2011 SC - South Carolina Tax Forms

Form 105SC Withholding Tax Information Guide09/19/2011
Form CHE400Students with Disabilities Tuition Tax Credit Verification01/08/2008
Form CL-1Initial Annual Report of Corporations09/13/2010
Form CL-4Annual Report of Electric Cooperative Corporation Property and Gross Receipts10/01/2010
Form ET-101Non-Resident South Carolina Preliminary Estate Tax Notice to Probate Judge01/03/2008
Form ET-903Estate Tax Procedures for Decedents01/03/2008
General InstrGeneral Information Resident, Nonresident, Part-Year Resident08/10/2011
Form I-290Nonresident Real Estate Withholding07/16/2010
Form I-290XAmended Nonresident Real Estate Withholding07/27/2011
Form I-295Seller's Affidavit -- Nonresident Seller08/31/2010
Form I-309Nonresident Shareholder or Partner Affidavit and Agreement Income Tax Withholding01/03/2008
Form I-312Nonresident Taxpayer Registration Affidavit Income Tax Withholding01/18/2011
Form I-319Tuition Tax Credit09/29/2011
Form I-330Contribution for Check-Offs09/12/2011
Form I-332Written Certification for Reserve Police Officer,DNR Deputy Enforcement Officer, or Member of the State Guard12/22/2008
Form I-333Anhydrous Ammonia Additive Credit01/03/2008
Form I-334Milk Credit07/16/2008
Form I-335Active Trade or business Income Reduced Rate Computation08/29/2011
Form I-338Composite Return Affidavit01/18/2011
Form I-348Composite Filing Instructions10/01/2010
Form I-349Schedule for Business Closure or Organizational Change09/01/2011
Form I-41Nonresident Beneficiary -- Affidavit and Agreement Income Tax Withholding01/14/2011
IIT Book 2011Individual Income Tax Packet10/12/2011
Form Pub 1Moving to South Carolina05/17/2011
Form RS-1Instructions and Specifications for Filing Forms W-2 (2011)02/09/2012
Form SC 1040 ES 2012Individual Declaration of Estimated Tax with Instructions and Worksheet09/13/2011
Form SC 1065Partnership Return09/13/2011
Form SC 1065 K1 PACKPartner's Share of South Carolina Income, Deduction, Credits, etc.05/27/2011
Form SC 1101BBank Tax Return08/09/2011
Form SC 1104Savings and Loan Association Tax Return08/09/2011
Form SC 1120C' Corporation Income Tax Return12/09/2011
SC 1120 C and S InstrNew Information and Instructions for 'C' and 'S' Corporation Income Tax Returns12/16/2011
Form SC 1120-CDPCorporation Declaration of Estimated Income Tax01/18/2011
Form SC 1120S K 1South Carolina Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, Etc. -- REPLACES SCHEDULE SCK 108/25/2010
Form SC 1120S-WHWithholding Tax on Income of Nonresident Shareholders10/01/2010
Form SC 1120TTentative Corporation Tax Return and Conditional Extension08/29/2011
Form SC 1120TCCorporate Tax Credits08/09/2011
Form SC 1120UPublic Utility Tax Return08/31/2011
Form SC 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations01/10/2012
Form SC 4868Request for Extension of Time to File South Carolina Tax Return (File on-line via SCnetFile)07/20/2011
Form SC 616Certification of Eligibility for South Carolina New Jobs Tax Credit09/14/2011
Form SC 990-TExempt Organization Business Income Tax Return08/09/2011
Form SC SCH TC 1Drip/Trickle Irrigation System Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 11Capital Investment Credit09/14/2011
Form SC SCH TC 11RRecapture of Capital Investment Credit09/14/2011
Form SC SCH TC 12Credit for Employers Hiring Recipients of Family Independence Payments01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 12AAdditional Credit for Employers Hiring Recipients of Family Independence Payments in a Distressed or Least Developed County02/26/2010
Form SC SCH TC 14Community Development Tax Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 17Recycling Property Tax Credit Per SC Code Section 12-6-346001/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 18Research Expenses Credit09/01/2009
Form SC SCH TC 19Credit For A Gift Of Land For Conservation or A Qualified Conservation Contribution of Real Property After May 31, 200107/16/2010
Form SC SCH TC 2Minority Business Credit07/16/2010
Form SC SCH TC 20Credit for Expenses Incurred Through Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program12/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 21Credit for a Certified Historic Structure Placed in Service after June 30, 200301/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 22Credit for a Certified Historic Residential Structure01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 23Credit For Textiles Rehabilitation10/27/2010
Form SC SCH TC 24Commercials Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 25Motion Picture Credits01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 26Venture Capital Investment Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 27Health Insurance Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 28SC Quality Forum Credit10/11/2007
