2011 ND - North Dakota Tax Forms

Form 28249Request For Copies of Tax Returns09/07/2011
Form 59507Application For Register For Income Tax Withholding and Sales and Use Tax Permit06/07/2012
Form 24733-2Application for Income Tax Exemption05/20/2010
Form 301-EFApplication for Withholding E-File Tax Participation09/08/2011
Form DisclosureDomestic Disclosure Spreadsheet08/31/2011
Form 54-91Estate Tax Return08/26/2011
Form 131-3Supplemental Agricultural PropertyInformation Form08/26/2011
Form 306Income Tax Withholding Return09/08/2011
Form 307Transmittal Of Wage and Tax Statements09/08/2011
Form 38Fiduciary income tax return11/23/2011
Form 38-ESEstimated income taxestates and trusts11/30/2011
Form 38-EXTFiduciary Extension Payment11/23/2011
Form 38-UTCalculation of interest on underpaymentor late payment of estimated income taxfor estates and trusts11/23/2011
Form 40Corporation Income Tax Return01/17/2012
Form 40 BookletBooklet - Instructions Only01/17/2012
Form 40-ES-2012Estimated Tax Form12/02/2011
Form 40-EXTCorporate Extension Payment Voucher12/02/2011
Form 40-UTUnderpayment of Estimated North Dakota Income Tax by Corporations08/25/2011
Form 500Designation of Representative and Authorization to Disclose Information07/18/2012
Form 54.29Affidavit as to the Location of Property in North Dakota08/26/2011
Form 58Partnership Return of Income11/15/2011
Form 58 EXTPartnership Extension Payment11/17/2011
Form 58-KPSchedule KP12/06/2011
Form 60S corporation income tax return11/16/2011
Form 60 EXTS Corporation Extension Payment11/22/2011
Form 60-Sched KSShareholder information12/06/2011
Form ND-1Individual income tax return11/07/2011
Form ND-1EXTIndividual Extension Payment11/23/2011
Form ND-1VElectronic Return Payment Voucher11/23/2011
Form ND-ESEstimated income tax individuals11/29/2011
Form NDW-MExemption from withholding for a qualifying spouse of a U.S. armed forces servicemember09/08/2011
Form NDW-RReciprocity exemption from withholding for qualifying Minnesota and Montana residents working in North Dakota09/08/2011
Form ND-ZIndividual Income Tax Form11/23/2011
Form PWAPassthrough Entity Withholding Adjustment11/22/2011
Schedule BIBeneficiary information01/03/2012
Schedule K-1-38Beneficiary's Share of North Dakota Income (Loss) Deductions, Adjustments, Credits, and Other Items11/23/2011
Schedule K-1-60Shareholder's 's Share of North Dakota Income (Loss) Deductions, Adjustments, Credits, and Other Items11/23/2011
Schedule ME 2011Credit For Wages Paid to Mobilized Employee11/28/2011
Schedule ND-1CRCalculation of credit for income tax paid to another state11/08/2011
Schedule ND-1FACalculation of tax under 3-year averaging method for elected farm income11/08/2011
Schedule ND-1FCFamily member care income tax credit11/23/2011
Schedule ND-1NRTax calculation for nonresidents and Part-Year Residents11/08/2011
Schedule ND-1PGPlanned gift tax credit11/28/2011
Schedule ND-1QECQualified endowment fund Credit12/27/2011
Schedule ND-1SAStatutory Adjustments11/23/2011
Schedule ND-1TCTax Credits11/16/2011
Schedule ND-1UTCalculation of interest on underpayment or late payment of estimated income tax for individuals11/08/2011
Schedule RZSchedule for renaissance zone income exemption and Tax Credits01/11/2012
Form SFN 59686Business Incentive Agreement06/14/2012