Form Schedule BPT-E Family Limited Liability Entity Election Form (blank)

(a) Gross Receipts Test:90% or more of the gross receipts of the entity consist of any combination of the following: (b) Assets Test:The aggregate adjusted basis of the following assets constitutes at least 90% of the adjusted basis of all of the entity s assets: (DISREGARDED ENTITIES DO NOT QUALIFY FOR THE FAMILY LIMITED LIABILITY ENTITY ELECTION) (iii) Rents license fees or other fees for use of property % (iii) Timber or timberlands % (vii) Assets not used directly in the conduct of the entity s business % (vii) Proceeds from sale of asset not in ordinary course of business % (viii)Royalty interests % *XX0006BE* 1a FEIN 1b ELECTING FAMILY LIMITED LIABILITY ENTITY 1c Determination Period End Date (Balance Sheet Date): (mm/dd/yyyy) Alabama Department of Revenue Family Limited Liability Entity Election Form Annuities % Annuity payments % Assets held principally for appreciation and not production of income % BPT E 2012 Cash or cash equivalents % Dividends/distributions/payments on stock or securities % Grandparents: % Individual: % Interest % Lineal descendants of grandparents: % Mutual funds % Parents: % PART 1 80% OWNERSHIP TEST PART 2 TAXPAYER MUST COMPLETE AT LEAST ONE OF THE FOLLOWING Partners capital account from Form 1065 Schedule L: $ Percentages of partners capital accounts that are directly or constructively owned by: Receipts from sale or leasing of timber or timberland % Royalties % SCHEDULE BUSINESS PRIVILEGE Spouse: % Stocks bonds debentures notes or other securities % TAX YEAR The following information must be provided in order for this election to be effective This entity is making an election to be an electing family limited liability entity as described in Code of Alabama 1975 40 14A 1(h) The signature on page 1 of Form PPT or Form BPT IN is certification that the profits and capital interests of the entity were calculated using the constructive ownership rules of 26 U S C 318 without regard to the 50% limitation contained in 26 U S C 318(a)(2)(C) and 26 U S C 318(a)(3)(C) Total % Total %