Form 80-315 Re-forestation Tax Credit

PART I : COMPUTATION OF CREDIT (1) Includes cost of seedlings and planting by hand or machine (corporations); or Line 7 Form 81 110 (fiduciary return) (NOTE: When married taxpayers file jointly and each spouse qualifies as an eligible owner see Instructions for completion of lines 7 and 8 ) 1 Total expenditures during the year 2011 for seedlings seed/acorns seeding planting by hand or machine sitepreparation and post planting site preparation on all eligible acres 10 Reforestation Tax Credit (Enter LESSER of Line 6 or Line 9 ) Enter here and Form 80 105 Page 1 Line 26 100 00 11 Total Reforestation Tax Credit available to be utilized this year (Amount from Line 6 above) 11 12 Amount of RTC utilized this year (Amount from Line 10 above) 12 125 00 13 Amount of RTC available to be carried forward and used in succeeding tax years (Line 11 minus Line 12) 13 14 LIFETIME REFORESTATION TAX CREDIT ALLOWANCE 14 15 Total RTC utilized in prior years to offset income tax due (Total of amounts shown on Line 12 Part III Form 80 315 16 Balance of Lifetime RTC allowance available to be used (Line 14 minus Line 15) For pass through entities this is the 1711 McCullough Blvd Tupelo Mississippi 38802 190 00 2 Total cost of approved practices as established by the Mississippi Forestry Commission Complete the worksheet on 22 00 3 Eligible Costs (Enter lesser of Line 1 or Line 2) 3 33 00 35 00 37 00 38 00 4 Enter 50% of amount in Line 3 above or $10 000 whichever is less This is your RTC earned this year 4 40 00 41 00 50 00 50 00 5a Enter the amount of RTC carried over from earlier years (Must Attach a copy of Form 80 315 for immediate prior year) 5b Enter the current year RTC passed through to you as an investor in a pass through entity (Refer to Forms K 1) 5b 6 Total Amount of RTC available to be utilized this year (Add Lines 4 5a & 5b but do not enter an amount larger 60 00 68 00 7 Enter the amount of total income tax due shown on Line 22 Form 80 105 & 80 205 (individuals); Line 5 Form 83 105 70 00 71 00 78 00 8 Enter the total amount of all other credit(s) available to you this year (Refer to the instructions for the income tax 85 00 9 Net Income tax due (Subtract Line 8 from Line 7) 9 A copy of the above worksheet MUST be furnished to: a graduate forester of a college school or university accredited by the Society of American Foresters; or a registered forester under the Foresters Registration Law of 1977; and that the reforestation practices below have been completed; and that the reforestation prescription or plan was followed Site Preparation balance of your lifetime RTC allowance which is available to be passed through to investors 00 Business Address Identifying Number Chemical Mechanical Bush Hog Post Planting Site Preparation (3)Sub Soil Site Preparation Burn Column A Column B Column C Containerized Loblolly or Slash SeedlingsLabor Containerized Longleaf SeedlingsLabor Cost of Seedlings and/or Seed/Acorns COST SUMMARY PER ACRE FROM County: Direct application of seeds/acorns to the site including cost of seeds/acorns and seeding Direct Seeding (2) Duplex or Photocopies NOT Acceptable EXTENDED COST (Col A X Col B) for ALL prior taxable years) Pass through entities: Enter total RTC passed through to investors in ALL prior years 00 Form 80 315 11 8 1 000 (Rev 05/11) Form 80 315 11 8 2 000 (Rev 05/11) Hardwood I Regeneration II Site Preparation In accordance with the requirements set forth in Miss Code Ann 27 7 18 I certify that a reforestation prescription or plan as indicated above for eligible is available to be passed through to investors Enter this amount on Form 83 401 and skip Parts II and III Labor Labor lands owned by Mississippi MISSISSIPPI FORESTRY COMM Mississippi Forestry Commission Mixed Stand Regeneration Natural Regeneration NOTICE NUMBER OF ACRES OffOff or Line 25 Form 80 205 (individual) Form 81 110 Page 1 Line 9 (trust) or on Form 83 401 (corporatons) 00 P O Box 703 Page 1 Page 2 PART II: REFORESTATION TAX CREDIT UTILIZED THIS YEAR: PART III: COMPUTATION OF RTC CARRYOVER AMOUNT: PART IV: COMPUTATION OF ACCUMULATED RTC LIFETIME CREDIT UTILIZIED: PART V: CERTIFICATION OF FORESTER Pine Seedlings / Bare Root Labor Planting by Hand or Machine and/or Seeding Please enter the name and/or county code for the county or counties in which the activities listed below were performed The county codes are shown in the table included in your income tax instruction booklet Post planting Site Preparation Practices Reduction and control of undesirable competition within the first growing season of an established crop of trees Reforestation Amortization YES NO Reforestation Tax Credit 2011 Reforestation Tax Credit Cost Worksheet 2011 return you are filing for a list of available credits) Do not include withholding or estimated tax payments Seedlings Signature Title Date Site Preparation than the amount shown on Line 16 Part IV below) Pass through entities only: This is the amount of RTC which the qualifying expenditures on the same eligible lands on which the RTC is claimed: the reverse side of this form and enter the total from Column C here TOTAL (Enter the total of Column C here and on page 1 Part I line 2 ) Footnotes: Tree Planting (1) TYPE OF ACTIVITY Was either of the following elected on your Federal income tax return with respect toInvestment Tax Credit YES NO