome Tax Payments for Nonresident Entertainers08/31/2011
Form MO-1NRIncome Tax Payments for Nonresident Individual Partners or S Corporation Shareholders01/14/2011
Form MO-22Authorization and Consent of Subsidiary Corporation to be Included in a Missouri Consolidated Income Tax Return11/15/2011
Form MO-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax12/15/2011
Form MO-2220Corporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax Schedule12/15/2011
Form MO-2ENTStatement of Income Tax Payments for Nonresident Entertainers06/13/2012
Form MO-2NRStatement of Income Tax Payments for Nonresident Partners or S Corporation Shareholders12/29/2010
Form MO-33Missouri Tax Form and Publication Order06/18/2012
Form MO-3NRPartnership / S Corporation Withholding Exemption / Revocation Agreement03/17/2011
Form MO-5090Net Operating Loss Addition Modification Worksheet11/15/2011
Form MO-5311Voucher Booklet Change Request12/30/2010
Form MO-60Application for Extension of Time to File - Individual01/04/2011
Form MO-656Offer In Compromise06/01/2012
Form MO-7004Application for Extension of Time to File11/15/2011
Form MO-706Missouri Estate/Generation Skipping Credit Tax Return11/29/2005
Form MO-8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing12/09/2010
Form MO-851Affiliations Schedule12/08/2011
Form MO-8826Disabled Access Credit10/03/2011
Form MO-96Annual Summary and Transmittal of Missouri Forms MO-99 Misc02/15/2012
Form MO-99MISCInformation Return for Receipts of Miscellaneous Income02/22/2011
Form MO-AIndividual Income Tax Adjustments01/13/2012
Form MO-ATCAdoption Tax Credit Claim11/10/2011
Form MO-CMissouri Dividends Schedule10/14/2011
Form MO-CICChildren In Crisis Tax Credit Claim11/17/2011
Form MO-CRCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Other States12/15/2011
Form MO-CRPCertification of Rent Paid for 201112/15/2011
Form MO-DATDwelling Access Tax Credit12/11/2008
Form MO-FPTFood Pantry Tax Credit12/14/2011
Form MO-FTCorporation Franchise Tax Schedule (must be filed with the 2010 MO-1120 or MO-1120S)08/25/2011
Form MO-HEAHome Energy Audit Expense12/15/2011
Form MO-MSCorporation Allocation and Apportionment of Income12/15/2011
MO-MS_InstructionsSchedule MO-MS Instructions12/15/2011
Form MO-MSSS Corporation Allocation and Apportionment Form10/24/2011
MO-MSS_InstructionsS Corporation Allocation and Apportionment Form Instructions05/03/2012
Form MO-NBINonbusiness Income Schedule12/15/2011
Form MO-NJDSmall Business Deduction for New Jobs Under Section 143.173, RSMO07/23/2012
Form MO-NRENonresident Decedent - Missouri Property09/06/2005
Form MO-NRFNonresident Fiduciary Form12/27/2011
Form MO-NRIMissouri Income Percentage12/15/2011
Form MO-NRPNonresident Partnership Form10/14/2011
Form MO-NRSS Corporation Nonresident Form10/24/2011
Form MO-PTC_Claim_ChartProperty Tax Credit Claim Chart for Determining Credit for Refund01/20/2012
Form MO-PTC_Fillable_CalculatingProperty Tax Credit Claim - Fillable and Calculating Form (NOTE: For proper form functionality, utilize Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Reader for PDF viewer.)08/21/2012
MO-PTC_InstructionsInformation (and forms) to Complete MO-PTC09/12/2012
Form MO-PTC_Print_OnlyProperty Tax Credit Claim04/27/2012
Form MO-PTSProperty Tax Credit12/19/2011
Form MO-PTS_Claim_ChartProperty Tax Credit Claim Chart for Determining Credit for Refund01/20/2012
MO-PTS_Instructions_1040Information to Complete MO-PTS (Form MO-1040)12/28/2011
MO-PTS_Instructions_1040PInformation to Complete MO-PTS (Form MO-1040P)12/28/2011
Form MO-SCCShared Care Tax Credit04/17/2012
Form MO-SHCSelf-Employed Health Insurance Tax Credit12/29/2010
Form MO-SSCPublic Safety Officer Surviving Spouse Credit01/04/2011
Form MO-TCMiscellaneous Income Tax Credits05/30/2012
Form MO-W-4Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate12/29/2010
Form MO-W-4ACertificate of Non-Residence/Allocation of Withholding Tax12/23/2010
Form MO-W-4CWithholding Affidavit for Missouri Residents12/23/2010
Form MO-W-4PWithholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Statements12/27/2010
Form MO-WTIFTax Increment Financing Net New Job Salary Report03/12/2009
Form Withhold_Tax_E-file_Due_DatesE-file Information and Due Dates for Withholding Tax12/15/2010
Withholding_FormulaWithholding Tax Formula12/29/2010