Form SC SCH TC 29Retirement Contribution Credit08/31/2010
Form SC SCH TC 3Water Resources Credit07/16/2010
Form SC SCH TC 30Port Cargo Volume Increase Credit09/22/2011
Form SC SCH TC 31Retail Facilities Revitalization Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 32Premarital Preparation Course Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 33Mercury Switch Disposal Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 34Corporate Tax Moratorium Per Section 12-6-336709/08/2011
Form SC SCH TC 35Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit07/06/2010
Form SC SCH TC 36Industry Partnership Fund Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 37Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 38Solar Energy System Credit07/27/2011
Form SC SCH TC 4New Jobs Credit08/19/2011
Form SC SCH TC 40Ethanol or Biodiesel Production Credit07/06/2010
Form SC SCH TC 41Renewable Fuels Tax Credits07/16/2010
Form SC SCH TC 43Residential Retrofit Credit07/20/2011
Form SC SCH TC 44Excess Insurance Premium Credit03/15/2012
Form SC SCH TC 45Apprenticeship Credit01/29/2008
Form SC SCH TC 46Bank Tax Credit for S Corporation Shareholders01/29/2008
Form SC SCH TC 47Hydrogen Infrastructure Development Fund Tax Credit12/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 48CManufacturer's Certificationof Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle07/05/2012
Form SC SCH TC 49Alternative Fuels Research and Development Credit08/29/2011
Form SC SCH TC 4SAAcceleratedSmall Business Jobs Tax Credit09/14/2011
Form SC SCH TC 5Scenic Rivers Tax Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 50Biomass Resource Credit08/31/2010
Form SC SCH TC 51Venison for Charity Credit12/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 52Fire Sprinkler System Credit09/02/2009
Form SC SCH TC 53Energy Efficient Manufactured Home Credit09/29/2009
Form SC SCH TC 6Infrastructure Credit12/30/2009
Form SC SCH TC 8Corporate Headquarters Credit01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC 9Credit for Child Care Program01/03/2008
Form SC SCH TC-48AApplication for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Credit08/03/2012
Form SC SCH TC-54Credit for Manufacturing Renewable Energy Systems09/28/2010
Form SC SCH TD-1Deferred Income Taxes for South Carolina01/19/2010
Form SC W-4Annual WithholdingCertification for Military Servicemember's Nonresident Spouse09/13/2010
Form SC1040Individual Income Tax Return09/13/2011
SC1040 InstrSC1040Instructions09/14/2011
Form SC1040 Tax TablesSouth Carolina Tax Tables08/29/2011
Form SC1040TCTax Credits09/14/2011
Form SC1040VIndividual Income Tax Electronic Payment Voucher07/20/2011
Form SC1040XAmended SC Individual Income Tax Return08/24/2011
Form SC1041Fiduciary Income Tax Return07/28/2011
Form SC1041 ESFiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax08/29/2011
Form SC1041 K1Beneficiary's Share of South Carolina Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.08/25/2010
Form SC1120SS' Corporation Income Tax Return01/05/2012
Form SC1120TCCorporate Tax Credits08/09/2011
Form SC1310Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer12/22/2008
Form SC2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals.01/13/2012
Form SC3911Refund Tracer06/20/2011
Form SC4421Declaration Personal Representative Commissions01/03/2008
Form SC4422Application for SC Waiver of Objection to Transfer of Real Property01/03/2008
Form SC4768Application for Extension of Time to File/Pay Estate Tax Return06/02/2010
Form SC4852Substitute for Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement12/22/2008
Form SC4972Tax on Lump Sum Distributions07/20/2011
Form SC706CResident/Nonresident Estate Tax Return02/03/2009
Form SC8736Request for Extension of Time to File/Fiduciary and Partnership08/31/2009
Schedule NRNonresident Schedule09/14/2011
ScheduleNR InstrInstructions for Schedule NR08/12/2011
Form W-4 (IRS)State or Federal Withholding Allowance (Fill-in-Form)12/02/2011
Form WH-1601SC Withholding Tax Payment10/12/2011
Form WH-1603Withholding Tax Tables09/19/2011
Form WH-1603FFormula for Computing SC Withholding Tax12/20/2010
Form WH-1605SC Withholding Quarterly Tax Return09/23/2011
Form WH-1606SC Withholding Fourth Quarter/Annual Reconciliation08/18/2011
Form WH-1612W-2/Magnetic Media Transmittal Document08/25/2010
Form WH-1616Business TeleFile Instructions for SC Withholding08/24/2010
Form WH-1647Withholding Return Packet02/06/2012
Form WH-1648Withholding Coupon Packet02/06/2012
Form WH-1670Port Cargo Volume Increcase Credit on Withholding02/28/2012
Form WH-405Batch Filing Program for Withholding Quarterly Tax Returns04/20/2010