Form AR1050 Partnership Tax Return

(i) Cost (If yes attach explanation) 8e Yes No (ii) Lower of cost or market (iii) Other: (Specify method used and attach explanation) 1 Gross receipts or sales: 1 1 1 Inventory at beginning of year: 1 10 Other income: (Attach schedule) 10 10 11 Total Income: (Add Lines 3 through 10) 11 11 12 Salaries of employees: 12 12 13 Guaranteed payments to partners: 13 13 14 Rent on business property: 14 14 15 Interest expense: 15 15 16 Taxes: 16 16 17 Bad debts: (Attach schedule) 17 17 18 Repairs: 18 18 19 Depreciation: (Attach schedule) 19 19 2 Cost of goods sold: 2 2 2 Purchases less cost of items withdrawn for personal use: 2 20 Depletion: (Attach schedule) 20 20 21 Retirement plan etc : (Attach schedule) 21 21 22 Other deductions: (Attach schedule) 22 22 23 Total Deductions: (Add Lines 12 through 22) 23 23 24 Net Income or loss: (Subtract Line 23 from Line 11) 24 24 3 Cost of labor: 3 3 Gross profit from business: 3 3 4 Income from other partnerships or fiduciaries: (Attach schedule) 4 4 4 Other costs: 4 5 Interest and/or dividends: (Attach schedule) 5 5 5 Total of Lines 1 2 3 and 4: 5 6 Inventory at end of year: 6 6 Rental income: (Attach schedule) 6 6 7 Cost of goods sold Subtract Line 6 from Line 5 (Enter here and on Line 2 page 1): 7 7 Royalty income: (Attach schedule) 7 7 8 Farm income: (Attach schedule) 8 8 8a Check all methods used for valuing closing inventory: 9 Capital gain or loss: (Attach schedule) 9 9 A Check method of accounting Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable All non recourse loans ASSETS BEGINNING OF YEAR END OF YEAR B Are any partners in this partnership also partnerships? Yes No b Check this box if there was a writedown of subnormal goods 8b Buildings and other depreciable assets c Check this box if the LIFO Inventory Method was adopted this tax year for any goods (If checked attach IRS Form 970) 8c C Is this partnership a partner in another partnership? Yes No Cash Accrual Other: (Specify) d Do the rules of IRC Section 263A (for property produced or acquired for resale) apply to the partnership? 8d Yes No DEDUCTIONS Depletable assets e Were there any changes in determining quantities cost or valuations between opening and closing inventories? Government obligations INCOME Federal Arkansas Inventories LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL BEGINNING OF YEAR END OF YEAR Minus accumulated depletion Minus accumulated depreciation Minus allowance for bad debts Mortgage and real estate loans Mortgages notes and bonds payable NAME OF PARTNER ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP SSN INCOME Other assets Other current assets Other current liabilities Other investments Other liabilities Partners capital accounts PARTNERS SHARES OF INCOME SCHEDULE A: COST OF GOODS SOLD SCHEDULE B: BALANCE SHEET TOTAL ASSETS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL Address AR1050 AR1050 (R 6/13/12) AR1050 Back (R 7/13/2011) Check applicable box Initial Return Amended Return Final Return Check if City state ZIP entity Federal Identification Number Firm s name (or yours if self employed) and address General Limited Limited Liability Limited Liability Other Jan 1 Dec 31 2012 or fiscal year beginning and ending 20 Mail return to: State Income Tax P O Box 8026 Little Rock AR 72203 8026 May the Arkansas Revenue Agency discuss this return with the preparer shown to the left? Number of partners Paid Pre parer s Partnership Partnership Company Partnership PARTNERSHIP RETURN Please Preparer s signature Preparer s SSN or PTIN self employed Signature of general partner or limited liability company member STATE OF ARKANSAS Type of Type of business Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief they are true correct and complete Declaration of preparer (other than general partner or limited liability company member) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge use only