2011 WV - West Virginia Tax Forms

Form AFTC-1Alternative-Fuel Tax Credit12/29/2011
Form AG-1Environmental Agricultural Equipment Tax Credit02/25/1998
Form ATTC-1Apprenticeship Training Tax Credits01/21/2009
Form BAR-OBusiness Activity Report10/26/2004
Form BCS-1Business Investment and Jobs Expansion Credit and Corporate Headquarters Relocation Credit (Super Credits)03/09/2004
Form BCS-AApplication for West Virginia Business Investment and Jobs Expansion Tax Credit for Investments Placed in Service01/10/2000
Form BCS-PITBusiness Investment and Jobs Expansion Credit Claims Against Personal Income Tax10/06/2012
Form BCS-SmallSmall Business Investment and Jobs Expansion Tax Credit07/29/2002
Form CCPCapital Company Credit11/24/1997
Form CNF-120Corporation Net Income/Business Franchise Tax Return02/01/2012
Form CNF-120 APTAllocation and Apportionment for Multistate Businesses04/02/2012
Form CNF-120 ESEstimated Corporate Income / Business Franchise Tax Payment01/06/2012
Form CNF-120-OPTElection to Report Based on Worldwide Unitary Combined Basis03/15/2012
Form CNF-120-TTentative Corporation Net Income / Business Franchise Tax Return04/02/2012
Form CNF-120-TCSummary of Corporation Net Income Tax / Business Franchise Tax Credits04/02/2012
Form CNF-120-UUnderpayment of Estimated Tax Penalty04/03/2012
Form CNF-120-WWithholding Tax Schedule Corporation Net income Tax02/03/2012
Form CNF-139Corporation Application for Refund from Carryback of Net Operating Loss11/19/2010
Form CPITC-1Commercial Patent Incentives Tax Credit02/02/2012
Form EOTC-1Economic Opportunity Tax Credit10/06/2012
Form EOTC-AApplication for West Virginia Economic Opportunity Tax Credit for Investments Placed in Service10/06/2012
Form EOTC-PITEconomic Opportunity Tax Credit Claims Against Personal Income Tax10/06/2012
Form FIIA-TCSWest Virginia Film Industry Investment Tax Credit04/07/2009
Form FOGW-1Financial Organization Goodwill Credit09/24/2009
Form HGBITC-1High-Growth Business Investment Tax Credit12/14/2005
Form IT-100.1AEmployers Withholding Tax Tables- Booklet12/26/2006
Form IT-101AEmployer's Annual Return of Income Tax Withheld11/18/2010
Form IT-101QEmployer's Quarterly Return of Income Tax Withheld - Form and Instructions11/18/2010
Form IT-101VEmployer's West Virginia Income Tax Withheld12/30/2011
Form IT-102-1Affidavit of West Virginia Income Tax Withheld by Employer05/10/2012
Form IT-103Annual Reconciliation - Income Tax Reported as Withheld During the Year01/30/2012
Form IT-104West Virginia Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate12/22/2009
Form IT-104.1Low-Income Earned Income Exclusion Election Out-Of-State Withholding Instructions02/28/1997
Form IT-105Electronic Media Specifications W-201/17/2012
Form IT-105.1Electronic Media Specifications for 1099 and W-2G01/17/2012
Form IT-106IT-106 Technical Inability to Comply Waiver Request02/16/2011
Form IT-140Personal Income Tax Forms01/18/2012
Form IT-140-ESIndividual Estimated Income Tax Payment07/25/2011
Form IT-140-NRSSpecial Non-resident Income Tax Return01/20/2012
Form IT-140-VIndividual Income Tax Electronic Payment Voucher and Instructions01/20/2012
Form IT-140-WWithholding Tax Schedule01/20/2012
Form IT-141Fiduciary Income Tax Return01/23/2012
Form IT-210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals01/20/2012
Form MITC-1Credit for Manufacturing Investment03/16/2010
Form MITC-AApplication for West Virginia Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit for Investments Placed in Service10/06/2012
Form MPTAC-1Manufacturing Property Tax Adjustment Credit03/23/2010
Form NFA-1Non-family Adoption Credit Schedule12/18/2006
Form NIPA-2Neighborhood Investment Program Credit Schedule09/15/2011
Form NRAEApplication for Certificate of Full or Partial Exemption (updated effective April 21, 2008)04/23/2008
Form NRERWest Virginia State Tax Department Application for Early Refund of Withholding on Sales of Real Property by Nonresidents (updated effective April 21, 2008)04/23/2008
