2011 NJ - New Jersey Tax Forms

Form 706Federal Estate Tax Return06/18/2007
Form 501-GITNew Jersey Gross Income Tax Domestic Production Activities Deduction12/06/2010
706 InstFederal Estate Tax Instructions12/09/2008
Form A-3128Claim for Refund of Estimated Gross Income Tax Payment Required on the Sale of Real Property Located in New Jersey, under the provisions of C.55, PL 200403/20/2012
Form A-5033-TCProcedure for dissolution, withdrawal, surrender or reauthorization03/27/2007
Form A-5052-TCEstimated Summary Tax Return05/11/2011
Form A-5088-TCApplication for Tax Clearance and Instructions04/21/2011
Form BFC-1Form�for Corporation Business Tax Return for Banking and Financial Corporations 09/25/2012
BFC-1 InstInstructions�for Corporation Business Tax Forms for Banking and Financial Corporations09/25/2012
Form BFC-150Statement of Estimated Tax12/22/2011
Form BFC-160-AComputation of Underpayment of Estimated New Jersey Corporation Business Tax For Taxpayers with Gross Receipts less than $50,000,00012/23/2011
Form BFC-160-BComputation of Underpayment of Estimated New Jersey Corporation Business Tax For Taxpayers with Gross Receipts of $50,000,000 or more12/23/2011
Form BFC-200-TTentative Return and Application for Extension of Time to File The New Jersey Banking and Financial Corporation Tax Return01/05/2012
Form C-124Foreign non-profits12/22/2011
Form C-124PForeign profit corporations.12/22/2011
Form C-159ADomestic profit and non-profit corporations before commencing business12/22/2011
Form C-159BDomestic non-profits12/22/2011
Form C-159CDomestic profit corporations without assets12/22/2011
Form C-159DCertificate Of Dissolution, Without a Meeting of Shareholders12/22/2011
Form C-159SCertificate Of Dissolution, Pursuant to Action of Board and Shareholders12/22/2011
Form C-4267Employee's Substitute Wage and Tax Statement04/26/2007
Form C-9021Application for Reinstatement of Corporate Charter03/27/2007
Form CBA-1Notice of Business Activities Report by a Foreign Corporation04/20/2010
Form CBT-100S S Corporation Business Tax Return 11/09/2011
Form CBT-100S-VCorporation Business Tax Payment Voucher02/24/2012
Form CBT-150Estimated Tax Vouchers for Corporations09/22/2011
CBT-150 WorksheetWorksheet and Instructions for CBT-15002/23/2012
Form CBT-160-AUnderpayment of Estimated NJ Corporation Business Tax For Taxpayers with Gross Receipts less than $50,000,00010/24/2011
Form CBT-160-BUnderpayment of Estimated NJ Corporation Business Tax For Taxpayers with Gross Receipts of $50,000,000 or more10/24/2011
Form CBT-200-TCorporation Business Tax Tentative Return and Application For Extension of Time to File09/22/2011
Form CBT-2553S Corporation Election 08/12/2009
Form CBT-2553-RRetroactive S Election Application11/09/2009
Form CBT-AFN.J.A.C. 18:7-8.3.05/04/2010
Form CITT-1Controlling Interest Transfer Tax11/10/2008
Form CITT-1EStatement of Waiver of Transfer Tax05/21/2007
Form DCC-1Request for Copies of Previously Filed Tax Returns04/25/2007
Form Estate TaxesConsent Fixing Period of Limitation Upon Assessment of New Jersey Estate Taxes10/28/2011
Form 300Urban Enterprise Zone Employees Tax Credit and Credit Carry Forward12/10/2008
Form 301Urban Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit and Credit Carry Forward02/22/2012
Form 302Redevelopment Authority Project Tax Credit12/10/2008
Form 303Recycling Equipment Tax Credit12/10/2008
