2011 NE - Nebraska Tax Forms

Form Audit ReportFederal Audit Status Report03/28/2012
Form Focus QuestionnaireNebraska Limited Focus Examination Questionnaire07/19/2010
Form 1010N Sch I,II,IIINebraska Schedules I, II, and III03/19/2012
Form 1040NNebraska Individual Income Tax Return11/18/2011
Form 1040N-V2011 Nebraska Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher10/31/2011
Form 1040XNAmended Nebraska Individual Income Tax Return11/30/2011
Form 1041-NSNebraska Fiduciary Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher12/27/2011
Form 1120 NFNebraka Financial Institution Tax Return and Sharholder's Schedule12/08/2011
Form 1120 -SN2011 Nebraska S Corporation Income Tax Return with Schedule A -- Adjustments to Ordinary Business Income11/16/2011
Form 1120 -SN Sch K-1NNebraska Schedule K-1N -- Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Modifications, and Credits11/16/2011
Form 1120 -SN Schedule ISchedule I, Apportionment for Multistate Business, Schedule II, Nonresident Individual Shareholder's Share of Nebraska Income, and Schedule III, Subsidiary or Affiliated Corporations11/16/2011
FORM 1120NNebraska Corporation Income Tax Return, with Schedules A, I, and II12/16/2011
Form 1120N-ES2012 Nebraska Corporation Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher12/06/2011
Form 1120NF-ESNebraska Financial Institution Voluntary Estimated Tax Payment Voucher10/31/2011
Form 1120XNAmended Nebraska Corporation Income Tax Return12/21/2011
Form 1120XNFAmended Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Return12/12/2011
Form 12NNebraska Nonresident Income Tax Agreement10/31/2011
Form 1310NStatement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer10/31/2011
Form 20Nebraska Tax Application, with Information Guide - Nebraska Licensing Requirements08/31/2012
Form 2011 SCorporation Income Tax Booklet - including forms and instructions12/07/2011
Form 21Request for Abatement of Penalty01/09/2012
Form 21AApplication for Abatement of Interest06/20/2011
Form 22Nebraska Change Request08/31/2012
Form 2220N2011 Corporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax10/31/2011
Form 23Nebraska Tax Return Copy Request06/06/2012
Form 2441NNebraska Child and Dependent Care Expenses10/31/2011
Form 26Nebraska Exemption Certificate for Native American Reservation Indians09/30/2009
Form 27DPayment and Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) of Tax Payments08/29/2012
Form 33Power of Attorney07/25/2012
Form 36Tax Clearance Application07/23/2012
Form 3800NNebraska Incentives Credit Computation for All Tax Years11/18/2011
Form 4466N2011 Corporation Application for Adjustment of Overpayment of Estimated Tax09/10/2012
Form 4797NSpecial Capital Gains Election and Computation11/18/2011
Form 4868NNebraska Application for Extension of Time04/17/2012
Form 501NNebraska Monthly Withholding Deposit11/29/2011
Form 7004NApplication for Automatic Extension of Time12/16/2011
Form 775NNebraska Employment and Investment Growth Act Credit Computation09/09/2011
Form 8453NNebraska Individual Income Tax Transmittal for E-filed Returns11/18/2011
Form 872NNebraska Extension of Statute of Limitations Agreement02/27/2012
Form 8821NTax Information Authorization for Exchange of Taxpayer Information Between the Nebraska Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)09/08/2009
Form 941NNebraska Withholding Return01/13/2012
Form 9NNebraska Employee Certificate for Allocation of Withholding Tax10/31/2011
Form CDNNebraska Community Development Assistance Act Credit Computation01/10/2012
Form NFCStatement of Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Credit12/08/2011
Form W-3NNebraska Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld12/05/2011
Form W-3N-AmendedAmended Form12/05/2011
Form W-4NANebraska Withholding Certificate for Nonresident Individuals05/14/2012
Form Forrm 2210NIndividual Underpayment of Estimated Tax10/31/2011
Form QuestionnaireNebraska Pre-Audit Questionnaire06/25/2010