2012 AL - Alabama Tax Forms

Federal Income Tax Deduction WorksheetFederal Income Tax Deduction Worksheet01/11/2013
Form 20CAlabama Corporation Income Tax Return (fillable form)12/26/2012
Form 20C-CAlabama Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)01/10/2013
Form 20C-CREElection to File Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return (fillable form)12/27/2012
Form 20C-ProformaProforma Form 20C for corporations filing the Alabama Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return (fillable form)12/28/2012
Form 20C-Schedule ABAdd-Back Form with Instructions12/27/2012
Form 20SForm 20S - Alabama S Corporation Information/Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)01/08/2013
Form 2210ALEstimated Tax Penalties for Individuals (fillable form) (instructions)12/26/2012
Form 2220ALEstimated Tax Penalties for Corporations (fillable form) (instructions)12/28/2012
Form 2848APower of Attorney and Declaration of Representation12/12/2007
Form 40Alabama Individual Income Tax Return01/11/2013
Form 40AAlabama Individual Income Tax Return (Short Form)08/09/2012
Form 40ES-20122012 Individual Estimated Tax Form (instructions) (fillable voucher) (blank voucher)01/03/2012
Form 40ES-20132013 Individual Estimated Tax Form (instructions) (fillable voucher) (blank voucher)01/08/2013
Form 40NRAlabama Individual Income Tax Return Form (Nonresidents Only)01/11/2013
Form 40-Sched DThese forms should be used when you need more than one Schedule D or Schedule E on the Computed Form 40.01/11/2013
Form 40-Sched EThese forms should be used when you need more than one Schedule D or Schedule E on the Computed Form 40.01/11/2013
Form 40-VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable form) (blank)01/08/2013
Form 40XAMENDED Alabama Individual Income Tax Return or Application for Refund05/13/2009
Form 412012 Fiduciary Income Tax Return (fillable form)12/31/2012
Form 41-Schedule K12012 Fiduciary Beneficiary Information (Form 41) (fillable form)12/31/2012
Form 4506-ARequest for Copy of Tax Form or Individual Income Tax Account Information01/06/2005
Form 4506-WRequest for Copy of Withholding Tax Forms04/17/2001
Form 4952AInvestment Interest Expense Deduction (blank)01/11/2013
Form 6014-AAuthorization For Access To Third Party Records By Alabama Department of Revenue Employees (fillable form)06/18/2012
Form 652012 Partnership / Limited Liability Company Return of Income (fillable form)12/31/2012
Form 8821ATax Information Authorization (Revised: October 2005) (fillable form)11/10/2005
Form 96Summary of Annual Information Returns (If you need more than one Form 96, order forms online)01/14/2009
Form 99Information Returns (If you need more than one Form 99, order forms online)05/06/2010
Form A-1Employer's Quarterly Return of Income Tax Withheld (Revised: January 2012)01/10/2012
Form A-3Annual Reconciliation of Alabama Income Tax Withheld (Revised: March 2011)03/11/2011
Form A-4Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate (Revised November 2010) (If you need more than one Form A-4, order forms online)12/06/2010
Form A-6Employer's Monthly Return of Income Tax Withheld01/10/2012
Form AL8379Injured Spouse Allocation (fillable form) (instructions)11/14/2012
Form BA-RS1Agreement for Extending Period of Limitation for Assessment or Refund (Revised: March 2012) (fillable form)03/06/2012
Form BA-RS2Agreement to Entry of Final Assessment (Revised: March 2000) (fillable form)07/16/2004
Form BIT-VBusiness Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable form)01/08/2013
Form BPT-INAlabama Business Privilege Tax Initial Privilege Tax Return01/05/2012
Form BPT-VPayment Voucher (fillable form)01/03/2012
Form CPTAlabama Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report(Includes Schedule G and AL-CARs)01/05/2012
Form EOO2012 Form EOO - Taxpayer E-file Opt Out Election Form (fillable form)11/09/2012
Form EST-1Application for Estate Tax Waiver (fillable form)12/28/2011
Form EST-123Application for Refund of Estate Tax (fillable form)01/03/2012
Form ET1Alabama Financial Institution Excise Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)12/28/2011
Form ET-1CConsolidated Alabama Financial Institution Excise Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)12/27/2011
Form ET8Application for Extension of Time for Filing Alabama Financial Institution Excise Return with Instructions (fillable form)12/28/2011
Form FDT-VFiduciary Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable form)01/08/2013
Form FIE-VPayment Voucher (fillable form)01/03/2012
Form IT- AFF1Affidavit Of Estate Tax (fillable form)01/09/2003
Form IT-489Taxpayer Refund Information12/02/2005
Form IT-FA4Petition for Review of Preliminary Assessment (Revised: April 2005) (fillable form)08/08/2006
Form NOL-85Computation of Net Operating Loss (fillable form)01/15/2013
Form NOL-85AApplication of NOL Carryback or Carryforward (fillable form)11/09/2012
Form NOL-F852012 Computation of Net Operating Loss for Fiduciary Return (Form 41) (fillable form)12/31/2012
Form NOL-F85A2012 Application of Net Operating Loss Carryback or Carryforward for Fiduciary Return (Form 41)(fillable form)12/31/2012
Form PPTAlabama Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report (Includes Schedule AL-CAR and Form BPT-E)01/05/2012
Form PTE-CSubchapter K Entities/S Corporations Nonresident Composite Payment Return (fillable form) (instructions)11/09/2012
Form COM-101Combined Registration/Application/Change Form10/26/2012
Schedule A, B, CR, DCItemized Deductions, Interest and Dividend Income,Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States and Donation Checkoffs (Form 40) (blank)09/05/2012
Schedule AL-CARAlabama Secretary of State Annual Corporation Report (blank)12/27/2011
Schedule BPT-EFamily Limited Liability Entity Election Form (blank)12/15/2011
Schedule GAlabama Business Privilege Tax Financial Institution Group Computation Schedule (blank)(instructions)12/15/2011
Schedule K1Alabama Partnership, LLC and S Corporation Shareholder's Statement of Income and Deductions (fillable form) (instructions)01/03/2013
Schedule NRAAlabama S Corporation - Agreement of Nonresident Shareholder (fillable form)12/28/2011
Schedule OCOther Available Credits (blank) (instructions)10/15/2012
Schedule PABAdd- Back Form (fillable form) (instructions) (example)01/08/2013
Schedule QIP-CQualified Investment Partnership Certification (fillable form) (instructions)11/15/2012
Form Standard Deduction ChartStandard Deduction Chart01/11/2013