Form NRSRWest Virginia State Tax Department Return of Income Tax Withholding for Nonresident Sale of Real Property (updated effective April 21, 2008)04/23/2008
Form NRW-1Extension of Time to File Information Returns02/11/2008
Form NRW-2Statement of West Virginia Income Tax Withheld for Non-resident Individual or Organization04/02/2012
Form NRW-3Information Report of 761 Non partnership Ventures03/15/2000
Form NRW-4Non-resident Income Tax Agreement01/21/2011
Form OPT-1Taxpayer E-File Opt Out Form01/20/2012
Form RBICHistoric Rehabilitated Building Investment Credit for Investments Made04/25/2008
Form RBIC-AResidential Historic Rehabilitated Building Investment Credits for Investments Made03/13/2001
Form RCCertification of Exemption from Withholding upon Disposition of West Virginia Real Estate Affidavit of Residence or Principal Residence (updated effective April 21, 2008)04/23/2008
Form RDA-PCredit for Research and Development Projects Part-202/28/1997
Form RD-PCredit for Research and Development Projects-Part-103/30/2005
Form Sch ANon-residents / Part-Year Residents Schedule of Income01/20/2012
Form Sch FStatement of Claimant to Refund Due Deceased Taxpayer01/28/2010
Form Sch FTC-1Family Tax Credit Schedule01/20/2012
Form Sch HEPTC-1Homestead Excess Property Tax Credit01/20/2012
Form Sch LApplication for Extension of Time to File01/20/2012
Form Sch UTPurchaser's Use Tax Schedule01/20/2012
Sched NOLNet Operating Loss Carryforward Calculation02/03/2012
Schedule CCredit for Coal Loading Facilities10/06/2012
Schedule IIndustrial Expansion or Revitalization Credit Other Than Electric Power Producers01/25/2006
Schedule JWest Virginia Military Incentives Credit10/06/2012
Schedule KTelephone Utilities Rate Reduction Credit10/06/2012
Schedule LElectric and Gas Utilities Rate Reduction Credit09/21/2011
Schedule MModifications to Adjusted Gross Income01/20/2012
Schedule OHousing Development Project Credit (3 documents)03/30/2005
Schedule SPIncome / Business Franchise Tax Return for S Corporations and Partnerships04/02/2012
Schedules H and ECertification for Permanent and Total Disability and Credit for Income Tax Paid to Another State01/20/2012
Form SETCResidential Solar Energy Tax Credit12/22/2009
Form SPF-100S Corporation and Partnership (Pass-Through Entity)01/10/2012
Form SPF-100 APTAllocation and Apportionment for Multistate Businesses04/02/2012
Form SPF-100 ESEstimated Income / Business Franchise Tax Payment for S-Corporation and Partnership01/06/2012
Form SPF-100-TExtension of Time to File Information Returns04/02/2012
Form SPF-100-TCSummary of Business Franchise Tax Credits04/02/2012
Form SPF-100-UUnderpayment of Estimated Business Franchise Tax04/02/2012
Form SRDTC-1Strategic Research and Development Tax CreditNote: This schedule is for qualified investment items placed into service09/26/2012
Form SRDTC-AApplication for West Virginia Strategic Research and Development Tax Credit for Qualified Expenditures and Qualified Investments Placed in Service10/06/2012
Form T-140-NRCNon-resident Composite Return01/10/2012
Form TSD 389West Virginia Withholding Requirements for Sales of Real Property by Nonresidents01/02/2008
Form UB-1List of Members in Unitary Combined Group02/03/2012
Form UB-2Calculation of WV Taxable Capital for Combined Group02/03/2012
Form UB-3Calculation of WV Taxable Income for Combined Group02/03/2012
Form UB-4APTAllocation and Apportionment for Multistate Businesses02/03/2012
Form UNOLC-1Credit for Utility Net Operating Loss Carryovers09/24/2009
Wkst-Low IncomePurchaser's Use Tax and Low Income Earned Income Exclusion Worksheets07/12/2011
Wkst-Tax CreditFamily Tax Credit Tables and Low Income / Earned Income Exclusion Worksheets12/30/2008
Form WV-100VIncome / Business Franchise Tax for S Corporations and Partnerships Electronic Payment Voucher and Instructions01/10/2012
Form WV-120VCorporation Net Income/Business Franchise Tax Electronic Payment Voucher01/10/2012
Form WV-8379Injured Spouse Allocation01/20/2012
Form WV-945-VBackup Withholding Payment Voucher10/06/2012