Form AR1002-V Fiduciary Income Tax Payment Voucher

Yes No (ex 1 234 567 89) (R 12/31/2012) Address All tax return payments should be mailed on or before the due date of the tax return Amount Paid AR1002V Arkansas State Income Tax City State Zip Due Date Federal Identification Number FIDUCIARY TAX PAYMENT VOUCHER INSTRUCTIONS FIDUCIARY TAX RETURN PAYMENT VOUCHER Fiscal Year End For assistance call (501) 682 1100 If mailing a paper tax return with payment complete Form AR1002V and include a check or money order Mail the AR1002V payment and your tax return (Form AR1002 or AR1002NR) to the PO Box listed below If this payment is for an amended return mark YES on Form AR1000V in the appropri ate space IMPORTANT: This voucher must be fully completed and included with any payment made when filing an original or amended tax return Failure to complete a payment voucher could cause a delay in receiving credit for your payment You must also use this payment voucher for filing prior year tax forms Include Cents Is Payment for an Amended Return? Little Rock AR 72203 2144 Note: Write your Federal Identification Number on your check or money order and make payable in U S Dollars to the Department of Finance and Administration P O Box 2144 Paper Returns STATE OF ARKANSAS Tax Year Telephone # You must cut along the dotted line or the processing of your payment will be delayed