Form 304New Jobs Investment Tax Credit and Instructions02/23/2012
Form 305Manufacturing Equipment and Employment Investment Tax Credit and Instructions02/23/2012
Form 306 (R-12)Research and Development Tax Credit and Instructions02/23/2012
Form 306 (R-13)Research and Development Tax Credit and Instructions02/23/2012
Form 308Small NJ-Based High-Technology Business Investment Tax Credit and Instructions12/10/2008
Form 310HMO Assistance Fund Tax Credit12/10/2008
Form 311Neighborhood Revitalization State Tax Credit12/10/2008
Form 312Effluent Equipment Tax Credit and Instructions12/10/2008
Form 313Economic Recovery Tax Credit and Instructions09/21/2011
Form 314Remediation Tax Credit09/21/2011
Form 315AMA Tax Credit09/21/2011
Form 316Business Retention and Relocation Tax Credit07/07/2011
Form 317Sheltered Workshop Tax Credit07/07/2011
Form 318Film Production Tax Credit09/22/2011
Form 319Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit08/22/2012
Form 400New Jersey Receipts Factor Throw Out11/05/2007
Form 401Key Corporation and Affiliates Claiming AMA Threshold Limit10/26/2011
Form 5002011 Net Operating Loss Deduction03/21/2012
Form 501Domestic Production Activities Deduction11/22/2010
Form 8879NJ-E FILE Signature Authorization11/28/2011
Form GIT/REP-1Nonresident Seller's Tax Declaration06/02/2010
Form GIT/REP-2Nonresident Seller's Tax Prepayment Receipt06/02/2010
Form GIT/REP-3Seller's Residency Certification/Exemption05/11/2012
Form GIT/REP-4Waiver of Seller's Filing Requirement of GIT/REP Forms and Payment04/26/2007
Form GIT/REP-4AWaiver of Seller's Filing Requirement of GIT/REP Forms and Payment for Corrected Deed With No Consideration06/14/2010
Form GIT-317Sheltered Workshop Tax Credit05/11/2007
Form GIT-DEPGross Income Tax Depreciation Adjustment Worksheet05/12/2009
Form Inheritance Tax GuideInheritance Tax Guide for the Computation of the Compromise Tax02/13/2012
Form Inheritance TaxesConsent Fixing Period of Limitation Upon Assessment of New Jersey Inheritance Taxes10/28/2011
Form IT-EPPayment on Account (Estimated Payment)03/24/2010
Form IT-EstateEstate Tax Return - withInstructions02/28/2012
Form IT-EXTApplication For Extension of Time to File a Tax Return03/27/2007
Form IT-L-4Preliminary Report to Secure Consents to Transfer10/15/2010
Form IT-L-8Affidavit and Self-Executing Waiver06/21/2007
Form IT-L-9Resident Decedent Affidavit Requesting Real Property Tax Waiver04/25/2007
Form IT-L-9-NRNon-Resident Decedent Affidavit Requesting Real Property Tax Waiver07/26/2007
Form IT-NRInheritance Tax Non-Resident Return andInstructions09/17/2010
Form IT-NRFAQNew Jersey Non-Resident Inheritance Tax09/20/2010
Form IT-PRCInheritance and Estate Tax Protective Claim for Refund08/24/2009
Form IT-RInheritance Tax Resident Return - with Instructions11/01/2011
Form L-109Certificate Of Cancellation Limited Liability Company12/22/2011
Form L-209Certificate of Withdrawal Limited Liability Partnership12/22/2011
Form LP-103Certificate of Cancellation of a Limited Partnership12/22/2011
Form LP-103ACertificate of Cancellation of Authority Foreign Limited Partnership12/22/2011
Form NJ-1040NJ Resident Income Tax Return03/08/2012
NJ-1040 InstNJ Resident Income Tax Return12/14/2011
Form NJ-1040-ESEstimated Tax Voucher12/07/2011
NJ-1040-ES InstEstimated Tax Voucher12/14/2011
