2011 MS - Mississippi Tax Forms

Form 71-661Installment Agreement07/27/2011
Form 80-100Instructions03/12/2012
Form 80-105Resident Return07/27/2011
Form 80-108Itemized Deductions Schedule01/12/2012
Form 80-110EZ Resident07/27/2011
Form 80-115Declaration for E-File07/27/2011
Form 80-160Credit for Tax Paid Another State07/27/2011
Form 80-170Amended Return07/27/2011
Form 80-170iAmended Resident Income Tax Return Instructions01/17/2012
Form 80-180Extension of Time to File07/27/2011
Form 80-205Non-Resident and Part-Year Resident Return07/27/2011
Form 80-270Non-Resident and Part-Year Amended Return07/27/2011
Form 80-270iAmended Non-Resident - Part Year Resident Income Tax Return Instructions01/17/2012
Form 80-300Estimated Individual Income Tax07/27/2011
Form 80-315Re-forestation Tax Credit01/12/2012
Form 80-315iReforestation Tax Credit Instructions01/17/2012
Form 80-320Interest on Underestimate07/27/2011
Form 80-340Reservation Indian Exclusion07/27/2011
Form 80-491Additional Dependents07/27/2011
Form 80-492Credit Summary07/27/2011
Form 81-110Fiduciary Return07/27/2011
Form 81-110iFiduciary Income Tax Return Instructions01/17/2012
Form 81-131Fiduciary Beneficiaries Shares of Income07/27/2011
Form 81-132Fiduciary Schedule K-107/27/2011
Form 83-100Corporate Income Instructions01/19/2012
Form 83-105Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return01/18/2012
Form 83-110Corporate Franchise Tax Schedule01/18/2012
Form 83-115Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing01/18/2012
Form 83-120Balance Sheet - Use Copy of Federal Sch L01/18/2012
Form 83-122Computation of Net Taxable Income Schedule01/18/2012
Form 83-124Direct Accounting Income Statement01/18/2012
Form 83-125Business Income Apportionment Schedule01/18/2012
Form 83-150Nonbusiness Income Worksheet01/18/2012
Form 83-155Corporate NOL Schedule01/18/2012
Form 83-180Application for Automatic Six Month Extension for Corporate Income - Franchise Tax Return01/18/2012
Form 83-300Corporate Income Tax Voucher01/18/2012
Form 83-305Interest and Penalty on Underestimate of Corporate Income Tax01/18/2012
Form 83-310Summary of Net Income of Corporations01/18/2012
Form 83-391Income Tax Return for Insurance Companies01/18/2012
Form 83-401Income Tax Credit Summary - Short Version01/18/2012
Form 83-450New Jobs Credit01/18/2012
Form 84-100Instructions - Pass Through Entity01/18/2012
Form 84-105Pass Through Entity Tax Return01/18/2012
Form 84-110S Corporation Income and Franchise Tax Schedule01/18/2012
Form 84-115Pass Through Entity Declaration for Electronic Filing01/18/2012
Form 84-122Pass Through Entity Net Taxable Income Schedule01/18/2012
Form 84-124Direct Accounting Income Statement01/18/2012
Form 84-125Business Income Apportionment Schedule01/18/2012
Form 84-131Schedule K01/18/2012
Form 84-132Schedule K-101/18/2012
Form 84-150Nonbusiness Income Worksheet01/18/2012
Form 84-155Net Operating Loss and Capital Loss Schedule01/18/2012
Form 84-300Pass Through Entity Income Tax Voucher01/18/2012
Form 84-380Non-Resident Income Tax Agreement01/18/2012
Form 84-387Partnership Income Tax Withholding Voucher01/18/2012
Form 84-401Tax Credit Summary Schedule01/18/2012
Form 94-10060 Day Notice and Extension Request01/31/2000
Form 94-101Estate Tax Return01/12/2000
Form 94-103Estate Tax Return for Decedents Dying On or After January 1, 200010/09/2002