2011 OK - Oklahoma Tax Forms

Form 454Oklahoma Estate Form Packet04/01/2011
Form 500Information Return11/29/2011
Form 501Annual Information Return11/29/2011
Form 504Application for Extension of Time to File12/29/2011
Form 505Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation11/29/2011
Form 506Investment/Jobs Credit09/22/2011
Form 507Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer06/11/2012
Form 526Rural Small Business Capital Company Information Report10/17/2011
Form 527Small Business Capital Company Information Report10/17/2011
Form 528Agricultural Exclusion Information Return11/29/2011
Form 529Small Business Guarantee Fee Credit10/13/2011
Form 561Capital Gain Deduction (for residents filing Form 511)12/29/2011
Form 562Film or Music Project Credit10/13/2011
Form 563Research and Development New Jobs Credit10/13/2011
Form 564Credit for Employees in the Aerospace Sector04/10/2012
Form 565Credit for Employees in the Aerospace Sector10/26/2011
Form 569Reporting Form for the Transfer or Allocation of a Tax Credit09/06/2011
Form 572Transfer Agreement for Income Tax or Insurance Premium Tax Credit10/18/2011
Form 573Farm Income Averaging10/13/2011
Form 574Nonresident/Resident Allocation12/29/2011
Form 580Computer Industry Credit10/25/2011
Form 599Request for Copy of Income Tax Return06/19/2012
Form 454-AAffidavit of Surviving Spouse12/09/2005
Form 454-NSimplified Nontaxable Affidavit05/19/2008
Form 500AInformation Return - Production Payments11/29/2011
Form 500BInformation Return - Report of Nonresident Member Income Tax Withheld12/29/2011
Form 511 BATOklahoma Business Activity Tax - for Individuals Who Have A Sole Proprietorship or Report Farm Income12/22/2011
511 Form 2-DIndividual Resident Income Tax Return02/22/2012
Form 511 NOLOklahoma Net Operating Loss11/29/2011
Form 511 NOL-NROklahoma Net Operating Loss(es) - Nonresident/Part-Year Resident Only11/29/2011
511 PacketIndividual Resident Income Tax Return Packet12/29/2011
Form 511CRSchedule for Other Credits11/01/2011
Form 511EFIndividual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing09/21/2011
511NR Form 2-DIndividual Nonresident/Part-Year Income Tax Return12/09/2011
511NR PacketIndividual Nonresident/Part-Year Income Tax Return Packet02/16/2012
Form 511TXOklahoma Credit for Tax Paid to Another State11/15/2011
Form 511-VOklahoma Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher12/22/2011
Form 511XAmended Resident Individual Income Tax Return for Tax Year 201112/22/2011
Form 511X 2-DAmended Resident Individual Income Tax Return for Tax Year 201101/27/2012
Form 512 2-DCorporate Income Tax Return12/06/2011
512 PacketCorporate Income Tax Return Packet12/19/2011
Form 512EReturn of Organization Exempt from Income Tax03/05/2012
512S PacketSmall Business Corporate Tax Return Packet12/22/2011
Form 512XAmended Corporate Income Tax Return08/31/2012
513 PacketFiduciary Resident Income Tax Return Packet12/19/2011
513NR PacketFiduciary Nonresident Income Tax Return Packet12/19/2011
514 PacketPartnership Information Return Packet01/26/2012
Form 526ARural Small Business Capital Company Report for Investors10/17/2011
Form 527ASmall Business Capital Company Report for Investors10/17/2011
Form 538HCredit for Refund of Property Taxes (low income taxpayers)12/30/2011
Form 538SSales Tax Refund12/29/2011
Form 561CCapital Gain Deduction09/14/2011
Form 561FCapital Gain Deduction11/29/2011
Form 561NRCapital Gain Deduction11/21/2011
Form 561NR-FCapital Gain Deduction11/29/2011
Form 561PCapital Gain Deduction11/29/2011
Form 561SCapital Gain Deduction11/29/2011
Form 567-ACredit for Investment in a Clean-Burning Motor Vehicle Fuel Property10/13/2011
Form A-100Disclosure of Tax Information Authorization07/17/2012
Form BT129Oklahoma Power of Attorney Form05/25/2006
Form EFOklahoma Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing08/09/2012
Form EF-VBusiness Filers Income Tax Payment Voucher08/09/2012
Form G-141Transmittal of Tax Returns Reported on Magnetic Media02/08/2012
Form OW-11Registration for Oklahoma Withholding for Nonresident Members06/11/2012
Form OW-12Registration for Nonresident Royalty Interest06/12/2012
Form OW-13Registration of Out of State Attorney10/11/2004
Form OW-15Nonresident Member Withholding Exemption Affidavit01/29/2009
Form OW-15-ATransmittal of Nonresident Member Withholding Exemption Affidavit04/23/2008
Form OW-8-ESEstimated Tax Declaration for Individuals12/02/2010
Form OW-8-ESCEstimated Tax Declaration for Corporations12/02/2010
Form OW-8-PWorksheet for Underpayment of Estimated Tax11/29/2011
Form OW-8-P-SUP-IOklahoma Annualized Income Installment Method for Individuals11/29/2011
Form OW-9-DOut-of-State Attorneys Oklahoma Withholding Tax Report10/18/2004
Form OW-9-MSEAnnual Withholding Tax Exemption Certification For Military Spouse12/03/2010
Form OW-9-PNonresident Oklahoma Distributed Income Withholding Tax Penalty and Interest Worksheet09/28/2011
Packet SApplication for Settlement of Tax Liability07/17/2012
Form WTH10001Oklahoma Wage Withholding Tax Return11/28/2011
Form WTH10004Oklahoma Wage Withholding Tax Payment Record Semi-Weekly Payors not paying by EFT11/28/2011
Form WTH10006Oklahoma Wage Withholding Tax Application09/26/2011
Form WTP10003Oklahoma Nonresident Distributed Income Withholding Tax Annual Return11/28/2011
Form WTP10005Oklahoma Nonresident Distributed Income Estimated Withholding Tax Report11/28/2011
Form WTR10002Oklahoma Nonresident Royalty Withholding Tax Return11/28/2011