Form NJ-1040-HProperty Tax Credit Application12/07/2011
NJ-1040-H InstProperty Tax Credit Application12/14/2011
Form NJ-1040NRNon-Resident Income Tax Return12/07/2011
NJ-1040NR InstNon-Resident Income Tax Return12/14/2011
Form NJ-1040NR-VNJ Gross Income Tax Nonresident Payment Voucher12/07/2011
Form NJ-1040-OE-File Opt-Out Request Form12/07/2011
Form NJ-1040-VNJ Gross Income Tax Payment Voucher12/07/2011
Form NJ-1040XAmended Resident Return Form and Instructions12/14/2011
Form NJ-1041Fiduciary Return Form12/07/2011
NJ-1041 InstInstructions for NJ-104112/07/2011
Form NJ-1041SBFiduciary Return Electing Small Business Trust and Instructions12/09/2011
Form NJ-1041-VFiduciary Return Payment Voucher12/07/2011
Form NJ-1065Partnership Return12/07/2011
NJ-1065 InstPartnership Return12/05/2011
NJ-1080 A/B/C/E InstInstructions for the NJ-1080A, NJ-1080B, NJ-1080C and NJ-1080E12/05/2011
Form NJ-1080CNonresident Composite Return and Schedules A, B and C12/07/2011
Form NJ-1080EElection to Participate in Composite Return12/07/2011
Form NJ-165Employee's Certificate of Non-Residence in New Jersey12/21/2009
Form NJ-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Instructions12/07/2011
Form NJ-2440Statement in Support of Exclusion for Amounts Received Under Accident and Health Insurance Plan For Personal Injuries or Sickness12/17/2009
Form NJ-2450Employee's Claim for Credit for Excess WD/HC and Disability Contributions for Calendar Year12/07/2011
Form NJ-550Monthly Return of Withholding from Unregistered Unincorporated Contractors06/04/2007
Form NJ-630Application for Extension of Time to File NJ Gross Income Tax Return12/07/2011
Form NJ-EFW2Specifications for Reporting New Jersey W-2 Information via Electronic Filing12/14/2011
Form NJK-1Partner's Share Of Income12/07/2011
Form NJ-NR-ABusiness Allocation Schedule12/07/2011
NJ-NR-A InstBusiness Allocation Schedule Instructions05/24/2012
Form NJ-W-3MGross Income Tax Reconciliation of Tax Withheld02/20/2009
Form NJ-W-3-UNCAnnual Reconciliation Of Gross Income Tax Withheld From Unregistered Unincorporated Contractors (Schedule NJ-W-3-UNC)12/18/2008
Form NJ-W-4Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate07/13/2012
Form NJ-W-4PCertificate of Voluntary Withholding of Gross Income Tax from Pension and Annuity Payments06/04/2007
Form NJ-WTNew Jersey Gross Income Tax Instruction Booklet and samples for Employers, Payors of Pension and Annuity Income and Payors of Gambling Winnings01/30/2012
Form O-10-CGeneral Information - Inheritance and Estate Tax01/07/2008
Form O-14Notification from County Surrogate05/21/2007
Form O-14-FNew Jersey Non-Resident Decedent01/05/2012
Form O-71For Reporting Insurance Proceeds03/23/2011
Form Part 100Partnership Return Voucher12/07/2011
Part 100 InstPartnership Return Voucher12/06/2011
Form Part 160Underpayment of Estimated N.J. Partnership Tax12/07/2011
Form Part 200-TPartnership Tentative Return and Application for Extension of Time to File12/07/2011
Part 200-T InstPartnership Tentative Return and Application for Extension of Time to File12/06/2011
Schedule G-2Claim for Exceptions to Disallowed Interest and Intangible Expenses and Costs11/05/2007
Schedule OParts I, II, and III with Instructions for Taxable Years07/17/2008
Schedules A, B and CNJ Resident Income Tax Return12/07/2011
Form SupplementalNJ-WTGross Income Tax Supplemental Withholding Tables07/27/2005